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List of fake university/ Institutes offering various degrees including MBA

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is an apex body in India to monitor and approve universities. However, it is one of the worst and useless body under Ministry of HRD, Government of India. In the past, many times I complained them about certain fake institutes offering degrees and for the shock, even they are offering medical degrees like MD, MBBS, Ph. D etc. For my shocking I have found some of the top management (At Director level) using this degrees to prefix Dr. with their name.

as an Human Resources Professional, I am putting list of such fake institute. Beware! never hire any of the candidate from these institutes and for those who are planning to pursue higher studies, please don't opt these institutes for your degrees as a learned HR professional and a professional HR department will never accept these qualifications. I appreciate Pune University. This University is self monitoring such institutes and keeping its database updated.


  1. Maithili University/Vishwavidyalaya, Darbhanga, Bihar.

  2. Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi (UP) Jagatpuri, Delhi.
  3. Commercial University Ltd., Daryaganj, Delhi.
  4. United Nations University, Delhi.
  5. Vocational University, Delhi.
  6. ADR-Centric Juridical University, ADR House, 8J, Gopala Tower, 25 Rajendra Place, New Delhi - 110 008.
  7. Indian Institute of Science and Engineering, New Delhi.

  8. Badaganvi Sarkar World Open University Education Society, Gokak, Belgaum, Karnataka.

  9. St. John's University, Kishanattam, Kerala.
    Madhya Pradesh

  10. Kesarwani Vidyapith, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

  11. Raja Arabic University, Nagpur, Maharashtra.
    Tamil Nadu

  12. D.D.B. Sanskrit University, Putur, Trichi, Tamil Nadu.
    West Bengal

  13. Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta.
    Uttar Pradesh

  14. Mahila Gram Vidyapith/Vishwavidyalaya, (Women's University) Prayag, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  15. Gandhi Hindi Vidyapith, Prayag, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  16. National University of Electro Complex Homeopathy, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  17. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose University (Open University), Achaltal, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.
  18. Uttar Pradesh Vishwavidyalaya, Kosi Kalan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.
  19. Maharana Pratap Shiksha Niketan Vishwavidyalaya, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh.
  20. Indraprastha Shiksha Parishad, Institutional Area,Khoda,Makanpur,Noida Phase-II, Uttar Pradesh.
  21. Gurukul Vishwavidyala, Vridanvan, Uttar Pradesh.
The above list is compiled from UGC's website

Below are my further research with reason:

22. International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Research, Kolkata
(This is another fake institute offers MD, Ph.D in alternative medicine)
When we say alternative medicine, in India- These are Ayurvedic (BAMS), Homeopathy (BHMS), Siddha (BSMS), Unani (BUMS), Naturopathy and Yogic Science (BNYS)- all are 5 1/2 years degree and open for only those who have passed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, Biology with Minimum 50%, They must have cleared state conducted medical entrance test. These courses are available in full time mode only and it is as rigorous as an MBBS degree. For these courses, there are councils like Medical Council of India who approves it. The councils are Council for Indian System of Medicine (For Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani), Central council for Homeopathy).

23. Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM)
, kolkata
Reason: As mentioned above

Institute Of Alternative Medicines And Research (IAMR), Kolkata
Reason: As mentioned above

25. Indian Council for Alternative Medicine (ICAM), Kolkata
Reason: As mentioned above

26. Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata (IAMK)
Reason: As stated above

27. Alternative Medical Council, Kolkata

28. Alternative Medicine College, Canada
Reason: Canada and any other country in the world does not accept any other system of medicine other than the allopathy (Modern system- MBBS/ MD)

International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Research (ICHHAR), Kolkata

This institute offers courses like BEMS- (Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine and Surgery), MD-Electropathy, Diploma in Electropathy Medicine, DEHM.
This institute is not affiliated to any university and electropathy is not an approved system of Indian medicine. To do courses from these type of institute, you just need to shell out 5K to 15K, they will send book and question paper to your home. You fill it and send them, even if you write all wrong answers, you will get your degree.

31. Deleted

32. National College of Alternative Medicine, Raipur
Reason: Same as of institute no. 26, 27 and so on

33. Global Open University (Don't confuse it with The Global Open University, Nagaland (TGOU)- TGOU is an approved state government of Nagaland Government and strictly adhere to UGC, DEC norms). Please remember that only The Global open University, Nagaland is an approved university.
Reason: The worst part is that this institute does not tell where it is located,India, Pakistan, US nowhere. You have to contact them through mail only.

34. The Open International University for Complimentary Medicine, Colombo, SriLanka

35. International Open University (IOU)
Reason: The worst part is that this institute does not tell where it is located,India, Pakistan, US nowhere. You have to contact them through mail only. It clearly says, it is a commercial arrangement. If you do few more research on internet, you will find that someone
Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal is the Vice Chanecellor of OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY who is selling this fake degree to everybody.

Another fake institute

37. Open International University of Human Development, Ukraine
It has tried to resemble itself with the name of Open University of Ukraine,

38. Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM),Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and so on...
Yes, you guessed correctly. This institute claims to offer MBA from IMI belgium which itself is a 2,3 room fake, non approved institute. Now IIPM offers students its PG programme in economy and development and offer MBA from MS University (approved one but a distance learning MBA degree)
IIPM is a multi million scam. you can check this link

39. IMI, Belgium Europe
IMI Belgium degrees are not recognized in Belgium also leave alone India. You will be jailed in Belgium for trying to get work using IMI Belgium degree.

40. International Tamil University, USA
One of our Indian politician from Mumbai used D. Litt from this institute and put Dr. before his name but after controversy dropped it. The fact was that he was just a 12th standard pass.

41. International Open University, USA

42. Indian School of Business Management and Administration, multiple location
Another fake institute offering various degrees in just 6 months

43. National Institute of Management (NIM), Malad, Mumbai
Another fake institute, not affiliated to any university, not authorised to award any degree. It gives you fake MBAs in 6 months. It also offers engineering degree and Diploma in just 6 months to 1 year

44. Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
Reason: Same as above

45. Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

Through WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO.19 OF 2004 (Ref: in honourable Supreme Court of India, all institutes established as a private university in Chhatisgarh are non recognized universities. They are:
  1. National Technological University Challenged against the State Government Act in the Supreme Court petition no.- 295/2004 (for preliminary hearing).
  2. SHRISTI University
  3. VNG University
  4. NIIT University
  5. University of ITM
  6. University of Research & Promotion
  7. National university of Modern Management
  8. Celestial University
  9. Chhattisgarh International University of Biotechnology & Life Sciences
  10. The States University
  11. Indian University
  12. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose University
  13. Shrimad Radha Vallbhacharya University
  14. Bits University
  15. MNR and ASRK University
  16. University of Central India
  17. Triveni International University
  18. Thomas University
  19. Ankur University
  20. Rajeev Gandhi Technical University
  21. Indian International University
  22. Lovely University
  23. The Global University
  24. Dr. Zakir Husain National University
  25. A. I. M. University
  26. Jawahar Lal Nehru University
  27. SG Reddy University
  28. Supreme University
  29. Manav Rachna University
  30. Shri Jain Sarvodaya University
  31. ACN University
  32. Doon International University
  33. IMF University of Technology
  34. ARDEE University
  35. Commercial University
  36. Tasmac University
  37. Priyadarshini Astha University
  38. Shahid Bhagat Shing International University
  39. New Age International Univeristy
  40. IMM Global University
  41. Gramya Bharti University
  42. Mangalmay University
  43. Shiv Mudra University
  44. International Trayval Technical University
  45. Crystal International University
  46. KGN University
  47. Maharshi Markandeshwar University
  48. Dewakriti University
  49. Swaraj University
  50. Institute of Management Technology University
  51. Tech-art University
  52. BIIGS Valley University
  53. Vivekanand National University
  54. Aquetech University
  55. International University of Insurance & Financial Management
  56. Anna Technological University
  57. World Buddha Foundation of Bihar,
  58. Western India University
List of Private Universities notified because of complying with the conditions of modified act as on 30 June 2004
  1. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar International University
  2. MATS University
  3. RAI University
  4. Amity University
  5. Acharya, Aryabhatta University
  6. BLS University
  7. Lee Magnus University
  8. Asia Pasific International University
  9. NIILM University
  10. Babu Banarsi Das University
  11. Kawa Global University
  12. EILLM University
  13. GH Raisoni International University
  14. ITM University
  15. Aptech University
  16. Shri Baba Mastnath University
  17. Starex International University
  18. Ansal University of Technology University
  19. ICFAI University
  20. Networked University of Multi Global Education Exchange, Bhilai
  21. University of Media Arts
  22. University of Technology & Sciences
  23. Vishwa Bharti University
  24. International University For Human Transformation,
  25. IIAS International University, Bhilai
  26. IILM University
  27. Luthran International University of Health Sciences
  28. Modi International University
  29. Dharm Dipti University,Jagdalpur
  30. Mewar University
  31. EMPI University
  32. Jaipuriya University
  33. Indus Vally University
  34. Gurukul University
  35. Swami Vivekanand University of Science and Technology
  36. Dr. C. V. Raman University (Note, this university has again got recogntion of private university after the Chhatisgarh University passed a separate Act in the state (possibly after accepting heavy bribes)
  37. Lords University
  38. Chhattisgarh University
  39. Kalinga University -

I will add some more institute time to time. Please bring other institute's name to my notice.

I would like to get your comment.

UGC is useless but we are not.


P.S.: Friends, thanks a lot for your love and interest. Since I wrote this post first time, I got thousand of readers and hundred of comments. However, I am finding that more and more comments are coming about CMJ and such other private degree selling universities.
For any query related to CMJ, EIILM, MG University Shillong and such other private universities, please visit and post your comments on following link

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Thank you

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I am sure it is work of one of these fake institutes.


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  1. University Grants Commission of India is indeed a powerful institution regulating universities all over India whether it be Central Government,State Government or private or self-sponsoring universities. Many of the universities and institutions mentioned above have really good campus, international class faculty and also the way the institutions are so good that one cannot compare one institution to another. What has happened here is sometimes due to unforeseen reasons which cannot be explained here many of the universities and institutions were created for the same reason "Education for all" being the slogan. Many universities and institutions are so really working in real context and also very good providers of education in their chosen fields. There has been many kinds of accreditations which almost all the above said institutions has passed with great care and precision. Therefore, such subjects should be lead precautiously. Unfortunately, many of the above institutions have fallen into court battles as there seems to be vested interests to weed out real good universities. Without really making a foray and taking real inventory of the various facilities one cannot just list out the institutions as fake. Institutions above said are working autonomously as self-sponsored institutions, there is nothing illegal about it. However, one just cannot make statements just because there are notifications all over some place. Moreover, the way the above data is presented is in bad taste. The above said institutions are really turning out really big-time students with proper guidance from inside as well as outside sources and very well informed academicians and professionals and others who benefited just like any other student from any other university / institution so there should be only natural weeding out not artificial weeding just because word of mouth statements work. If one really does the basic work of studying the vast disciplines the work done behind is very vast that cannot be erased just because somebody wants a opinion.

    1. Sorry, I do not accept your view. Most of the above institutes offered in one room shop and In fact they were in hurry to just sell degree. I completely agree with the Supreme Court judgment and it was just.

    2. Govind,

      Good Job done

      Raghu Kumar Chowdari

  2. Vishwa Bharti University is it recognized university or not please help me

  3. sorry..none of them has such infrastructure as you are claiming. please do not misguide people. UGC is a useless organisation.

    1. Hr professional:
      Who are you?
      First of all ge all the relevant information abot me and about everything before making any comments. I do not know how much knowledge do you possess about education system and everything. Just for your information- I am two times alumnus of Mumbai University and yes did M.Phil from TGOU (open university) and a successful working HR professionals. do not post non-related materials if you are not aware. I have come with the extensive study about all the facts, also done related survey on these qualification.
      Its your perception about open university not the world's, even Ministry of HRD or any other agencies. Please, do not post if you do not know.
      I have my full identity on thr website whereas you have not revealed your identity, can you please do that?
      About acceptability of Open Universities too, I can come with the documentary evidence that it is accepted (yes, people find difficulty sometime), can you come with documentary evidence?

  4. @ Network advise
    If you are talking about Vishwa Bharti Shanti Niketan, it is one of the best universities in India

  5. Cool info, Just wanted to ask you Assam downtown university is giving MBA distance learning in collaboration with MITSDE Pune. I doubt Assam downtown university but trust MITSDE.. Wat do you say? Assam downtown looks fake to me.

  6. Dear Sir,

    Is Viswa Bharathi Raipur a recognized university ?

  7. Yes, it is a fake institute as per the honourable Supreme Court Judgment

  8. @DevangJ
    The Assam Downtown University is a private university as as of now it is recognized but it is risky to pursue any education from it. It has risk to be derecognized any moment

  9. @ Nwtwork advise
    If you are talking about Vishwa Bharti Shanti Niketan, West Bengal- Yes it is approved and one of the most reputed
    if you are talking about Vishwa Bharti Raipur- It is a fake institute

  10. Dear sir,list of fake universities is very useful to all. your list is true. Srilanga open international university issus MD, Ph.D in Medical field in India. OIUCM fake degrees received from 20,000 indian students. Thank you for your information.

    Dr.A.Umar farook

  11. I would like to know if University of Allahabad, UP is recognised

  12. Hi Rohit,
    if you are talking about Allahabad University (following URL)

    It is a well known and a premier university. It is recognized too, in fact few times back, there was demand for it to convert as a central university

  13. Pls do not misguide .......Hamdard University Pakistan is approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC) formerly UGC and also approved by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, also from Pakistan Engineering Council and degrees are widely accepted all over the World.

  14. Rizwan, you are correct. When I posted the blog, I did not find any such information on Hamdard Pakistan's website so needed to enter it into fake institute's list. After your comment, it is verified and will be edited soon


  15. Hi Govind,

    I am planning on pursuing a distance/executive MBA at the moment. I have been working for a little more than 4 years and am currently working as a Asst Manager in a MNC. My choice of universities are as below -

    1) ICFAI
    2) Sikkim Manipal
    3) MITDE - Assam Downtown Univ

    Could you provide an opinion as to which from the above list of universities will be the safest option?

    Any help is appreciated.


    1. Hi,
      although all these 3 universities are approved, I do not recommend any of them due to the poor quality of education and evaluation.
      Even if you still decide to do from them, you may choose ICFAI and Sikkim Manipal however please note that their certification does not have corporate value.

      Instead you may opt following
      Evening MBA from FMS, Delhi University
      Evening MBA from JNTU Hyderabad if you are from Hyderabad
      Twinning MBA programme from Pondicherry University which offers weekend classes (compulsory) and offer programmes in all major Indian cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi

  16. hey tell me about UTSglobal (universal training solutions)from pune...they offer distance courses of MIT distance learning and assam downtown university and also from annamalai university....kindly guide me as to any of the above are recognised?
    kindly mail me if possible

    1. Hi Shantanu,

      I replied to you through mail about it, I hope you have got it.
      Do not do it from Assam Downtown and MIT, still if you want to go, you may opt Annamalai University however it is better if you choose any of the following
      Pondicherry University (Twinning programme- have lectures only on Saturdays and Sundays but compulsory)
      Anna University
      University of Madras

    2. Can you please share same mail with me as well? Even I was gonna register tomorrow itself however thught checking out before paying the whole fee.
      They are charging 45,000 all in one go.

    3. Hi Maru,
      If you are talking about SCDL
      please find the mail copy as follows
      Dear Student,

      Please note that, you have enrolled with us for PGDHRM course, PGDHRM is not equivalent to MBA however the course contents are comparable to that of any full time management program.

      Visit our web site for regular & latest updates.

      Feel free to contact us for any further queries.


      Evaluation Department


      if you have query related to anything else, please feel free to reply

  17. Dear Sir,

    Is Kalinga University, Raipur a recognized university ?

    Please could provide your valuable opinion on this institution.


    1. Hi
      Earlier it was established under private university Act 2003 of Chhatisgarh and derecognized by uGC and it is re-established with new legislation again
      If you have done degree in the past, it is not recognized

      Suggestion: do not pursue any course from there even now

    2. No, Kalinga University is not approved. Its approval quashed after Supreme Court Judgment in 2005 after that till now Chhatisgarh Government has not passed any Act to establish this university and in UGC's approved list university, it does not feature
      You may refer following link

  18. No, Kalinga University is not approved. Its approval quashed after Supreme Court Judgment in 2005 after that till now Chhatisgarh Government has not passed any Act to establish this university and in UGC's approved list university, it does not feature
    You may refer following link

  19. Sir , you are doing great job. I want to know the validity of degrees issued by chattisgarh universities closed by supreme court

  20. None of the universities are allowed to offer degree and all are invalid from those universities

  21. Sir,ITM University is a fake university or not?

    1. Hi Sumit,

      ITM is a private university and not a fake university however ITM's executive and weekend MBA is not recognized, please note

  22. So can i do engineering from ITM university Raipur?????Because it is newly open in raipur...

    1. Hi
      As of now, only ITM Haryana is approved as per the UGC website.

      There is no approval for ITM Chhatisgarh as of now (if we hav to believe UGC website) so do not do
      Again, ITM does not hold reputation for engineering education so be careful. In the past, Supreme court had cancelled recognition of all private universities in Chhatisgarh including ITM
      for more details please visit

  23. Sir,It means it very risky to do engineering from ITM university Raipur Chhattisgarh......

  24. But sir in the website of ITM University Raipur It shows that it had been Approval and Recoganised By,
    ITM University
    University Grant Commission (UGC)
    State Govt. ACT
    Private Universities Regulatory Commission (PURC)
    Associations’ of Indian Universities (AIU*)

    1. I still do not advsie to do it from there. May be UGC website not updated or can be anything, still in the market only ITM's full time 2 years MBA ahs value and to nothing else. Do not play with your career

  25. Dear Sir,
    I.E.R.T (Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology) Allahabad in UP

  26. Dear Sir,
    I.E.R.T (Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology) Allahabad in UP is a recognized univesity or not


    1. Somebody has misguided you EIILM is an approved university by UGC and the Distance Education Council (DEC) has approved its courses
      please refer following link

  28. sir,in kolkata where i doing best MBA in distance mode?? pls. help me soon..

    1. Hi Yash,
      You can do MBA in distance in Kolkata from following institutes

      University of Madras, Institute of Distance Education
      Kolkata Study Centre
      Centre Code : 371
      Address : F.E. 498, SALT LAKE SECTOR - III, KOLKATTA.
      KOLKATTA-700 106

      Centre Code : 372
      KOLKATTA-700 020

      Pondicherry University- has centre i Kolkata

  29. Dear Sir,
    I.E.R.T (Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology) Allahabad in UP is a recognized univesity or not.Pls Mention whether it is fake or genuine

    1. Hi,

      It claims that it is approved by DTE, UP Government and also by AICTE however it does not provide information on affiliated to which university and all.
      So, I suggest be careful check all the documents with them.

  30. Dear Sir,
    I want to do civil in distance mode through Karnataka State Open University it is UGC recognized but not AICTE approved. Whether the certificate is valid for job purpose?
    I want to do Section A & B from The Institution of Civil Engineers (India).Whether the certificate is valid for job purpose?
    pls help me in this regards.

    1. Hi, KSOU is a UGC recognized university however recently, The Distance Education Council has issued show cause notice to it and asked not to offer any engineering programme in distance mode, so do not do it from there. Better opt for AMIE, if you clear both section A and B of AMIE, it will be equivalent to B. Tech
      The institute of Civil engineers is also a valid qualification and stands equivalent to B.E./ B.Tech

    2. Thank you Sir for giving the right advice.

    3. There is case between DEC and KSOU at Delhi High Court but Govt has taken some action to start Engg Degree courss by disatance. read this:
      AICTE is also working on this.

    4. There is case between DEC and KSOU at Delhi High Court but Govt has taken some action to start Engg Degree courss by disatance. read this:
      AICTE is also working on this.

  31. Hi Govind! I want to do pharma MBA in distance mode. recently i have seen IIPM ( Indian institute of pharmaceutical marketing. Can i have your suggestion plz whether IIPM is good or not?

    1. No,
      Please do not do MBA from IIPM. If you search over google with the line IIP scam, you will get many results. They have no market value.
      Give me some time, I will revert you with available option for this course in distance mode.

    2. Please do not do, the said IIPM (Pharma management MBA) is also a fake institute
      You may opt for M.B.A. (Hospital Management) from Alagappa University distance mode
      or can do PG Diploma in pharma sales management from IGNOU
      or opt MBA general management from Pondicherry University
      You can also look for Madras University distance learning programme on following
      M.B.A. - Hospital Management
      M.B.A. - International Business Management
      M.B.A. - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
      M.B.A. - Marketing Management
      M.B.A. - Operations Management

  32. Thanks for replying to my post. Govind my concern is about degree from Indian institute of pharmaceutical marketing not the other iipm. plz reply me back as soon as possible govind so that i will make decision based on you advice.

    sampath rao

    1. Please do not do, the said IIPM (Pharma management MBA) is also a fake institute
      You may opt for M.B.A. (Hospital Management) from Alagappa University distance mode
      or can do PG Diploma in pharma sales management from IGNOU
      or opt MBA general management from Pondicherry University
      You can also look for Madras University distance learning programme on following
      M.B.A. - Hospital Management
      M.B.A. - International Business Management
      M.B.A. - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
      M.B.A. - Marketing Management
      M.B.A. - Operations Management

  33. Thanks for helping me out Govind! your help is very much appreciated. I will do as you said.


    2) EILMS - BYNS -4AND 1/2 YEARS


    E-MAIL -

    1. Hi
      Unfortunately there is no clear cut guideline on offering naturopathy programme and there is no controlling body too. I sent an e-mail to Ayush long back, but they did not reply till date.

      Do not do the course from any of the univerities mentioned below:
      VINAYAK Mission University - BSC IN YOGA AND NATUROPATHY -3YEAR- it is a deemed university, quality is always in question and government can declare any time its qualification as invalid a sit happened in the past.
      2) EILMS - BYNS -4AND 1/2 YEARS- again it is a deemed university so not advisable.
      It is a private university although recognized by UGC and I never recommend it.

      As far as Naturopathy concerns, you can be a naturopath practioner but not the doctor but it will give you training and knowledge in natural healing using natural resources- earth, air, fire, water, ap and imbalance of these element in the body lead to disease.
      Therefore for Naturopathy extensive medical education is not required.

      People are treated by using Yoga and Pranayam, mud therapy, electromagnatotherapy, magentotherapy, balancing food intake, message, shirodhara, hydrotherapy and such other methods where internal medicine does not involve.

      So you can pursue the programme through University of Madras, Institute of Distance Education. It has Kolkata as exam centre. It is one of the oldest and best university in India. The cost is also very nominal. In this course, for 30 days every year it is compulsory for you to travel to Madras for practical classes.
      Alongwiith this, you can also apply for 1 years Patient Assistant course from National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune (if you are SSC and above and below 30 years). The course is free and you will get around 2500 stipend per month. You should do this because, this will provide you practical exposure
      please revert if you need any further help

  35. Friends,
    Today suddenly I got remarks posting from somebody called "HR professional" with irrelevant, useless and nonsense remarks on this blog posting so I need to change my blog setting and delete his unwanted comments.
    Well, he raised certain points about UGC, approval , Open universities and so on.
    He commented that I am referring UGC and I am also telling that I do not believe UGC. I do not know how much that person has got experience in Indian Education system and everything
    even I am not sure whether he has read the blog completely or did a little research before posting comments. Well I owe to clarify to all readers (not to him) about the same, please find details as follows:

    1. UGC is a parent body who "regulates" and approves universities, qualification in India. To get a job or for higher education, the university must be approved from UGC. However I have to say with great sad that it has completely failed to monitor fake universities and quality of the education. If you keep yourself regularly updated through newspaper, you will find a big blunder on this. The same situation is with other autonomous institutes like MCI. You must have watched Satyameva Jayate and the earlier scam where by accepting crore Rs. of bribe MCI granted permission to open such medical college. So in this condition, if you are really looking for a good quality medical education, you cannot just rely on MCI's approval. Sometime Supreme court can cancel recognition of such medical colleges.
    The same happened with Chhatisgarh Private Universities. in 2003, Chhatisgarh Government passed an Act and allowed many private universities shops there. To surprise many of these universities were opened in a shop. Prf. Yashpal, who is a renowned educationist filed a PIL in the honourable supreme court of India and Supreme court derecognized all of these universities. Now the question is that, actually UGC should have done this work. It never did finally students who took admission in those universities suffered a lot. They wasted their money and year. So do you people really believe that I should not criticise UGC?
    UGC kept Indian Board of Alternative University in fake institute's list and same about the Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, UP but what action they have taken in these 12 years? These institutes are selling fake degrees and the worst part is that the Kolkata institute sells medical degree at 15000 in 1-2 year. Don't you think it has impacted on people's health?

  36. 2. Assam Down Town and other private universities.
    In my entire blog, have I told that all private universities are bad?
    See, honest effort matters a lot. Private corporate universities are the need of the hour for quality education but unfortunately most of the private universities have again opened the shop. Do you know what is the modus operandi now? Earlier, in Chhatisgarh all the universities were opened through one single legislation and now for every university they are passing the separate Act so as per the constitution they are right, so eventhough the universities are just commercial shop, challenging it in the court of law is very difficult. But does it mean that again it will not meet the fate of all the (more than 100) universities in Chhatisgarh? I really doubt therefore whenever I have to advise to people, I ask them to prefer state or central universities over private universities. When there are already plenty of courses and institutes offering courses in weekend or thr distance learning mode, why most of these institute started offering programme in distance mode? If you go through the DEC (Distance Education Council) website, you will find that none of the institutes (these private universities) fulfill single criteria.
    Now see the positive private universities like Azim Premji University and Shiv Nadar University, they are neither heavily advertising on TV, nor appointed any agency to promote and market their distance education (in fact they do not offer such courses because they want to develop skills and people and it is evident. So I am opposing such private universities.
    I have filed an application under RTI to DEC but they have not replied so far because they do not have reply to my queries on these degree selling shops.

    3. The said "HR professional" recommended somebody MIT DEC and Assam Down Town University etc. (I really doubt he is an HR professional or learnt person- sorry I am badly criticising him) but MIT is not at all a university and on the basis of MIT qualification you cannot do higher studies.
    Assam Down Town is a private university and only interested in selling degrees.

    4. About Open University degree
    Please note that Open University degree also has equal value in the market. Yes, there are few (around 20%) private institutes who hesitate to accept open university qualification but this means not that they are invalid. Today almost 30 Lakhs students in India are getting education through open universities and out of them IGNOU, YCMOU are really well performing and doing great job from brand building to inviting corporates and so on.
    Following links may help you to get more details
    The above is in Marathi, the short summary is that through this letter, Government of Maharashtra has directed other universities to admit students from YCMOU and open universities (recognized) to other regular courses of other universities

    This is highly unfortunate that such people who do not have in depth knowledge about the subject and topic write unnecessary comments.

    I hope I am able to provide ample clarification, if you still have any doubt, friends, please post it

    I do not need to wite but for the "HR professional" fellow
    my qualification stands as
    BA, MBA, LLB (Gen), MA (None of these from open universities
    M.Phil (from TGOU)
    Total experience in education and research: 10+ years
    Experience in HR: 6+ years and currently heading HR in an MNC

  37. Hi Govind ji,

    can you please help me to understand is JRNRVU Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University is recognized and valid ..?
    thank you...

    1. Hi,
      It is a deemed university i.e. approved. However this university cannot offer any course under distance mode or through off campus mode.
      It has to offer its all courses through campus at Udaipur only.

      There is a pending course in honourable supreme court about whether this institute should be allowed to offer distance course or not.
      It is better not to pursue course from this institute due to 2 reason
      1. Private organisation does not give value to such universities although they are approved
      2. Tomorrow if DEC and honourable Supreme Court decide case against it, then this qualification not valid for government job also and for higher studies too
      Refer the link

      If you are pursuing any course purely for knowledge, the IGNOU is a strong recommendation

  38. sir, i want to know that CMJ meghalaya university is a fake or not plese help me.

    1. Hi
      It is a private university and approved by UGC
      However, this university is not allowed to offer any course outside its campus in Meghalaya
      Do not pursue the course from this institute, better opt any other state government/ central government university

  39. Very Informative blog and I appreciate the effort that you have put in for its creation and regular up dation. I just have one question, is B.SC (IT) from EIILM University recognized or not ? Because I went through the DEC link for approved courses and there is was not present. Hoping to get a fruitful reply from your end.

    1. Thanks Aditya
      Yes, it is recognized only if you are pursuing it through full time campus mode thats too from its campus. This is a deemed university and not allowed to offer any course through distance learning or off campus mode.
      please see following link

      As of now, DEC has not approved its distance learning programme. Non approval of DEC can harm you only for the reason that you cannot apply for government job. In private sector, this institute does not hold value (however on the basis of your own ability and support of a degree, definitely you can get the job)

  40. Hello Sir,
    The MBA & MSW courses of chattisgarg university is valid or not...please help

  41. Which University in Chhatisgarh?

    Refer posting above, if it is from those universities, then it is fake

  42. What about Dr. c v Raman university I'm particular...

    1. Hi
      It is an approved university if it is following

    2. Yes sir..out is the same universityand website
      Thank you...they have regular MBA with HR and IT specialization..hence..asked you about university status and value in corporates...hope it is fine.

  43. Respected Sir.

    I really appreciate your work. You have been spending precious time to update & answer everyone's query. This is simply awesome & i not praising bcoz i need an answer for my query. Though i would like to ask you couple of things.
    1) i have done S.S.S from NIOS. H.S.S.C from bhartiya shikhsha parishad -Lucknow along with F.Y & S.Y in 1997,2002,2003 & 2004 (respectively) -Distance learning. Now i want to complete my Graduation. however reading your blog has made me alert. i would like to know is it safe doing T.Y from Periyar university -Tamilnadu.
    2) Secondly as mentioned in your blog "UGC kept Indian Board of Alternative University in fake institute's list and same about the Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, UP but what action they have taken in these 12 years? These institutes are selling fake degrees". Does this means i will have to begin answering from H.S.S.C in-order to complete my graduation. Periyar univerisity is willing to accept My certificates & provide me with admission for T.Y. Please help, how to go about completing my graduation & any challenges i would face.

    1. Hi
      Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad is a fake institute. This is unfortunate that government is highly inactive in such sensitive matter. In the past one of the terrorist involve in Mumbai bomb blast had qualifications from Bhartiya Shiksh Parishad as degrees from there are easily available.

      Periyar univesity is a state university andan approved university. If they are ready to accept, please complete your graduation from.there but still I doubt if they can accept the qualification from Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad.
      Another solution for you is to appear on demand exam of NIOS for your senior secondary I.e. HSC which you can do 2013 April May and then.start graduationfrom any universities in India and abroad

    2. Thanks for your quick response.
      Periyar university is willing to accept. My worry is in the future would my graduation be accepted & if i apply for visa will my studies from Bhartiya Shiksha parishad be rejected. Your thoughts on this please.

  44. Hi
    In India higher education I.e. degree/ under graduate education happens in conventional way and open (non formal) way. In open way those who can read and write and completed 18 years of age can undergo graduation through open system where after completing 6 months preparatory course you can go for various ( but not all) programmes ( except medicine, alternative medicine, paramedical, dentistry , physiotherapy, enginnering and architecture to name few).
    There is no change in syllabus, examination and evaluation process. It is as same of the regular college. The relaxation is only for entry and not for getting the degree.
    as of now many state and central universities and state government run open universities are offering this.
    In Tamil Nadu 5 years back the state government issued circular that only Tamil Nadu Open University can offer programme in open mode.
    Hence the Periyar University is indulging in illegal activities and for Visa and employment your certificates need to be attested by Ministry of HRD. Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad is unrecognized institute hence none of the university should accept it. You be careful and take decision appropriately. What I suggest that if TNOU is giving same offer, you may choose that.

    1. Thanks for your response.

      So does this means

      1) Yashwantrao Chavan open univisity is able to offer preparatory course, answering preparatory course from them would the certificate be valid or accepted in corporate world.

      2) Does it means answering preparatory course opens my options to answer T.Y. Bcom from any university or is it the usual way i would have to go about answering F.Y, S.Y & then T.Y.Bcom.

      3) If i have to answer directly through Periyar university (T.Y. Bcom)-(Distance learning), since they are willing to accept my S.Y Bcom from Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad. Although its fake university,i had answered it in 2004-05. Now would my T.Y.Bcom be accepted in corporate world.

      4) As mentioned in your reply "Visa and employment your certificates need to be attested by Ministry of HRD". Which certificates?

      Kindly help me to understand the process.

    2. Hi,
      1. The preparatory course of YCMOU and any other conventional or open university is not an academic qualification. It is a way to allow those who have not passed HSC/ SSC and any other formal qualification but can read and write and want to pursue graduation. Hence the question of acceptance at corporate world do not arise. However after completing this, you can enroll yourself to 1st year of BA/ B.Com in YCMOU then you have to complete 3 years degree. This 3 years degree is equivalent to degree offered by any other universities in India. It is at par with degree passed through any Indian universities for pursuing higher education and to get public sector job (few jobs and courses are exception to this but in most of the cases, it is acceptable). About corporate, it has both acceptance and rejection and much more depend on your own personal attribute too.

      2. No, after completing preparatory course, you can enroll to first year of designated programme of that particular university only.

      3. In corporate world, they may accept your TY from Periyar but still the Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad's qualification may haunt you. You may avoid to give or disclose that qualification (HSC and F Y S Y from Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad)

      4. Your degree and all other educational certificates

    3. Hello sir,

      I want to know if doing gradutation from EIILM university (distance)
      B.Com/ BCA. What would you suggest out of these two. Please help.

    4. Hello sir,

      I m sorry if you haven't understood my question. I want to know if EIILM can offer BCOM / BCA in distance mode
      as per DEC website. Their duration of recognitation period is over. What do you suggest shall i do the course or not.

    5. Do not do from there
      Do it from other available option like IGNOU, JMI, University of Madras, Annamalai University, Andhra University etc

  45. Hii govind sir...
    im deepak from hyderabad,im a diploma holder(polytechnic) i want to do Btech confused between CMJ & Manav Bharthi University...i have got only these options...moreover after my btech i want to pursue my MBA from osmania university..plz guide me which among these university is a better choice for my future studies..ur comments will be valuable for my future...thank you

    1. Hi Deepak both are recognized and private university. For the sake of just a degree you can do it from there but knowledge definitely you are not going toget it from there. These universities exist only for selling degrees and making Money. Again, I am highlyconfident that soon somebody will file a PIL in supremecourt and these universities will be banned. Recently there was questioning in Loksabha where a minister informed that out of all private universities only 5 are competent and no doubt they are Azim Premji University, Shiv Nadar University, Amity University to name amongst them who are great and really imparting education.
      Also in corporate none of the university you have mentioned hold values. Government had stopped engineering degrees through distance mode however recently AICTE informed that it is bringing regulations and soon allowing distance learning BE B Tech. I think you should wait for sometime.


  46. Hi
    Is James lind institute genuine? Does it exist or it is also fake? I am about to pay my enrolment fees.

    Anyone with information please guide me.

    1. Hi Kirunda Ramadhan,

      No, this is not an approved institute. In India, there is hardly an institute offering Clinical Research course and industry normally takes a science, medicine and other specialised filed graduates to fulfil the requirement.

      Unfortunately, private institutes shows big dream and earn money on that and students never get placements. I was actively involved as an HR in a leading healthcare organisation to hire Clinical Research Coordinator and have seen the worst face of such institute. Students after paying fee ranging from 80000 to 5 lakhs were without job and the quality of the education they imparted was so poor that out of 20-25 candidates hardly 2 were useful.

      I checked about this institute. James Lind is a private institute and does not have affiliation with any UGC approved university or such government body. They have accreditation with ISO certifying agency which just validate the process and by paying money, even a Kirana store can get such certification.

      Even a good private institute's degree can be pursued if they have industry recognition and acceptance. Before posting reply to your query, I had a chat with them. They replied that they cannot give job guarantee as students may have poor communication, may not be able to clear interview (and I believe people pay money to overcome these weakness only otherwise why one should pay money to pursue a course). They told that their certification are widely accepted and I asked them whether any company has signed any MoU or agreement saying they are preferring students from James Lind- they informed that no.
      So now its upto you to take the decision.

      The transcript of that chat I am pasting here without any prejudice

      Please wait for a JLI counsellor to respond...
      If you do not want to wait, please click here to leave us a message.
      JLI Counsellor JLI Counsellor - 1 has joined the chat.

      JLI Counsellor - 112:09:00
      Dear Govind R Sharma, Welcome to JLI! How may I help you?

      Govind R Sharma12:09:40
      Hi Want to know some details

      JLI Counsellor - 112:09:50
      Sure, go ahead!

      Govind R Sharma12:11:18
      Are all the programmes (Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma and advance Pg Diploma) are from a UGC recognized university?

      JLI Counsellor - 112:12:24
      All programs are conducted and awarded by James Lind Institute itself. All courses offered by us are professional development, value addition courses that will help you advance in your career. We are a part of the clinical research industry itself. JLI is educational division of Clinexa Life Sciences which is a contract research organization and our programs are highly valued by the clinical research enterprise. All our programs are globally recognized and fully accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO0, Houston, USA. JLI is also certified by the International Standards Certifications Pty Ltd. as per ISO 9001:2008 standards for providing Training & Education Programs in Health Sciences.

    2. Govind R Sharma12:13:02

      So do you offer 100% placement guarantee to students?

      JLI Counsellor - 112:14:09
      See we avoid using the term 'guarantee' because sometimes we get students who do not have good communication skills and also some who do not give in their 100% during the course. In such cases it is difficult for us to find placement for such people. Again it also depends on how you will perform in the interview. We can take you to the interview bench but then it’s up to you. You will get 100% support from us to get a job however we cannot guarantee you a job. Getting a job depends on various factors and our Student Success Team will closely work with you to take you to the interview bench.

      May I know your qualification and which program you are interested in?

      Govind R Sharma12:15:32
      OK, if you do not mind can you please tell me which are the other CRO, Pharma and healthcare organisation with whom you have the tie up who prefer to recruit students from your institute.

      JLI Counsellor - 112:16:14
      Our online students are placed and working in leading companies like Novartis, Cognizant, TCS, Accenture, Quintiles, ICON, Siro Clinpharm, Max Neeman, etc

      What is your qualification?

      Govind R Sharma12:17:39

      Thanks, but do you specifically have MoU or an agreement where these organisation has mentioned that they are preferring student from JLI?

      JLI Counsellor - 112:19:21
      No there is no such document available as they are free to hire any person from any institute, however informally they do prefer our students and we are informed when they have any vacancies.

      Govind R Sharma12:20:01
      Thanks a lot
      Give me sometime to think

  47. Hi Govind sir,

    Is Jaipur National University - Distance Education allowed to provide degree courses in mumbai ?? And what is the value in corporate for degree of JNU DU .( Value as in do they hire the persons has a degree from JNU DU )

    1. Hi Dhanesh,
      Jaipur National University is a private university and it is not allowed to offer any courses outside its campus in Jaipur.

      Its full time as well as distance learning programme does not have any favourable response in the corporate wold. As per recent reply in Parliament minister has replied that only five universities out of hundreds are worth and complying to all condition.
      There are many universities in Mumbai including university of Mumbai offers distance learning programme. You may choose that

  48. Sir ,

    Please refer the below link.. how they are allowed to display such content on their website , And please tell me what are the names of those five University's . It will helo students like me ..

    1. Hi Dhanesh,

      Officially I do not know however following are the only private universities with intention to provide quality education and follow the parameters in India
      1. Azim Premji University
      2. Shiv Nadar University
      3. Appejay Satya University
      4. BITS, Pilani
      5. Nirma University

      Others, who are also have gain prestige are
      1. VIT University
      2. SRM University
      3. O.P. Jindal Global University
      4. Symbiosis International University
      5. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
      6. Tata Institute of Social Sciences
      (The list can go more)

      and please note that none of them offers programme in distance mode. Symbiosis, just to make lot of money use its brand word "symbiosis" and offer courses through a separate institute with synonymous name SCDL and these diplomas are not degrees and not from Symbiosis International University.

      and one more point (sorry for my earlier reply about Jaipur National University), DEC has recognized its programme (However, recently It is decided that soon only UGC will decide about recognition of the programme) and AICTE will separately frame guideline for MBA and other programmes.

      These all are just money game. Imagine, an institute which is just started, immediately starts offering distance learning programme when it does not have infrastructure to run its regular/ conventional programme,.

      Out of more than 150 private universities, UGC could inspect only 53 and out of that it found only 5 in order and further, the MP says that UGC has no right to shut down the private university. Isn't it a joke

    2. Sir

      I have Done my HSC from msbshse commerce , and now i want to go in BCA stream.And i am a IT professional.

      Hence i am checking these univ..

      Now since DEC has approved JNU DU.Can i go ahead with JNU DU ??? Can UGC create problem for degree validation ..

      And one one q please ..

      Is the Periyar university du allowed to provide degree courses in Mumbai..

    3. Hi Dhanesh

      Periyar is a state University so it is allowed to offer programme anywhere in India

      Jaipur National University is a private University (although recognized) and usually private universities are not allowed to offer programme outside its jurisdiction i.e. the city where they exist, more it does not hold value in corporate.

      Why don't you do B.Sc. (IT), B.Sc. (Computer Science) in distance mode from University of Mumbai? Mumbai University offer these programme in distance mode with weekend classes ie.e. on Saturday and Sunday and in the corporate it holds better value compared to Periyar and Jaipur National University.

      The other options are:
      University of Madras (Ranks top 10 in India) offers distance programme and has exam centre in Mumbai also

      Still if you want to go with Jaipur National University, your choice- getting degree from there may be easier but it may not be easier to get job in corporate world. Also, what if somebody files a PIL and then honourable supreme court stop all the business of education

    4. Sir,

      First of all many thanks to you .. you are helping student like me a lot ....This blog is providing such a valuable information to all .....

      Sir , as i have mention earlier . i have done my HSC from Commerce background . will Mumbai univ du allow me to do B.Sc. (IT), B.Sc. (Computer Science) in distance mode ??

    5. If you have studied mathematics in 10+2 level I.e. HSC then you are eligible. If not then do it from University of Madras or from IGNOU

  49. Hi sir thanks for ur valuable comments...but sir my aim is to do my mba from main concern is will i be eligible to pursue my pg ie mba from osmania after i complete my graduation from cmj or manav bharti univerty...plz help sir...thank you

    1. Osmania University offers distance BA/ B.Com so Kakatiya, Andhra and Dravidian University too, why do not do it from there?
      Doing a degree from a private University is always risky and it can mee tthe fate of Private Universities in Chhatisgarh.

      Recently, Suresh Palam (MP) in Rajya Sabha replied that out of 53 private univesities inspected so far only 5 follow the standard and norms. Rest upto you what you want to choose

  50. Dear Sir,
    I am from kerala ,

    some of institute in Kerala still they giving admission for chhathisgrah university and offering full valuable HRD attastable Degree .When I Check the university website it also saying same, is it true sir?

    otherwise why the gov didnt take action against them..

    waiting for ur valuable reply .
    Thanks Regards

    1. Check which universities they are. If they are univeristies listed in Supreme court order as mentioned above, then people are trying to fool you.

      Further since 1996, UGC has banned one sitting degree. One sitting degree is neither valid for higher education nor for any public sector job then question of attestation from HRD does not arise.

      In Kerala, various universities like Mahatma Gandhi, University of Kerala offer distance learning programme. Better you pursue it from there.

  51. Yes..Govind, it is the same URL
    Why I asked you is, they have regular MBA with HR and IT combination...hope this is good to pursue andhas corporate value..please advise...I need to take up an entrance for the same

    1. Degree is approved but this institute has no market value.
      Instead, for a full time MBA, always prefer top 35 institute in B ranking, others will netiher provide quality education nor good placement.

  52. Hi Govind

    I would like to know whether Exe.MBA(IT) from Karnataka State Open University is Valid to apply for Govt., Public Sector, State Service Commission Jobs and also equally recognized by all Corporate Companies ? Your valuable input is needed.


    1. Yes, it is valid but not equally acceptable in corporate

      for corporate acceptable things, you should opt for Executive PG Programme (Full time, 1 year- not online) from IIMs, XLRI, ISB etc.

      Or else you can opt executive MBA programme (Evening/ weekend) from FMS, New Delhi, JNTU, Hyderabad, NMIMS, Mumbai etc.

  53. Hi Govind,

    I need your assistance on MBA through

    I investigated and found that the institute is Govt accredited and even UGC certified. Students those who completed MBA from this institute even got promotions and jobs in companies. I'm quite surprised to see same university as a FAKE in your column. I am also planing for MBA from Mumbai but need your apt advise before enrolling. I am planning to change my job and that needs MBA, would appreciate if you help me swiftly.

    Kind Regards,

    Rohit Khanna

    1. Hi Rohit,

      I re-verified. This is a fake institute. Search on AICTE website, you will not find its name

      Again, it is not a college, it is a shop.
      I checked their link

      Nowhere it tells about its recognition and approval.

      Please do not waste your time and money

      you may pursue Executive MBA from NMIMS or distance learning from Pondicherry University, University of Madras
      all have exam centres in Mumbai
      You will save almost 75% of your money compared to fake degrees from this institute and also your valuable time and energy

    2. Thanks Govind,

      I so surprised that why govt. is not taking strict action towards such institutes, its so complicated to distinguish between right/wrong. I am from Delhi so can you advise good distance education institutes here in Delhi. What about Can I go with it or this also falls under FAKE category?

      Appreciate your advise here.



    3. Thanks
      If government would have been so caring, I would have never needed to take pain to write this blog and to reply people. These all are money making game.

      Yes you are write, this is also a fake institute.

      Why do not you opt Executive MBA programme of FMS, Delhi?

      FMS is one of the top management institute and its weekend/ part time MBA is made for working executives.

      You may also opt for distance learning programme of Pondicherry University and University of Madras. Both have exam centre in Delhi
      visit and

  54. Dear sir.
    Iam a Unani Medical Post Graduate i.e.,BUMS,MD, from Govt. Nizamia Tibbi College, Hyderabad, A.P. and also B.Sc (Botany, Zoology, English Literature) from Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, A.P. Iam now practicing medicine in my private clinic. I want to pursue Ph.D (Unani/herbal/alternative medicne or somthing related to it)so as to gain a decent job in research field in India/Abroad. As far as I know there is not even a single university in India or Abroad with Ph.D course in these specialities and with MY qualifications as eligibility criteria. Now, I read about distance Ph.D programme at India Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM), Kolkatta. Is it true that it is rcognized by UGC and is it's degrees accepted worldwide? If yes, plz guide me from admission process till the end so that no one can cheat me. If not, plz inform me about any other institute for the same. hope you got my point. my contact 09550279717. plz give me your contact number too. tx a lot.

    1. Dear Dr. Najeeb,

      Alternative Medicine is one of the best to heal and it is much better than allopathy system of medicine.
      Good thing is that you have deep interest in this. Unfortunately, in our country it is ignored and many fake institute has grown up.
      IBAM is one of such institute. Can any institute in medicine offer degree even to a SSC failed within a years thats too by writing exam from home?
      I hope above question have answered its validity. In UGC's website it is in fake institute's list.

      As of now, following institute offers Ph.D in Unani pathy
      • Unani Tibbia College
      • Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

      Jamia Humdard offers it for in service candidate too but only 1 seat
      Integrated MSc.-Ph.D in Clinical Research- Moalijat (Unani)
      Duration : Four years
      Total Seats : 10 (inclusive 3 seats for MD candidates in relevant discipline. One additional seat
      for in-service candidate) (inclusive of seats reserved for NRI/Sponsored
      Additional Seats for Foreign Nationals.
      Candidates seeking admission to this Programme should have a
      · BUMS degree with at least 60% marks in aggregate.
      · For Lateral entry of MD (Unani) candidates in relevant disciplines, the minimum pass
      percentage will be 60%. (The lateral entry admission for this course will be introduced
      after two years)
      · Appeared in the Entrance Test conducted by Jamia Hamdard

      If you are purely interested in research, please contact central council for Research in Unani medicine, its Hyderabad office
      Central Research Institute of
      Unani Medicine
      Opp. E.S.I., Hospital
      A.G. Colony Road,
      Hyderabad – 500 838 (A.P.)
      Phone : 040-26593284
      Fax : 040-23811495

  55. Govind Sir,

    Please tell me is EIILM university from sikkim is DEC approved or not. As only three courses are approved by dec that too for a particular period. see link
    If I do Bsc or BBM in distance mode doe it has any corporate value or not? For Govt jobs is it valid or not?

    1. EILLM is a deemed university and as you rightly said, its all programme is not approved by DEC.

      This institute does not have corporate value and it is amongst the universities/ institutes founded for the purpose of making money.

      You have various alternate option like University of Madras, Annamalai University, JMI and many others.

  56. I want to know the validity of KSOU[karnataka state open university B Tech civil

    1. Hi
      KSOU or any other universities are not allowed to offer any engineering degree and Diploma in distance mode. KSOU is approved by DEC, it is a state government university but it cannot offer the B.Tech programme. DEC has served a show cause notice to it hence do not pursue

  57. Dear Sir,

    I wanted to know if the Ph.D obtained via part-time external mode from Karunya University, in Electronics & Communication Engineering department is considered as a valid Ph.D by UGC and AICTE ?

    Will this Ph.D be considered as valid degree to teach in any Engineering College in India/Abroad ?

    Also will I be able to apply for post-doctorate at ant NIT/IIT/IISC after my Ph.D in Karunya University.

    Karunya University:
    Karunya Research:
    Karunya Ph.D. Regulations:

    Extremely grateful if you could guide me in this regard.

    Supreeth Shetty

    1. Hi Supreeth,

      The Karunya University is a deemed university hence allowed to offer programmes including Ph.D. However, there is always controversy looming around deemed university. One time UGC says they are not allowed to offer any programme outside their campus including off campus, external and distance learning and another time, they allow them to do this.
      This is really bad.

      As of now, Yes, on the basis of Ph.D obtained from them, you may apply for job as well as post doctoral.

      Personally and professionally I do not recommend this institute. Research quality in our country is very poor and in most of the private and deemed university it is poorest.

      IITs as well as IISC offers external Ph.D for working professional. I suggest you to pursue it from there. Even IGNOU and various other universities offer external Ph.D, prefer them.

  58. Thank you very much Sir.

    I am really grateful to you, since it was very hard to find appropriate information about the above.

    Could please give me more information about this "IITs as well as IISC offers external Ph.D for working professional."

    Since I thought IIT & IISC offer only full-time on campus Ph.D program.

    Supreeth Shetty

    1. Hi Supreeth,

      you are always welcome

      following link may help

      you may search for other IITs too

  59. Hi,

    Done my H.S.C from Delhi board ( & now i want to pursue higher education from EIILM univerisity for B.Com. Does EIILM univerisity offer Distance education & will distance education be valid for even further more studies like (M.Com). kindly help

    1. Hi Bhavesh,

      Sorry to say, this is a fake board. In Delhi, only following are recognized board
      NIOS (For open and distance learning)

      EIILM is a deemed university and approved however it may not accept qualification from this institute

      You may refer following link too

      You can also read my blogpost on board (secondary as well as senior secondary education) on following

    2. What does deemed university means? If any university is been delisted from DEC (DISTANCE EDUCATION COUCIL) then students who have passed from those universities are their degrees invalid.

    3. Deemed University means a private college which has enough infrastructure to turn like as a University but not as a full fledged university. They can offer limited number of courses, they cannot affiliate any colleges, they cannot start off campuses
      Government Deemed universities are NITs, IITs, IIMs etc private reputed deemed universities are TISS, TIFR, Nirma University and so on

      Money making deemed universities are almost 99% of deemed universities in India who with the nexus of government get the approval by bribing and sell the degrees at much higher price like MBBS at 36-50 Lakhs and so on.

    4. If such deemed university is delisted from DEC, they remain no longer valid for government job and other such purposes. However, the degrees obtained during the approval period remains valid. But suppose if somebody file a legal case and those universities termed as illegal by the court, then in that case the degree remain no valid for any purpose.
      Examples are Rai University and such 100 private universities established in Chhatisgarh

  60. I tried finding Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education in the list. however not able to see them.
    I have spoken to univerisity for my graduation. Mahatma Gandhi university.( from meghalaya. They will give me admission & allow me to answer. They suggest me to do BPP & then answer. What your suggestions.

    1. Hi Bhavesh,

      The board is fake. You may find it in the name of Delhi Higer...

      About your graduation through Mahatma Gandhi University, their reply itself clarify that the HSC you have done stands invalid
      They are offering the programme on the basis of BPP (Bachelor of Preparatory Programme). This is a course for those who do not have any formal qualification (not even SSC) but have completed 18 years of age and knows how to read and write. After completing BPP you can enroll for BA, B.Com, BTS etc.

      In this case, I suggest you to do BPP from IGNOU or YCMOU and then pursue graduation

  61. BSS & MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY Meghalaya COURSES IS FAKE ???, they gives -ASSOCIATE DEGREE COURSE & PG in Ayurveda, siddha, Unani, Homeopath..... ( & ,

    Some one gives this courses DISTANCE LEARNING mod... [{(}] is it UGC,& Approved???

    1. Thanks Mahesh

      This is the problem. In our country, every criminal and law breaker knows how to twist law and earn benefit.
      After honourable Supreme Court's crackdown on the commercial shops at private universities in Chhatisgarh (where Chhatisgarh Government passed a single Act under the name Chhatisgarh private universities private university Act 2004, they allowed people to pay money and start shop of education in the name of university even in a 500 Sq feet shop), they bribed other state government and get passed new Act for every single private university like Assam Down Town university Act and the same university and this Mahatma Gandhi
      and DEC, as notorious for taking bribe, bending rule and giving approval to any university, non university has harmed education most.

      First of all, DEC has not approved any alternative medicine course of this university.

      DEC has given approval of MG University, Meghalaya only for following courses:
      IT & Management
      ● Diploma in Business Administration
      ● Bachelor of Business Administration
      ● PG Diploma in Business Management
      ● MBA
      ● Diploma in Computer Application
      ● Bachelor in Computer Application
      ● PG Diploma in Computer Application
      ● MCA
      ● B.Sc. in Information Technology
      ● M.Sc. in Information Technology
      Traditional Programmes
      ● B.A.
      ● M.A.
      ● B. Com.
      ● M. Com.
      ● B.Sc. (General)

      Hotel Management Programmes
      ● Diploma in Hotel Management
      ● Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management
      ● Master of Arts in Hotel Management
      Mass Communication, Advertising &
      Journalism Programmes
      ● Diploma in Mass Communication,
      Advertisement & Journalism
      ● B. A. in Mass Communication, Advertisement
      & Journalism
      ● M. A. in Mass Communication,
      Advertisement & Journalism
      VFX, Animation & Multimedia Programmes
      ● Diploma in VFX & Animation
      ● B. A. in VFX & Animation
      ● M. A. in VFX & Animation
      Airline, Tourism and Hospitality Management
      ● Diploma in Airline, Tourism & Hospitality
      ● B. A. in Airline, Tourism & Hospitality
      ● Diploma in Hardware & Networking
      ● B. Sc. in Hardware & Networking
      ● Certificate Course in English
      Paramedical Programmes
      ● B. Sc. in Bio-Technology
      ● P G Diploma in Bio-Technology
      ● M. Sc. in Bio-Technology
      ● MBA in Hospital Administration
      ● Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
      ● B. Sc. in Medical Lab Technology
      ● M. Sc. in Medical Lab Technology

      If you see, there is no approval for any alternative medicine and in fact medicine cannot be offered in distance mode too. This university has taken approval for other courses and selling every other courses

      Further, private universities are not allowed to franchise any study centre and to do commercialisation of education still they are offering it.

      Rest upto you what you want to choose.

    2. Hi Bhavesh,

      Good evening,

      I would like to know about CMJ university. CMJ is offering PhD external by a program called industry collaborative education..(

      There are 2 seperate websites for CMJ..plz go through each

      Here is the list of courses offered by CMJ
      They even uploaded the RTI letter regarding the validity of the University(

      1) I wanted to know is the Ph.D obtained via part-time external mode/ Full time from CMJ University, in Computer Science Engineering department is considered as a valid Ph.D by UGC and AICTE ?
      2) Can we trust this University?
      3) Is there any means we can get the proof by which we can certainly assure the said university is fake or real?
      4) Suppose a university is approved by UGC and an Engineering college or a university refuses to recognize this degree then what we need to do?

      Thanks for your help

    3. Hi Supreet,

      The posting is addressed to me or to bhavesh?
      CMJ is a private university and as I am monitoring its activity, it seems this university is established with nexus and bribe to the Government with pure intention to make fast money.
      Since this University is established with the state Government Act, de-facto it gets UGC approval and the worst thing is that UGC does not have right to cancel recogntion of such university.

      If you see, recently government had informed that out of 150+ private universities, UGC has inspected around 53 and found that only 5 are worth (This is UGC's parameter if we see corporate then result will be lesser)

      Anytime, as I am repeatedly saying, these private universities can face de-recognition.
      To answer your questions
      1) I wanted to know is the Ph.D obtained via part-time external mode/ Full time from CMJ University, in Computer Science Engineering department is considered as a valid Ph.D by UGC and AICTE ?
      Valid as it is approved by UGC as a private university, AICTE does not validate Ph.D
      2) Can we trust this University?
      No, never trust, if you just want to get degree by any mean, go and get it
      3) Is there any means we can get the proof by which we can certainly assure the said university is fake or real?
      The university is not fake, real visit
      4) Suppose a university is approved by UGC and an Engineering college or a university refuses to recognize this degree then what we need to do?
      Ig any such college or university refuse to accept qualification of a UGC approved university, please file a written complaint to UGC and association of Indian Universities
      Also, file an RTI (Right to Information) application to that university/ college asking reason for rejection.

  62. Is Apollo's Medvarsity a gud university
    they offer distance learning course.
    are these distance learning course valuable or just fake?

  63. Hi
    Aollo medvaristy is not a university and they never claimed to be a university. They offer paramedical courses so being of fake or not like question does not arise. Their qualifications are not valid for higher education and public sector job. You can do course after checking acceptance of their qualifications and checking their placement record

  64. dear sir i am from kerala
    i would like to ask you regarding Chhattisgarh University, A State University established under the act of state of Chhattisgarh, Raipur i passed the degree on 2004 the certificate value for all purpose
    i do hope your good reply

    1. By order of Supreme court, all those universities hav been declared illegal so all the degrees from there

  65. dear Sir
    i have just completed my graduation in b.a (hons) english from CMJ university, shillong. I hope its not a fake or not recognized university. please guide me.

    1. Do not worry. This is not fake university. It is a private university and as of now approved from UGC

  66. hello....
    sir ,
    this is soumya das bairagya .
    which college/institution is best for correspondence alternative medicine courses..
    PLZ help me.......
    thank u

    1. Hi Saumya,
      Only following are approved alternative medicine courses in India and to pursue this the minimum criteria is same for MBBS and there is no relaxation.
      BHMS - Homeopathy
      BUMS- Unani
      BNYS- Naturopathy and Yogic Science
      BAMS- Ayurvedic
      BSMS- Siddha

      All are 4 1/2 years course + 1 year internship = 5 1/2 years

      Eligibility: HSC (10+2) with physics , chemistry and Biology with minimum 50% and pass in entrance exam.

      All these programmes are not allowed to offer in Distance mode and has to be pursued on full time on campus mode only. If anybody claims any relaxation and course b other name and distance mode, beware. Check that it must be approved from respective council like central council of homeopath and central council for Indian medicine. All of them are under ministry of health and family welfare, department of AYUSH (Ayurvedic, Yunani, Yoga and Naturopathy, Siddha and Homeopathy)

      However you can do courses like Bachelor of Naturopathy from Institute of Distance Education , University of Madras. It has exam centre all over India. It is among top 5 university in India and one the oldest university.

      You can also pursue Diploma in Yoga from various universities in distance mode like
      1. University of Madras, Institute of Distance education
      2. Annamalai University, Directorate of Distance education
      3. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. Pun, Distance education department
      4. YCMOU

      Except Naturopathy and Yoga none other courses of alternative medicine offered in distance mode.

      Do not fall pray of any private and deemed universit making false promises of offering distance learning off campus, integrated and such other name alternative medicine course. They will neither provide quality education nor a valid degree.

  67. Sir, i want to do MBA from CMJ University. After completion of degree will am i eligible for government jobs?

    1. As of now yes, since it is an approved private university.
      however it is always risky to do courses from.a university when its whole operation is under question. Many agents of this university are in the market offering degree in one attempt by showing they have enrolled three years back, this institute is offering distance learning MBA under the name industry integrated course. From its every such activities it seems that it wants to make money by selling these degrees by using any means. Rest up to you.

      Still you can prefer state and central universities like IGNOU, part time MBA from FMS, Kurukshetra. KSOU, University of Madras, Annamalai University and so on. It will be much better in terms of cost, quality and validity.

  68. Hi Govind,

    I'm glad that i bumped into your blog and realized alot of facts. I have few questions:
    You mentioned about degrees from fake/unrecognized/private universities holds no value in the corporate world. Me too belong to corporate world and has close to a decade experience & working for a MNC.
    1) Organizations don't bother much with the academics and universities when the candidate who has applied for job comes with a rich working experience
    2) Back ground verification of the companies for such wannabe employees focus more on previous work experience than educational/academic verification
    3) Organizations do rely and follow what is universally accepted when it comes to information on validity of qualification that employees hold & submit during the employment (This is by & large relying on Companies who provide back ground verification & information available on
    In the above link, UGC has listed 145 private universities which are competent to offer degrees but there are few names reflecting on your list above which contradicts information.

    I truly acknowledge your effort in putting the hard facts out, but at the same time the reality and acceptance of the world is something else.

    1. Hi Pranav,


      In my experience as an HR including in terms of recruitment and do not intend to press for my comments only as are valid- however now many companies have realised after the experience and they are strictly following now.
      Further, now companies have their own guideline about accepting institutes. Now, we often see that recruiter is asking " MBA only from Tier 1 and Tier 2 institutes"
      I see nothing wrong in that.

      As a recruiter, suppose if somebody comes with degree from Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad - Definitely I will not accept under any circumstances.

      Further, it is also correct that it is not necessary that students from top institute only are true performers, certainly not. I have never kept such parameter in my entire career. From the pool of the candidates, I never kept criteria like I will hire only from IITs or IIMs or only Mumbai University or only from JNTU or Delhi

      I have always given priority to overall assessment. However, quality of the institute also matters and reflects in such candidates.

      Here, what is most worrying thing for me is education degrees are being sold like anything, no education, no knowledge and only selling of the the degrees.

      Students, without knowing this, get admission (IIPM- one example of such big advertisement and claims and in reality, nobody hires on the name of institute, however one get job on his/her own performance in interview and nobody gets "dreamed" salary.

      Let me answer each of these
      1) Organizations don't bother much with the academics and universities when the candidate who has applied for job comes with a rich working experience
      Already replied above, I hope I am able to clarify it
      2) Back ground verification of the companies for such wannabe employees focus more on previous work experience than educational/academic verification
      Now background from educational institutes, its credibility also happens.
      I have come across various such issues, frauds. Further, in abroad, normally when you apply for Job, your certificate needs to be attested by Ministry of HRD, Government of India.
      Admission requirement for masters in reputed institutes are at least A grade status from NAAC.
      Students are not aware of this and they suffer a lot.

      3) Organizations do rely and follow what is universally accepted when it comes to information on validity of qualification that employees hold & submit during the employment (This is by & large relying on Companies who provide back ground verification & information available on
      In the above link, UGC has listed 145 private universities which are competent to offer degrees but there are few names reflecting on your list above which contradicts information.

      Fully agree, and as I told UGC is useless but not we.

      About the university (private- 145) in the list- here is the whole issue.
      You may refer to Professor Yashpal and Government of Chhatisgarh Case in the Chhatisgarh Private University Act 2004 where, by accepting huge bribe, government passed a single Act and allowed university to be opened. The condition was so bad that by just paying few lakhs and few hundred square feet shop, you could start a university. What was more amazing that they immediately started distance learning programme, campuses (Rai University was prompt to open hundred of such "colleges")
      Then supreme court ruling came, all degreed declared illegal and students suffered.

      Now, they have did another modus operandi. (State government and institutes, state legislatures) they passed separate Act for each university and UGC does not have provision for control this.

      This is the reason that people can see those university back in UGC's "approved" private universities.

      Everyday I get lot of queries how CMJ University is offering degree in one sitting by showing taken admission back and believe, there are many.

    2. and thanks a lot for your appreciation :)

    3. I agree here with Pranav Nath, I have seen lot of employees having 6 Months MBA degree/certificate and then they are rolling on VP and EVP chairs. Our Indian system is very weak and have weak points everywhere.

      Education these days is just a prerequisite, people or other organization doesn't run behind authenticating its weight-age in market. If one is having good exp. And have credibility to bring business or drive business, then he/she is the decisive choice for any Big or Small Org.
      Of course, I don't want to be a part of critics here by flouting quality of Education/Institution, but in today's world people run behind money and fame rest all is secondary.

      I have seen students in mechanical are doing crash IT certification after their education and later doing job in Software/Hardware. So people are not clear what exactly they want to do, I have seen this in majority of cases with students.

      One should focus on his/her key area of interest and later keep growing.

      Fraud/Fake/Fools are common word in India and nonentity is bothered to check information in detail.

      My above statement is just an eye opener for others and I’m a degree holder from reputed university and have 6 months MBA degree and working with Global Org. with 2 Lacs employees across the Globe.

      Life is Short so why take rigidities!!

  69. what if i enrolled in centre for collaboration of industry and institutions programme of cmj which got award from aicte? can i go for govt. jobs?

    1. This is like a distance learning programme and DEC has not approved CMJ to offer distance learning programme. If they give you a full time degree it stands valid and if it is a distance learning, it is not valid.
      It seems you are more bothered about getting degree easily than focusing on what knowledge you are getting.

      Its up to you to enroll yourself there or not

    2. no sir its nt like dat....more important its about validation of degree...n of course money. hope u dnt take me wrong

  70. Hi Sir,
    Is Assam Down Town university is a good one to pursue M.B.A degree ?
    I need ur help sir. Plz guide me in this .

    If you can , plz mail a answer to my email ID

    1. No, although it is an approved private university definitely not good in terms of quality. However just for a namesake degree you can do it

    2. Which university you would suggest me to join MBA .???

    3. Hi,
      The cost effective and quality wise Pondicherry University is good, the have compulsory lectured on Saturdays Sundays with exam centre all over India, graded A by NAAC, It is a central University under Ministry of HRD, Government of India
      other institutes are
      FMS Delhi (Weekend MBA)
      JNTU- Evening MBA
      JBIMS, Mumbai- evening management programme but duration is 3 years
      University of Madras, Institute of Distance Education

  71. Sir plz tell me about executive MBA? from where i can do this? Is this MBA is valid for govt. jobs

    1. If it is approved from DEC and from a UGC approved university, it is valid.
      For a good content and worth Executive MBA- you should do it from NMIMS (please note, executive MBA, not PGDBAs), also if you are in Delhi, you can do part time MBA from FMS (Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi)
      If you are looking purely distance learning executive MBA which is more focussed on just degree not wholly on quality and which should be approved also, you may do it from various instituted including Sikkim Manipal (it had been in controversy over quality and paying bribe to ex IGNOU VC Rajshekharan Pillai and DEC), ICFAI (costly and do not trust quality)
      Karnataka State Open University

  72. sir, in hyderabad (hyderabad educational research centre,,(all india institute of technology, offering degrees in kukatpally..these certificates are valid...may i approach, please suggest me...

  73. sir, in hyderabad (hyderabad educational research centre,,(all india institute of technology, offering degrees in kukatpally..these certificates are valid...may i approach, please suggest me...

  74. It seems to be a fake institute. It says syllabus are at par with, nowhere it mentions from which university they are providing it.
    Please avoid such institutes

  75. hello sir,
    i am a final year b tech student. after btech i am planning to go for mba or pgd course. i got placed in LIC also.
    so now i am planning to do distance pgd. i have one option of MITSDE, so pls tell me. is dis a rty choice fr me or not.

    1. No,

      MITSDE does not offer MBA

      Always prefer an institute which comes with compulsory lectures
      Executive MBA from NMIMS
      Pondicherry University Distance MBA or twinning programme
      FMS part time MBA

      These are the better options

  76. Hello Govind Sharmaji,
    Your comments are really amazing! I had completed B.Sc. Zoology (Hon) and I want to know a DEC recognized Distance leaning University which offer M.Sc. (either Zoology, Molecular Biology or in Genetics). I have some doubt regarding Distance learning course in M.Sc. Genetics provided by Chhattisgarh Univeristy. The contact nos. provided by the university are either defunct or non responsive plus e-mails are also non functional. Can you please guide me to a proper reputed distance learning University. Mine is not for any job oriented and is for personal experience only since i work for a Science institution. Thanks.
    With regard,
    Mathura Dist. UP

    1. Hi Sukadeva,
      You can check with following universities
      1. Annamalai University, Directorate of Distance Education
      You may also visit for list of institute and approved courses

    2. Namaskar Govindji,
      Thanks for your valuable advice. Please keep up. May Lord Bless you for your seva.
      I found 8 Universities approved by DEC
      warm regard,

  77. Is there any university providing M.Tech or M.E in distance education ??? is any university approved to provide in distance education mode ?? Are all the universities providing this type of course fake ??? please advice...


    I would like to join distance learning MBA program in National Institute of Business Management. Is it recognized, any value addition to my career?

    Please suggest.


    1. You can go for only following course
      2 years MBA from Bharthiar University, rest are fake
      If you directly approach Bharthiar University, you will save lot of cost too
      NIBM used to and still offer fake mBA and for safer side, now they have started offering Bharthiar University distance learning MBA course

  79. Hello sir,i have some queries..
    I took admission in in B.E from Pune University but didn't completed it due to some reason,now i am working in an company.i have heard of CMJ University CCII program.
    my questions are,
    1.Is this CMJ CCII recognized as regular,as cmj website claims.
    2.I will do MBA from any reputed Inst. after completing my Btech,so will the graduation degree be counted when i go for any interview after MBA.
    3.How is CMJ university Reputation in Corporate world.
    4.I am very good technical knowledge as i am from IT background and have CCNA @ RHCE certifications..would they consider my Knowledge first or my degree university.

    1. Hi
      The degree of CMJ will be acceptable for higher education subject to future condition that somebody does not file a case. It is a white collar crime in education sector.
      Definitely your knowledge is more important than degree deciding your job in future however name and quality of the institute also matters.
      Recently AICTE announced that it may allow yo offer engineering degrees through distance mode. I suggest you to wait for few more months. You will get much better institute in terms of quality and brand

  80. Dear Govind Sharma
    Please advise the fate of those students who had got their MD(AM) through Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata by spending 5 years in the course as 2 years for Diploma, 2 years for Degree and 1 year for PG. This person is a relative of mine. He is not practising nor giving any medicines. He is a Reiki Healer, and did MS (Psychotherapy) through Global Institute too,Kolkata.

    1. Hi
      It is clear that these Kolkata institutes are fake and even UGC has confirmed it. Your friend cannot practice any system of medicine from these degrees. As you have confirmed he is not practicing then no need to worry. Reiki is a traditional healing system and not regulated hence your friend can freely practice it. As fat ofmatter if Psychology concerns, if your friend is a graduate he can pursue M.Sc. psychology from institute of distance education University of Madras and simultaneously he can purusr 1 year PG diploma in naturopathy from there only. It will give him proper knowledge, degree fro a reputed university which is in top 5 position of India and peace if mind that nobody can question him in future

  81. Dear Govind Sharma

    Thank you very much for your reply. It is that he has completed his 10th and totally went to alternative medicine after that. No doubt he is employed presently in a BPO, presently they are looking for alliance and it is then the question arose because just day before yesterday accidentally while browsing the net we came across your blog. And immediately a lot of question arose as what would be the qualification of the boy to be told to the girl side. He is 34 presently. Though this qualification is not a hindrance in his job, yet for alliance purpose one has to say the education of the boy too. Is he authorised to put as Doctor though he will never in life time be practising medicine other than reiki. This is a question of life in society. We are at lurch and not able to advise them. Your guidance please.

  82. Hi,
    Is Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tamil nadu good for doing distance mode BCA.Is it possible to do parttime/weekend MBA after this.

    1. Hi,

      Compare its syllabus with other university and check how much practical hours training they are providing
      It is an approved institute hence degree remains valid

      Yes, you can do full time as well as part time and distance learning MBA from India and abroad after completing BCA from there

  83. IOSMS University is the regd under govt in india.

    what is best college for correspondence b.a.m.s(a.m) / b.a.m.s(n.d).....

    thank u

    1. It is a fake institute
      and there is no such course
      You can refer my earlier reply on your query
      Only following are approved alternative medicine courses in India and to pursue this the minimum criteria is same for MBBS and there is no relaxation.
      BHMS - Homeopathy
      BUMS- Unani
      BNYS- Naturopathy and Yogic Science
      BAMS- Ayurvedic
      BSMS- Siddha

      All are 4 1/2 years course + 1 year internship = 5 1/2 years

      Eligibility: HSC (10+2) with physics , chemistry and Biology with minimum 50% and pass in entrance exam.

      do not try to get a degree by shortcut if you are a knowledge seeker and you really want to do a faithful practice. Otherwise, you can buy any degree and practice

      The IOSMS website is misleading. It never says it has got recognition, it says it is appreciated.

      Only institutes mentioned in following links are approved

  84. Hi Subramanian,
    Well, your comments itself clarify how the institute is cheating. You can see, how a person with just an SSC can get a medical degree.
    About your question about alliance, see, you need to lie. Simply tell them that he has done alternative medicine course but as a career he has opted BPO. That will be more than enough. More than qualification, the girl and family should be bothered about quality of the groom.
    Further, your friend should opt for BPP (Bachelors Preparatory Programme)- it is meant for those who are above 18 they can appear for a 6 months course and can do degree
    This degree remains valid for higher studies in India and abroad and also for government job. Private sector may accept or decline on their own discretion.

    After that, he can do B.Sc. in Psychology
    One of such institute is Tamil Nadu Open University
    Bachelor of Science - Psychology
    (B.Sc. Psychology)


    10+2 or equivalent

    If non - 10+2 candidates BPP from any Open University or BPP of TNOU.


    Minimum 18 years for non-10 +2 Candidates

    3 years

    You can also tell the alliance people from other side that he is a Reiki healer too.

    It may help

  85. Kamal

    Gud evening sir . I want to know that cmj university is approved for dec education? And from cmj if i get this degree by distance education,i can get job out of country. Plz give your valuable advice

    1. No
      It is a money making education shop who is selling degree. It is a private university but UGC and DEC have not authorised it to offer distance learning programmes but it is offering under name industry collaboration and so on. Never do any course if you are a real learner and want good career. Abroad, it depends which company you are joining.Good company with strong HR Sept will definitely not prefer it and there are many small companies who simply will not care

  86. can you please help me know any good college/institute facility in india for alternative medicine, i heard of these:


    Please help, its urgent at the moment.


    1. Hi Gautam/ Gary
      Please read my reply given to somebody above about alternative medicine. It clarifies everything.
      The institutes you mentioned above are fake and they do nothing than taking money and issuing degree to you. Can you believe a medical education which can be completed in just 2 years instead of 5 1/2 years and a degree which a 10th pass can also get?
      Further, is it possible to get a degree from home even not appearing for exam?

      As of now only Naturopathy is available in distance mode (the reason is - naturopathy does not use any medicine to treat ailments and it relies completely on balancing the five essential elements I.e. air, water, earth ether fire for curing disease which is true also)

      Only institute of distance education university of Madras is a recognized and reputed institute offering this course under distance mode. It offers Bachelor of Naturopathy and PG diploma in naturopath. Exam centres are all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UAE Middle east etc.
      You have to complete 5 days compulsory training at university campus in Chennai.

      If you are below 30 years of age you should apply for Naturopathy Assistants Training course from National Institute of Naturopathy, Sept of AYUSH. Ministry of health and family welfare govt of India, Pune.
      Every year it admits 30 students free of cost and provides stipend. Doing degree from University of Madras and completing this training will provide you in depth knowledge about it too.
      If you do not wish to be a medical practitioner then you may do certificate in Ayurved course from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. Pune. It is a full time course.

  87. Hi Just wanted to check the authenticity of CV Raman University for perusing BCOM course through distance education.... Can you guide me if it would be valid step to go ahead.

    1. I never recommend this university. Betteryou pursue from other well reputed, universities like
      1. Institute of Distance and Open Learning, University of Mumbai.

      2. University of Pune, external programmes www.mkcl.was

      3. IGNOU

      4. Institute of Distance Education, University of Madras

      5. School of Open Learning, Delhi University

  88. Dear sir,
    I was complete my diploma in KSOU. now I interested to do higher study's in tamilnadu goverment RECOGNISHED university. Can you guide me sir.

    1. Hi
      You can do degree from Tamil Nadu Open University. Apart from that you can do degree from Institute of distance education, University of Madras.
      apart from that following institute also offers distance learning programmes:
      Annamalai University, Chidambaram
      Anna University
      Bharthidasan University
      Bharthiar University

  89. Hi Govind, I was fortunate enough to come across your blog, I am a hotel management grad with 12 years of exp in hotels, bpo and telecom. I am in the customer service dept of a reputed telecom company, I was planning to do MBA through distance learning, as I see that for futher career progression its necessary, I got a call from they are giving MBA degree recognized by Assam downtown university, AICTE & DEC approved. Second option is NIM they are giving it in six months. What do you suggest?

    1. Hi
      Assam down town is a private university established by private body with the state legislature passing an Act effect of that. Since state has passed the Act to "legalize" such commercial shop of education, UGC"foes not have the choice" other than declaring it recognized as a private university.
      Corporate do not accept such institute's qualification. If you get a job that will be purely on the basis of your merit and believe corporate will not look at this qualification.
      one should do MBA for the purpose if skill enhancement instead of looking it as just a degree. I do not recommend this institute.
      NIM is a fake institute and doing any degree from there is just wastage of money and time.
      I suggest you not to get trapped on such thing for a short cut degree.
      You should prefer an MBA programme with compulsory weekend classes and more focussed on case study based learning.
      You may look into executive MBA programme of NMS mumbai, twinning MBA of Pondicherry University, weekend MBA from FMS, Delhi and weekend Management programme IITs these all will really help you a lot.
      If you need completely distance learning MBA look for Anna University, university of Madras IGNOU etc.

  90. Dear Sir,

    You are tremendously helping everyone in regards to their educational choices. Thanks a ton.

    With 9 years of work experience, I was thinking of pursuing distance-MBA. In a dilemma as to which university should i choose. My options are SMUDE and Symbiosis. Kindly advice :)

    1. Hi
      If you are looking for a quality education, I never recommend Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education. Due to several reason:
      1. It was involved in controversy to pay bribe to DEC (Distance Education Council) which is a useless body now. IGNOU's ex VC V rajashekharan Pillai is under scanner for flouting norms and allowing these institutes to sell degrees under distance mode.
      2. This institute is offering franchisee of itd distance learning programmes with shop opened everywhere in India.
      3. It qualifies people by taking exam of objective type question (1 question- 4 optional answer, choose anyone and you will pass)

      So to add just an MBA with your name, you can go ahead with this institutes.

      Being a management professional, experience in human resources for years and also in education, I never recommend such type of institute.
      Management learning is more depend on learning real life scenario so based on case study. an MBA education must be depend on case study module where students have to solve real business scenarios supported by some extent of classroom training.

      About SCDL
      SCDL is another misleading institute. It is using brand name of Symbiosis (Which is really well reputed institute beyond any doubt) but SCDL is not offering any MBA or equivalent masters degree. These are just diploma
      Further, these diplomas are not from Symbiosis International University hence cannot be used as a qualification for further higher studies. It was surprising how DEC allowed them to offer programmes
      I wrote a mail to Ms. Swati Mazumdar, Director SCDL asking whether it has a degree equivalence, reason for not giving diplomas/ degree from Symbiosis International University- no response except saying "please refer website"

      I did a survey with 200+ corporate heads and found that more than 70% do not accept SCDL and SMUDDE qualification.

      I hope I am well able to clear the picture.
      For knowledge- you may pursue MBA from IGNOU- it is excellent (may not help in corporate job but does not matter to you as you already have experience) and it is much cheaper to SMUDDE and SCDL Diplomas.

      Pondicherry Distance Learning MBA is also a good option- both in term of cost and quality too. You may look into it as another option

  91. Dear Sir,

    Kindly let me know your thoughts on this raking link

    Do you consider the above link as valid ranking


    1. No.
      Beyond any doubt, following are amongst good provate universities mentioned there
      Nirma University
      NMIMS (NMIMS deemed University does not offer distance learning MBA, it is mere Diplomas, however its executive MBA is good which are conducted with weekend classes and worth to be done)
      Symbiosis International University (please note, Symbiosis International University does not offer distance learning programme. It offer through a separate body called SCDL and the degrees are not from Symbiosis International University)
      Thapar University

      Rest all other private universities mentioned there are mere eyewash and misleading.

      Remember, few years back zee, TV today and all had given IIPM among top 10 B school list but slowly IIPM got exposed and immediately, these news papers and media stopped publishing IIPM's name. Is not it a surprise? The same media withdrew it completely as soon as they were exposed.

  92. DEBASHIS DAS has left a new comment on your post "List of fake university/ Institutes offering vario...":

    Dear Sir,
    You are tremendously helping everyone in regards to their educational choices. Thanks a ton.

    I have done my 3Yrs full time diploma in "Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering" from "The George Telegraph Training Institute" (Kolkata). The institute does not hold any AICTE / UGC certificate. It is ISO :9001 certified. After completing my diploma I want to complete B.Tech in same trade. But due to some financial problem I want to continue my studies via distance education.
    After googling, I came to know about "NIIBMT". They provide distance education. They provide AICTE / UGC certified certificates. As per my information their address is---
    National Integrated Institute of Business Management and Technology
    E-18,1stFloor,South Extention Part-1
    (Behind Levi's Showroom & opp. Dayal Opticals)
    New Delhi-110049.

    Please, tell me it this institute is genuine or not. Waiting for your valuable response.

    Thanks & regards-

    Sorry, I deleted it by mistakely so posting here again. I hope Debashish will be able to see it and answer too

    1. Hi Debashish
      I went through the website of the said institute but I did not find any three years diploma course there.
      Can you please mention who is the certifying body for this Diploma so I may be able to help you.

      first of all, please not that AICTE has banned any engineering Diploma/ Degrees and Masters degree in engineering through distance learning. However, it is considering to allow distance learning engineering programme with a new guideline. Once it comes to the effective, you will be able to do it through distance learning.

      The said institute
      National Integrated Institute of Business Management and Technology
      E-18,1stFloor,South Extention Part-1
      (Behind Levi's Showroom & opp. Dayal Opticals)
      New Delhi-110049.

      Is a fake institute. In its website it does not give details of the affiliation, degrees from which university etc. When AICTE itself has not allowed to offer engineering degrees in distance mode, how can any institute offer it?

      As of now, in India, chartered engineering programmes like AMIE (Associate Memmbership of Institute of Engineers), AMIETE (Assocciate Membership in Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) and other Associate membership of IIA (Architecture), IME (Institute of Mechanical Engineers), IE (Industrial Engineers), AMICHE(Chemical Engineers) stands valid for government job and for higher institute in India as equivalent to a BE/ B.Tech. In corporate, it does not have that much acceptability due to lack of awareness. There are stringent and one of the best programme.

      As far as your career concern, you should either wait till next AICTE notification or you should go for AMIETE

      Details of AMIETE
      AMIETE Graduate Level examinations, a pass in which is recognized by the Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD & Union Public Service Commission for the purpose of recruitment to superior posts & services under the Central Govt. Several State Govts, Universities and Institutions in India and abroad have also recognised AMIETE.

      Three streams are available:

      Electronics & Telecom Engineering (ET)
      Computer Science & Engineering (CS)
      Information Technology ( IT )

      Details of all the subjects are given in the respective syllabi.

      A candidate desirous of taking up the Graduateship (AMIETE) Examination should have passed 10+2 examination with Physics & Maths conducted by a recognised Board of Education or possessing qualification of any 3 year Diploma course in Engineering / Technology covering subjects of Maths and Physics to 10+2 level and working experience in relevant field or studying for higher qualification with physics/electrical/electronics/computer field. Candidates applying for studentship for AMIETE examination shall not be less than 16/18 years of age for 10+2/Diploma holders respectively.

      This is widely recognized. Since AIU has recognized it as a degree programme, after completing it, you can do masters degree from any university in India.
      Please check the link below

    2. Dear Sir,
      I have done my diploma from THE GEORGE TELEGRAPH TRAINING INSTITUTE. This is one of the Oldest institute in Kolkata (1920).

      Sir, a lady from "National Integrated Institute of Business Management and Technology" informed me that after 3Yrs distance education they 'll provide me a "Regular Certificate". They also asked me for 5000 INR for registration purpose !!!! The lady told me that the total fee is 1 Lakh 35 thousand (1,35,000) including every thing..

  93. I am veer alam from Lucknow U.P.
    Respected sir,I am pursued course and taking admission in Rajiv ghandhi paramedical institution which is situated in uttam nagar New Delhi.
    sir i am confused that recognization of these institution is valid or worthless .
    kindly provide me some information about it.. thank you

    1. This is another fool making institute claiming it has affiliation/ authorised study centre of several universities. The Fact is that IGNOU never gives such study centre to any institute. DO not opt this institute

  94. please help me that i am doing my ( bsc in hospital administration ) can i go add r not

  95. Dear Sir...
    I have completed my diploma and planning to pursue from bundelkhand university,jhansi,uttar pradesh.
    plz tell me is bundelkhand university fake or not..?
    plz advice me because i am planning to do MS from USA so will it be good to do graduation from bundelkhand university..?
    if u have time then plz mail me on
    very very thanks for this post..

    1. Hi
      It is an approved state university
      You may go ahead
      reger UGC link

  96. sir i interested to do mba frm lovely professional university(LPU) ... is it recognised ???

    1. It is a recognized private university
      However DEC has recongized it degree for only 2012-13

      So wait

      If you are interested in doing distance MBA you may prefer following institutes
      Anna University (Preferred)
      University of Madras (Preferred)
      Pondicherry University (Preferred)
      Bharthiar University
      Bharathidasan University
      Madurai Kamraj University (Not recommended, it is a degree selling university, although a state government university)
      Andhra University
      Kakatiya University (Not recommended, not professional)
      Kurukshetra University

  97. Dear Sir,

    Sahyadri institute of technology has signed a MOU with IIIT, Allahabad. So the faculty of Sahydari get a very easy entry to IIIT, Allahabad. There is only a 15 mins interview and they get selected.

    Do you recommend to peruse Ph.D at IIIT, Allahabad ?

    Does it have a good value & is it considered among the top institutes in India ?

    Kindly let me know your thoughts asap.

    Supreeth Shetty

    1. Hi
      If somebody is getting selected for Ph.D in just 15 minutes interview, it is worst for the education.
      How can on explain proposal for research and the entire things in 15 minutes?
      Only faculty has got selected this means not that somebody pursuing Ph.D from Sahyadri gets degree from IIIT, is it?
      IIIT is well reputed institute in IT from Ministry of HRD, government of India. If you are getting admission to Ph.D in IIIT, you may opt it.


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