Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using linkedin best way to search and get job

Hi Friends,

Linkedin is not just about adding people, posting business related message or just getting like button. The first and foremost mistake people commit with linkedin that, they connect to the people related to their need and immediately send message for business proposal and request for job.
This is something weird and may not work. You can optimise your linkedin profile to get a right job.

Dos for getting right job through linkedin

  1. Complete your profile: It is very necessary for you to update your profile. Make it in such a way that it should attract people's attention. Clear it from unwanted information. I am an open networker. I accept most of the request on linkedin. Reason: I believe in philosophy that every human being is a resource and an assets some or other way. Networking is the best way to stay in touch with them. It is good to help each other and to grow with each other. A resources may not be utilised this time but somewhere in the future. But, this also means not that I accept all the request. I do not accept incomplete profile. Few common mistakes are, people hide their organisation's name, they do not write their designation, they do not mention contact numbers, they do not update about their past organisation and assignment. A complete profile attracts more viewer for your profile than an incomplete profile. Regularly update it. 

  2. Engage, engage and engage: Only becoming member and networker is not sufficient. You need to participate and engage yourself in various activities. Everyday, at least half an hour keep aside for engaging yourself in linkedin. You should spend time in reading blogs and articles, reading what other people have posted and commented, check profile of the people from similar profile, function and verticals, clicking and sharing on job posted on linkedin, applying on job posted in linkedin. See one such example here:

3. Share knowledge: If somebody ask for a specific information on linkedin and if you have the knowledge about the subject matter, you must respond to it. It helps recruiter to shortlist you as it shows your skill set too.

4.Recommend other for job: If you find somebody has posted job on status update, do not just like it but also in comments suggest somebody to whom you know personally and fits the job. It always have dual benefit, first- the recruiter see you have a helping attitude and chances are more that they will visit your profile for once, second, the person whom you have recommended also show gratitude towards you naturally. 

5. Respond to mail and request

Whenever somebody write for your help, you must respond them as soon as possible for you (without investing lot of time on it). If you are not in a position to provide support, please respond them politely you cannot help. I usually receive lot of mail about recruitment consultancy's tie up, still I respond them with reason for my inability to help them.

6. Join linkedin group: There are many sector specific and job specific groups on linkedin. You must join such group selectively. These groups are enriched with information, job and helps a lot in building networks. I have joined few group such as MTHR, Administration department in India, corporate HR head and so on. You should search on google or on linked in for such group and join them. 

7. Visit profile of the people with whom you want to connect: You should search people by company or by designation and visit their profile. In Linkedin, a member can see who visited their profile. When they see that you have visited their profile, some of them may visit your profile too. It may help you.

8. Recommendation: You must connect with ex-colleague and people from previous organisation where you worked. With this, if you have dealt with somebody in that organisation, request them to write recommendation about you. Recommendation from people who have worked with you give a positive way. Always look for genuine feedback only. You should also reciprocate similar feedback to other people. It is best if you get recommendation from your reporting head and co-worker in the same department. See example below:

There may be more tips but I hope these are enough for now. You may write comment and I may add them also one by one. Let is discuss about don't. 


1. Never post political or personal message on linkedin: Please keep in mind that linkedin is meant for professional network so post comments, updates, message related to your professional career and business only. Avoid writing political comments or supports on it. For it, you may use facebook.

2. Do not update as you are looking for job: I have seen few people updating their status as their qualification and as they are looking for job. This is a bad practice. On linked in profile, there is already an option "contact for"

3. Do not add unnecessary qualifications: You might have pursued various qualifications but all of them may not be relevant to your job profile, remove them. Having multiple degree do not help you to get the job but relevance qualifications definitely help. Pit necessary qualifications only. 

4.Do not endorse and recommend to unknown people: Sometime I get auto request from linkedin to endorse people for skills and I see few of my connection endorse me for skills too. It is a mistake and can be wrong for your credentials. I always endorse only if I know that person. I write recommendation to people, whom I know well and with whom I have worked. You should never ask for recommendation from a connection to whom you do not know professionally and personally i.e. with whom you have never worked. This creates a bad impression. Take care of this for a clean and better profile. 

I hope you will like this post. 


  1. Govind, very nice post. Most of the people searching jobs on LinkedIn keep asking you to recommend them but don't pause for a min to think why someone should recommend or spend 2 mins of their time when half the requests are auto generated.

    LinkedIn is a very valuable tool, but used very ignorantly. Your simple solutions to common mistakes is highly recommended.

    1. thanks a lot for your word of appreciation


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