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Assam Down Town University's is awarding degree without approval

Hi Friends, 

My fight against private universities who are just interested in selling degree continues. I sent mail to UGC and Ministry of HRD about it mentioning few of the errant universities and so far got reply from ICFAI, Jodhpur National  and now from Assam Down Town. One of my professional connection in linkedin informed me that how I saved his money and valuable year (after reading my blog) and he managed to get his fee back too. I am just trying to clean the system. Our collective efforts can definitely give prestige to distance and non conventional learning system in India which is rotten now. I do not say that ADTU is selling degree like CMJ, MGU and EIILM but it is also true that it violated all the norms, make it easier to grab the degree for money. 

I got a mail from deputy registrar of Assam Down Town University as follows. I hope this will help you to understand the whole process and I expect a proper action from ministry of HRD:

Debojit Bhattacharya (

We are in receipt of a general complaining against private Universities where you have also added our name.
We wanted to assure you that the down town group, which is the promoter of the Assam down town University, is a very reputed and indigenous group from the North Eastern India. It is with great hardship that we have been able to establish the Assam down town University. As of today we are offering courses in Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Nursing, Paramedical and Hotel Management.
Our University has been formed under the Assam state Legislature and our courses have been approved by Indian Nursing Council (INC), AICTE, Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), Indian association of Physiotherapist (IAP). We are in the process of getting accreditation from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) (Inspection pending) as well as Distance Education Council (DEC) (Inspection was over in November 2012 and we are awaiting for a final reply). As a private University we don’t necessarily have to take certain accreditations but we still believe in following all necessary norms and accreditations. We are also awaiting UGC inspection for registration under section 2 (f).
We have been inspected several times, by several representatives, from all the mentioned national bodies, besides the state bodies and we have never faced any problems. Our inspection reports are also available in all the councils mentioned above for any to see as per the councils norms. If any doubts need to be raised about our functioning, we are sure, that all the Indian government appointed councils are competent to do so.
We are a new University, set up only in 2010. Most of our courses are professional courses and till now only a handful of students have graduated and hence got a degree/diploma. So, I don’t know where the case of fake degree came about. We have almost 200 odd faculties in the University and 40+ PhD guides. We have some PhD students but till today no PhD has been awarded and we don’t see any PhD being awarded till at least another year or may be even longer. Please kindly let us know where and how you encountered our PhDs being sold?
Your concerns are genuine and may be true but they are general concerns about the state of Indian Education and a few players. If you have encountered any representative misleading you and anyone, about us then you are most welcome to contact us.
Most importantly sir, we have no record with us that you have ever tried to contact us to raise your concerns or indicated anything wrong in our administration. If you have a genuine problem kindly bring it to our notice first and after that if you still feel our intent is maligned and we are doing it intentionally, then you are most welcome to complain to whoever you deem fit.
Hoping for your support,
Mr. Debojit Bhattacharya
Deputy Registrar (Academic)
Assam down town University

___________________________my reply_________________________________

Dear Mr. Debojit,

Thanks a lot for your mail and reply. To my surprise, I found your reply completely reactive, half truth and not properly written. 
Please note that yours is a private university (although it is passed by state legislature Act which is mandatory or have become mandatory after honourable supreme court judgment on Prof. Yashpal V/s State of Chhatisgarh and others and also as per the direction of UGC under UGC (ESTABLISHMENT OF AND MAINTENANCE OF STANDARDS IN PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES) REGULATIONS, 2003

Please refer following points of the Act
3.3. A private university established under a State Act shall operate ordinarily
within the boundary of the State concerned. However, after the development of
main campus, in exceptional circumstances, the 
university may be permitted to open off-campus centres, off-shore campuses and
study centres after five years of its coming into existence, subject to the following
3.3.1. The off-campus centre(s) and / or the study centre(s) shall be set up with
the prior approval of the UGC and that of the State Government(s) where the
centre(s) is/are proposed to be opened.

Please also refer UGC notification on private universities:
Public Notice on Private Universities 

It has come to the notice of the University Grants Commission that some of the State Private Universities have affiliated colleges and started off-campus centre(s) in violation of the UGC (Establishment of and Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulation, 2003 and against the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court in case of Prof. Yash Pal & Others vs. State of Chhattisgarh & Others. Some of these Universities are running these Centres on franchising basis also which is not allowed. 

It is also informed that Private Universities cannot affiliate an institution/college. They cannot establish off campus centre(s) beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the concerned State. However, they can establish off-campus centre(s) within the concerned State after their existence of five years and with the prior approval of the University Grants Commission. So far, UGC has not approved any off campus centre(s) of any Private University.
Course(s) under distance mode can be started by the private university only after the prior approval of the UGC-AICTE and DEC joint Committee for which Director, Distance Education Council, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi - 110068 is the coordinator.
Note: Even the DEC stands dissolved now, when you were offering the distance learning programme, you violated the norms. You have been offering distance learning courses in the name of online education since 2010. 

You are selling the degrees and it is clearly visible. Please see following points:
1. You are not allowed to offer distance learning programme anywhere. Even if you would have got the approval from DEC, it was not allowed to offer  outside of Guwahati as per UGC and earlier DEC guideline. Still you have opened distance learning shops all over the nation. Can you please explain why?

2. You are also prohibited to offer courses in franchisee mode. You have appointed UTS Global as your agent to offer courses online, conduct examination for your all online courses (please refer attached jpeg file where you have granted authorisation and speak the truth. How can you appoint a franchisee to offer a distance learning programme by violating UGC's direction and also violating the territorial norms?

3. You say you have not offered so many degrees. As per your agent UTS Global, You have admitted 12000+ students to different courses and many have completed it too. How it is possible then?

Let us see about your other violations:

Violation #1
From 2010 onwards only, you started offering distance learning programme. Do you have that much capacity? The programmes seems to be developed by UTS global. How a University can accept a qualification developed by a private agency and how much it is reliable?

Violation #2
All students admitted without an entrance examination to MBA programme. However as per DEC guideline, it is mandatory to admit students to management programme through entrance exam only. Why this was not followed and even before that why did not you take DEC approval before starting distance/ online programme?

Violation #3
You admitted fresher without any experience. You just supplied with useless paper degree from a useless university. What reputation you are talking about? What have been the major achievement of this university since its inception? Private universities are good, they are need of the hour but only if they are working exceptionally hard to provide quality education. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, it is not happening.  

Violation #4
Duration of MBA (distance mode) kept 1 years (for Executive MBA) instead of 3 years and also 2 years instead of 3 years. It is widely known that if a qualification is not approved by AICTE and for earlier time by DEC, the qualification is neither valid for higher education nor for public sector job. for private sector job, as an HR head I will never accept it. My fight is not only against you, it is against all such universities who are just selling degrees. You can refer my following blogpost too

You will also find that I do not do nonsense talk. During May 2013 post, I wrote about Vinayak Mission University and how it is helping to sell the degree/ has given centre to a private individual who was involved in degree scam. Finally that person Vinay got arrested yesterday for degree scam. Please refer:

You and your agent are misleading general public.
You say that by being a private university, you do not need to take approval from any monitoring body. Sir, you are wrong and again misleading. Whether you are private or central or state government university, you have to take approval from every necessary body. I do not deny that all these regulating bodies are absolutely corrupt and by taking money they have given recognition for non-deserving institutes too, still at some extent they have done good work and did not allow to sell degrees openly. You are duty bound to take approval from all bodies whether AICTE, MCI, PCI, NCI, NCTE, BCI, AYUSH and if would have not been dissolved from DEC too. Your reply saying "waiting for DEC reply" itself tells that you are not keeping update on whatever happening at higher level. DEC is dissolved now and UGC assume the charges.
Please refer:

Your agent UTS says that UGC has approved your online MBA degree. The fact is that helplessly UGC has approved your university and not the degree. Although there is controversy about honourable supreme court judgment about only advisory role of AICTE, it is well known fact that government is going to give AICTE's power back to it. 

I never said you are selling Ph.D degrees. It is about CMJ and MGU however, my mail was clearly about how you are desparate to sell MBA  and other programmes in the market. 
Can anybody learn management by just studying online? Without discussing real business problem in group through case study method? 
As of now, the approval is given to only full time executive MBA of 15 months and AICTE has clearly said rest all programmes should be considered as certificate programme only. Then how can you sell it saying as an executive MBA programme in 1 year?

You are a degree seller
You ask students to submit scan copy of marksheet through mail for admission. Can you please tell us (the entire people marked CC in this mail) that how do you verify that the students maksheet and degree credential is genuine and how do you verify that. How many frauds cases you have found and you took action? (Mumbai University does it. They send all mark sheet of other universities for verification and more than 80,000 people take admission in its various distance learning programmes). Please see the chat transcript below:
Chat started on 10 Jun 2013, 10:29 AM

Online Education Counsellor: Welcome! How may I assist you?
Visitor: Hi want to know about executive MBA from Assam Down Town
(10:29:35) *** joined the chat ***
(10:29:36) *** joined the chat ***
(10:29:36) Hello...!!
(10:29:38): ok
(10:29:47): May i know your academic details and total work exp?
(10:29:56) Visitor: XXXXX
(10:30:02) Visitor: XXXXXX
(10:30:09) Visitor: 7 years experience in Operation
(10:30:39) UTS counsellor: ok
(10:30:47) UTS counsellor: Could you please provide me your name, mail Id and contact no so that I can send you the details of the program.
(10:31:48) UTS counsellor: ?
(10:32:39) UTS counsellor: are you there?
(10:33:43) Visitor: yes
(10:33:45) Visitor: hi
(10:34:36) Visitor: please send it to me on
(10:34:42) Visitor: first tell me about executive MBA
(10:35:56) UTS counsellor: ok
(10:36:04) UTS counsellor: It is 1 year program
(10:36:21) UTS counsellor: May I have your contact number
(10:37:11) Visitor: XXXXXX
(10:37:23) UTS counsellor: Thank you
(10:37:54) UTS counsellor: We do ave stand alone EMBA duration 1 year fees 44000
(10:38:31) UTS counsellor: in installment
(10:38:32) Visitor: ok
(10:38:38) UTS counsellor: and 40000 in 1 time
(10:38:41) Visitor: but is it approved by AICTE and UGC
(10:39:15) UTS counsellor: it is approved by UGC
(10:39:24) UTS counsellor: and PGD + EMBA also
(10:39:41) UTS counsellor: in which you will be getting PGD and EMBA both
(10:39:58) Visitor: no but MBA must be apprioved by AICTE
(10:40:00) Visitor: is it?
(10:40:04) UTS counsellor: no
(10:40:12) UTS counsellor: According to Govt norms'
(10:40:21) Visitor: ohh. then how will I be able to puruse Ph.D after this
(10:40:38) UTS counsellor: AICTE is not necessary even for regular MBA also
(10:41:02) UTS counsellor: If you are looking for P.hd
(10:41:13) UTS counsellor: 2 years MMBA
(10:41:56) UTS counsellor: Because for P.hd duration of Post Graduation Degree must be 2 years
(10:42:09) Visitor: ok
(10:42:12) Visitor: but DEC
(10:42:17) Visitor: is it approved by that>
(10:42:34) UTS counsellor: you want to go for P.hd after MBA right'
(10:43:16) Visitor: right
(10:43:29) Visitor: so even for a 2 year MBA DEC approval is required is not it?
(10:44:16) UTS counsellor: you can go for PGD + MBA from Jaipur National University
(10:44:22) Visitor: ok
(10:44:28) UTS counsellor: which is approved by UGC and DEC both
(10:44:39) Visitor: why not Assam Down Town as it seems easier and attractive
(10:44:54) UTS counsellor: You can also do
(10:44:56) Visitor: means Assam Down Town is not approved by AICTE and DEC
(10:45:06) UTS counsellor: It is your choice
(10:45:08) *** Seheen left the chat ***
(10:45:21) UTS counsellor: It is approved by UGC
(10:46:16) Visitor: ok
(10:46:24) Visitor: and degree valid for higher education
(10:46:29) UTS counsellor: yes
(10:47:16) Visitor: including PH.D (Assam Down Town)
(10:48:40) Visitor: also you say 100% online so where will I give exam, from home?
(10:48:45) UTS counsellor: yes you can do
(10:49:32) Visitor: online exam from home?
(10:51:05) UTS counsellor: You will have to visit our exam center
(10:51:23) Visitor: ok
(10:51:55) UTS counsellor: For admission process, kindly scan following documents and mail it to me at: UTS •1 colour passport size photo •Academic documents and Marks sheets •Photo ID proof(PAN card/licence/voter ID/passport)
(10:51:56) Visitor: how many students are doing MBA from Assam Down Town and which one is better Assam Down Town or Jaiour National?
(10:52:06) UTS counsellor: May I call you?
(10:52:50) Visitor: Actually I am at work and have limited access to phone
(10:53:04) UTS counsellor: ok
(10:53:07) Visitor: thats why more comfortable over chat mode
(10:53:39) Visitor: and I am from Mumbai, will I get Mumbai exam centre
(10:53:40) UTS counsellor: Both are recognised and well known University in India and globally valid
(10:54:01) UTS counsellor: yes, you can choose any exam center
(10:54:48) Visitor: ok
(10:55:38) Visitor: approximately how many students are pursuing programmes from Assam Down Town? Because if it is more visible in industry then it can help me better to get job and ormotion
(10:56:03) UTS counsellor: approx 12000
(10:56:14) Visitor: good.. already passed?
(10:57:20) UTS counsellor: Total, some of them completed, some of them arev pursuing
(10:57:27) Visitor: great
(10:57:41) Visitor: thanks for help. I will think about it and will get back to you
(10:58:35) UTS counsellor: I am sending you all the details
(10:58:40) Visitor: sure
(10:58:45) Visitor: Please do that
(10:58:47) Visitor: thanks
(10:59:27) UTS counsellor: and awaiting your documents
(11:05:04) Visitor: thanks UTS counsellor for your all help. Let me review all the options and will get back to you
(11:06:39) *** Visitor left the chat ***

I hope this is clear and reveal the truth. Still, if you have any counter claim or evidence to refuse this, please revert

Govind Sharma


  1. Hi Mr. Govind,

    Thank you for doing everything and letting people know about scam of so called online education degrees.

    You being a great helper to world wide indian community, I need your assistance and advise and also have question. Please review my concerned below.

    1. I have 10 years of experience and working on supervisory position in middle east but the problem is that I don't have any diploma or degree in my field of experience or etc. Now what are the best option to study while in Middle east ? I have heard lot about CMJ University,UTS global, Jaro and at last about MGU meghalaya but I dont get even a bit of good review from anywhere except their own staff member who might be working on commission basis.
    2. What is your advise about Sikkim Manipal university online who offer courses at their centers all over the india and abroad ?
    3. What is the best solution to start further study ?


    1. Hi


      See, UK and Australia has mature entry into professional courses like MBA, this means these countries offer MBA to those who are 25 years and above, have good number of years of work experience and has ability to pursue MBA even without graduation.
      In India, a second degree without first degree stands invalid for academic and higher studies purpose but many top UK universities, Australian universities accept matured entry

      For private job, such MBAs definitely works but they are very costly. Look at following example of Manchester University MBA requirement
      If you do not have a degree it may be possible to gain a place without the specified formal academic qualifications. Your application will be considered through the accreditation of prior learning (APL), which may be certificated or experiential. Credit is allocated for evidence of achieving appropriate and assessed learning outcomes, rather than for experience itself. We can consider your application if:

      You can demonstrate high levels of achievement, exceptional career progression and significant management experience in a leadership position or,
      You have an excellent track record as a successful entrepreneur
      You need to show alternative evidence of intellectual ability e.g. strong school results, professional training courses, non-degree business qualifications. A strong GMAT score and/or strong performance on the Manchester Admissions Test will be required.

      We advise you to discuss your circumstances with one of our Course Counsellors before submitting an application.

      They do not give entry to anybody, they assess and then they decide. Degree requirement is equally rigoous

      Whereas CMJ and other such scamster universities will provide you degree even if you do not study (by now, CMJs all degrees are invalid)

      Even Sikkim Manipal ask for graduation certificate (even a photocopy or a fake degree)

      I have advised solution to you

      If you are planning MBA anyway, you may pursue a graduation first (BBA) and then may opt MBA or go for a mature entry MBA in UK or Australia (full time mode/ part time mode/ distance mode)

  2. Hi Again,

    What about Jaipur National University which in partnership with Utsglobal providing degree ?


    1. Don't do it
      Quality wise it will not be good
      Recognition wise also, it is a private university hence any course offered outside its campus even in distance mode is invalid
      Further, UTS is a private agency and UGC has strictly said that none of the universities are allowed to offer any degree through a private agency in franchisee agreement. So avoid it and opt many other alternatives.Go thorugh my various blogpost on this and also on to check feedback about each distance learning institute and validity

  3. Hi Govind,

    Hats off to your efforts & courage to stand for truth....

    I am about to in-roll for distance MBA from UTS-JNU or UTS-ADT (Assam Down town). But after going through your blog & facts. i am certain not to enroll for UTS-ADT. I also wanted to check if its fine to enroll UTS-JNU or otherwise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi
      Do not enroll for any of these institute
      Give first preference to a central university like Pondicherry University, AMU or IGNOU if not then opt a state university but avoid private and deemed universities. All the universities you have mentioned above are involved in high degree scam and violation of UGC guideline

  4. Sir, I have completed my graduation 10 year back. I am currently living in thane. I am looking to enroll Executive MBA (Finance) one year program. Pls. guide me which university offers distance mode.

    1. Hi,
      Executive MBA of 1 years are not valid for higher education and for public sector job. You may pursue 2 years executive MBA in distance mode from University of Madras. It has exam centre in Mumbai
      During 1st year, you study theory and next 1 year you work for project.

      Alternatively, you may pursue 1 year PG Diploma from Pondicherry University and then you can get lateral entry into second year of the MBA from Pondicherry University too. It has exam centre in Mumbai too

    2. Thanks,
      I am now working with PSU (Govt. of Maharashtra). What about 2 year MBA Karnataka state open university / 1 year E MBA. and 2.6 yrs MBA from YCMOU

      I am not looking for higher education. I am only looking this course for betterment such as promotions / to apply higher post. One of the criteria for higher post is MBA. can you suggest me difference between EMBA is equivalent to MBA.

  5. I am Kenyan and need to do MSc Information Technology,I've been thinking to enroll an Assam Down Town University or Don Bosco University global through University18. Does it mean they are also not genuine. Which Indian University can I enroll for the course distance education? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi,
      Both of them are private universities and Indian Government has allowed them to offer degree course only in the state where they are situated. They cannot offer any degree even in distance or online mode outside the city hence their degree becomes invalid.
      You may opt IGNOU who offers distance learning MCA however it is not available in Kenya.

  6. Thank you so much.

    So apart from IGNOU offering MCA, which other University is authorised to offer Online courses in Information Technology? I would prefer a 2 year masters course in IT / Software Engineering / Computer Science.

    1. Nobody can offer online exam at home however online support with compulsory practical at designated centre is offered by various institutes. They are
      University of Madras
      Annamalai University
      Madurai Kamraj University
      Anna University
      State Open Universities
      You may prefer any suitable to you.

  7. Dear sir,

    really thank you for all your efforts and giudance..

    i am a hsc with a experience of 10 years.. i have done graduation from unrecognised institiute.. today i visited uts and was guided for a dual mba in hr and ops.. i want to do mba.. please guide on possibilities..

    1. Hi
      For an MBA you must be a graduate from a recognized university otherwise the degree may not be useful
      Avoid UTS

  8. Dear Sir,

    I Appreciate your forward also some more Universities in the list...Don Basco University from Assam and Manav Bharathi University Himachal Pradesh. Now Assam Dan Basco University even try to improve thier admissions by playing cheap trick by how I saved from Assam Downtown University. Sirkindly guide me I want to join Energy Management MBA which University offering it though Distance Mode in public sector Universities.

    1. Hi,
      You may opt Anna University, Tamil Nadu

  9. Hello sir,
    Thank you so much sir, in coming days I will take enroll for executive MBA program of Assam down town but when I read your blog I completely gone off. You are saved my time and money also. Hats off I m from pune, I have completed I wanted to do executive MBA. I have 3 yr. Work exp. Can u help me from where I will do my mba

    1. You may opt Bharti Vidyapeeth and DY PAtil
      Both have campus in Pune

  10. Hello Govind
    Hope you are doing good.
    I have completed my B.E in IT and have a work experience of 3 years.
    I want to pursue a MBA in IT Management through distance mode.
    Could you please suggest some universities which I should check-out.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi
      You may opt University of Madras, Bharti Vidyapeeth and Annamalai University

    2. Hello Govind
      Thanks for your say!
      I checked out the 3 universities..University of Madras does not have IT Management.
      The rest 2 i.e Bharti Vidyapeeth and Annamalai University have it acc. to you which should be given 1st preference..
      And 1 more thing can you tell any university from Andhra Pradesh..

    3. Hi,
      University of Madras has executive MBA with System as a specialisation you may choose that
      Bharti Vidyapeeth is available in Mumbai and Delhi only. If you are from any of these cities opt it otherwise opt Annamalai

    4. Hello Govind
      Can you let me know your opinion about MBA in Operations from IGNOU . How is the course and the university?
      Will it be helpful on corporate grounds?

    5. Hi,
      Please refer my latest blogpost on this

  11. Hi Govind,

    What about PGDBA In IT offered by MITSDE PUNE but driven by UTS global?

    Any idea or suggestions? Is it a valid & acceptable degree or just same like adtu?

    plz guide us..

    1. Not approved and does not have corporate value too. It is just a diploma. If you are looking from knowledge perspective you may choose but from academic and career prospects, it has no value

  12. Hi,

    what about 1 year degree in Hindi offered by Mumbai Hindi vidyapeeth??

    they says its valid by state gov of Maharashtra.. & acceptable for govt. Jobs..

    is it?

  13. Hi Sir.

    I am from Mozambique and I intend to pursue an MBA (online) in Telecommunication, from what I have seen most of the institutions I was considering (mostly because of the affordable prices from 2500 to 3500 USD) are in the list that you do not recommend. Can you please help me with some other suitable choices? Thank you

    1. Hi,
      Please check IGNOU if available in your country, I guess it is

  14. Assam down town University
    However I would like to inform you that kindly check it properly that it is of last year 2013 phase.
    Please check it, as It is clearly mentioning in the link itself.

    And also check the updated site of UGC recognition. (page 18 of 122)
    Online means : advance mode of study and they also provide text books.

    1. UGC has replied to my RTI query clearly stating that online exam is not approved from it hence such degree stands invalid

  15. Hi Govind Sir,
    Your blog is really helpful. I wanted to know whether pursuing Ph.D from a private university in Assam would be fruitful? Kindly advice. Thankyou


    1. Hi,
      Please do not opt. Prefer a state or a central university. In Assam, none of the private universities could provide quality education and they are under constant controversy.
      Also, please go through my following blogpost for more details about PhD

  16. Hi Govind Sir,
    your blog is really helpful. I wanted to know whether pursuing Ph.D from a private university in Assam would be fruitful? Kindly advice. Thankyou

    1. Hi
      Assam does not have a good private university, please avoid it

  17. Hi Govind,

    Thank you for the informative post. I have a quick query, I am a graduate with 10 years of experience and just want to get an MBA degree as now a days most of the employers prefer it. Can I go for MBA from jaipur national university of assam downtime. I just saw Assam downtime university is approved by DEB UGC also.

    My only reason is that they offer flexible exams options that would would fit well with my schedule.

    Would the degree be valid if I further want to persue Phd or some other course.


  18. Hi Govind,

    Thank you for the informative post. I have a quick query, I am a graduate with 10 years of experience and just want to get an MBA degree as now a days most of the employers prefer it. Can I go for MBA from jaipur national university of assam downtime. I just saw Assam downtime university is approved by DEB UGC also.

    My only reason is that they offer flexible exams options that would would fit well with my schedule.

    Would the degree be valid if I further want to persue Phd or some other course.


  19. Hi, Govind, I am 15 years experineced professional with MScIT degree. now I want to do MBA prog from state open university. will it be helpful for PSU job or research...kindly guide...

  20. Hi Sir,

    I Have done my Diploma and has 6 yrs industrial exp.
    Is Asam Down is a recognised University to do Executive MBA.



    1. only 2.5 years programme if you attend exams at its main campus only

  21. Hi, Govind, I am 15 years experineced professional with MScIT degree. now I want to do MBA prog from state open university. will it be helpful for PSU job or research......

    Waiting for your kind guidenc...

    1. I think I have already replied this. Please opt IGNOU

  22. @JK do not opt both Jaipur National and Assam Downtown university
    Both are private and cannot offer any course outside its campus

  23. what about pursuing B.Sc. MLT from AssamDowntown Uni.from the campus itself. pls reply..

    1. Dear Shally,
      You may go ahead if it is a full time course.It does not have approval to offer B.Sc. MLT in distance mode

  24. I have done my 10+2 (PUC) + 3 yrs Diploma from Recognised college from Karnataka. I want to do BSC ( IT). I am planning from ADTU . Is it a good option.
    If not then please let me know the best University so that I can persue the BSC (IT) Degree.

    1. no, please do not do.
      Please refer my following blog post (please copy and paste in your browser if link is not working)
      Do not opt ADTU as it cannot offer any course outside its campus. If you can attend all courses and exams at its campus in Assam, then only opt. Also, quality wise it may not be that much good

  25. Hi, Mr. Govind,

    I am 15 years experineced professional with MScIT degree.
    Now I want to do MBA prog from state open university. will it be helpful for PSU job or research......

    Kindly guide...


    1. Hi,
      In that case please prefer IGNOU as it has AICTE approval and being a central university, it can offer course across India and safest. Yes, you may opt state universities (don't opt private) and check if they have AICTE approval
      public sector job and higher studies always need an AICTE UGC DEB approved degree

  26. hi,
    i have completed diploma in civil engineering from nooral islam polytechnic college, then did distant from poorvanchal open university, hydrebad. i have 7 yrs experience. i would like to do distant MBA, is it possible for me to join any govt. university like bharathiar, madras univ, can u pls suggest me on deciding a university for my MBA, if possible a 1 yr EMBA

    1. Hi,
      there is no such open university call, Poorvanchal Open University so the university and degree is fake. Unfortunately. you will not be able to do MBA from any approved university

  27. Mr Govind,

    Need your suggestion, I have B.Sc. (3 Years) in Physics Hons and 17 years of IT experiance. I would like to complete Masters in Information Technology. Could you please suggest the Online Master course in Science or Information Technology.


    1. Hi Ajay,
      There is no such fully online programme available however you may opt a distance learning MCA/ m.Sc. IT with few compulsory practical classes
      You may choose following institutes
      Madras University
      Annamalai University
      Bharati Vidyapeeth
      University of Mumbai

      If you are least worried about AICTE approval you may choose Worked Integrated Learning PRogramme (WILP) of BITS Pilani They offer MS courses in software and IT

  28. Hi Govind,

    I have completed my graduation and working for MNC company. I'm planned to do distance MBA . can you please suggest me best one. which specializations has more future.

    1. Hi,
      ideally you should do a part time MBA with definite number of compulsory lectures, if not possible then go for a distance MBA
      you should choose a central university or a reputed state university
      You may check Pondicherry university, University of Madras, Bharati Vidyapeeth, D Y Patil University etc
      About specialisation, you should opt the same in which you are working. if you are not sure you should opt operation, strategy or general management

    2. right now I'm working in software and I'm from hyderabad. i'm looking for Dual specialization in MBA. I think to do in IT MANAGEMENT and HR MANAGEMENT. give me best option for future according to my field of work.

  29. Hi Govind Sir,

    i am working abroad and have to complete my bachelors degree.
    Today i visited a institute they provide distance education from Jaipur national university, they said exams will be held here only no need to go to india.
    Please suggest it would help me in my future in job or i shall look for any other institute

  30. hi sir ,i did my bsc biotechnology nw i was thinking of joing downtown foe msc biotech is it ok wit it?

  31. Sir, is degree (b.e) from AMIE recognized

  32. Hi Mr. Sharma,
    Greetings for the Day !
    Some one approached me with CJM Meghalay, mark sheets and I was looking for its verification and somehow landed to your this blog.
    I salute you for your selfless efforts and support to all approachers. Going through all this now I am curious to know something for me and am sure you will surely revert me.
    About me - I have 18 yrs work experience in private sector of which initial four years as equipment and system maintainer on the basis of my diploma in Electronics & Comm. I came in Punjab in 2004 and continued to work in school as admin officer for two yrs as there were no industrial sector in my place, then in Health & Fitness Eqpt. retail as G.Manager of outlet for another six yrs. In mean while I did BBA from Sikkim Manipal University through their distance learning mode in 2012.
    Now I wish to acquire MBA degree which should be valid. I can not go for regular course as I am a working person and have also learnt that weight-age of regular course for an experienced working person is too very low and he should go with correspondence / distance learning course.
    I humbly request your guidance and anticipate your response in my e-mail preferanly. I am now in Bathinda (Punjab).
    Kind Regards


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