Friday, July 22, 2011

Employee engagement and employee relation

After so many days I am writing something to my this blog. Actually I was not getting time and I was not able to decide what to write. There were many things in my mind. Finally I decided to write about this topic and incident. When I work as an HR function, I don't think the way that I should work on specific area of HR like engagement, relation, payroll, compensation and so on. For me, I am an HR person and my company expect from me that I should optimise resources i.e. human resources and yield best result. I see myself t a middle point of / centre of two end of the rope. At one end of the rope is management who has lot of expectation from me and from other departments and at the other end, there are employees who have certain expectations and dissatisfaction from the management.
Well, last Saturday I thought to do something different to improve work culture, employee's participation in discussion and to know what the feedback they have about HR, organisation and management. I could go through the structured way of employee satisfaction survey but I avoided it. I discussed with my team about this and finally we implemented it.
At the one side of a paper we asked people 10 things they like about the company and 10 things they don't like about the company. We, the Human Resources department did not give any hint or instructions to them, rather we gave them freedom to write whatever they want to in that sheet.
Finally after long exercise and time, we got the feedback. Few employees had commented on HR function too and it was surprise for us. We were unaware about those complaints. I believe, this activity served as an employee engagement and employee relation activity- both. Employee engagement because they got opportunity to to share their view about the organisation as a whole and employee relation because they got the feeling that HR department is not a police department rather, it is a people's department.
From Monday onwards, we started working on those feedback. I personally with my team sat in the conference room and called concerned employee one by one. We asked certain clarification on their complaint i.e. the things they don't like about the company. In many cases we found that their feedback is genuine and we started to improve those things. We made our action visible and it had positive impact on employees who had given their feedback. We saw a smile on their face. In some cases, employees had misunderstanding, we cleared those through proper explanation. Our next effort is to summarise all these feedback and present it to before the management. I am quite confident that this kind of activities build trust, improve intra organisation communication and help organisation to grow.

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