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12 ways to make yourself more productive

12 ways to turn yourself into more productive
Hello friends,
Hope you are doing great. If you have visited this please, this means you are surely unhappy that despite of putting your all efforts, you are labeled as an unproductive and you do not know how to find a way. Do not worry, you are not alone and it’s not only your fault. Look at the following tips which will surely help you.
1.  Do not rely completely on your memory, rather write it down.

Our brain can store unlimited information but we cannot completely rely on this. We often complain that we have lot of work but have we ever written it down and constantly reminded what is important for us. Sometime back in my career, I used to commit similar mistake. I did a simple thing- I started writing down even smallest work in my diary and used a coloured pen to tick if the work has finished. For every unfinished task, I carried it forward. This helped me a lot.
You may use similar format or alternatively you may use Outlook Calendar also. Write down important task in your outlook and set a reminder. It also reminds you overdue of the work. This will certainly help.

2. Deciding priority

Well, sometime we think that everything is equally important on whatever we handle. However, we must decide what is on priority. See, there will is different definition for priority. Sometime, when your boss say I need this, possibly he mean to say that I need this right now. So note down such things on top priority irrespective of the facts that what is really important for you, sometime even the cost saving or any other measures.

3. Avoid distractions
I know, we spent most of the time at office so it is natural that we Google, we tweet, we post on FB, we search on something. Nothing is wrong; just think that you are being paid to work for organization so its interest is on top priority. First finish those tasks. You may use outlook reminder to remind you about the work.

4. Keep yourself engaged

Emotions play vital role in our overall engagement and achievement. If you are not satisfied with something, speak directly to your reporting head. Don’t let anger and negativity to be heavy on you. It badly affects productivity. Be optimistic, search positive things in whatever you handle and find a positive way in whatever you are doing.  

5. Think and act creatively.

Use colours when you make notes, use mind map to represent your different task i.e. using colour and pictures (remember we can imagine and remember things in colours only). This actually help us to use our brain completely. Don’t stuck in just one approach of the task, think various time and apply your mind how the things can be done better.

6. Learn to say no
I remember one of my co-workers in human resources fraternity who never knew to say no. She used to say yes for everything and people used to burden her with the work. She was so much occupied that she could not prioritize her work. To keep everyone happy she compromised with her own career. Of course you should help people but when you are free from your own work. You must understand who genuinely need your help and who are just trying to exploit you.  

7. Find the gap and fill it

nobody is perfect in their life. It is all about constantly improving self. One of my another friend used to lot his job as soon as he got it and every time he failed to realize that the employer has found gap in him but very few cared to tell him the truth. I constantly reminded him and informed him about it. We must realize where we are lacking. We can take one lacking at a time and focus on improving that. For instances, I never used to note down the things and as a result, I used to forget some of the task. It took some time and I started writing down whatever work came to me. It has definitely helped me.

8. Escalate the matter and take others help.

We cannot do everything by ourselves and I learnt this lesson very late. When we try to do that, actually we create problem for ourselves. We must realize this. Give deadline to every task and constantly review it. Once you realize that you cannot handle the overall aspect of the work, escalate and share it.

9. Simplify whatever you do

Thinking is good but some time we think a lot about unnecessary things. Look at a child, does he make things complex? He finds simpler solution. Sometime become a child (but of course take things/ tasks seriously otherwise it impacts your own image), search simpler solutions.

10. Decide what do you want

Don’t do work just sake for doing. Understand why are you doing it, where do you want to reach , what is the goal you have set for yourself. Otherwise, you may not gain happiness and success. Be clear on your motive of doing and aim in your life.

11. Error is fine but repetition is not

Do not find excuse to hide your errors. Accept it, move it and take precaution. Take every error as a learning and with a commitment not to repeat it again.

12. Be a multitasker
Being a multi tasker no means doing many things at same time, it means being aware what you need to do, classify and finish those tasks. It also means handling smaller task while handling most important tasks. When we focus two important task at a time, it impacts overall performance.

I hope these tips will be surely helpful for you.

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