Sunday, August 11, 2013

Impact on future of students from CMJ, MGU, EIILM and other private universities

Hello friends,
I got this mail from somebody who have query. I am posting the mail and my reply as it is.

Dear Govind,

How are you doing? It was good reading your blogs.I really could get a lot of information. Unfortunately many of the students have been hanging in between for CMJ university as we keep reading about it. Can you tell me what is the future of the students of passed out CMJ students? There are many students of masters , PHD and not all of them are just fake!!:( Can you also send in your number if you are fine with it.


My reply

Hi ,
I can understand whatever you are saying, yes all student might have not just bought the degree and few of them might have studied and earned it. However, due to gross irregularities this university's degree stands invalid.
The Meghalaya government has found the there is gross irregularity and the Act (CMJ University Act under which this private university is established ) was not followed even in the appointment of vice chancellor of the university. For every appointment in the University, it is compulsory to inform Governor of Meghalaya who is the highest authority of every state and private university in Meghalaya state. Unfortunately this university has not done so even in the appointment of vice chancellor. Therefore the Meghalaya Governor termed all the appointment as illegal so all the degrees issued by people appointed that way.
Therefore all the students who have obtained a full time degree by attending regular lectures at the university's main campus at Meghalaya may file a petition in high court or supreme court for relief.

CMJ University is not allowed to offer any course outside it campus whether in distance mode, external mode, off campus mode or industry integrated mode or industry collaboration mode. Therefore all of such degree automatically stands invalid for public sector job and for higher studies. However private companies may decide by their own whether to accept such qualifications or not. Most of the companies do not accept degrees from CMJ as well as other such universities like EIILM, MGU Shillong, Manav Bharti, Swami Vivekanad, C V Raman, Shobhit University, Jodhpur National, Jaipur National to give few examples.

Students need to be very careful and they may refer my various blogpost. I have also created state wise list of distance learning universities and I have written about course, validity and jurisdiction of each university. You can check them at
The problem is out greed. We are so greedy that instead of doing hard work and doing right thing,  We want to buy everything from money. Same is happening about degree too. Please note that only degree does not help in a job. We have to make ourselves eligible for this. If we truly develop the skills and really do hard work nothing becomes impossible. We need to be sincere and committed. Yes, I agree few genuine but they are very few (hardly 10% if all the students ) and they fall trap of these degree scamster.

Anybody who has query about degree validity of any university, please scan on the web about it first and do due diligence. You may post your query here too and I will reply for sure.


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