Sunday, March 3, 2013

You must give Wow! Experience to your customer for longer sustainability

Giving customer a wow! Experience is very important to run a business successfully. It is not the new law, new teaching or new fundamental but how many of us follow it rigorously?
I  sharing here few of those experiences and how it impacts on a customer's mind and how it helps in building trust over a brand.
HDFC bank : I have been a customer for them for last several years. The relationship started with a salary account and it is continued till date. There is not any single organisation against whom there is no consumer grievances but the important factor is how effectively it is handled and how you go extra mile to delight them, it matters. I have been using HDFC bank, its credit card and other products for equally longer period. There were certain instances when I needed to make certain payment on urgent basis and my credit card did not have sufficient balance. Every time I put request for temporary limit enhancement, it was entertained without any trouble. Apart from that there are other experiences too. Recently, I had a credit card due and I was expecting a cheque to be cleared. The cheque had my incomplete name and I informed them in advance about it and submitted all required documents. Still the cheque did not credit back to account. It was Saturday and it was last date for payment. First I visited HDFC, Bhiwandi branch with the cheque and documents and informed them about that instead of clearing, the cheque is sent back to my home. The bank people told me that usually it should not happen as I have submitted all required documents and they assured that it will not happen again. The asked me to take branch manager's approval on it. There was somebody already in his cabin and I was waiting. By seeing this , the same bank executive came, took slip from me and took bank manager's approval on it so I saved my time. Thanks a lot to him.
Now, I had to arrange money for credit card due. I transferred cash from other account but it was too late for NEFT transfer. I immediately drop a mail to HDFC and informed them the whole incident. I assured them that the due will be paid early on Monday morning and requested them not to levy any late payment and overdue charges including interest (I have never defaulted payment in my entire relationship). I made payment on Monday. I got call from Nitin from HDFC and he informed me that there will be no such charges levied against me.
This is the Wow! experience for me. If payment defaults, it is not their fault. This definitely help me to have longer association with HDFC.

The second such wow! Experience is from Airtel. My relationship with them as old as of HDFC. Certain time it happened that they wrongly activated (it is common between telcos) VAS services on my number but whenever I complained they refunded money and the best thing is that they responded within an hour to my email every time. I am using Airtel GPRS plan pack and by default every month it gets renewed. Last month it did not happen and as my internet was on 24X7 and I was accessing my mail, twitter and blog, suddenly I realised that it I being charged at per KB basis and in one hour the charge was almost half of the value of my GPRS. I immediately stopped internet and sent them an email. First they refused but when I insisted then somebody called me from Airtel, understood my concern and immediately refunded my money.
It was another wow! Experience that's why I am still with the Airtel.

Another such e-commerce startup is
I have mentioned about it on my personal blog and can be read from

So it really matters for success of an organisation. Today if you wish to sustain for longer time. If an organisation has more complaints, such organisation cannot sustain for longer time. One of such organisation is about it I have already mentioned in my blog
And it is also associated with wow! Experience of HDFC. When HDFC came to know that this company has cheated me and has not delivered my products, without waiting for refund from them, the credited back the amount to me.
Yesterday, just for a curiosity I searched timtara on twitter. I did not find a single word of praise. It was full of complaints as I had, abuses, threatening to file cases etc. I do not think it can run for longer time.
Another such company is Reliance communication. It has never given me wow! Experience and I never prefer this company for my any Telecom services. It is very notorious for activating any services to prepaid customers and making huge money from it. It is one of the most unethical company. My mom has a reliance prepaid connection. Mom started complaining that her balance has suddenly started disappearing and on checking I found that Reliance has activated VAS services on it. When I complained about it, they even refused to entertain the complaint. Forget about refund. After few mail exchange with great of difficulty they deactivated those services. This company is running or say has sustained due to inefficiency of TRAI, nexus with government and huge bribery. Finally we decided to terminate reliance connection and moving my mother to AirTel.

The wow factors matter for any business. Are you checking how your customer support team has responded to your customers query? Have they gone extra mile to help them and understand the query? There is a universal rule and truth about business- most of the world's business is done on relationship. When query and grievance of a customer is attended he feels very happy and when you create a wow! Moment for them they turn to be a greatest brand ambassador for  your organisation like now free of cost I am doing here.
Recently during a seminar one executive shared how a customer service executive cooled his anger by going extra mile by risking his job. His friend bought Dish TV and there was certain problem. It made him angry and he called the customer support service. The customer service representative heard him patiently and gave a statement which made him surprised and he started laughing. The statement was
"Sir, by buying our Dish TV you have committed a biggest blunder of your life"
The impact was, his anger went down and thought this customer support executive is crazy. He spoke to him and after sometime he listened the complained and resolved it.
All such thing matters in business and of course also in personal life.
So go ahead and create wow! Experience for everybody.

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