Friday, February 8, 2013

Have you done background check of your company before joining

I thought to write about it long back but it just got delayed partly due to my laziness and partly due to engagement in other activities.
This morning, I thought to complete this unfinished task.

I began my career in HR as a recruitment consultant and gradually developed into other gamut of HR. As a recruitment consultant, I got many experiences. I handled clients like Aditya Birla group - where people were dying to join and in other hands I experienced few clients where within a week of joining, people used to left. Normally, in India it happens that employee's background check is done but very few people think about doing background check of the employer. I strongly recommend to do it.

Day before yesterday, I got a call from a fresh MBA pass out who is hunting for job. He wanted to do internship in my organisation but I could not offer him any as we hardly take anybody for internship. He cleared two round of interview at campus placement for a B2B company. He asked me whether he should join it or not. I asked him to first attend the interview and decide whether sales is a job he wants to do and whether he is interested in B2B sector. I advise him neither to accept nor to refuse the offer. He cleared all round and asked whether he should join or not. He asked me about reputation of this organisation too. This is an Indian company and even I was not pretty sure about its value and ethics. I asked him to search for it on Google with the keywords" complaint + company name". He called me after an hour and told me that the internet is full of complaint about this company and also about the person whom he is going to report. I advised him not to join and he thanked me.
Previously also, I have strongly recommended people to do background check of the company it includes
1. Talking to ex employees of the organisation you are joining
2. Sensing behaviour and attitude of interviewer and reporting head.
3. Doing little research over internet
4. Speaking to existing employee
5. Tracking movement of employees like rate of attrition, average time spent by employees in that organisation. I do not recommend a company where average time spend of employees are less than 6 months. I do not recommended the company against whom there are complaints on internet.

Joining a wrong organisation may spoil your career. It may give a wrong impression about your career. Interviewer may feel that you do not have consistency and not a stable candidate.
Do a background check of an organisation and have a safer career.

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