Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is more important- To comply with the labour laws or to maintain forms

Dear All,
You must have come across the situation where your organisation are compliant to all labour laws applicable- even beyond that (like paying Gratuity to employees even those who have just completed 2 years, extended maternity leave with pay and so on) however your organisation may not be maintaining records and registers.

What do you think- what is more important? We all know very well that even if we are compliant but not keeping records and registers and submitting challans to the useless labour department, it amounts to violation then leads to paying bribe, suffering and so on.

What is the solution you think for it? I think one of the good solution has come from Maharashtra State Government itself in form of consolidated return. Under this, one single return annually is enough to comply under all labour laws and for that you need to pay a cost. After this, the government assure you that for the next 5 years nobody will visit your office. This is a good move and I agree to it. Need your inputs.


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