A success story of networking, learning and Development

Last weekend,  I had been to NMIMS, One of the India's top 10 B schools and was with other friends in OB (Organisation Behaviour) class. It was a great learning and too interactive and learnable. 
After spending almost a decade in HR, the subject was not new for me, but learning was great. 
Well, during the discussion topic emerged that an effective manager spends 40% 9f its time in networking and thats very essential.

No doubt. Networking is essential to learn, to showcase your talent, to enhance your creativity, to build a rapport and to have credible pool of people in your contacts who can vouch for you when needed. I could not stop mentioning MTHR Global (More than HR Global ) and HR Shapers.
HR Shapers is truly an example how a tool like whatsapp can be used to optimally use a distracting technology actually for networking and learning and development purpose.
Let me tell you more details about it.

What is HR Shapers ?
HR Shapers is a brain child and a great initiative of Ashish Gakrey who is also an HR professional associated with Capgemini. He is also core founder member of MTHR Global. It has more than 500 HR professionals (all industry / corporate HR and there is no recruitment consultant or any HR consultant). They are from mid to senior level across various verticals and various organisation. Hatsoff to Ashish. 

What HR Shapers do?
HR Shapers chose a topic everyday and all member discuss, brainstorms, put their ideas forward. HR is a vast field and many people do not handle entire gamuts of HR. This platform provides them enough opportunity to learn, free of cost. 

What had been success story?
Started with just around 50 members, it has grown more than 10 folds and yes, everybody is not accepted as a member. People are given enough opportunity to participate and if found they are not active and not contributing, they are removed.

How is it helping in the networking?
A lot. I know many of the people and learn from them. I never met them (except Ashish), but we know each other. Apart from that, regular lunch, dinner organised (of course at your own cost) at different location in India, middle east, Canada and it gives people to meet, collaborate and understand each other beyond the virtual world. It also invited eminent speakers from diverse HR background and who are specialist in their field.

What had been past programme of HR Shapers
It was
1. Mehul Kuwadia- Psychometric Assessment
2. How to conduct a whasapinar
3. Dharmedra Rai- Invisible selling
4. Sexual Harasment
5. Labour Laws

Sounds interesting, how to become part of Whatsapp group of HR Shapers?
It is easy as well as not easy. First, follow HR Shapers in facebook and on twitter. Please join at


# Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=6620701 

# Twitter: http://twitter.com/hr_shapers

Please send request to Ashish to be part of whatsapp group and follow @hr_shapers

I hope you found this article useful

July 29, 2015

an MBA HR for recruitment and talent acquisition or recruiter profile? Definitely not a good idea

After spending almost a decade in HR and self being holder of an MBA, I still have not understood why organisations need an MBA to handle recruitment profile,

Frankly speaking, none of the MBA courses in India offer a course in recruitment and even MBA HR does not have a course or syllabus in recruitment. Recruitment is a very specialized subject and it is both science and arts. It needs lot of skills right from selling to branding, negotiation and persuasion. 

Frankly speaking, my MBA degree taught very little about HR and more I learnt from my job, but my MBA degree did not teach anything about recruitment. 

I wanted to write a lot about it, but Vijay has already written precisely on this. Please read

I came across Vijay Anand L V around 3-4 years back (I don't remember exactly) and fascinated with his discussions on recruitment and his initiative- Hirington academy. In fact, he asked me multiple time to go through his courses, however I was not sure about making my career purely in recruitment, so avoided this. 

However, we cannot ignore the fact that MBA definitely not meant for recruiter and it is time for a specialised course in line with SPHR, Aon certification and such others.Let us see more about Hirington Academy and its courses.

As of now, Hirington offers following certification courses:

Certified Internet Recruiter

This course is good for those with 1 year's experience in recruitment and want to get a specialised skill. I am not sure this course will be how much useful for an experienced recruiter. I recommend this course only for MBA HR/ marketing fresher who want to make career in recruitment in a large organisation or with a recruitment firm, where demand for skilled recruiter is high.

Certified Interviewer

The course content seems to be good. To be frank, I have found excellent managers but very bad interviewer. This harms organisation badly, so their reputation. Following are the excerpts from Hirington website.
This program is designed for professionals who take interviews everyday and they need to know how to do a professional interview. The program is meant for anyone wanting to upgrade their skills on taking interviews.

Duration     Min 15 hours (In-person – based on audience volume),
3 days a week (2 hours per day for online training).

Program Cost    
5,000 INR (Five thousand rupees only) per participant.

I recommend this to every managers involved in hiring.

Recruitment Process Auditing

This is not the course, rather a process. Many time, whether a recruitment firm or corporate wonder why they are not able to recruit right people and not able to fill the position. This auditing will surely help them and organisation must use it once.

Certified Recruitment Manager

This course is must and good for all the HRBP, recruitment and talent manager.

Duration     Min of 20 hours – Max based on the volume plus real time assessments.
Out station participants who would like to have In-person training would have to bear travel and boarding cost (Actual) apart from the Training Fee.
Program Cost   
10,000 INR (Ten thousand rupees only) per participant. Participation fees are 100% advance and can be paid as cash or through cheque (In the name of Vijay Anand L V)

Certified Recruitment Program level 1,2 and 3

I recommend this course for entry level recruiter and HR professionals as well as those in their MBA final year.
The courses are offered as
Certified Recruitment Analyst (CRAn)
Certified Recruitment Professional (CRPro)
Certified Recruitment Expert (CREx)

Duration     Min. 60 hours for all the three levels (1-2 hours per day)

Program Cost - 15,000 INR (Fifteen thousand rupees only) per level / participant.

Certified Social Media Professional

The course should have been actually renamed as Certified Social media recruiter.
Today, hiring just through Naukri or job portal is not enough. There is trend for social media recruiter (yes, I too do that, I use Linkedin, I use twitter, I use blog, but the conversion rate is very low, because it is continuous process and not when you need it. 
Social media indicates the interactions among people in which they like, create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. In today's world, everyone is virtually available in Social Media for different needs. It is a one such platform where organizations can leverage themselves without incurring much cost and can build a great brand for themselves.

It is very much important for the organization to attract their target audience using social media strategies.

10,000 INR (Ten Thousand Rupees Only) per person – Min. 20 hours of training plus real-time assessment on each module.

Certified Placement Professional

This course is targeted at placement officer and placement managers of B schools and engineering colleges.
Most of the Placement Officers don’t possess a recruitment background. Client always wanted to discuss about their recruitment plans with the person who understands end to end recruitment. But not with someone who is experienced in different industry and has also taken the role of TPO in the institution.

Certified Recruitment Analytics Professional

This is time for analytics and HR cannot be separated from analytics. HR analytics is not a rocket science, but this science need to be acquired and practiced. Most of the organisation has HRM tools, but there are many who does not have a specific tools. This course will help them. 

Please visit following website to know more about Hirington and its programmes

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is neither a paid nor a sponsored article. I have taken almost care while writing this article, you may exercise your own judgment while enrolling for the course. I strongly recommend these courses as they are reliable and come from an expert. 

Happy learning

June 28, 2015

Mumbai University, Thane Sub Campus announce admission for 5 years BBA LLB and BMS MBA

Mumbai University, definitely a reputed university on paper at least is offering 5 years integrated BBA LLB and BMS MBA programme in its Thane campus.

The BBA LLB is a good course as being a professional course, it helps you to establish as a corporate lawyer and you may decide to start your own practice. 
BMS MBA, I am not sure a student can really get a good placement, but it is a 5 years course and possibly, with the time it may improve. In other hand, Mumbai University could not improve placement of its own existing department of management studies i.e. ADMI. 

University of Mumbai Re-accredited with “A” Grade by NAAC Five Year Integrated Law Degree Programme BBA -LLB (Hons.) & Five Year Integrated Management Programme BMS-MBA At University of Mumbai’s Thane Sub-Campus.

 Applications are Invited for Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (BMS-MBA) at Thane Sub -Campus of University of Mumbai & Five Year Integrated Programme in Law [BBA-LLB(Hons.)] at Thane Sub-Campus and at the Proposed School of Legal Studies located at the Kalina Campus of the University of Mumbai for the Academic Year 2015-16. 

Minimum Eligibility requirement: The admission shall be based only on All India Merit Rank of Mumbai University Common Law Entrance Test (MUCLET) for Integrated Law Programmes and Mumbai University Common Management Entrance Test (MUCMET ) for Integrated Management Programme. To be eligible to appear in MUCLET -2015/MUCMET -2015, a candidate should have obtained a Higher Secondary School/Intermediate (10+2) or its equivalent certificate from a recognized Board in the First Attempt with Not Less than 45% marks in aggregate (40% in case of Reserved category candidates) and should be below 20 years of age as on 1stJuly 2015 (22 years in case of Reserved category candidates and Persons with Disability (PWD) candidates). {85 % of Seats shall be Reserved for Students qualified and Domiciled in Maharashtra.} 

For more details, please click following link:
Thane Sub campus
Admission Procedure
B.B.A. - L.L.B.(Hons) (Integrated.)
B.M.S. - M.B.A. (Integrated)


How this institute in Ahmadabad is misleading institute- Design Development Academy

Recently, I am seeing Gujarat particularly, Ahamadabad has become hub of degree scam institutes. First, the IIMTS and now, while researching I come across another private institutes whose website is lucrative, attractive and good for nothing.

I took little longer time to write about this institute. Once someone asked me about this institute and I was helpless to answer. This institute was not selling any degree, I could not find anything wrong. I did a little research and decided following parameters. 

1. Whether it is authorised to offer any course?
2. Whether it has any placement track?
3. Whether it has real tie up as it claims or it is false?

Unfortunately, I found this institute has some dubious act.

It claims it offers following courses
B.Sc. (Interior Designing)
B.Sc. (Photography)
B.Sc. (Graphic Design)
B.Sc. (Fashions and Textiles)

Since it is not a college, I further wanted to check from which university they are offering the course. I clicked on specific link, but it did not have any answer. 

It has listed following institute as its partner:
1. Edexcel (For BTEC)
2. University of Portsmouth, UK
3. Pacific University, India
4. De Montford University, UK

To clarify, any institute cannot offer a degree of foreign university without prior approval of UGC and AIU and any such degree stands invalid. This institute has not taken any such approval.

Further, Pacific is a private university and cannot offer any course outside its campus, it cannot add any partner institute and it cannot offer any course in collaboration. I have clarified it through my various article in the past. Please scan my blog. 

Then, I wrote to University of Portsmouth going further, They claimed that DDA/ DDI was just an agent for them to send students to the university. This university is a very reputed university in UK and never offered any course in India. 

Below is the reply for your reference:

Govind Sharma 

4 May

to info.centre
Dear Sir,

One institute in India (Design Development Academy Ahmadabad)  is using University of Portsmouth name and claiming to be offering courses viz. degree from this esteemed university. 

Below is the website

I will be highly grateful if you can confirm whether this institute is authorised by University of Portsmouth to offer any programme


I got following official reply from the university

Emma Schlesinger emma.schlesinger@port.ac.uk

6 May

to me
Boxbe  Emma Schlesinger (emma.schlesinger@port.ac.uk) added themselves to your Guest List | Remove them | Block them 

Dear Govind, 

Thank you for your email and your interest in the University of Portsmouth. 

You asked about our partnership with the Design Development Academy in Ahmadabad. We have had a link with them in the past and it was only this year that the partnership ended. They were sending students into our 3rd year of our BA Interior Design degree and were working as representatives for us. This has now ended and they are no longer working with us. I am sorry for any convenience and if you did want to find out more about on-campus courses then please do let me know? 

Kind regards, 



Emma Schlesinger

International Officer 
International Office | Nuffield Centre | St. Michael's Road | Portsmouth PO1 2ED | United Kingdom

I do not think I need further elaboration on the same.

So, the question is, these are the professional courses, people are least worried about recognition. What matter is placement and quality of education.
I investigated further and scanned the database of a leading job portal to find out if I can see any single students who have got a good placement and I scanned the all time database. I was shocked, I could not see more than few resumes thats too most of its employees only. So it seems the story of FALTU University of FALTU movie where they are keeping its students happy, busy in party and tour, parents spending money without recognizing what they are doing and students, too scared to tell the truth being a crime partner. 

This is the sad state of our education where it has become commodity and people are making money.

Disclaimer: I could not find any complaint online by any students or anybody about this institute hence it needs more elaboration and possibly, it may take time to get the truth about this organisation. I advise students and parents to do their own thorough investigation before taking any admission in this institute. It may be wastage of time and money for them.

Here is further update as on 01.06.2015
This institute shows pacific university as a partner. When I inquired about this Indian University (A private University), they denied of having any tie up or offering any course in Ahmadabad.

Below is the snapshot of the website

See the screenshot above, marked through red arrow.

And here is the reply from Pacific University

from:Govind Sharma 
date:29 May 2015 at 10:02subject:About your relationship with Design Development Academy. Ahmadabadmailed-by:gmail.com:Important according to our magic sauce.

Dear Sir,
an institute in Ahmadabad is featuring alliance university as their partner and the name of the institute is Design and Development Academy. Their website is

They are offering various courses in graduation level and you can see
please see the screenshot 
Inline images 1

Please see the screenshot, 

As far as I understand from the UGC Act and Supreme court judgment in prof. Yashpal case, a private university cannot offer any course outside its campus, cannot enroll any study centre, cannot offer courses through franchisee. 

Can you please provide more information whether you have actually authorised this institute to offer the course or what is their overall scope of work

Your reply is highly appreciated


and here is their response

info info info@pacific-university.ac.in

10:08 (22 minutes ago)
to me


Thanks for the Inquiry,

We do not have any Tie-up or any Institute in Ahmedabad.

Thanks & Regards

So what else need to be explained as this reply from the university (Pacific University), itself is self explanatory.

AICTE approved private universities in India

People asked me query about many private universities opened like mushroom during rainy season. They are armed with many false claim like their degrees are completely valid, they do not need AICTE approval and they are citing the old case of Bharathidasan University vs AICTE. This is the old case and after that. Please read following article for more details:

Clarification on whether a University need approval from AICTE for engineering, technology and management programme

I am not an AICTE or such regulating body fan. They are neck deep down in corruption and in fact have never contributed for the development of the quality of higher education. We also cannot deny the fact that, in the absence of these bodies, quality of our education would have gone down far below standard. Look at the case of degree scams by private universities. 

Whether you love or hate, you have to be abide with the law. A AICTE not approved degree later causes lot of headache including denial of admission, denial of private sector job and so on. Private universities in India are poorest in quality and just extracting money from students. Take any name, Ansal, Manav Bharati, Monad, Techno Global and so on.

Below mentioned private and deemed universities only have AICTE approval. 


1. Jaipur National University, Jaipur Rajasthan
2. Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
3. Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur

It is surprising. Rajasthan has total 38 private universities as on today, however, only 3 has AICTE approval. Should not it be the case that any institute / university before offering courses should have first AICTE, BCI, PCI, NCI, NCTE, MCI and such other bodies approval? and what the hell 38 private universities doing in Rajasthan where it lacks in quality except one IIT and few handful state universities? Rajasthan is becoming another scam place for degree selling universities. 

Arunachal Pradesh
None of the private universities (Total 7) in Arunachal Pradesh has AICTE approval. Assam is the most developed state in north east and still it has just 4 private universities and poorest Arunachal already has 7 private universities. The gainer must be ministers.

Assam has 4 private universities and none of them have AICTE approval. Don Bosco and Assam Down Town had approval when they were just a college. After they started as a university, they do not have approval. 

1. Dr. C V Raman University, Bilaspur
2. Kalinga University, Raipur
3. MATS University, Arang Kharora

Out of 8 private universities, only 3 have AICTE approval. Out of these, C V Raman and Kalinga are involved in degree selling rackets. 

1. Charotar University, Anand
2. C U Shah University, Wadhwan City, Surendra Nagar
3. Ganpat University, Mehsana

so, Gujarat has 16 private universities who does not have a good institute of reputation featuring at national level except IIM ahmadabad and IIT Gandhinagar, but still has 16 private universities. Out of these Rai University is a degree scamster which seems to have Narendra Modi Backing (Owner of Rai and EIILM are same).  Among private universities, Nirma and dhirubhai Ambani are good, although they do not have AICTE approval. They are backed by the corporate. Team Lease is another private university seems to be founded by HR company Team Lease. That may be also good. Calorx is a university involved in degree selling scam. 

1. Al Falah University, Faridabad
2. Maharshi Markandeshwar University, Ambala

Haryana has 16 universities and out of these, only 2 universities have AICTE approval. Out of this GD Goenka and BML Munjal seems to be good as they belong to corporate (BML Munjal to Hero group and chances that they will absorb more students in their companies. However, there is complain (unofficial, yet to be verified about this university). Ansal is a fraud university who are making false claim in their website and with big advertisement. O P Jindal is another private, but corporare university. I hope this will be still better than above mentioned AICTE approved universities.

Himachal Pradesh
1. Eternal University, Baru sahib, Simour
2. Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Solan

So out of 14 private universities, only these 2 universities in Himachal has AICTE approval. The names of these private universities funniest such as Agrasen, Shoolini, Sai and so on. It seems they are selling temples and not the degrees. Himachal, failed to produce any good universities, I do not know what they are going to do with these ever growing stupid private universities. 

Jharkhand has 3 private universities - Sainath, Rai and ICFAI. ICFAI is involved in selling unrecognized degree and just a money making game, so the ICFAI. Sainath is involved in degree selling scam and many people confirmed buying degree from it. 
None of these 3 universities have AICTE approval.

Karnataka has total 9 universities  including Azim Premji university (which does not offer engineering and management programme and a very reputed institutes) other includes highly advertised Alliance University and another Rai university. It seems few colleges have upgraded themselves to private universities and earlier they had AICTE approval. None of the private universities in Karnataka has AICTE approval.

Meghalaya has 7 private universities and all of the known name such as MGU or Mahatma Gandhi University, CMJ or Chandra Mohan Jha and Techno Global University are degree sellers, faking and selling degrees all over the world and UGC, state government is silent over it. I have roll no of few students who never saw the face of Techno Global University campus whose enrollment no was verifiable on its website but sure, soon going to disappear.
None of these 7 private universities have AICTE approval and very poor in quality. ICFAI too has a shop here, what they sell, they only know but I am sure these are poorest in quality. 

Mizoram has only  private university i.e. ICFAI and it does not have AICTE approval.

Madhya Pradesh
1. AISECT University, Bhopal
2. ITM University, Gwalior
3. RKDF University, Bhopal

Out of 13 private universities, only 3 have AICTE approval. Welcome to the land of degree scam universities. You will find degree selling Swami Vivekanand University here, you will find another Amity University here and so on.

 Maharashtra has only 2 private universities so far, Amity and Spicer both do not have AICTE approval. Soon, you will find many private degree selling and money making university here.

Nagaland has 2 private universities (The Global Open University and ICFAI), TGOU VC got arrested for degree scam and ICFAI is another controversial. Both do not have AICTE approval.

1. Centurion University

Odisha or Orissa has only 3 private universities, Sri Sri, Xavier and Centurion. Only Centurion University has AICTE approval and it is not so reputed institute and not reported any degree scam from this university so far.

1. Chitkara University 

Punjab has total 10 private universities so far and only 1 institute has AICTE approval. Out of these, Lovely Professional, Chadigarh University and desh Bhagat are highly advertised universities but not sure about their quality. Out of this, one of my blog reader informed that  Lovely is very good in quality and curriculum, students need to verify the same.

Welcome to the state of universities scam in India. A state which does not have a basic infrastructure and not a single state universities (still north Bengal University serve colleges in Sikkim) has allowed  5 private universities in Sikkim and all of them are running degree scams and selling. They are EIILM (almost closed down now), Sikkim Manipal, ICFAI, Vinayak Mission- all running degree scams and selling like peanuts on road and Ramaswamy University.

It has only one private university, ICFAI and it does not have any AICTE approval. 

Uttar Pradesh
Welcome to the land of politically and civil service wise intelligent, home of few top world class universities like BHU, IIT Kanpur, IIM Lucknow, Lucknow University, Aligarh Muslim University  and also land of degree scams. When people cannot pass anywhere in India, they head to UP to get their SSC and HSC certificate, where copying is fashion and a parallel thousand crore business and now it is supported with so many private universities. 

1. Shiv Nadar University

Wow, there are 22 private universities in UP, the land where you can buy degree. Everyone claims through advertisement they are best- Amity, Sharda, Glocal, Ramswaroop Memorial, Teerthankar Mahaveer, Shobhit, Rama, Mangalayatan, Integral, GLA.

Shiv Nadar only a respectable private universities in UP. Look at Shobhit how it ran the scam for a very long time. 

Uttarakahnd has 9 private universities, none of them so known, none of them reputed and none of them have AICTE approval.

West Bengal
Out of the 5 private universities, none of them have AICTE approval. As on April 23, 2015, there are 207 private universities and if we carefully examine, even not 20 of them have capability of delivering programmes. Why the hell do we need so many private institutes then. Are government, MLAs and authorities are making money out of this? What is the future of students who are unaware about all these complexities? 

Credit for the data:
Please refer below list