Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Regret letter to supplier/ vendors

Dear all,

We often take various services or at least ask for quotation for certain equipments and services from a supplier. Of course, we do not or cannot take everybody's service and we need to drop other supplier / vendor. For an adminuistrative manager or Human Resources Manager, it is inevitable to keep good relationship with all of them, forever in the life. Think, how a simple rejection/ regret letter nurture your relationship?. I organised conference for my organisation this year and meanwhile, I coordinated with many vendor- nationally and internationally. I do not know whether we are going to organise/ use the same people / agencies again or not but for me, most important is to tell that I value them. Then I sent everybody, individually a regret mail. You may refer it and I am sure, this will help you to build good relationship too.
_________________________ see the sample regret letter I made ____________________________
Hello Joy,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with/talk to us regarding our recent MICE event planning.
It was a nice interaction with you.
We have carefully reviewed your proposals against  our  requirements . However we deeply regret for our inability to go ahead with your proposals due to some internal decision.
The decision is not based on any single aspect but a combination of company requirements, and the other pool of services available for the service. We had several proposals and our own internal criteria / shortlisting method. 

Again, thanks for your interest and time. We may discuss again in future for any of our requirement.

Best Regards,
Manager- Human Resources & Administration
___________________________________________________end of the letter_______________

For my delight, I got an excellent reply. This has definitely made my day and made me happy. It is as follows:

_____________________start of reply______________________________________
Dear Govind,


I really appreciate the below mail which you have sent, very few corporates get back to us like you did.

Now coming back to the reason of me losing the group pls let me know the reason of losing the group :  

1.       Did I lose ur group because I was expensive ?
2.       Or is it because we are not agreeing for the barter ?
3.       Or is it your internal decision to award the group to your internal agent.

Pls let me know as I have to mention this in my DSR (Daily Sales Report)

Would really appreciate if you could another opportunity to serve your esteem organization.

If you need any clarification about the destination or hotels or flights you are most welcome to call me.

All the best and have a nice trip,

Warm regards,

Deputy General Manager - MICE
________________________end of reply_____________________________
I hope this will help all of us.



  1. This definitely helped! Just what i was urgently looking for.. Thanks a ton!

  2. its good and nice way draft regret latter
    can you post regret latter for the subcontractor who doing very low job and delaying project


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