Sunday, August 19, 2012

Self satisfaction and leaving hesitations - two success factors required

When I thought to write about this posting, I was not sure whether I should write it on my personal blog or professional blog and finally I decided to write it to my professional blog. I took this decision due to two reason
1. I wanted to admit something about myself - professionally and
2. I feel many people fear to follow the thing they love due to certain reservations

Well to start the story, today I volunteered for Greenpeace India's activities Junglistan which is aimed at saving forests in India and protest against government's corruption in coal mining which is reported already in newspaper and the scam is worth of 1.86 lakhs crore as per CAG report. Anyway I am not going to discuss about that here, you can find more about it from

Well, in today's activity, we had to go at selected place in mumbai, put placard on tree, mobilize people and ask them to give a miss call to sign the petition. 

For me this was very important to take participation due to various reason i

I am an HR professional and by nature of job itself I should be free of any hesitation and should be able to talk people directly. However it is very difficult for me to do so because. I do not feel to talk to people to whom I do not know but I am very interested to analyze human behavior, how they react and to observe them. This opportunity helped me to overcome my problem (earlier MTHR has provided same opportunity to me various time) . Most of the time we think that what will people think if we speak to them being a stranger but actually this is wrong. I have realized that if we need to get success we have to forge new relationship and need to overcome with this. I interact very good and freely to people on non voice mode, I do not know why. Well, coming back to the main story again, we put placard on various trees at Nariman point. Aaditya, Piyush and Pooja were with me. First I initiated talk in train with the people and then my group and it was amazing that we got 30 petition within 15 minutes. I learnt a lesson that you will get success when you leave your hesitation. We all were happy. While placing placard we talked to different people at Nariman Point and explained them that why we are doing it and we got 100% success in that. Piyush and Aaditya one is working with TCS and other in merchant navy were more confident to talk to anybody and Pooja was a crowd pooler. All of 4 volunteered not for money but for passion. We did this because we are paassionate about environment, to save it not only for us but also for the entire generation. I have yo admit that despite of loosing weekend, tiring feet thirst and hunger, we all were very happy at the end of the day. This was about the passion and happiness. I always used to tell people and always suggest that they should follow the passion. Today when I left for this activity from home, I had a chat with Prof Pooja of N L Dalmia and I was telling her that apart from job in spare time we must follow our interest and passion it gives lot of inner satisfaction and she agreed on this. So I decided to write this post in professional blog that life is not just about money or working in 5 days week organization it is about constant improvement, self analysis, self satisfaction and following passion. I am happy that finally I did it. Happy reading Happy volunteering Happy passion following

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