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Employee handbook format

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HR employee manual/ employee manual is an integral part of any organisation. Your handbook clearly define policy and procedures, it tells, describe and represent your company in right sense before your employee. It is not just book of rules and regulations, considering it as mere book of rules and regulations is a big mistake. It should represent your organisation and describe to the people what you are.
In my HR career so far, I have designed several human resources policies and developed 3 employee handbook interdependently and contributed in at least 2 employee handbooks.

Please note that designing employee handbook is not just a copy paste work. Few people misunderstand that if you take soft copy of the handbook of a company, make some changes and give your logo and work done- no. It does not happen. The first work in designing company handbook is to go through the existing company policies and procedures, people, culture, history and background of the company and if it is an MNC, to go through the handbook of other region/ countries and its own table of authority, various global policies and procedures.
I hate copy paste work in human resources function. Human Resources is a scientific role and all the task need to be handled precisely as a scientist. Every decision may have an emotional impact.

I am pasting here the ideal format and content for an employee handbook. Any comments, question and query on this is most welcome.

This employee handbook format is designed with the context of India. For other part of the world, you may need to refer your local employment/ labour laws and accordingly need to make changes.

You can see and download a basic format from following link:

 Your company logo here

Your Company name here

Human Resources Manual
Prepared By
Document Owner(s)
Project/Organization Role
Govind Sharma
Manager- Human Resources and Administration

Human Resources Manual Version Control
Change Description

Govind Sharma
Preparation of manual

Note   The content of a manual does not constitute nor should it be construed as a promise of employment or as a contract between Your Company name here
and any of its employees.

Your Company name here at its option, may change, delete, suspend, or discontinue parts or the policy in its entirety, at any time without prior notice.


Sr. No.                          Particulars                                                                     page no.


1.                                       Welcome note                                                                                 

1.1                                    History of your company                                                             

Definition of your company logo                                                                        
2.                               Employee definition and status                                                          
2.1                Employment classification                                                      
2.2                Probation period for new employee                                        

3.                  Employment policies                                                                           
3.1                Affirmative action/ diversity                                                              
3.2                            Employment background check                                            
3.3                            Criminal Records                                                                    
3.4                            New employee orientation                                                           
3.5                            Personal records administration                                              
3.6                            Change of personal data                                                         
3.7                            Visitors in the Workplace                                                                              
3.8                                   Employment of relatives                                                                              
3.9                                   Weather-related and Emergency closings                                             

4.                              Standard of conducts
4.1                            General guidelines                                                                  
4.2                            Attendance and punctuality                                                   
4.3                            Work Schedule                                                                       
4.4                            Late coming and absenteeism                                                 
4.5                            Unauthorised absence                                                            
4.6                            Meal break  period                                                                 

5.                              Harassment policy                                                     
5.1                            Sexual harassment policy                                                        
5.2                            Violence in workplace                                                            

6.                              Confidentiality and non disclosure policy               

7.                  Ethical standard policy                                                           

8.                                       Dress code                                                                                        

9.                              Use of company mobile                                             
10.              Use of computer, phone and mail                                           
11.              Use of internet                                                                        
12.              Use of Computer Software                                                    
13.              Smoking policy                                                                       
14.              Alcohol and Substance Abuse                                                
15.              Gifts                                                                                        
16.              Solicitations and Distributions                                                
17.              Employee Grievance Handling Procedure                             
18.              Misconduct and disciplinary action procedure                      
19.              Transfer Policy                                                                        
20.              Outside employment                                                               
21.              Employment Termination and Resignation                            
22.              Exit Formalities                                                                       
22.1            Return of company property on exit                                       
22.2            Full and Final settlement                                                       
22.3            Incentive payable to exiting employees                                  

23.              Salary Component                                                                
23.1            Total Cost to Company (CTC)
23.2            Gross Cost to Company (CTC)
23.3            Deductions
23.4            Net Salary or Take home Salary

24.              Employee Welfare measure                        
24.1            Late sitting Policy                                                                   
24.2            Compensatory Off                                                                  
24.3            Travelling Allowances for working late night                        
24.4            Payroll and paydays                                                               
24.5            Zero Balance Salary Accounts                                               
24.6            Flexible work option                                                               
24.7            Performance and Salary Reviews                                           
24.8            Opportunity for advancement and progression                      
24.9            Group Personal Accident                                                        
24.10                  Gratuity                                                                                  
24.11                  Leave encashment                                                                   

25.              Education, training and development                                 

26.              Mobile phone reimbursement policy                                  

27.              Education                                                                              

28.              Training and Development policy                                       

29.              Time Off policy                                                                    

29.1            Holiday policy and holiday list
29.2            Leave classifications
29.2.1          Earned leave          Sabbatical leave          Maternity leave          Paternity Leave          Leave for volunteering          Work hour concession for political election

30.              Reemployment policy                                                           

31.              Expenses claim and approval                                                
31.1            Domestic Travel Policy                                                         
31.2            Relocation                                                                            

32.              Employee Communications                                                  
32.1            Open Communication
32.2            Staff Meetings
32.3            Electronic Bulletin Boards
32.4            Suggestions

33.              Closing Statement                                                                  

34.              Acknowledgement                                                                 

35.              Appendices

The format is just for reference use. You may modify it as per your need. Once you design, you should review it several times

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