Thursday, May 12, 2011

Does a Business Degree make an individual a good manager

This question has been always part of the debate. We easily copy everything without thinking whether it is appropriate. If a company hires an MBA, other company also start to do the same. If anyone says students from tier I B School are great manager, we believe and follow without testing and sometime it cost very high to the company.
However recently, many companies has stopped this trend. for instances, few MNCs hired BA, B.Com from Mumbai's few colleges @ 8 to 10 Lakhs package per annum. Reason, they found that graduate has learnability, they perform better than an MBA
It is true too. During my HR tenure, I have come across situation where MBAs are lacking in practical skills, while hiring for my team, I interviewed at least 35 MBAs and found only 4 of them finally suitable and I selected one. They had no notion how to handle HR function.
Recently Australia's leading HR magazine also confirmed the same.
Excerpts are:
"Alec Bashinsky, Deloitte’s national partner of people and performance, alluded to similar concerns when he spoke to Human Capital in December last year. He noted that a lot of younger HR graduates and young, upcoming managers in the last 10 years have not had any experience in industrial relations because of the country’s climate.

“In the new government setup, they’re going to be forced to deal with unions [and] many of them don’t have the skillet,” he said."

So finally, does a Business degree really make a person manager?
Professionally and personally, I disagree to this. It is a human trait. It depend how one has leadership quality, problem solving ability, skills and aptitude for the job. One can pass any degree by reading notes and all but the final thing is practically applying those things.
Need your views and comments


  1. But Unfortunately People today Value Degree more than the Knowledge.

    1. Yes Neeraj,
      But see, the degrees add knowledge but succeeding in a job depends upon your own ability and application of mind.
      Degree should be never preference, it should be just base. More value should be to the individual.
      Simple example, MBA makes you an employee but quality in you makes even a 10th fail an entrepreneur
      Take example of any entrepreneur


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