Monday, February 21, 2011

What a recruiter should know


This is my response to the same article posted by Mr. Vijay Anand on MTHR linkedin group.

These all are difficult technical terms and I completely don't agree to this.
First of the recruiter should know much detail (Nobody knows everything) about his/her own company (if corporate HR) and about client (If working for a consultancy)
The next thing is understanding need of the company as well as need of the candidate. Many recruiter blindly hire (He is from XYZ MNC then he must be good.. It depends, you can find a better candidate from smaller companies too), third, to understand culture of the candidate's present company and the company for which recruitment is being conducted, fourth to understand why the candidate wants to leave the company (Everybody bluffs so need not to go by their word even stability should not be given so much importance, it is not necessary that if somebody has spent long years in the same company means you can blindly trust his/her integrity. The recruiter must be able to check candidate's background like as a detective.
The recruiter should be also able to understand meaning of different qualification and its value (This means certainly not that hiring people from known institute only- It should have a fair practice)

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