Friday, July 5, 2013

Important reading post for leadership, management, self growth and self development

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Whatever is your role, whatever is your work, reading is must. Reading the topic on relevant subject enhance creativity, imagination and makes decision making easy. I believe, one should spend at least two hours in reading different subjects, topics and it must include professional reading.
Here is the list about related topic. You can choose them to read according to your like and need. Before posting it here, I have reviewed them and liked them.


How to Walk Your Talk

Leadership and Sponsorship in Action

It is for the managers, leaders, HODs, CEOs to understand what happens when they do not follow what they say and expect from their team. Good one
Please read it at:

2. Make Employee Recognition Motivational
This is particularly good for human resources professionals, leaders and CEOs. This tells exactly how carefully recognition programme need to be designed. 
Read it at:

Many organisation talks about innovations and of course, we have seen the companies who did not follow innovation has vanished/ disappeared or just for the namesake they are surviving. The best example is Kodak. People always ask what unique you have on offer. Another example is Nokia. Once, the world leader in mobile now struggling hard to make pace. This blogpost is useful for everybody. Please read it at:

4. When To Be A Coach. When To Be A Counselor
This blog's tips, ideas and techniques are ideal for leaders and managers of all types of small to large businesses and organizations

This is small writing with a video of 8 minutes, good one

6. Forbes: 10 Lessons For Entrepreneurs on Building Trust

This is particualry good for hiring for start ups. 

8. The Bad B’s of Leadership
Really good, must read

9. 10 Employee Conversations That Managers Hate to Have

I loved the paragraph
hat’s why managers get paid the big bucks. Because when there’s an issue with an employee, everyone expects the manager to “do something about it.” And if you don’t, they’ll think you’re a wimp and that nobody really gives a @#%$

10. Why Transparency Is Always The Best Leadership Policy

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