Monday, May 30, 2011

Employee engagement activities in SMEs

My experience as an H professional while working with various organisation is different, challenging and satisfactory in terms of my role.
The biggest challenge I faced during my assignment with Metropolis was employee retention. Initially, we had a stable team, limited budget etc. We were definitely not the best pay master but we wanted to be a good employer. We started our employee engagement activities under leadership of Ms. Priya Brid (Now associate VP HR with a leading multinational). She had given us complete freedom to choose what we want to do, what kind of activities we want to organise. It was a team effort and the final execution part was given to another executive and to me.
Definitely it was not a cakewalk. First of all, it was difficult to bring people (From list of 460 alone from Mumbai), they used to be busy in the work. Still we did it successfully. Things changed, HR department changed, management's perception changed and we got a bigger budget for employee welfare and slowly the job role went from me to another executive.
In my current organisation, I got enough exposure to employee engagement, it included opportunity for employee to talk to HR and being an Assistant Manager and heading the department, I started personally communicating with different city head and employees, took their feedback and view. This helped to change their perception about organisation. We changed in the format of employee newsletter and gave prominence to our sales team, award for them. When we started this, we got only one response and when it happened, we got many employee's participation. Apart from this, we started Saturday fun activities, employee wellness month, sending mail to employees on interesting management topic. Budget constraint was here too. We had very low budget for this and due to being a family managed business, we had many controls too. I don't think the control demotivated me too go further and it continues. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can also do lot of low budget employee engagement activities. The employee engagement activities doesn't mean to spend money and to have fun only, it means how you make the employee feel comfortable at work place and how they will stop hating workplace. This is more psychological than any other factor.

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