Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Recent news in The Economist about India

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I understand that in Today's fast paced life, we get very little time to update ourselves about happening around us. Reading a quality analysis materials is also equally important. Quality of the news content from The Economist is known world over and I love to read it completely. If you are subscriber of The Economist, it is a good thing as you get unlimited audio and web edition and also you get a hard copy of the same but still if you are not, following materials will be helpful to you. You may read it online, on your mobile or any other portable device. Please note that if you are not a subscriber, you may not be able to read more than 3 articles in a day. So choose the article you want to read.

Mumbai’s hungry high rollers

The wild brunch

Something good to read on this week (July 6) edition telling how hypocrisy is working amongst the reach in Mumbai. Good article. 

Are telegrams dead?

A very good informative articles explaining about history of the Telegram, a source of knowledge for everybody.


Lightening up

We are aware about this and also aware that every KG adds few Rs in the flight fuel cost. Go Air has outlined a strategy to hire only women (as they are lighter compared to male) and saving operational cost without replacing machinery. Good article

Indian energy

A price worth paying

An informative piece of the writing, good, it describes despite of having lot of fuel reserves how we could not explore it.

Affirmative action

Indian reservations

This article explains the real beneficiaries of the caste based reservation in India- politicians and few handful people. Good one

Floods in India

High and wet

This is analysis of flood in Uttarakhand and this article has not spared any political parties including Rahul G. A truly independent analysis

How did one of India’s largest states come to be ruled by actors?

Good analysis on Tamil Nadu and politics

It ain’t over yet

State-run banks’ bad debts are making economic recovery harder

This expose public sector banks in India, good analysis, must for business reading

A resurrection in Bangalore
Jun 1st 2013, 8:24 from Schumpeter
Narayana Murthy, one of Infosys's founders, stages a comeback

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