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MTHR Global Conference on 15th December at Mumbai

Hi Friends,

MTHR (More Than HR Global) is a not for profit body based in Mumbai helping and nurturing professional for more than a decade. I simply love it as it provides me lot of learning environment every time and it does not have motive to earn money by charging anything from the members or participants. I am thankful for Rajesh Kamat, Rajesh Gupta, Ashish, Priti Vipul and other core team members for various reason. 

In August, I had been to NL Dalmia for a guest lecture and there I shared information about MTHR and the enthusiast students wanted to have an MTHR conference at their college (how lucky they are !). I acted as an link between Vipul, Rajesh and students and surprisingly, the event is happening there. I am loving it.

Every professional whether those hungry for knowledge, wants to understand what is happening in the industry, for networking, to learn, self realisation must attend it. 
So, here is the available detail so far:

Please send mail for registration so MTHR can ascertain exact no of guests attending. It is free of cost.

Most Important: Registration process: for confirming registration -

Please send following details:


 Current Designation:  

Current Organization:  


Total Exp.: 


Office Tel No.: 

Cell Phone: 

 Personal Mail ID: 

Official Mail ID:

Please note, anybody, working or non working, HR or non HR can attend this (Anyway, every human being is an HR some or other way :) )

Dear All,

Happy to share with all of you that Upcoming MTHR Global Conf is confirmed.

62th MTHR Global Conference 

# Date: Saturday, 15 Dec 2012
# Venue - N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research , Mira Road, Mumbai
# Program agenda & Speaker Details to be posted soon
# Bus Transport from Borivali & Thane
# Participation Fee: As always, no charges / no fees but pre event registration is compulsory with full details
# Program Entry: E-mail confirmation with Registration code no is must
# Registration Process: Request you to send us the following details at the earliest on for confirming registration - Name: / Current Designation: / Current Organization: / Industry: / Total Exp.: / Edun: / Office Tel No.: / Cell Phone: / Personal Mail ID: / Official Mail ID:

The more details will be posted soon. Pl block the date.

# MTHR Global - Mumbai based MTHR Global (More Than HR Global), a leading Knowledge Community Pan India since 10 years is a non-profit body which continues to bring you the best in Learning and Networking! It is powered by a group of 6 young HR Professionals loaded with over 75 years experience of Old and New Economy Industries.

I look fwd eagerly all your feedback for the improvement & all your support once again!

Thanks you once again being so supportive.


Ashish Gakrey (09820457250)
Senior HR Manager - Capgemini India
Founder - MTHR Global
MTHR Global Founders
Rajesh Kamath | Ashish Gakrey | Vipul Agarwal | Rajesh Gupta
MTHR Global Core Committee Members
Preeti Malhotra | Keyur Jani
MTHR Global Full Day/Overnight Events in last 10 yrs (All at no cost for delegates)
# 2002 to 2004 (13 evening events)
# 2004 (4 full day events / Avg Participation – 100)
# 2005 (4 events = 2 full day & 2 overnight / Avg Participation – 120)
# 2006 (4 events = 3 full day & 1 overnight / Avg Participation – 270)
# 2007 (3 full day events / Avg Participation – 180)
# 2008 (3 full day events / Avg Participation – 210)
# 2009 (7 events = 6 full day & 1 overnight / Avg Participation – 290)
# 2010 (6 full day events / Avg Participation – 300)
# 2011 (12 events = 6 full day & 6 evening / Avg Participation – 300)
# 2012 - (Jan) Navi Mumbai ITM HR Conf - attended by 350+ HR delegates
# 2012 - (Feb) Bangalore - ITM & Right Selection HR Conf - attended by 200+ HR delegates
# 2012 – (July) Mumbai – BSE Inst HR Conf. – attended by 300+ HR delegates
# 2012 – (Sept) Bangalore – Jain University Inst HR Conf. – attended by 250+ HR delegates
# 2012 – (Oct) Mumbai – ADMI HR Conf. – attended by 250+ HR delegates
# Extensive Research on Gen Y in association with AHRD & IKYA
# Extensive Survey on Career Comeback for Women in association with Avtaar, People Matter, SJMSOM

Cities / Locations covered - Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lonavala, Khandala



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