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What S The Name Of The Sub Title Of B Com Hon Or A F Without Going A Regular College Same Value As A Degree By Going A Regular College

What S The Name Of The Sub Title Of B Com Hon Or A F Without Going A Regular College Same Value As A Degree By Going A Regular College

My son like to study with CA in Chennai. I've been advised that regular college studies are not possible with CA studies. So please advice me the name of course which have a same value by having a degree from regular collage. Are B. com Hon.and A&F same ?

aru.chopra Yesterday

B.COM A&F stands for Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Accounting and Finance.

B.Com in Accounting and Finance focuses on the study of art of recording, classifying and also various operations concerning the fields of accounting and financial operations whereas B.COM (H) focuses more on cost accounting, organizational behavior, etc.

For further guidance, would like to invite @Govind_S

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Govind_S   @aru.chopra thanks a lot for considering me for this question.
@maarooff, I would like to clarify that the statement that regular full time B.Com is not possible with CA is baseless and false, in fact many student do in a regular college as well as do CA successfully.
However now time has changed, what your son need to do is start a part time job right after HSC as an accounts assistant and should start education i.e. CA.
Now ICFAI and IGNOU has started special B.Com programme for CA student. Only those who have enrolled themselves for CA programme can go for this course. The advatnage is this B.Com course covers syllabus of the CA so students get hands on knowledge, they do not need to study anything which is not related to the field. You need not to focus on B.Com honours and A & F programme now.
aru.chopra @Govind_S I really appreciate your valuable input.
Maarooff A Maniyattu @Aru.chopra and Govind_S ....Thank you very much for your great advice
Maarooff A Maniyattu @Aru.chopra and Govind_S .....Sorry to ask you again, I just wanted to clear some doubts. Is there any particular reason to say that honors and A&F are no need to be focused ?. As accounts, economics & finance will be related subjects for his future studies. Are IGNOU syllabus more related than this for CA studies ?. You gave preference for IGNOU and ICFAI, is it because of best university and syllabus match with the CA studies or because of the easiest option anyone can be achieved ?. I had went through some of the CA coaching institute's coaching class timings for PCC and Final, they are giving coaching in the morning as well as in the evening. Article time students will be busy in their CA's offices. So what is the possibilities for a regular college studies. So many pre- CA students have the same doubt. So please advice me ....your advice will highly appreciated. I just want to clear my doubts before I send him for open universities.
Govind_S   Maroof: Since special programme designed for CA student (B.Com) is already available through ICFAI and IGNOU there is no point on pursuing a generic programme. Therefore I advised that instead of going for B.Com or B.Com honour or such programme your son should opt a specially designed programme. This will not add any stress on him to study innecessary subjects.
ICAI (Institute for CA) iself offers this programme
please check following link
In this specially designed programme, students learn following subjects:
Business Communication
Principles of Management
Marketing Management
Principles of Accountancy
Mercantile Law

Above is the first year syllabus which covers 1st level i.e. PCC/ IPCC of the Ca programme. You will not find subject like mercantile law in a general or honours B.Com programme
In Second year and 3rd year students learn other subjects as per CA syllabus
so students get full benefit of this programme
Maarooff A Maniyattu @Govind_S Thank you very much for your detailed answer/advice to my question. I'm fully satisfied with your answer and I'm really appreciating you for your great effort. Now my Son will go for CA studies along with (IGNOU) with peace of mind and without any doubt.

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