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Another MTHR event- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad

Hi Friends,

More than HR Global (known as MTHR Global (sometime it sounds like empty HR :) actually it is full HR) is a not for profit HR community open for all, open forum/ group conducts various interactive seminar, session and really helpful for your own development. If you hesitate to take somebody, go and attend seminar and start interacting with people, if you want to build a business network use it as a tool, if you are a job hunter and have shyness during interview, go and show people that when you informally talk how well you can present yourself.
In short, do not miss this opportunity.

It is  the CEO, not HR, who should take the driver's seat in talent management!

Dear Friend,

 Greetings from MTHR !!

On the occasion of our 11th Anniversary, we are pleased to bring to a series of multi city Learning Events of MTHR Global in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Pune, in association with Aspiring Minds.

Talent Economics: Where business strategy and HR meet

The Keynote Speaker, Gyan Nagpal will map out what the global landscape for talent will look like in 2020 and beyond, for key economies across the globe.  In the process, he will put the spotlight firmly on workforce trends that no government or business leader can afford to ignore.  At the same time, he will highlight how workforces differ sharply from region to region;   "The truth is that market realities in Sao Paulo, Seattle or Shanghai are so fundamentally different that one size solutions are the short road to failure."

Presenting data from 45 countries, his book, Talent Economics uses economic inquiry as a discipline to present a brand new perspective for finding and retaining talent. These Events will bring to light that business leaders need to drop the predominantly HR led programs in common use today,  and focus instead on their pipeline of future talent -something he describes as "not an option, but a crusade."

Get a perspective from some captains of industry too! These Events, provides opportunities for social and business networking, all in MTHRG's unique blend of learning, fun, entertainment and camaraderie.

Get engaged, enriched and empowered.....!

With MTHRG, you have come to expect the best - These Sessions are complimentary!

Whether you are in HR or any other function, you can confirm immediately for "Talent Economics: Where business strategy and HR meet"

The Events Dates & Locations are:

8th March               Pune                       Ista Hotel (Yerwada)

9th March               Mumbai                 Park Hotel (Navi Mumbai)

13th March             Gurgaon                 Oberoi Hotel (This is For CHROs only.Pls connect to me for an invite)

15th March             Bengaluru              Ista Hotel (Ulsoor)

16th March             Hyderabad            Ista Hotel  (Gachi Bowli)

Timings for all Events are from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Followed by refreshments.

Headline Sponsor: Aspiring Minds (

Knowledge Partner: People Matters (

Mobility Partner: Deltecs Infotech (

Hospitality Partners: De Ori, The Pink Poppadam, The Park, Baan Tao

Registration Process

Attendance for events are at no cost but registrations are compulsory.

Please send a mail with the following details to us at



Current Designation:                                         Current Organization:

Industry:                                                            Total Exp.:

Education:                                                         Office Tel No.:

Residence Tel No.:                                           Cell Phone:

Personal Mail ID:                                              Official Mail ID:

City for which Registering:


It's an event Not to be Missed !!!  So, block  the dates on your calendar and send your confirmation at the earliest . Do share the information with your colleagues and friends in the HR Fraternity.

Look forward to seeing you there with your HR friends & HR team members !!

Know more about MTHR Global - Become a member on the MTHR Website / Linkedin at given below links:

About MTHRG: Mumbai based MTHR Global (More Than HR Global), a leading Knowledge Community Pan India since 2002  is a not for profit body which continues to bring you the best in Learning and Networking! It is powered by a group of 6 young HR Professionals loaded with over 45 years experience of Old and New Economy Industries, who are armed with a passion for people and innovative ideas for HR and management.

About Aspiring Minds: A HUMAN CAPITAL ASSESSMENT, RECRUITMENT & BENCHMARKING services provider, Aspiring Minds' vision is to bring credible and genuine assessment to various aspects of education, training and employment. Aspiring Minds strives to help institutions and companies from choosing the 'right' individual rather than the 'best' individual.

About Gyan Nagpal: He is an award winning talent strategist and commentator, who is deeply invested in researching ongoing changes to the global talent pool.  Over the last decade he has helped some of the largest and most ambitious international organisations build significant business franchises across the Asia and Pacific Region.

As CEO and Principal at PeopleLENS Global Associates, Gyan trains and coaches business leaders on talent management; he travels worldwide speaking on leadership and 21st Century talent trends.  Gyan is a Senior Fellow for human capital at the Conference Board and a member of the NTL Institute.

MTHR Global Founders

Rajesh Kamath: Principal Consultant - L & D, Cerebrus Consultants (09821048288)

Rajesh Gupta: DGM - Human Capital, Future Generali India Life Insurance (09820222424)

Vipul Agarwal: Director, Zend Consulting Services (09820060954)

Ashish Gakrey: People Relationship Management - Capgemini India (09820457250)


MTHR Global Core Committee Members

Preeti Malhotra, Practice Head, Great Place to Work Institute (09820206482)

Keyur Jani, DM - HR, Deloitte (09820116089)

Vipul Agarwal | Director | Zend Consulting Services | Executive Search Services | Fitting Square Pegs To Square .....

Tel: +91.22.4091 2929 | Cell: +91.98200 60954 | Email: |

      Skype: vipul_zend

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  1. Hey Govind,
    Thanks for posting this. I hope you are making it to the Mumbai and Pune Events.



  2. Hi,
    Thanks. Yes, I will.

    I cannot afford to miss MTHR event.


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