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Using social media to hire right talent- is it really useful

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It is since long I did not write anything. The time and kind of other engagement to be blamed for this. Well, today I am sharing my experience while hiring a specific skill set using social media. I believe this information will be useful for HR fraternity.

1. Do social media really helps in hiring right talent?
The answer is most probably No and Yes both. If somebody think that social media really help then it is wrong. It is the much hyped thing (at least from my point of view).
In my career so far I have not closed any position by posting advertisement in twitter, linkedin and facebook. But this means not that they are completely useless. It depends on how you use them. Hiring through social networking is a long term strategy,  need lot of focus, planning and if executed well, it can give better result.

Let us take example from linkedin. 
There are people who prefer to be in linkedin rather than submitting resume to job portals. The obvious reason is that they do not want to let their employer know that they are on job hunt.
Linkedin provide safe passage to them as many organization allow to use linkedin as it helps in brand building as well as in developing business relationship. I have thousand of linkedin connection and I see people desperately posting their job requirements on linkedin through status update and also through comments on other's status update and share. Actually this helps them to let know users in linkedin about job opening they have. Sometime success happens and sometime it does not. Luckily if it goes to the right candidate, you may get the talent but it happens in rare cases.

But there is job posting facility in linkedin
Yes, but it comes with a cost. It is not free of cost. In that case, I feel it is always better to post job vacancy in Naukri and Monster. It gives lot of response and few of them turn out to be the required one.

Then how to hire the right talent using social networking site
Please note that social networking sites are not meant for immediate hiring or just in time hiring. It is meant for the long term goal. As soon as HR join a specific sector organisation, they should start building network of people from the similar industry. Please never mind at what level the person is- may be at junior level or may be at very senior level. Just add them in your connection.
Not only connection, communicate with those people. It is a thumb rule that if you reach out people at the end moment asking for help, they will not. Without giving, you will not get. Be honest, be ethical, communicate with the people on general discussion, general matters, day to day business activities professionally. It earn goodwill for you. If they need any sort of help, provide it to them. Stay in regular touch with them, find out more about their work and exposure they are having.
When you have a job opening, share it with them by sending mail through linkedin. Do not send it as a mass mail. Send it in such a way that it should seem you have addressed it to them.
This will help you a lot in filling position. I already told you, it is a long process, may take a year, may take 2 years.
Let me give you an example. I had been hiring for a very specific skill set. People from similar industry and a skill set which is very costly and rare. I tried with the database, job portals, placement consultants but it could not work out. A month had already passed and I was under lot of stress to close the position at earliest. I was knowing this will happen one day so strategically year back, I started adding people in my network from similar industry (irrespective of my requirement). I started communicating with my all connection on research related to HR, I started communicating with them on different points. And finally I carefully chosen the people whom I wanted to send the mail for help. Again, the position was confidential and was needed to be handled very carefully. Job posting was not at all allowed. My this mail worked and 3 candidates exactly from the requirement I got. Apart from that, those who were in my network were happy that I communicated with them through mail and they appreciated it back and spread the word.

Same strategy you should use for facebook or twitter. You need to be very professional in your approach.You need to be selfless first, visionary second and strategist third.

If you follow this strategy, at some extent you will definitely get the success in getting right talent.

I will love to read your comments on this.


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