Monday, May 9, 2011

Terminating employee is one of the most difficult job

I already had an idea that a sales manager will ask his subordinate to be terminated. I was already prepared for this. As an HR professional, at any cost, I didn't want to give my current organisation image of hire and fire and in recent months it was happening quite often. When I reached to office, the concerned sales manager with the high handedness of management asked me to give pink slip to concerned employee. I lost my temper and my first question was on what basis. Then the concerned sales manger cited reason as "non-performance". I was prepared and asked give me data proving that it is non performance.
Finally he was answerless and headed towards cabin of head opeartion.
I think HR should never work just as a postman. He/she should protect organisation and its people's interest at any cost. The organisation terminating employee so often cannot grow. I feel termination should be used only as a final resort. If an employee is being terminated so often on the basis of performance, in a particular department, then first of all, head of that department should be terminated as he/she is not able to develop his/her team.
At least I am happy temporarily. Let's see what happens

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