Friday, March 16, 2012

Leave during the notice period

For quite longer time, I could not write or update anything on my blog. I must accept the truth that I could not plan my time well and I diverted my attention. That should be only reason else I had many things, experience to share and write.

Well, one of the difficult task for an HR professionals is to take strategic decision on leave management.

First of all we are stuck on legal complications like what should be minimum leave to be allotted in a year, whether leaves during notice period to be allowed or not, whether leave during notice period to be allowed or not.

I think I should focus on above subject only so will not discuss other points but in short I will say that for every 20 days work you should allow to take 1 leave so you must give at least 1 leave in a month during notice period. While framing your company's policy, please give scope for this. In terms of employee satisfaction and resource optimisation, it is always better to have such thing in the policy. Remember, employee dissatisfaction cost is more than the cost of his 1 day's extra working in a month.
Similarly, if you have confusion on deciding type of leave (SL, PL, CL) then don't classify it, simply allow employee to take 24 or 32 leaves in a year on earned and pro- rata calculated basis. (If you can specify it as CL, PL and SL, it is always better).

Well, now lets come to the main points about allowing leave during notice period. It is one of the major issue. We normally assume that during notice period, employees are not focussed on their work and it happens in the most of the cases. The simple reason is that, the employees know very well that he/ she is going to leave the job hence they are least bothered. It is one of the worst thing. People should never, ever do this. Remember, the world is round and you do not know when you need to come back to your ex. If you axe your ex, your ex will axe you then :)

Few companies are there who believe that during notice period, an employee should not be allowed to take leaves. It is correct as well as incorrect. Correct, because there are few employee or the people who resigns and suddenly goes on leave by making their successor's and organisation's life miserable and it affects the handover process too. It may help organisation to have all the things in the place before he/ she leaves.
I say it is incorrect too. During resignation too, an employee might have some urgent work to do. We cannot do this to somebody because he / she has submitted the resignation.

How to handle the situation then?
I suggest to handle it following way:
Option 1: If your organisation has divided leave as encashable and non encashable leave, allow them to adjust non-encashable leave against notice period or to take such leaves during notice period.

Option 2:
If your organisation has divided leave as sick leave (SL), casual leave (CL), privilege leave (PL) then allow the employee to take SL and CL but not the PL.

Option 3:
If your organisation does not have such kind of structure, allow maximum 5 days leave during notice period with the condition that the employee completes the said notice period.

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