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Jaro Education, a big degree scam selling fake degrees now taking down this article to hide their crime

Dear Friends,

This is my an old article in which I exposed Jaro. They attempted everything from posting comments through fake LinkedIn profile to give me threatening of legal action. When I gave them my complete address to send legal notice they even stopped responding. Is this the way any corporate function?

After all unsuccessful attempt , they tried to block my this artilce through google. So, I am republishing it again.

Somebody says I am spreading negativity, somebody send me abusive message when I do not post their useless comments on my blog but tell me, is not the truth always bitter?
When I started this blog, my whole intention was to discuss things related to my human resources domain only then I thought is not educating people and creating awareness part of a human resources function? Of course it is. We take interview of the candidate for a day or two and few hours and it is too early to judge a candidate. Faking an interview is not that much difficult. Unfortunately people in HR fraternity are also not so aware about the wrongdoing happenings in the education sector. We feel that we got a diamond at the price of gold and later realised that we did a wrong choice.

My today's post is about another fake degree seller Jaro education. It is heavily advertising about international degree from Belgium but trust, it is nothing more than a degree scam and they are selling trash paper.

Before I write more, I suggest people to refer various complaint by people on following link

Well, please note that first of all Jaro is not a management education institute. It is not approved by AICTE.
It is falsely misleading people and selling MBA of UBI which does not exist and also not recognized by Beligum government. Read the post, I am going to post a transcript which is a self acceptance of Jaro.

Further, it is also offering courses from North Eastern universities like MGU Shillong and Chandra Mohan Jha (Long form for the big degree seller CMJ University) University Meghalaya (Against MGU Shillong and 29 such other private universities government is already initiating action)

The fact is
1. The MBA offered by Jaro is a fake degree just like IIPM
2. None of the university whose degree is sold by Jaro is allowed permitted by DEC and UGC
3. None of the companies have accredited its MBA they are just making fool to people
4. They cannot provide placement to anybody
5. The MBA programme is not eligible for promotion in job and also not eligible for higher studies anywhere in the world.

I can openly debate and discuss about it. Below is the self explanatory transcript of my discussion with Jaro. It is an eye opener

(10:54:02) *** Visitor 6 joined the chat ***
(10:54:14) UBI Support, Auto Response: We offer MBA, PHD, Graduation & Post Graduation Degree Courses. We have International University as well as Indian AICTE-UGC-DEC Recognized University with 100% placement assistance, if you want any information then please feel free to ask
(11:05:34) Visitor 88843986: Hi
(11:05:39) *** Jaro joined the chat ***
(11:05:45) Jaro: hello
(11:05:49) Visitor 88843986: Want to know about MBA from UBI
(11:06:07) Jaro: sure... please assist me with your email id I will email you the course details along with brochure
(11:06:26) Visitor 88843986:
(11:06:31) Visitor 88843986: I have few queries
(11:06:39) Jaro: yes, please ask
(11:08:00) Jaro: I have sent the you the details, you will get the same within few minutes
(11:09:38) Govind: Is this institute approved by regulating body in Belgium like AICTE in India
(11:10:55) Jaro: United Business Institutes, Belgium is an autonomous institute and recognized by United States Distance Learning Association and United Kingdom Accreditation Services which are govt. appointed bodies
(11:11:45) Govind: So is this approved for Ph.D in India, UK, USA?
(11:12:08) Jaro: we also assist students our UBI students for PHD from Indian University
(11:12:59) Govind: which university accept UBI qualification in India
(11:13:13) Govind: I want to do FPM from IIM or Ph.D from TISS or IITs
(11:13:32) Jaro: we offer it from Chandra Mohan Jha University Meghalaya which is UGC recognized
(11:14:58) Govind: No, that university is a private university and does not have value. I want to do it from above mentioned institute or from FMS, Symbiosis , NMINS etc. Can I do Ph.D from there after doing MBA from YBI Belgium
(11:15:35) Jaro: you can contact them and check it from your end, as we are not offering the same from the above said institute
(11:15:46) Jaro: and I am not aware from their criteria
(11:17:53) Govind: no, but they accept post graduate from any institute which is approved or under the concerned department of higher education in respective countries like Dhaka University in Bangladesh, Kathmandu University in Nepal or Universiteit Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium
(11:19:07) Jaro: I guess it is better to contact institute if you want to do any courses from any particular institute
(11:19:11) Jaro: I guess it is clear now
(11:21:18) Govind: no, it is not clear because you are saying it is an autonomous institute, also I am not finding it on approved list of institute of higher education in Belgium further as per UGC directive, to offer any courses from a foreign university, those institute should take prior approval from UGC so has Jaro taken such approvals
(11:23:32) Jaro: as you are aware AICTE, DEC & UGC approval is given to indian Institutes having their campus in India
(11:23:48) Jaro: UBI is in Belgium
(11:24:01) Jaro: it does not require any approval from UGC
(11:24:16) Jaro: neither Jaro education requires approval from UGC as Jaro Education is not offering the degree
(11:25:00) Jaro: if you wan to check the eligibility for further education then it is better to contact the institute in which you want to take admission
(11:25:12) Jaro: so it will give you the clear idea about their criteria
(11:25:37) Govind: I know that but any universities worldwide will not accept a qualification of other institute unless the government of respective countries have established or at least approved the institutes. I am not talking about DEC. UGC has clearly indicated that a institute offering a degree from a foreign institute must take prior approval from UGC
(11:25:42) Jaro: if you want to do it from UGC recognized University then we also offer it from Indian University which UGC and DEC recognized
(11:26:19) Govind: I am looking for an international accredited MBA so preferring UBI
(11:26:19) Jaro: can you please share me the link
(11:26:34) Jaro: of UGC
(11:26:55) Jaro: which is stating the institute offering degree from foreign University requires UGC approval
(11:27:26) Govind: please read following para
(11:27:34) Govind: link is
(11:27:35) Govind:
(11:27:40) Govind: My question is:
(11:28:02) Govind: 1. Is UBI recognized as a higher education institute in Belgium by their Government?
(11:28:29) Jaro: can you guide with the para where it is mentioned
(11:29:05) Govind: 1.3. These shall apply to all the degrees/diplomas/certificates (including those offered in India in collaboration with foreign universities) offered under formal, non-formal or distance education mode by the private university.
(11:29:50) Jaro: 1st of all the guidelines are for the private universities
(11:29:58) Jaro: Jaro Education is not the private university
(11:30:13) Govind: ok
(11:30:16) Jaro: coming back to your question UBI is an autonomous body
(11:30:17) Govind: Thanks
(11:30:24) Govind: But answer me two questions
(11:30:35) Jaro: it is not having any accreditation from Belgium body
(11:30:50) Govind: 1. Is ths UBI an approved institute vy Government and hogher education body in Belgium
(11:31:20) Jaro: I guess I already answered for that
(11:31:25) Govind: 2. AIU approves all foreign university's acceptable qualification in India so whenever anybody apply for higher education in India, they refer AIU list
(11:31:38) Govind: is UBI Belgium is in AIU's approved institute's list
(11:31:45) Jaro: UBI is not the University
(11:31:51) Govind: this will clear my all doubt and I can apply for this programme
(11:32:07) Jaro: I guess it will clear the confusion now
(11:32:09) Govind: Even not a university, AIU approves institute of higher education too
(11:32:30) Jaro: it is not listed in AIU
(11:33:11) Govind: so you mean to say that 1. UBI is like IIPM institute in Belgium who is offering programme on its own and does not come under radar of government or to be more precise government has not given any formal approval to it
(11:33:33) Jaro: yes, right
(11:34:10) Govind: 2. Since it is not approved by AIU all institute's will not accept it for higher education or to apply for NET/SET exam and to do lecturer's job in India only few private universities like you told above will admit for Ph.D
(11:34:48) Jaro: to apply for NET exams one have to do Masters Course from UGC recongnized University as NET is conducted by UGC
(11:35:20) Govind: yes I know that but UGC approves foreign institute's degree which is approved by AIU
(11:35:44) Govind: so since this institute UBI, is not approved by AIU one cannot apply for NET and SET, right?
(11:36:06) Jaro: yes, right
(11:36:31) Jaro: anything else?
(11:38:01) Govind: thats all
(11:38:04) Govind: Thanks a lot
(11:38:07) Jaro: welcome
(11:38:26) Jaro: I have also sent you the details for MBA from Indian University
(11:38:59) Jaro: if it is of your interest then you can revert me on the same email
(11:39:54) Govind: sure
(11:39:55) Govind: thanks
(11:40:00) Jaro: most welcome
(11:40:06) Jaro: thanks for visiting website
(11:40:09) Jaro: have a great day ahead
(11:40:10) Jaro: cya
(11:41:10) Govind: what is the fee for MBA
(11:41:48) Govind: and gone through your prospectus, impressive. May I contact any of the students mentioned there
(11:42:30) Jaro: course fee for International MBA (1 Year) / International Executive MBA (9 Months) is 50000 INR (Single Payment), it is inclusive of textbooks, lectures, exams etc. You can also pay the fees via installments or education loan. Yes, you can contact our students from your side
(11:43:00) Govind: so how will I get their contact no
(11:43:12) Jaro: you can contact our counselor for the same
(11:43:22) Jaro: they are having the records of the students
(11:43:45) Govind: ok
(11:43:50) Jaro: you want me to send a request for the reference details of the students
(11:43:53) Govind: and how exam will happen?
(11:44:09) Govind: That will be great if you can do
(11:44:18) Jaro: There will be 2 semesters, Exams are conducted online and student have to give exams from APTECH Centres. Paper pattern will be in MCQ format (objective type questions)
(11:44:45) Jaro: sure... please assist me with your contact no.. I will send a request for the reference details.. you will get the confirmation call and sms with the contact details of the students
(11:45:12) Govind: 9960XXXXXX
(11:45:14) Govind: Thanks
(11:45:48) Jaro: thanks for providing the contact details... I am sending a request for the reference contact details... you will soon get the confirmation call
(11:51:20) Govind: thanks a lot
(11:51:33) Jaro: welcome again
(11:52:04) *** Govind left the chat ***

Now realise the truth. 

You may read my following post for choosing a right course


  1. Sir may be I am reposting the sane query but please don't consider it as spam as I am very desperate for your guidance.

    Hi Govind sir. Sir I did my BA from Periyar university Salem DEC division - pride.

    I had gap in my studies hence got lured and enrolled myself with an institute which offered degree in one year. I appeared for all three years exam at one go and got my result same year on a single mark sheet. I took admission in 2010 I was through with my graduation by 2011.

    Now when I apply for a job it generally states 10+2+3. Does that mean my degree is invalid and I am not eligible for that opening as I did my graduation in one year. However, from a UGC recognised university.

    Also, please advise if I can enrol myself for MA from Ignou on basis of this degree as once again it is issued from a UGC DEC recognised board.

    If this degree is invalid, please advise me how to overcome this hurdle? Would there be any university allowing higher studies on basis of degree issued by Periyar University - Salem.

    1. Hi
      Have you got the degree from university only? Please recheck. Directly contact the university. As per UGC regulations one sitting degree is banned since 1996

      Second, if it is from university and a genuine degree, you may ask university to provide transfer certificate and migration certificate where the duration of the course is mentioned

      Private employer may not ask a lot however one sitting degree will not be valid for higher education and public sector job.

    2. Hi,
      JARO call me again and again to join the MBA. Kindly assist

    3. I have provided factual things above. Tell them to produce letter from UGC stating that the degree offered in distance mode from Assam Down Town, Jodhpur National and MGU shillong is valid.

      For details you may refer

    4. Hi Sir,
      For the past 15 days JARO call me regularly then 24/06/2013 he said that i was booked the seat for you sir to join the course it is very useful for your carrier growth and also he send one SMS for 3 contact person no for verification purpose. After i said to join this course on 26/06/2013 that day he was call me i said today is not possible to pay the fee he said ok i will requested to my manager to extend for one day. Next day he call me i said i am not interested to join this course after he told me are you testing my network and you are giving the false commitment so tell me your team manager name and number i will speak to him. After i said to JARO EXECUTIVE why you are asking my manager name and number. After he told me i will do and immediately disconnect the call. Thanks for your review to save my time and money

  2. Thank you for your help sir.

  3. Hi Govind Sir,
    If possible can you please help me regarding this Fraud Jaro Education. I have almost lost Jaro Payment of Rs. 48,000/- and My advocate payment of Rs. 15,000/- and running to the consumer court at least 20 times in last 7 months. You can see my complain in:

    I have some more mail chain regarding their promises. If you need those I can forward you. My case against Jaro Education was dismissed by the Consumer Court in Bangalore. One of the major reason was that at the time of admission I signed on the Jaro Application form which is having a written condition that at any condition they are not going to refund me back the money even if they promised a lot of things verbally and on written mail. I am yet to get the copy of that signed condition. My advocate is trying to get me the copy of that signed condition. Consumer court is not at all considering those mail promises.

    Kind Regards,
    Snigdhanjan Sahoo.

    1. Hi,

      Do you have any written or recorded communication about it?
      Like the same I have posted above (transcript) where they have confirmed about job assistance and quality?
      I think your lawyer is not prepared well.
      You should not hire a lawyer, file application directly to consumer forum, if required I will prepare application draft.
      You may claim under:
      1. Deficiency in service
      2. Unfair trade practice under Consumer Dispute Act

    2. Hi Govind Sir,
      Below is the part of the first mail from Mr Arpit of Fraud Jaro Education who assured me for the placement assistance within 9 months on the subject line on Tue, May 8, 2012 at 11:08 AM. He send me this mail 4 times on May 8 in 4 different timing. After his assurance I took admission on May 10, 2012. In the court this Fraud Jaro Education telling that they assured the placement after completion of the course. Please send me your mail ID to my mail ID: so that I can send you all the detail.

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Arpit Jain
      Date: Tue, May 8, 2012 at 11:08 AM
      Subject: International Execuitive MBA with 100 % Placement with in 9 months for fast career growth
      To: Arpit Jain

      Greetings! Arpit Jain- 7760776021

      Thanks for showing interest in International MBA from UBI – Jaro Education for fast career growth, please find the details of Jaro Education- UBI Distance learning MBA.

      We offer you the International MBA Program in collaboration with UBI, Europe; International MBA (1 year) and International Executive MBA (9 months).

      You can also visit our website on: | | | |


      ü Online “live” classes from Monday to Friday, 8pm to 9pm; Missed lectures are saved online.

      ü Globally recognized; Certification & Memberships: UKAS-UK, ASCB- Europe, JAS-ANZ, USDLA & EAIE; Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India; NASSCOM

      ü 17 Different Specializations.

      ü 100% Placement Assistance.

      ü Industry oriented curriculum.

      ü Flexible Exams options; Exams can be given online through Aptech centers in a period of one month

      ü Payment: Affordable fees, Installment Option & Bank loan facility through HDFC Bank.

      INTERNATIONAL MBA – The course details


    3. Hi Govind Sir,
      I have sent you all the mail detail regarding Fraud Jaro Fake promises and all the consumer case detail. Please let me know if you can help me in this matter. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

    4. Will revert you on that by this weekend

  4. Hello Govind Sir,

    I think its too late for me to read this article. well I have already taken admission with Jaro for BBA from MGU Meghalaya and have received the study material. exam slots are also ready to be booked. 1st sem exams will be on 30th June and 1st July.

    If this is a fake degree then I do not want to waste my time for this degree. please reply me back as to if even the BBA degree from them through MGU meghalaya is fake??
    the course material appears to be MGU material and shows DEG-UGC approved


    1. HiDEC has been dissolved now and UGC is controlling distance education now. When the DEC gave approval it clearly told that it has to take separate approval from concerned body and also asked to follow territorial jurisdiction. as per previous direction UGC MGU Shilling has authority to offer degree only in Shilling city of Meghalaya. any degree offered and taken outside Shilling is not valid for higher education and for job. further, MGU Shilling is a degree scam and an inquiry is going against it. Tell Jato clearly about this and warn them to file complain against cheating. for details and UGC circular, you may refer my recent blogpost. After that you may take admission in BBA from a reputed central or state university.

  5. Dear Govind Sir,

    I am also one of the victims, got frustrated because of this biggest scam jaro education. If i would have known this before i must have saved my time and money. Now i'm sharing this thought to make people aware and not get spoiled their time and money. readers please be aware and dont join.

    Jaro education is one of the biggest fraud's in the nation - in the name of education they concentrating on money and which the students get irritated and torture.

    I am one of the victims, I am a current year student and continuing with it, the first and the worst decision I have made was that I joined in Jaro. They say course, exams, and the exam slot bookings and everything is total fake. The link they provide to book exams is total fake it never works out. And finally they asked us to pay reschedule exam fee, after you paid also the link will never work. So you continuously pay reschedule exam fee for every month which comes to 4000 pm, already they had 48000 course fees. Totally you should have pay 48000 + (4000 * 6) + 4000 {for Project} = 76000+ {it can increase}. Finally what you will get is nothing....

    I am the live example of getting irritated and totally frustrated,unsatisfied student of perfect fraudulent Jaro education.

    1. can i have ur number? i am about to pay fees to jaro for their coming batch in Aug. I want to know the facts.

    2. All the facts are well mentioned there. You may also refer other blog post in this blog.
      My numbers are in public domain

  6. Hello Govind ,

    What is your suggestion about the Sikkim manipal MBA distance education.

    1. Worst in quality, nom acceptance and they purely wants to make money at any cost

      please refer

  7. Dear Govind Sir,

    I am looking for a distance management institute, kindly advice which i can join, I am leaving in (Tanzania) and working as Manager - Shipping Export. i am interesting to do MBA to add qualification.

    I have done Graduation.


    1. Hi
      You may opt Open University of Tanzania

      IGNOU has given license to use IGNOU's study materials to this university

      If you want to visit India and appear for exam once in a year, you may opt
      1. Pondicherry University, DDE
      2. Bharthiar University
      3. University of Madras, Executive MBA (one year theory and 1 yer project so much convenient)

  8. Dear govind sir

    please help me ...

    past two days some one called from jaro..

    he was told about MBA online reqular degree in bharathiyar university - coimbatore...

    please suggest to me....

    1. Hi,
      Do not entertain them. Even if you want to pursue MBA from Bharthiar University, apply to University directly. As per UGC directive , a distance learning course taken admission to university through a private agency stands invalid. Jaro is a big scam and you may loose your money, time and will face lot of stress

  9. Hello Sir,

    Do we have any university In Karnataka which has distance degree program (BBA or BBM)?

    1. Bangalore University and Managlore University both offer this programme
      For entire list, please read my following blogpost

    2. Jaro MBA from Ulyanovsk State University okay?

    3. Not at all When I clearly mentioning Jaro as one of the biggest degree scam agency how can I recommend the same? Who knows about this university? It is another money making tactics of Jaro

    4. Hello Govind Sir,

      Im planning to take up MBA from UTS global education they offer MBA from Jaipur National University.

      Can i proceed with this.

      Please advice.



    5. You should not opt
      following blogpost clarify about it

  10. Hi Sir, My Wife completed her 12 in 2011 in 2012 & we got married & now she want to complete her education in HR field, Could you please guide me the further steps & now she is a Mum of 1 kid so cant go to a regular college, could you please guide me the University where she can opt & can study at home & also she wants to work as a HR in future so after 12 what she took take to pursue her dream role.

    1. Hi
      She should opt BBA or BBA with Computer application.
      She can do it from:
      Bharti Vidyapeeth, Distance Education
      University of Madras
      Jamia Milia Islamia
      Annamalai University
      All of them offer it in distance mode and fee are quite competitive (all 3 years should not cost more than 30000 including exam fee and course materials)
      Meanwhile, she may opt job as an HR recruiter in small organisation to gain knowledge

  11. Jaro is one of the worst so called institutes in India or the East for that matter. It promised to issue the degree within a few months after graduation. BUT one year later still no degree to be seen, Jaro has issued a 3 different versions of provisional letters from Jaro itself and not attested by the Ulyanovsk University where I completed the degree. I finished the program in March 2013, but Jaro is always giving me the run around and different dates for the convocation. They also advertised the degree to be EMBA with a major in Human Resource Management - now they tell me it is only Human Resource major- what a scam. I do not think that Ulyanovsk is aware of Jaro's incompetence otherwise they would never had associated themselves with the useless fraud institute. WARNING STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT.

    1. agree, they threatened me with legal action, provided them my address to send legal notice but still awaiting lol

    2. Which is good Annamalai or bharathair or bharatdasan university for BBA in distance mode from dubai as all are having the exam center kindly reply

      Good job and take care as people not like honest guy

    3. Annamalai Univ. is well established but rest of the univ. are also good. Just check if IGNOU has any tie up with the local univ. for exams and course material which is the best option if available

  12. Could you please provide me with your mail I'd?

  13. Dear Sir,
    I finished my Jaro education as a one year MBA course and also I received the certificate and marks sheet but when I go for Indian attestation they said they cannot find signature of the certificate so they rejected my certificate.
    after that I contact jaro but they are still not replaying almost total amount I was paid around 75000.00 for one year international MBA course.

    1. Thanks. Such reporting open people's eye too. First of all, Jaro's qualifications are not valid for attestation as :
      1. For attestation the degree must have approval from authorities such as UGC DEB and AICTE
      2. The degree must be of 2 years duration

      Jaro has failed in both the parameters and believe me, they are never going to support you. Recently, they tried to block my this article and they failed to do so.
      You should file a complaint under Consumer Protection Act 1986 under unfair trade practice. Jaro is a commercial organisation and not exempted from any law.

  14. Dear Sir
    I'm a Kenyan and due to the nature of my work as a lodge manager, going back to college is quite challenging and therefore I opted for an online MBA. Now sir please advice me if it is wise to do an MBA from National Institute of Business Management NIBM in India. How authentic are their MBA degree certificates, my email is Thank you

  15. Dear Mr. Govind i have read your details & blogs about jaro. if you are a chief advisor and in the panel expert with then why are you added jaro Education's listing in your portal


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