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The degree Scam of Swami Vivekanand University, Madhya Pradesh

Hello Friends,

I have written about it through my various other blogpost but I never wrote a dedicated blogpost on this university. You may refer those blogpost at:

I have warned people against CMJ University, Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU), Shillong, EIILM University and such others and all of my comments and observation came as a true and many students are crying now. They used the short cut but finally wasted their years and money. After exposing these universities, I have found that this Swami vivekanand University is also involving in day to day degree scam. Various franchisee of this university is selling degree. Students must beware. 

About Swami Vivekanand University, Madhya Pradesh
This university does not mention much about it on website but this is a private university situated in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India. 

So, is it a UGC recognized private university and it can offer degree?

Then what is the problem?
Well, although this is a UGC approved private university, it has to offer degree with lot of condition and restrictions. These restrictions are:
  • It cannot offer any degree/ diploma outside its campus in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
  • It cannot start any off campus study centre
  • It cannot franchisee its education
  • It cannot affiliate any college
  • All the degrees should be full time and from its campus only
  • Any degree obtained outside its main campus at Sagar are invalid and not recognized for higher education as well as for any public sector job. 
  • In private sector too, students (even full time degree holder) will not get that much preference.
Please refer UGC guideline on this:

Modus operandi of this university
This university has appointed agents all over India and they are selling degrees. Students, please note that such degrees are not recognized and nothing more than just a piece of paper. Do not buy it, you will loose your valuable years and money. I know, UGC as usual, a useless body will do nothing. Few of such advertisements are:

There are many. Please avoid this university. 

Who are the other degree scam university similar to Swami Vivekanand?
They are:
Punjab Technical University (PTU)
Sikkim Manipal University 
Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)
Shobhit University
CMJ University
Mahatma Gandhi University Shillong
Jaipur National University
Jodhpur National University
Manav Bharti University
Assam Downtown University
Assam Don Bosco University
Rai University
CV Raman University
Singhania University
Kalinga University
Vinayaka Mission University

There can be more. 

I hope this will open your eyes and please be careful.

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Author: Govind Sharma

Govind is a working human resources professional and has experimented with Indian education system a lot with extensive ecxperience and knowledge. He is providing career coaching, career guidance, career management, distance education, how to choose a right course, how to plan career and also advising in fraudelant activities of organisation Simply Career- Nothing is important than your career. You may learn more about him here →

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Anonymous said...

hm then what about janardhan rai nagar rajasthan vidyapeeth deemed university
they are also doing malpractices in our state ..
those students are so happy becaz they dnt fear abt fail in exams..
they are all getting high marks in rajasthan vidyapeeth even they are nt attend the classes
becaz of there institute teachers check their marksheets and they put marks on those answer sheets and send it to campus ..and the campus issue marksheets ..
i think they are also doing malpracticesss..
in my area ,there are so many small building (2/3 rooms)offers rajasthan vidyapeeth ..
so i think as compare to other universities rajasthan plays a huge malpractices in kerala...but no one knws that

Anonymous said...

Sir, Pls. comment on Assam Down Town University & Maharashtra Institute of Technology, whether a recognised one for ONLINE MBA?

Janardan Rai Nagar University has long history of malpractices and faced de-recognition various time.
Its distance learning degrees are invalid.

It is another degree scam university
Its distance online and off campus degrees are not valid please read my following blogpost

Anonymous said...

respected sir,i belong to ludhiana(punjab). i completed my MBA from lovely professional university as distance mode i.e from study center at ludhiana. is my degree is valid and am i eligible for govt jobs ?

taushik seal said...

Dear Govind,
Swami Vivekananda University is getting very prominent day by day regarding B.Ed and also for franchisee study centres, I am hearing the name of these university a lot regarding B.Ed, and even many centres are sending me proposals to run B.Ed under this university. I just dont get how this universities and stupid study centres offer such facilities, and this time I find the students and the candidates are also responsible a bit for these.
I just dont know how these people get into such unfair means in completing their B.Ed courses.....As per my knowledge I know these B.Ed persuing candidates will be Teachers of any good schools and I just dont get what they are going to teach the students, when the teachers are themselves getting or earning by these unfair means.......

Well noted Taushik,

you know problem with we - the people is our greed.
We do not pursue education for wisdom, for knowledge or for the passion. We want a paper degree so we can earn a "safe: career. Agree, such teacher without passion for degree will not be able to teach students and will be highly incompetent.
Further, these B.Ed are not approved by NCTE hence the state government will not approve appointment of teachers on the basis of this degree.
NCTE sets maximum no. of seats in each university in regular as well as distance mode. Except IGNOU no other university's B.Ed is approved for teachers post. B.Ed in distance mode offered from same state only stands valid for appointment in the state. so if somebody wants to become a teacher in Maharashtra or already a working teacher and want to get B.Ed for a better position, he has to get degree (B.Ed.) from either IGNOU or through ?YCMOU only.

If you have done it through study centre then it is not valid for job and higher education.

It is valid only if you have done through the LPU's campus.
You may refer my following blogpost to know why and answer

Anonymous said...

sir jo apne link diya usko maine study kia but fir vi sir meri ek query hai please help sir,
sir maine saare exam study karke diye hai or mujhe sab syllabus aata hai jo maine lpu mba ka padha hai. so sir mai distance degree directly lpu campus se dobara kar lu ? or sir baki logo(anyone) ko kaise pata chalega ki meri distance degree study center ke through hai ja fir directly lpu campus se. kynki degree to distance se hi hogi.
or sir if i do distance mba through lpu campus directly then i am eligible for govt. jobs.

No need.
you ask LPU to issue a certificate saying that you have completed the degree from university without any territorial violation. If they issue such letter then the degree stands valid.

Anonymous said...

thank sir for giving me such good information.
ok sir if they do this then am i eligible for government jobs and specially,
is my future is safe ??

Anonymous said...

please sir reply

Yes, if you take admission directly from the university and appear for exam at the university only (no at study centre and outside the university campus) then it becomes valid.

minn said...

sir from which date ugc has specified this regulation
confused when an univ is approved by dec but as per wht u say not recognized by ugc?
eg cv raman university,i hav passed out in july 2013 distance is my degree valid.......plz reply

karma bhutia said...

Sir, Annamalai university and madras university although state universities, have study centres in many parts of the country. Being state universities they should only provide distance education within state jurisdiction according to distance education norms, so is it okay to do distance courses from these universities with study centres in kolkata and other states. It should not be cross its jurisdiction boundaries , correct me if i am wrong.
another question is on S.H.I.A.T.S university which are offering various degree in distance mode, will the degree be valid from such university, being a private university, offering courses in other states, kindly help as i have already filled up for degree program from this university. My centre is in Kolkata.
Kindly help
me, sir let me know the truth.

karma bhutia said...

I am going to quit form S.H.I.A.T.S Distance education as i had filled the course from a centre in Gangtok, East Sikkim and its main centre is in Kolkata (and that's through franchising system). I feel now that the quality of education should not be compromised. UGC please come up with solution and save distance education learning from the clutches of malpractices.

karma bhutia said...

SIR, I have checked DEB of UGC now, and it mentions that S.H.I.A.T.S university has been granted to run the courses under distance mode. So is if safe to go forward with the course under distance program. If DEB has given recognition than their won't be any problem.

Anonymous said...

Sir I want to do aeronautical engineering from svn university campus only so is it valid or not

First of all Swami Vivekanand or SVN University does not have AICTE approval. Even I do not see it in DGCA's approved list. This has emerged as another degree selling university through franchisee. Avoid it.

SHIATS cannot offer any course outside its campus in Allahabad.
Please note, it had approval only till 2012-13. You should opt other state and central universities for a safe career. For instances AMU, Aligarh, IGNOU

It is a private deemed university so cannot offer any course outside Allahabad, Even its recognition has expired in 2012-13. Any degree obtained through franchisee stands invalid. I agree to you. Even if a deemed or a private university comes clean hand and awards quality degree, we should not have problem but unfortunately it is not happening.

As per the UGC guideline in territorial jurisdiction, a state and a central university can offer distance learning courses as per their Act. This means indirectly, they can offer courses anywhere in India.However, they cannot appoint a private agency as a franchisee and offer degree course. They have to have their own centre. The question is how can UGC control that? Are they taking list of university staff in each state?
However, except few cases university of Madras is not in the case of malpractices so it is safer to go with its Kolkata centre. Annamalai gets second rank in this.
SHIATS is a risky decision so avoid it.

Sir please guide me about Phd exam....
i want do Phd from swami vivekanand university sagar...
is it good or bad?
pls contact soon...
i am waiting for ur reply

Anonymous said...

i too want to do the same.........can anyone already having earned phd advise its advise

the university is involved in degree scam. Do not opt
read following blogpost for more details to get acceptable Phd

The reply is as same above.
the university is involved in degree scam. Do not opt
read following blogpost for more details to get acceptable Phd

Anonymous said...

Respected Sharma Ji, I have completed 3 Year diploma ( two year after I.T.I.) in Electrical Engg. From KSOU through Asian Study center Rohtak.At Presently I am servicing in private ITI . Pl. tell me about this diploma is valid or not. Suresh Kr. Sharma.Rohtak.

Anonymous said...

Suresh From Rohtak: Sir I have completed diploma from KSOU study cente at ROHTAK (Haryana) ASIAN STUDY CENTER. In two year after iti. I am also working in private iti.Kindly Reply me its diploma valid or not in service.

Anonymous said...

Santosh from bangalore: Sir , wanted to know where to persue B.ED through Distance education ? Conditions -1) The degree should be valid in India , any state and (2) It should be recognised by Ncte and UGC also .
So in such a scenario- is Ignou the only option..thanks in advance for your response

IGNOU is the only option
please refer my following blogpost for details

Santosh said...

Sir can you please let me know some good BED colleges n bangalore to persue full time BED . latest NCTE approved colleges and authentic ones.

Sir im going to join bhundelkhand university Please let me know whether this univerity is govt or pvt university.

It is a government university

Please refer following blogpost specially created on your information request

No, the diploma is not valid as AICTE never approved it. AICTE has not approved engineering degrees obtained after 2009 in distance mode and KSOU had no approval for engineering even before that

It is not recognized and invalid

Sir, I couldn't able to join in Bhundelkhand university. They said they dont have civil engineer diploma course. Can i join in techno global university. Please suggest me

Anonymous said...


Dont go
Techno Global is not authorised to offer any course outside its campus

First of all, EIILM being a private university, cannot offer any course outside its campus in Sikkim not even the distance learning.
All the qualifications offered outside its campus are invalid for higher education and public sector job.
For private sector job, it depends from employer to employer. As an employer (HR), I wont accept EIILM degrees,

vinit singh said...

Hey Govind,

I was looking for a place where I get this kind of information. Thanks for all of your effort and saving many lives. Your comments are helping many guys who are running to get a degree anyhow. I too in such a race because I can't leave my job but am now going for IGNOU degree. Its better late then having nothing. Thanks again and appreciate your unconditional outstanding work.

Vinit Singh

Thanks a lot Vinit for your appreciation. I am putting my all efforts to make people realise. Apart from IGNOU there are various other central and state universities. You may opt them too

Anonymous said...

Sir, i really need your advice cuz i'm feeling like i should commite suicide, i've completed my diploma in mechanical from IASE(institute of advance studies in education) rajasthan i had no idea about aicte etc. I took admission in this university now at this time i'm done with my diploma and trying to find job but most of Hr's say that this university is not valid for technical course and when i find job in any industrie theres labour work for me like oprating mechine etc and if i try to take admission in "amie" they just replay that i'm not eligible to do amie. At this age of 25 i realize how serious situation is going on in my life. Feels like Theres no future for me no further studies nothing left i just completely ruined my life. When i see all my friends studing there master degree having good job it hurts a lot when i see myself doing nothin. My parents are not educated they cant help me i dont have in my life who can suggest me right path im just dead inside please help. What do i do now? Do i take admission in b.a etc. But it is too late pls pls help me. My god:( :(

Does this solve your problem?
You need not to downgrade yourself. Definitely you will find a company who will give more weightage to your skills than the qualification.
Rather than being dependent on job, you can start your own career/ own venture too.
You may also look into BPO or KPO where they need your technical knowledge more than your degree and if you clear their round, I am sure you will get a job. Once you get it then you can choose a right institute to complete your higher education
Always remember, it is you who makes and devide your future, nobody else. You may send your resume to me, I'll see if I can do anything, although I do not promise

2012 onwards

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much sir Your replay is more than a replay for me. I'll follow your advice. Since i've done my diploma from IASE deemed university i can't complete my B.teck graduation but ill follow the way you've written i appreciate it. And I'm already following you but didn't find the way to send you my resume pls im on mobile can't use all features of google+ so im leaving the link below please download my resume here>

Sumit Pandey said...

Thank you so much sir, Your replay is more than a replay for me. I'll follow all your advice. Since i've done my diploma from IASE deemed university i can't complete my B.teck graduation cuz there is no alternative way but i'll follow youre advice. I appreciate it. And i didn't find any way to send you my resume, i'm already following you on google+ but didn't find any option to send you attechment and i'm on mobile can't use all the functions of g+ therefore i'm leaving a like below with my attached resume pls find below>

sir, Please let me know about the swami vivekanand university MP is it fake ? and did it has any value for higher studies.?
please help..:(

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Can you explain more about swami vivekanand university sagar more about actually i was thinking to take admission in this for PhD. Please let me know is this degree will be valid for further study

Hi could not open it sorry

Its not fake but involve in degree scam. Its engineering degree (full time also) and all distance learning programmr are invalid

Anonymous said...


Please let me know about the swami vivekanand university MP and RKDF University (M.P.).
Both are offering regular PG but in distant mode. I don't know the philosophy behind it.

They are offering 2 years course and certificate everything without going to college.

How this can be valid?? Please help me out. If they are providing me PG certificate which is AICTE and UGC approved as regular student, that means its valid and means that i have completed staying in college. right?? Will it be a problem in future. or should i ask for some paper from them in addition?? Please help

It is violation of the UGC guideline on maintaining standard of private universities 2003.
These universities are purely selling degrees and later on they refuse to accept that they have issued the degree. Please do not opt and report such matter to UGC in writing
Swami Vivekanand University is notorious for IT however, I have come across such incident by RKDF first time

Anonymous said...

hello sir,
i am planning to do phd from swami vivekanand university sagar.
please let me know is it good for my carrier.. currently i am working in a pharma company in mumbai

santu guha said...

Dear Sir,
At the beginning i wish to thank u for your effort to save young's carrier and to guide them in proper manner. My question is i want to join in BA course at cv raman university of chattishgarh. i am also staying at Bilaspur of C.G. Is it govt. recognized ? whether the degree is valid for other competative exam ? Pls guide. Amit

amit gariya said...

Hi Sir,

my question is this If all they (pvt university)are approved from UGC, DEC and AICTE then what else we need .suppose i m going to join any well known company and they require a Degree which is should be approved from UGC ,DEC or AICTE then.
Even they are able to find university name on updated consolidate list. pls suggest actully i m looking for distance Post.

First of all now there should be a separate approval from DEB of UGC and separate approval from AICTE
AICTE does not approve any distance engineering programme
Apart from approval the institute strictly has to follow UGC guideline.

Thanks a lot for your wishes and appreciation.
In your case, you may go ahead with C V Raman University. Yes, the degree will be valid if you are doing it from CV Raman directly and appearing for all exams at its main campus only. Still I suggest you to prefer IGNOU as that will have more acceptability for competitive exams

Please do not do as the Swami Vivekanand University reported to have involved in degree scams

KSOU is Karnataka govt run open university like IGNOU , it has a valid degree and its degree will be considered for govt jobs and in private companies also

no, it does not have dEB approval

Anonymous said...

What about jodhpur national university

Anonymous said...

Sir, I have completed my from jodhpur national university in 2013 and I suppose to receive my mark sheets and certificate by dis month.
I was planning to pursue MBA.
But after seen all these stuff I m worried about my career.
If d institution where I am planning to pursue MBA will deny me then what?????
If I get a job in any private or govt organization and at d time of document verification,they find my degree illegal then what?????
Oh my god what I have done!!!!!!!
Plz tell me what should I do now????
Will I get d admission in MBA institute or not?????
Will I get any job or not??????
Plz plz sir show me d way to come out of this scam world and to get a good reputed job and to pursue further study.

Anonymous said...


I am surprised to see your query. Either you did not bother to read the blog post or you did not understand.
Anyway, Swami Vivekanand University Sagar, MP does not have AICTE approval, its a big scamster university fooling students on its website too and its degrees specially law and engineering are invalid.

Anonymous said...

U didn't answer my question of JNU on dated 6th aug 12.21pm

Anonymous said...

Sir I am waiting for ur reply on JNU.

Arihant Jain said...

Govind SIR i just want to ask are you having any proof on what you said about Swami Vivekananda University

Arihant Jain said...

SIR i have taken admission in Swami Vivekananda University for B.ed course. my exams are starting from 3 september. after giving proper conduct of exams how my certificate is not valuable

if it is full time on campus degree programme you need not to worry. But if you have obtained the degree by paying fee to agent then there will be problem.
iI hope I answered this. For rest of the query, its all depend on circumstances but if it is not a regular programme degree without ttending campus you should prepare for the worst

As of now, NCTE has not approved its B.Ed programme so even if it is a full time B.Ed you may not be able to able to apply for teachers job anywhere.
The proof is its own website
If you are buying the degree from agent, it is not valid at all irrespective of any claim

please refer UGC guideline on private university, DEB guidance on territorial jurisdiction

Anonymous said...

What about b.ed from jammu university

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