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Career Question and Answer- Distance MBA


  1. Hi, I am from Chennai - Tamilnadu. I am planning to do my BCA in DR.C.V. Raman University. Just would like to know if it is worth, can I do masters in any other university after completing BCA, is it recognized by the IT companies and can I apply for State and Central govt jobs using by BCA degree from C.V Raman????

    1. Hi
      C V Ram an University is a private university established in Chhatisgarh. This university was de-recognized in 2005 by honourable supreme court and its all degree obtained after or before of the judgment stood invalid.
      after that they have again started this university by passing a new Act.
      As of now this university is valid but the same problem of facing de- recognition may happen in future.
      In corporate world this university does not have any value and definitely it is not Amongst good and reputed university.

      If you are from Chennai why do not you opt University of Madras? It has distance learning BCA and it is one of the top universities in India. You can also look for Annamalai University and Anna University


  2. M not working ...wants to do MBA from Distance learning .....Should i go throo IGNOU /AMITY /SYMBIOSIS????

  3. Hi
    You can opt following institute
    1. DDE, Pondicherry University
    2. IDE, University of Madras
    For knowledge, IGNOU is also very good
    3. Amity- only money making
    Symbiosis does not offer MBA, it is PGDBA/ PGDHRM which has no value

  4. thnks.....can u suggest some more options apart from this in the Northern region ......presently m in delhi in DDE mode

    1. Both Pondicherry University and Madras University have exam centre as well as calssroom support at Delhi too
      check and

      If you are in Delhi, I strongly recommend to go for Evening executive MBA from FMS, Delhi
      It will hold much more value than any distance learning and full time degree

    2. bt I don't have the experience required by FMS .otherwise It would have been the best option

      Candidates seeking admission to MBA-Executive and MBAExecutive
      (Health Care Administration) programmes should
      have at least five years of experience as an executive or an
      administrator in a commercial / industrial / government
      establishment / registered organisation after passing the
      bachelor's degree examination.

    3. True
      But still you have option of both Pondicherry and Madras University

    4. thank you ! will go for any one of them .thnx a lot .........

    5. I seek one more suggestion from you sir .....I should preffer Pondicherry(Central univ.) or Madras University (State univ.) for MBA in distance mode ......

      Pondicherry University has cleaqrly mentioned every recognition detail on its web .....
      (((((((((((((((((((((( Are the Programmes offered by DDE are approved / recognized by the appropriate bodies?

      YES. All the Programmes offered by Pondicherry University are approved by the Joint Committee of DEC, AICTE & UGC. It may also be noted that Pondicherry University is a Central University, completely funded by the Govt. of India.))))))))))))))))))))))))

      But Madras University (State univ.) has not mentioned clearly ....

      so please suggest me which way should i go now ??? :)


    6. Hi
      Both are good university and very reputed so you can pursue from either institute.
      University of Madras is amongst top 10 universities in India (in general, not exclusively for MBA)

      The difference is
      1. In Pondicherry, lectures are compulsory on Saturdays Sundays in Madras it is not
      2. Pondicherry is cheaper than madras

      So accordingly decide and go

    7. Ok sir , But PcP is not compulsory in Pondicherry as well .... they have already mentioned it on its web

      ((((((( Is the attendance for PCP classes compulsory?

      No. But it will be helpful to you if you attend the PCP Classes for :
      You may get to know your batch mates You will have classes on all the papers You will have thorough understanding of how to analyse and present the case studiesYou can clarify your doubts regarding the project work and so on…)))))))))))))))))))))

      Looking at all this I would like to prefer Pondicherry ..............Yours blog helped me a lot thanks ............

    8. ok sir ...But PCP classes r not cumpulsary in Pondicherry
      ((((((((((((( Is the attendance for PCP classes compulsory?

      No. But it will be helpful to you if you attend the PCP Classes for :
      You may get to know your batch mates. You will have classes on all the papers.You will have thorough understanding of how to analyse and present the case studies.You can clarify your doubts regarding the project work and so on…))))))))))))))))))

      Your blogs helped me a lot ...thank you ...otherwise I would have wasted my time & money in other cheap Univ.

    9. Is there any foreign university options are available for MBA in distance mode ????? will that have value in India ???

    10. CLassroom is mandatory for Pondicherry University. They have copy pasted from old things when they used to offer many non management programmes too.
      While applying for exam, you need to attach attendance certificate without this you are not allowed to sit in the exam.

      I strongly recommend to attend the MBA programme which has compulsory classes. It helps you to understand and gain knowledge of the subject as well as if professors from industry background, it helps a lot.

  5. AIMA was another option bt i have drop dat ......

    1. Namaste Sir ,So finally ,I am in last Semester of MBA (Operations and Supply Chain Management) from Pondicherry University,DDE ...So Sir please guide me for its job options .And I am thankful for your guidance.

  6. Hello Sir,I am in Manav bharti university in Last Year Btech.I didnt Knew this all things about Private Universities.But I have No Option now,I am Trying For My Masters From Canada.
    My Question Was If I Get My Masters from Canada..will my bachelors degree university be considered during my placement.
    I am trying for Masters in Information Technology-Masters of Business Administration(MITS-MBA) from University of Ontario Inst of Tech.Canada

    1. Hi
      It matters from which university in Canada you want your masters. For example, McGill accept only NAAC accredited A grade university (Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, IIT, Pondicherry, Pune, BHU are example)
      For your placement, your masters degree from reputed university matters more than anything else alongwith your personal traits like personality, performance, aptitude etc.

      The university you have told has following requirement for MBA
      Master’s programs
      Minimum academic requirements for UOIT master’s programs:
      • Hold a four-year honours degree or equivalent from a recognized institution in the area of graduate
      study or a closely related subject; and
      • Overall academic standing of at least a B average (GPA: 3.0 on a 4.3 scale), with a minimum B
      average in the last two full-time years (four semesters) of undergraduate work or equivalent.

      Addition to this, you should also meet following requirement
      A number of supporting documents must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies to complete
      an application for admission. Some programs may have additional requirements than those listed
      below. Applicants should refer to the Graduate Studies website for program-specific requirements and
      for specific instructions related to the submission of documents. Applicants must submit the following
      supporting documentation with their application:
      • A minimum of two letters of recommendation from persons having direct knowledge of the applicant’s
      academic competence;
      • Proof of English proficiency if the first language is not English. See the policy on English language
      proficiency in section 4.4.4;
      • One official or certified copy (certified by the institution) of each previous undergraduate and graduate
      • A one- to two-page statement of academic intent outlining the applicant’s objectives in undertaking
      graduate study;
      • A photocopy of the applicant’s degree parchment(s); and
      • Any required program-specific documentation.
      Applicants may also be asked to submit a brief description of the courses listed on the official transcripts
      or provide a copy of the relevant calendar in which they are listed.

      Alongwith this, English language score required is as follows:
      TOEFL (iBT) 83-87
      (Minimum sub-scores: Listening 20, Reading 20, Speaking 19, Writing 20)
      TOEFL (paper-based) 560
      IELTS* 6.5
      MELAB 85
      CAEL 70
      (with no sub-score below 60)

      This university seems to be good one

      Considering above, there should not be a problem to accept you and Manav Bharti as it is still a valid university.
      You should not worry and apply

    2. Thank you sir for ur valuable reply...
      i wanted to ask one more question,In case i didnt made it to the university in canada and pursue my masters in india..will it be the same again

    3. Yes, the same thing applies.

      Be sure that you do MBA from top 30 ranked institutes only.
      Any of the following:
      1. IIM Ahmedabad
      2. IIM Calcutta
      3. FMS, Delhi
      4. XLRI Jamshedpur
      5. IIM Bangalore
      6. IIM Indore
      7. NMIMS
      8. MDI Gurgaon
      9. IIM Kozhikode
      10. SP Jain
      11. JBIMS Mumbai
      12. DMS, IIT Roorkee
      13. IMT Ghaziabad
      14. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
      15. NITIE, Mumbai
      16. IBS Hyderabad (I still doubt on its ranking)
      17. XIM, Bhubaneshwar
      18. Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay
      19. DMS, IIT Delhi
      20. Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD, Pune
      21. Welingkar, Mumbai (For MMS only not for PGDM)
      22. Institute of Rural Management, Anand
      23. BIMTECH, Greater Noida
      24. IIFT New Delhi
      25. XIME, Bangalore
      26. DOMS, IIT Madras
      27. Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
      28. Goa Institute of Management, Goa
      29. ITM Mumbai (Only for MBA not for PGDM)
      30. Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad
      31. IMT Nagpur
      32. Doon Business School, Dehradun
      33. BITS, Pilani
      34. Amity Business School, Noida (Only Noida, no other location and I doubt about Amity and its claim too)
      35. IMI, Delhi
      36. Presidency College, Bangalore
      37. Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore
      38. LBSIM, Delhi
      39. TAPMI, Manipal
      40. IIM Shillong
      41. Indian School of Mine, Dhanbad

      Nothing beyond these institutes

    4. Thank you Again sir for your Valuable Answer..

    5. Hello sir,i m doing bcom final yr in manav bharati university.i heard some issues are there with that university.actually i want to do my mba in IIM.wil there be in any issues with that university?

  7. What is AIELTA test conducted by EFL UNIVERSITY?Is it equivalent to TOEFL or IELTS.?
    Thanks and Regards.

    1. No
      If you go through the website
      It is a general proficiency test in English and is not based on any prescribed syllabus. The aim of this three hour test is to determine how well an individual can use English for communicative purposes – it assesses a candidate’s proficiency in reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.

      It is not equivalent to TOEFL and IELTS

  8. Hi Govind,
    I have completed my Diploma in Mechanical from S J Polytechnic bangalore (1993-96)and i joined R V college of engineering 1996-2000) but i didnot get my degree as some subjects are pending and as i started working i could not completer my degree and now iam a SAP MM consultant and if i want to be eligible for H1B visa what is the best possible way. please suggest, as i am geting worng suggestions to take degree grom CMJ and etc....
    With regards,

    1. Hi Lokesh/ Babu,
      The question is non academic and non relevant to this post, still thanks for trusting my ability to answer it

      Well, requirement for H1B Visa is as follows:
      1) A Bachelor's degree or Masters Degree (or the foreign equivalent degree from your Country), OR

      2) 12 years work experience, OR

      3) A mix of further education + work experience

      The general H1B visa qualification rule is:
      - for every 1 year of studies at University / College = 3 points
      - for every 1 year of work experience = 1 point

      12 points in 'total' are required to qualify for the H1B visa program

      Here, if you have 12 years work experience then degree should not be a problem
      Further, they also accept mix of education (Your Diploma + Experience) so you should apply to take a chance

      Still, if you want to complete your graduation, please note that US accept only 4 years degree.
      AICTE has completely banned distance learning engineering degree. I suggest you to contact your university as a discontinued students and see if they allow you to clear backlog. This may help

  9. How do you rate IGNOU as far as its management courses are concerned.What market value do they have?Is it advisable to do them if somebody wants to gain knowledge?How do the corporate sector test the knowledge of a student,is it the degree or something extra with that?

    1. Hi Navin,
      In terms of corporate acceptance, please note that distance learning MBAs are not useful for feshers, from wherever you do. If you are already in job, it is really helpful.

      IGNOU's MBA is very stringent, very good in quality and also since it is a central university, it makes your future worry free for any higher study and public sector job.
      For gaining knowledge, it is excellent and much better than many full time MBA students.

      Corporate sector test about your aptitude, your interest, activities in which you are involved, how quick and a better decision you can make, your communication, your past experience in related field etc. Of course, degree is just a support, it is more based on your quality. Thats why all MBAs from IIM do not get package of crores, it is only 1 and there are, who gets the least package of 10-12 lakhs too. These all due to their own quality and performance in the inteview.

  10. Hi Govind,
    How do you rate Manav Bharti university, Himachal pradesh, for technical education i.e for in Mechanical.
    As per my knowledge it is UGC approved and state govt. recognised, but as far as AICTE is conerned this is what they have said,
    As per law, Universities do not require AICTE approval. Only institutions which are affiliated to Universities require approval. As MBU is a Bonafide University established by a State Act, it does not require AICTE approval. This standing of law is notified in the case of Bharathidasan University Vs AICTE.

    Also check setion (iv) of public notice of AICTE which clearly states that University does not require prior approval from AICTE to commence a new department or course and programmes in technical education.

    so my concern is, i am employed now and i have completed my diploma in mechanical during 1993-96. so can i join this university for my, is this university in fake university list.
    As iam in corporate industry my higher education will have thorugh verification and also visa processing also includes thorugh verification, so does this university full fill all this. kindly help me by giving your valuable suggestion.

    1. Hi Lokesh

      First of all, this university is not reputed
      Second, it is misleading you
      AICTE clarifies it as follows
      The direction of Supreme Court is just about intrepreting AICTE norms and approval is mandaotry. Please read it in following link

      I hope it clarifies and help you

      Further, AICTE says that approval is mandatory

      Second, AICTE has banned distance learning engineering degrees completely.

    2. U wrote that AICTE approval is mandatory but most of the universities in India Including Deemed Universities(SRM University for Example which is a big name in south india) are not AICTE approved.
      I think AICTE approval is required for institutions and colleges affiliated to universities and not to Universities.

    3. Please read link above what AICTE has clarified. AICTE approval is mandatory. People face problem when they leave the college after completing management and technical programme and apply for higher studies/ job.

  11. Hi,

    May I know how is Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur and it is UGC recognized or Deemed University? Does it hold any value in corporate world?

    1. Hi
      It is a state government university (not deemed ) and fully recognized by UGC

      In the corporate world, no. It is treated like between B-C category university and people are hired on the basis of their traits and capability

  12. Respected Sir,
    Is it compulsory to mention the mode of education i.e "distance education" in degree certificate if the university has offered the course in distance learning mode? This goes for all Universities like Central/State/Dual-mode/Deemed & Private Universities (except Open Universities). Is it compulsory guideline of DEC which needs to be followed? If the University is not mentioning the mode of education (if distance qualified), then what will be the value of degree? will it be a valid degree? kindly answer

    1. Yes, it is compulsory otherwise it is matter of forgery and misleading for the university

      Yes, it applies to all universities

      If it found later at investigation that the university has supressed the matter and it is not approved by DEC, it should stand as invalid degree in case of private and deemed universities. In case of state and central universities, the degree should remain valid but ineligible for government job

    2. Thank You Sir, For your prompt reply. We should all fight against corruption in education system. You are doing a great job and I appreciate individuals like you . All the best sir.

    3. Thank you Sir, for your prompt reply. We should all fight against corruption in education system, and stop facilitating these so called universities, who do not follow norms and guidelines properly. DEC, UGC and Other bodies needs to take up stringent action and the main responsibility also lies with individuals joining these Universities which make fun of authorities, and sell degrees. Its a high time to stop this malpractice in our country. All the best Sir in your endaevour, you are really doing a great job, and appreciate you for this.

  13. Hello SIr I have done my Diploma i am presently working i have done btech from CMJ university i came to know it doesn't have any value but i am very much interested in studies i cant leave my job
    can you suggest me with CMJ Btech degree doing masters is good or again doing Btech from IGNOU is good or AMIE is good

    1. Hi

      As of now AICTE has banned all distance learning B.Tech degree so IGNOU also does not offer the programme

      AMIE is a good option but it will be useful for government job for private it may or may not be accepted.

  14. Hello sir,

    I completed by B tech from Kerala,i want to do distance MBA in project management,How is Bharathiar university,it is valid,or any other university is conducting these course

    1. Hi
      To know about Bharthiar University as well as other universities in Tamil Nadu, please visit

      You may also check following link for universities from Kerala

  15. Hello sir ,
    Now the admission in DDE, Pondicherry University is going on and I am going for MBA .So, please suggest me that I should go for MBA (General) or with some other Specialization ??
    like as under ...................................
    MBA (Marketing)
    MBA (Retail Management)
    MBA (Finance) MBA (Tourism)
    MBA (International Business)
    MBA (Operations and Supply Chain Management)
    MBA (HRM)
    MBA (Insurance Management) or MBA (General)

    1. Hi
      Decide on the basis of your current work area. If you are not sure, go for general management or their 1 year PG Diploma. As per the prospectus, students completing PG Diploma can get lateral entry into MBA next year also.

  16. Frankly speaking, Govind u r quite candid in ur opinions and put the facts the way it is. Need a bit of direction from u, I have arranged BCA from Manav Bharti University 2012 pass out, they say it is all verifiable and gud to go. Can i with this certificate apply for student visa to New Zealand or Australia or UK or US.

    1. There is no harm to apply for Visa verification but most probably, you may face rejection.

  17. Life many a times takes unfavorable turns which leaves u with no option but to just manage life and live it. I asked about the MBU, BCA in my earlier post. Sir, kindly tell

    1. With this BCA can i get student visa.
    2. Does embassy decide which indian university students are allowed or does the abroad university decides which students to intake. Especially in the case of Aus and US.

    I know wht I did was wrong from ethical point of view, but from existence point of view it was a bare necessity for me.
    Please excuse me for candidly asking u in the forum, but I really need ur help in this case.
    HELP ME by replying

    1. Hi,

      1. With this BCA can i get student visa.
      If it is a full time MBA obtained through its campus by attending all lectures, you may get a student Visa

      2. Does embassy decide which indian university students are allowed or does the abroad university decides which students to intake. Especially in the case of Aus and US.
      Yes, they keep watch on development, they need transcript, they check credibility of the university also. For example if you want to opt higher education from a reputed university in USA, they prefer NAAC A grade university.

  18. Dear Sir

    I am working professional from Abroad, I had completed my Btech Degree from MG University Kerala. I would like to do MBA/PGDM programme in Project Management, which will help me to boost my career in a very good way. But many universities ( SMU, Jaipur national University, Assam Down town, Bharathiar etc ) providing this course ( Even inn online mode). Please suggest me a good university to do MBA/PGDM in Project Management which is valid for higher education as well as public sector jobs ?

    1. Hi,
      Do not opt SMU or Jaipur National. Still you may think about Bharthiar.
      You may also look for Alagappa University

      Please note that if you are looking for a post graduate degree for further higher education and for a public sector job, it must be from a university which is awarding degree within territorial jurisdiction. For example, central universities like IGNOU and Pondicherry can offer MBA programme anywhere.
      Project management has not developed as a full management professional course i,e, MBA

      In that case, I suggest you to opt a free online project management course through MOOC and go for a general MBA from Ponsicherry University
      The most reputed institute for project management (construction related) is NICMAR
      You may opt its 2 years Post Graduate Programme in Project Management (PGP PM)
      please refer

    2. Hi

      Thanks for your reply. What about the PGDPM from University of Hyderabad ? Since NICMAR is not recognized by UGC as well as DEC, its degree has no effect in public sector. Among Madhurai Kamaraj, Alagappa and Bharathiar University which one is well reputed for distance education ?

    3. Better you opt University of Hyderabad's PG Diploma in project management and also opt MBA (General management) from Pondicherry University. Both are central university so their degree will be acceptable everywhere.
      Out of all the three, better if you opt Bharthiar or opt University of Madras- IDE which offers executive MBA in distance mode

    4. Dear Sir,

      Can you give me the list of central/state universities for distance MBA based on their ranking.? I am confused with Kamaraj, Alagappa and Bharathiar university fro pursuing MBA. Please help me

  19. Is BCA degree through KSOU valid?

    1. If you do it anywhere in Karnataka, directly from university or its own study centre (not with any private study centre formed by tie up) then it is valid

  20. Hi Govind,

    I am contemplating doing an MBA from Pondicherry university DDE in order to find some growth in my organisation and to gain some knowledge.

    I have a merchant navy background and i left sea life 7 years back and completed BA about 5 years back.

    My question is how hard is it to manage in distance learning mode as i have a full time job which does not leaves me with anytime during weekdays otherwise i could have tried for FMS Delhi.

    I feel a bit rusted as i am in my mid thirties and have not been in touch with any sort of studies for more than 5 years now.
    Any guidance or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    ICFAI and SMU are tempting with objective type exams but i am sure that it wont be of much use as their names are synonym for awarding just degrees rather than quality education.


    P.S. the twinning program in Delhi has been converted by the FOSTIIMA college into a full time course, dont know if they can actually do that as it defeats the whole purpose.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi @Saurabh
    Thanks for contacting, believing and understanding the whole system including the way ICFAI and SMU award degree
    you should go ahead with Pondicherry University. Instead of twinning programme you should opt distance education
    For first semester although lectures will be there but it is not mandatory however for second year it is mandatory.
    See, if you start studies and take interest into that, it won't be much tough
    You should first try few MOOC related to management (It is posted on my blog and I am going to post newer one too)
    Even if the FOSTIIMA converts it into full time, they cannot charge fee more than mentioned by Pondicherry University. To avoid this and your loss, please apply directly to

  23. Thanks Govind for a quick and clear answer.

    Appreciate it.

  24. Hi, I am a working professional and trying to go for a MBA. Preferably Online/Distance Education. I have come across Jaipur/JNU, KOU (Karnataka State Open university) and Symbiosis. Symbiosis offers that accepted as equivalent to MBA? Also what about JNU, KOU accreditions and degree acceptance? Plz advise.

    1. Do not opt any of these, please opt Pondicherry University online MBA

  25. Hello Sir.

    I am pursuing my MBA-HR from KSOU(Mysore) University through EduKart. Need your help whether it's legitimate to go further for this course. Does KSOU degree will get attested from HRD in Mumbai...

    1. don't go any case, do not opt any courses from KSOU

  26. Sir,
    I completed my Btech Civil Engg from Manav Bharti. Solan 2013 is a UGC recognized university. And Aicte approval is mandatory. Now I came to know that My State does not entertain Engg degree without Aicte approval for competitive exams. I am doomed. Kindly suggest me some ideas for my future carrier. And also does IES exams accept this certificates. Anything.

    1. No, for any government jobs and in case of most of the higher education, AICTE approval is mandatory. You should try for AMIE or AMIETE which will as an alternative for state and central services.

  27. I m science graduate working in company is offering us work integrated btech programme from bits pilani.,,,,is this helpful to join other companies as engineer..

    1. You should go for it. Yes, BITS is a reputed institute and as far as private companies concern, it has major acceptance

  28. Namaste Sir , As you suggested this Pondicherry univ now I am in final semester in Pondicherry University DDE of MBA – in Operations And supply chain Management. So ,Sir please guide me for its scope and job prospects .And if possible then kindly guide me regarding PhD.

    1. you may pursue possible if you have 55% or 60% and more in your MBA and subject to fulfilling other conditions. A part time and distance including online MBA help only if you are already in job.

  29. Hi Govind,

    I am working in MNC from past 6 years, for career acceleration I am planning to peruse MBA finance form Karnataka state open university (KSOU) through Gurukul Institute management & technology (GMIT), Noida. Please let me know enrolling through GMIT is valid or not?

  30. Hi Govind,

    I came to know this blog by searching many URLs. After reading almost half of your posts, it looks your suggestions/Opinions are very helpful for individuals for their futures endeavors.

    I am currently pursuing distance MBA from ICFAI University-Sikkim, have completed almost 3rd semesters and now entering in 4th & final semester.

    My question is, What's the chances of getting higher jobs after completing MBA since I am working IT Professional.

    Unfortunately recently read article about Deemed University Degrees is not valid in Gulf Country like Saudi Arabia.

    How many Middle East/European countries accept Deemed university degree?

    Many Thanks if you could address above queries.


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