Jaro education is a fake online business school in India

I posted an article about Jaro almost two years back and luckily, due to my this post,  thousands of people could save their career.

The article is available at following link. Jaro has tried to pull it down at least 3 times and I have been republishing it again and again. I am definitely not going to give up. Here, through this article, I am exposing them much more and with reference to their updated website and new modus operandi.

Here are few points

1. Jaro is unethical to society, students as well as to its own employees.
Jaro calls itself online B school. In India, there is no such concept exist call online B- schools. People pursue MBA and management mainly for promotions, higher education and for job. In India, many organisation do not give preference to B class, C class, Tier 2 or tier 3 full time B schools in the job. Forget about online or distance MBA, employer even do not give much preference to much valid 3 years part time MBA from institutes like JBIMS, Welingkar and so on. 

Jaro is just an agent. The same way you read in the newspaper. It is a commercial organisation and it has nothing to do with education and training. 

Please read my following article to know why I am saying this

How to identify if a college is a real or a fake? Read this article to save your career and year

Jaro Education, a big degree scam selling fake degrees now taking down this article to hide their crime

2. Jaro claims offering from MBA/ degree from certain universities, let us have a look at them

PGDM From NMIMS university: NMIMS is a deemed university As per the UGC and DEB norms, NMIMS cannot offer any course outside its campus. Even if it is online, they have to conduct exam at NMIMS campus only. Further, as per UGC guideline, any university whether state, central, private or deemed, they cannot offer course through franchisee agreement and through a private agent. Jaro is just an agent and due to this NMIMS Diploma automatically becomes invalid. NMIMS Diploma in management is not an MBA programme and it does not hold any corporate as well as academic value. in fact, after spending your money and time of 2 years, if you go back to apply for NMIMS PhD, NMIMS will not accept its own diploma as rhey need 2 years full time MBA to pursue its PhD. 

Please read my following article for more details

Question and answer on distance PG diploma of NMIMS

NMIMS, a well reputed and among the top 10 B schools in India also offer distance learning and online PG Diploma, but many people do not realise that it is just a diploma without any corporate or academic value and it does not have industrial recognition. In fact, NMIMS itself does not recognize its own diploma for higher studies in NMIMS. It shows the dual face of institute of such repute, unethical and selling junk. If NMIMS believe that its distance learning programmes are at par with its full time MBA, it must recognize it, offer MBA and not PG Diploma or else make the picture clear.

I am sure, you must have realise now the nexus between NMIMS and Jaro- the degree scam master. 

URAL University: Ural is a Russian University. No doubt, it is well known and ranked in Russia, however, India does not recognize a distance, online or part time degree and post graduate degree of any foreign university. For a full time degree, a prior UGC approval is mandatory. Jaro, as a private body, cannot seek UGC approval. This degree will not be going to helpful in anyway to your career other than just a tag of an international MBA. 

Ulyanovsk University:  No doubt, it is well known and ranked in Russia, however, India does not recognize a distance, online or part time degree and post graduate degree of any foreign university. For a full time degree, a prior UGC approval is mandatory. Jaro, as a private body, cannot seek UGC approval. This degree will not be going to helpful in anyway to your career other than just a tag of an international MBA. 

Bharathiar University: Bharathiar is a UGC NAAC A rated university and a well known one. However, as per the UGC and DEB guideline, it has to offer course from its own study centre within the state of Tamil Nadu only. If you are from Tamil Nadu and can attend courses including exam in Tamil Nadu, it is a good option. If you apply directly to the University only then your degree remains valid, also you can save almost 20,000 to 30,000 by directly applying to the Bharathiar University. Then why you should waste your money? Further, Bharathiar University cannot appoint a private franchisee to offer its courses then how can Jaro act as an agent for this university? UGC is being tough on such universities day by day. 

Alliance University: Alliance is neither so reputed nor authorised to offer course outside its campus as it is a private university. It does not provide MBA, it is just PG Diploma which has no value. 

Jaro is unethical about its employees too
I got following email from one of Jaro's employee long but I did not publish it. Since they are acting more foolishly by trying to block my article. If they are so much confident about them, why do not they provide all relevant documents which can prove my points are wrong. I know they cannot. They tried to take down all the complaints through fake profiles, fake testimonials even those on the public complaint forum. This is highly unethical practice. Let us look at following mail.

Hi Govind 

I have been reading your blogs. I used to work for jaro education. You are right its a fraud company. However my issue here is  different. It was on march 11th that around 50 BDE's resigned from Future Education ltd which was a joint venture between future group and net HR which is owned by Sanjay Salunke the owner of Jaro education. Please guide me as to how we can lodge a formal complaint. They have been sending letters, threatening legal actions against us. They are way to unethical. The moment your blog about jatro education was published their employees have actually advertised jaro education by writing all positive comment on the blog. You can check the link that you have mentioned on your website. They have failed to understand that it is a complaint forum. Professionals like you who have vast experience can help us who are at the executive level.

Kindly find attached below the letter we had sent to the labour ministry but till date we havent got any reply from them.   

Dear Sir,


It’s after several long thoughts, that i am drafting this mail to you with hope that your vast experience in solving and handling several queries of employeesthese many years.

I would like to take you across through the unethical act about my past company , where their harassment is taking the career graph of ex-employees to a very bad level..It was last year we had joined Future education ltd with a dream to make my career with a big brand and venture of future group. With welingkar being one more brand attached to this company i was carefree that my career was about to take a quick start , who knew till the time i was made to encounter the unethical and tactful politics of the management towards several employees

Nobody was really aware that the one brand was in short related to two more brands who were following the business rules as per their wish . JAROEDUCATION and EINS EDUCATION,  I am writing this, as would like to bring it to your kind attention and want to aware the public about this company . It was the dreadful day when the company didn’t think to pay respect to its employees and made their rules which nowhere were in relation to the labour laws. 10 hour working, and what not .The performance of all employees were ignored and the de motivation part was that more than 20 people left the company with no notice. 

Not a single person with more than 2 years experience was bothered to take their relieving letter as the harassment was more than a humiliation to face for . 

My idea behind this seeks a humble request to meet any of the senior people to discuss about the issue that we are still facing and with the hope that still the labour ministry are there to support the employees with executive level as well.

Eagerly awaiting for your response

Kind regards

I am sure this email from employee is enough to open your eyes. No doubt, Jaro is a big education corruption and highly unethical organsiation.

Let me know if you have any query

February 27, 2015

Top 10 must watch TED talks for managers, working professional, entrepreneurs and any business professionals

Once, I was going through TED talks and could not resist from sharing these videos. Whoever you are, whether a fresher, somebody who want to start a business, a mid level professional still feel to remain independent but feel got rejected or whether you are a boss and still under lot of biases and stereotypes, you must watch it.

1. Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

I rank this on the top due to one simple reason- it teaches you through few examples how not to do a business and how business with similar plan, more or same ability gets fail while others get success. Simon Sinek has written a book titled "start with Why" and I am sure I must read this book now. He simply explains reason for failure of many business and I think, today, many start ups must watch this video before copying any business. I am soon going to write a separate article on this.

#2. Jason Fried – Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

Jason Fried is the author of bestselling business book Rework and co-founder of 37-signals. I loved this video as it opens with questioning how we have built office and why for many people working on these offices and meetings are not possible and how they are sheer wastage. It is thought provoking. People need their own time and way of being productive. I agree to him. 

#3. Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation

This is another important and a must watch TED talks. Although I do not agree to his few statement (or I need to verify those hypothesis at least), It provoke us to think. He is a former Al Gore speechwriter and career analyst. Dan Pink explain through stories that what should be our people management approach. He put more emphasis on creativity and why we should engage people on creative activity. I am sure, the google way example makes lot of sense. 

#4. Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts

This video starts with simple examples and her experience. Her every experience from her school days to later on explains well about why there is no absolute introvert and extrovert and we, managers need to come out of the thinking that extroverts are only good and not introverts. A lovable TED talk. Susan Cain is a former corporate lawyer and negotiations consultant. She is also author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts. She cites examples of few great leaders to explain the same. 

#5. Shawn Achor – The Happy Secret to Better Work

Shawn Achor has put this video excellently forward. He is a  popular Harvard lecturer and CEO of Good Think Inc., He starts with example how he avert a disaster of being bitten from his parents and further explains by challenging our age old assumption that we work to be happy, flipping the equation around to argue that happiness actually makes one more productive. In this absolutely hilarious and inspiring talk, Achor explains how organizations can increase the happiness and meaning of their employees and thereby raise success rates and profitability. A must watch for every manager. 

#6. Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do

I bet you that when you start watching this video, you cannot stop laughing.  Tony Robins is a Well known life coach and motivational speaker. Through this video, he puts emphasis that instead of motivating people, our focus should be on helping on them to achieve what they want to do and what are those forces motivating them to do it.

#7. Tom Wujec – Build A Tower Build A Team

I am least interested in cricket. Today, when India Vs Pakistan match concluded and India, again became a winner or victor, there was a discussion happening in HR Shapers group on whatsapp where I am also a member and the comment came, India won because we played as a team and nobody wanted to win as alone. Same happens with us in our life. When we were children, we wanted things to do just to do and we never wanted to be a winner. When we grow, we fear somebody else should not win. This TED talk tells about the same very principle. Through Marshmellow problem, he explains about making the best team, enhance productivity. It is a simple team-building exercise to see who can build the tallest tower using dry spaghetti, tape and a . What makes for the most successful teams may surprise you. “

#8. Itay Talgum – Lead Like the Great Conductors

This is all about leadership example and lesson through the example of Orchestra Music conductor. Through this example, you can see why as a leader they succeeded and failed. Sometime, you just need to lead people to succeed and work how they want to do, you just need to tell them that you are enjoying the production. Lovable.

#9. Richard St. John – 8 Secrets of Success

This video is all about passion. It does not tell any story, it does not tell you things in details. It talks about the simple thing, "follow what you love and see money following you automatically".

#10. Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Its all about our body language. This video talks about our body language and how we need to take care of our genstures. 

A fake institute in Ahmedabad selling fake degrees, beware from International Institute of Management and Technical Studies

I am highly thankful to my blog readers who contact me one after another their query and then I need to focus on such institutes and then I need to write them in details after doing due diligence. 

I request my readers including those friends from HR fraternity, my returning blog reader, fresh blog readers and many to please go through my following articles:

If you are looking for a distance learning programmes (any programme not completed by attending a regular college is a distance learning programmes), you must read this

Now, coming back to the point about IIMT Ahedabad, let me explain why is it fake. 
If you go through above articles, you may note the following

1. Only a University can offer a degree programmes, If anybody offer the course who are not a university, such degree is a fake as institute awarding them are fake. Only government, parliament and state legislature can start a university. Any individual or university cannot start a university without passing an Act in the state legislature or in a parliament. 

2. AICTE has banned distance learning engineering diploma, degree and masters programme. So, even if a university offer such programmes, they are invalid. 

Following is the address of the institute. I am deleting contact no and web URL as I do not want this institute to get an opportunity to advertise
International Institute of Management and Technical Studies
Address : 56 B-Wing, Pariseema Complex,
Bodyline Cross Road,
Ahmedabad - 9.

Why is this institute is fake?
First of all, this institute is not a college. Second, this institute is not affiliated to any university and even not a study centre of any recognized university.

Second, Like other any master scam and fake institute, it too has focussed on the programmes which is high in demand- engineering and management. 
This institute has not mentioned from which university it is offering the programmes. Further, none of the universities are allowed to offer engineering courses then how this institute is offering the same. ?

Third, it is making fool to people. When people are cross verifying after reading my blog, 

It says that it has Gujarat government's approval. However, it is making fool to general people by showing a MoU (Memorandum of Association) during vibrant Gujarat Summit. MoU is even not a contract, it is just a proposal signed. Even when you decide to sell your flat to somebody, with or without accepting any token amount. Tell me simply, does that mean you have already sold your flat to that person and the person is the owner?

Please see following image about MoU

This MoU is not an agreement, approval from state government about this institute. You may search definition of MoU as well as take help of a legal expert you know. 

Now, see How this institute is misleading people by the fake UAE government recognition status. You must be aware that in order to get job abroad on the basis of qualification, you must have the degree attested by the Ministry of HRD. In terms of central universities, the degree will be attested by ministry of HRD, Government of India. In terms of a state university or a private university or a deemed university, the degree will be attested by the general administration department or education department. In no case, any government will not attest a certificate which does not fall under the category. For example, if you complete a degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth and even if you stay at Sikkim, you have to apply to education department of Maharashtra Government to attest the same. 
IIMT is not a university, hence its degree will not be attested at any cost. While sending email to students, it is sending just a page which has stamp and not the complete document. Look at this image:

Where is the full document which can tell what is it? This can be an application for a license, can be a bail, can be anything but definitely not attestation. If IIMT would have been a recognized institute, it should have posted a full documents with attestation from Gujarat Government. 

It claims it is an autonomous institute, is it?
No. Even an autonomous institute needs UGC approval. Only UGC has authority to grant autonomous institute status. Basically, an autonomous institute is an institute under a state or a central university who has enough infrastructure and capability to deliver the programme  on its own, so UGC grants them autonomy, more funds so they define their syllabus, conduct it as per the way but ultimately, students will get marksheet from a university only. 

Misleading affiliation and recognition
On its website it mentions affiliation from UKAS (what is that?), Gujarat Textile Association (how a textile association can be a affiliation for an educational institute), Gujarat Knowledge society (what is it). An institute must have affiliation from a university and from nothing else. 

It has cleverly accepted it is a fake institute in its FAQ page.
If you read its FAQ page for which you need to search a lot, you will find that it has accepted that it is a fake institute. 

Please read following excerpts
Q.1)    Is IIMT approved by AICTE &/or UGC ?
Ans : 1. Sir we have not taken the AICTE approval. There are more than a few reasons behind that. First of all they have certain norms like to run an institute you should have 5 acres of land in an urban area or 25 acres in a non urban area.
2. Also your classroom size should be this much and you should have a bank balance of in crores. Since we are running distance learning programs we do not need this much of land.
3. Secondly if we take there approval we will lose out on a lot of our sturdy points for example we will not be able to provide you with fast track education as the duration would be decided by AICTE.
4. As we also provide 100% (JPA) Job Placemen Assistance, we might not be in the position to provide such facility to our students under AICTE.
5. As far as UGC is concerned, they give grants to a university and we are not a university.

My comments: This is completely misleading. In fact UGC does not have rights to grant any institute a status of university except deemed university. All universities must be established by passing an Act either in a parliament or a state legislature. Further, in a remote part, 25 acre land cost hardly 25 lakhs which is not a high. This institute, on its MoU signed with Gujarat government talks about investing 300 crore. So is the amount high?
Q.2)    How can you give MBA in 6 Months ?
 Ans : The program is for 2 years, however we give this facility to our students wherein hey can finish the program any time between 6 month and 2-years. Generally if you pursue MBA from some other institute and even if you finish your studies in 13 months you can give your exam only after 24 months. In our case if you finish your studies in 13 months, you can give your exams and get your certifications done; as a result you are saving your own 11 months. The duration of the program utterly depends on the student caliber.

My comments: Again a big fake. Can you complete MBA in just 5 subject and 6 months, never. Every degree must follow UGC guideline on minimum duration i.e. a degree should be of minimum 3 years and a masters minimum 2 years. 
Q. 3)    Will the companies accept 6 months MBA ?
Ans : Sir, first of your entire certificate will not indicate that you have finished your program in 6 months or 8 month. It just indicates the &date you have finished your program. Secondly today in the corporate world, more of the working professions are interested in fast track duration courses to save their time, money and efforts; and the companies too. Companies even promote such fast track courses for their employee as part time courses.

My comments: No. most of the organisation not even accept your application for a job. Ask them to provide name of 5 such well known employer. I know they will never

Q. 7     But will this certificate be valid in govt jobs as I think they need the candidate to be a MBA from a AICTE approved university  only ?
 Ans : 1. Sir I can assure you that this certificate will be valid anywhere as far as jobs are concerned.
2. If you allow me to send you a copy of our prospectus, you will find a list of people who have finished their program from our institute and many of them are in govt sector.

My comments: For government jobs, they even do not accept a degree of a known reputed state university if the degree is awarded by violating UGC and AICTE norms then how will they accept it?  Please read my following article how a Punjab Babu lost his job due to submission of KSOU degree which did not have AICTE and DEB approval

Q. 12) How many specializations do you offer ?
 Ans : We offer more than 100 specializations; hence we have a course for almost everyone.

My comments: Even top institute like IITs, IIMs do not have capacity to offer so many specialisation. Government must award them Bharat Ratna/

I hope, I have been able to clarify on this subject and open your eyes. Please ask if you have any query. Please do not become victim of such fraud institutes.  This institute can send me a legal notice and I am open to debate anywhere - open forum, court of law with this institute. This is another Jaro and institutes like them. Please beware.

February 15, 2015

MICA offers PhD admission in Communication and media

MICA was established in 1991 and is the premier management institute in India renowned for creating leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication. This is one of the most reputed institute in India for management programme for those who want to pursue career in the subject of communication, marketing and media. It offers highly acceptable and reputed programmes as follows:
Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Communications)

  1. Advertising Management(Formerly known as Account Planning)
  2. Brand Management
  3. Media Management (Formerly known as Media Planning)
  4. Marketing Research
  5. Digital Communications Management 

It also offers following programmes

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communications[edit]
This one year programme leads to a certificate in Crafting Creative Communications with specialisation in Crafting Copywriting or Art Direction, depending on the module chosen by the student. A one of its kind creative course, the main objective of this programme is to develop students into professionals for careers in Marketing Communications.

Online Postgraduate Certificate Programmes
MICA offers skills enhancement programmes. The institute offers the following programmes as part of this initiative:

Advertising Management and Public Relations
A one year online course including a campus visit for junior and middle level executives interested in the field of advertising and public relations.

Research and Data Analytics
A one year online course for students to foster objective data analysis strategies, apply critical thinking skills to data analysis, generate and validate solutions to a problem and communicate findings.

Retail Management
A one year online course for executives with an acumen and interest in Retail Management. The program has been designed in close consultation with the industry to prepare entry-level and experienced professionals for a career in Retail Management.

Fellow Program in Management-Communications (FPM-C)
A three year full-time residential doctoral programme in communications discipline

This is a full time residential programme. This means you have to be a t campus on regular basis and need to complete your research over there. You cannot do it if you are a working professional and cannot attend the campus.

Before reading this article, please read following article to understand complexity of PhD in India, fake and real PhD

More details about FPM (PhD) at MICA

How to apply?

The applicants should go through the following application process:
  1. Apply Online (Please use Mozilla Firefox Web Browser)
  2. Submit the following (through snail mail) by the specified date:
    • Application fee of Rs. 2000 through a demand draft drawn in favour of "MICA" payable at Ahmedabad. Please write your name and contact details on the back of the demand draft
    • Two letters of recommendation (blank forms for recommendation letters and the instructions can be downloaded from the online application portal)
    • Copies of academic certificates as described in the application instructions
S. No.ActivityTimeline
1.Last date for applying onlineTue, Mar 10, 2015
2.Last date for receiving application fee, recommendation letters and copies of certificatesTue, Mar 10, 2015
3.Sending emails for screening interviewsSat, Mar 14, 2015
4.Telephonic screening interviewsMon, Mar 23 to Fri, Mar 27, 2015
5.Admission Test on campusMon, Apr 13 to Sat, Apr 18, 2015
6.Declaration of resultFri, Apr 24, 2015
7.Admissions closeFri, May 8, 2015
8.Session beginsJune 2015
* This Schedule is annually updated in December.

Please apply online by clicking following link

The Fellow Programme at MICA is the first Programme of its kind in the country. It is an AICTE approved doctoral level Programme offered in the communication discipline. Through this Programme, MICA aims to encourage both fundamental and applied research in the communication domain.
The FPM aims to achieve the following inter-related goals:
  • To produce "Fellows of Communication" who will be able to meet international norms of research and education in communication
  • To conduct research pertinent to communication
  • To create researchers who can advance communication theory and practice and enhance the contributions that communication can make to the larger community
  • To increase the talent pool of researchers and teachers for the communication discipline in the country
MICA’s FPM is offered in the core area of Communication. The sub-areas of the Programme are: 1. Communication and Media, 2. Communication and Marketing, 3. Communication and Culture, and 4. Communication and Social Change
The Programme consists of two years of course work and one year of thesis research. During the course-work phase, students spend one term at an overseas university department, assigned to an eminent communication academician/researcher.

Programme Structure

MICA’s FPM is a three-year, full-time residential Programme. The first year of the Programme is intended to strengthen the students' theoretical and research base in the area of Communication. The first year courses are designed to provide students a paradigmatic appreciation of theory and research in communication. First year students take the qualifying examination within one month of the completion of the first year course-work. Students successful in the qualifying exam are promoted to second year and become FPM scholars. Those who fail are required to withdraw from the Programme.
The second year of the Programme is intended for acquiring in-depth knowledge of the sub-areas and related fields. In addition, students are located in an overseas partner affiliate university department for an entire term, to get them acquainted and exposed to the research culture. While located in an overseas' university department, the students are engaged in thesis proposal related tasks – developing and strengthening the review of literature and methodology, finishing the draft of the thesis proposal and auditing a course or two (if necessary).

Students begin working on their thesis from the first year itself. They identify three faculty members primarily in the sub-areas of their interest and constitute a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC).

At the thesis stage, the student first develops and defends a thesis proposal. The student then works closely with the TAC on his/her thesis. On completion of thesis research, the student submits the thesis and defends it.
After successful completion of all the requirements of the Programme, the student is awarded the title of: “Fellow of MICA”.


The faculty will facilitate classroom discussions. Students will be required to critically read research articles and publications prior to the classroom sessions. An integral part of the self learning process will be a fifteen-hour per week research/teaching assistantship attached to a faculty.

Applicants must have a Masters Degree/an equivalent qualification with at least 55% marks or an equivalent grade in any discipline of the Humanities /Social Sciences / Business Management, having Communication/Journalism/Advertising/Public Relations/Media/Marketing as a subject. The candidate also should have completed a three-year Bachelor's degree/an equivalent qualification, after completing higher secondary (10+2) or an equivalent.
At least 55% marks or an equivalent grade in a Five year Integrated Masters Degree Programme from any discipline of the Humanities /Social Sciences / Business Management, having Communication/Journalism/Advertising/Public Relations/Media/Marketing as a subject, obtained after completing higher secondary (10+2) or an equivalent.

Qualifications described above must be recognised by AICTE/Universities/Deemed Universities.

Foreign nationals and NRIs with non-Indian degrees that are considered to be equivalent (by UGC/AICTE) to the qualifications listed above, are also eligible to apply for the Programme.

Foreign National is a person who is not a citizen of India.
An NRI is an Indian who as of April 2015 is working or studying or residing outside India, for at least the past 12 months continuously.

Final year students appearing for their Master's degree or an equivalent examination, can also apply. Such candidates, if selected, should be able to produce the final mark sheet (proving that they satisfy the eligibility criteria), at the time of accepting the offer of admission- failing which the offer shall automatically stand withdrawn.

So go ahead and apply. If you have any query, please feel free to revert.

February 15, 2015