Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medical Council of India and the decision to single entrance exam for mBBS

First of all, the move is worth to be welcomes due to certain reason I personally think

Education in India is a profit guaranteed business and the institutes run by politicians like Bharti Vidyapeeth, D Y Patil many "deemed Universities" who do not have even a quality infrastructure of running a college is making money by this way.
They float their own "entrance exam" where below the table you may need to pay lakhs of Rs. to do MBBS. And the result, when this MBBS pass out will come from the college his her first focus should be on getting return on this investment of 6 years and 40 lakhs. So he will prescribe unnecessary medicines, he will (I am using he for both male and female) ask for surgery every time, he will charge excess fee and the healthcare is now out of reach of 60% of masses in our nation.

The single entrance exam may control this and the admission may happen in pure merit basis (I am using MAY because these politician and businessmen ( both institute owners and students will find a way from it) may found a way from it. The chances of getting more deserving student are higher in the medical colleges.

I am against of removing negative marking because in our country, the aptitude test or the medical or any other examination pattern for entrance into a course is faulty. If negative marking will be there, the students will not opt for wrong answers and will choose only the correct answer. In this case those student who are just guessing and opting for the answer may not get entry into the seat.

Further, just a single entrance exam is not a solution. Here, the students should be given the option to choose 20 institutes in their priority list. There should a single selection committee and not at all any colleges should be allowed to take admission. Even for the management and NRI quota, the single committee should only have rights to select the candidate.

I do not think any MBBS seat remains vacant in any institute. When people are ready pay 36 lakhs and above for the entire MBBS course and the seats are sold like a hot cake for lesser price (and the patient finally pay the price for their education).

Out of this topic: The only way to control corruption in the education is to make entire education free in the country with stronger control in quality and selection with the transparent process.

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