Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My letter to Dean- FMS, Delhi

Dear all,
Perhaps this may not be a right way to discuss the topic in this way in view of some professionals here, still I thought to make it part of discussion.
Well, today I read an advertisement from FMS requesting people to apply as a visiting or guest faculty for FMS. I always wish to share my real job experience with management students so with great interest I read the advertisement. Finally, I sent my resume with them and possibly with an "unacceptable" covering letter through mail to dean@fms.edu.
the transcript is as follows:
Dear Sir,

First of all kindly accept my sincere apology as few of the words I am going to mention here may hurt you or you may not feel appropriate but I feel I must express my view on certain things.
When I read your advertisement inviting visiting faculty with my great interest, few words disappointed me (In fact this will disappoint most of my learned HR fraternity). Here, you were focusing more on the words like "full time", "first class" etc.
Well, to be very frank, neither I nor my HR fraternity working in very reputed and higher position accept the view that a full time MBA and academic performance give guarantee that the person will be success in professional life. Finally, it is individual talent which proves your capability as a successful entrepreneur and business decision maker. If the industry will subscribe your this view, then we have to ask most of the successful entrepreneur to step down as most of them are not highly educated. When a reputed alma matter like FMS calls for visiting faculty, the maximum emphasis should be on industry experienced professional AND NOT ON THE ACADEMIC "PERFORMER".
As an Human Resources professional for almost 6 years,I have interviewed thousands of candidates but I do not remember a single instances where a university topper or a "full time graduate" has succeeded to impress me that he/ she is better than the other candidates applying for that particular position.

Well, I am deeply interested to share my real life management/ business/ human resources experience with the future leader of FMS. Even if you do not consider me, it is not going to decrease my value and contribution to my job as neither industry nor me work on this stereotype now. I am very positive that I am well able to share my knowledge as a visiting faculty and to help the future leader of FMS.
Kindly refer my resume for further details to work as a visiting faculty. I have also attached snapshot of my profile to give a glimpse of my experience and area of exposure.

Above is only part of the letter I sent to them. I do not understand why do not we have a structured way of measuring one's ability? Why are we still behind the academic performance and nonsense "full time" degrees? I think we must change our this kind of mentality.


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