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Online degrees from Assam Don Bosco is not approved and it does not have UGC approval

Hello friends,
I was writing blog posts related to state wise distance education programme and under my current project, I was compiling list for Assam State.
Before writing anything on this public platform, I ensured that I have enough documentary evidence as my near to million blog reader put full trust and faith on my research and advise, I do not want to make any false statement to make myself popular (I do not need that either).

Assam Don Bosco is mother of all degree scam among approved private universities in India. Without approval it allow you to write exam even online, without any supervisor, without any exam centre, anywhere in the world.
Wait, looks easy and attractive right? If you just want a degree for namesake, please go ahead but if you need a degree approved by UGC and ministry of HRD, think deeply about it. UGC has not approved such exam system so far.

Why this is a degree scam and its degrees are not approved?

1. Earlier DEC had approved only its MBA and MCA programme but this university is offering BBA, BCA, Executive MBA, MBA , MCA, M.Sc. IT etc which is invalid.
2. Now DEC has dissolved and as per ministry of HRD has clearly stated through its circular no. F.No.6-20/2010-DL that every university has to take separate approval from UGC and AICTE for its distance education however this university- Assam Don Bosco has not done that. Moreover, it is showing old 2007 circular of AICTE stating once approved by DEC separate approval of DEC is not required. It is misleading and making fool to students.
3. This university is offering courses through university 18 i.e. franchisee arrangement which is another violation of UGC guideline on higher education.
4. you can read the chat transcript. They have clearly accepted that they have not taken approval from UGC on their "online" exam pattern and they have also accepted that this means not that the degree may be considered as valid one.

I am posting my chat transcript here, please go through this carefully and take your decision wisely.

Shall you have any query, please feel free to write


Sweta SinghMon, 10/14/2013 03:27:13 am
Hi. How may I help you?
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:27:22 am
In which cities ASsam Don Bosco University offers distance education courses
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:28:38 am
We offer online distance learning program so you can access classes from home with the help of desktop or a laptop connected to an internet
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:29:27 am
Thats fine but for exam, I have to appear in a centre, right?
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:29:41 am
We have a system of online web proctored exam system
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:29:58 am
So I can give exam from home only? from my personal computer
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:30:24 am
Students give their exams at a predetermined time of their choice, while being proctored online by the the University's Proctoring Staff, using the Students Web Camera.

Students would require a PC / Laptop with a Web Camera, Microphone and Speakers or a Headset , as well as a dependable Broadband Internet Connection (512K/1MBPS) , to be able to attend these examinations.

These exams can be taken from anywhere in the World.
Please provide me with your contact number?
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:32:26 am
nut does UGC allow such exam pattern as per the minimum requirement for awarding degree?
UGC has asked other universities to offer distance learning degree only if the way of awarding degree is at par with the corresponding university
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:35:14 am
We are running these courses from so long and we have not received any problem of that sort. We are offering courses from Assam Don Bosco University and Karnataka State Open University from long time
You are looking for which program?
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:37:23 am
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:37:26 am
Could you tell me about your academic qualifications and work experience?
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:38:10 am
you have also mentioned that Assam Don Bosco has AICTE approval but do you have approval for Distance Education programme i.e. MBA and MCA too?
KSOU has lot of controversy
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:38:31 am
AICTE approval is required for regular technical courses
MBA is not a technical program
Currently we are not taking admissions from MCA program
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:40:53 am
no. for MBA also AICTE approval is mandatory and as DEC has dissolved Ministry of HRD through notification clearly told that for distance learning programme under purview of AICTE, separate approval from AICTE is mandatory, please refer MHRD circular no. F.No.6-20/2010-DL 
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:41:28 am
I am sending you a document please check it for your reference
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:41:59 am
Tell me one thing, through web camera how are you monitoring if a student has not opened a web browser or somebody else is not assisting and have you taken approval for this mode of examination
which document
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:42:13 am
That AICTE approval is not mandatory
Also we have proctor team who will be invigilating your exam. And there are various system checks that happens before one can give an exam
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:43:07 am
ok, has it been issued by AICTE or Ministry of HRD
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:43:09 am
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:43:35 am
right but my question is has this method of examination is approved by UGC?
If somebody is in Africa, say Nigeria, how a proctor will reach there and what physical control will be there
Can you please send me the AICTE letter saying no AICTE approval is required whereas I have copy of the letter from MHRD states approval from AICTE for distance education is mandatory
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:45:03 am
The system check is done and they have a control of the computer
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:45:03 am
Can you please provide the link
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:45:15 am
That everything is done by examination department
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:46:32 am
OK can you please send me the AICTE letter stating AICTE approval is not required and also tell me whether you have taken approval from UGC to conduct exam in this mode?
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:46:52 am
I have sent you the document
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:46:57 am
but your website says admission is open for MCA also
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:47:02 am
You may check and revert on my email
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:47:04 am
thank, one minute let me check
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:47:11 am
Thank you
Well we are not taking admission currently for MCA
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:48:05 am
Well, I have gone throught he document, it says courses approved by DEC does not require AICTE approval separately
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:48:14 am
yes . Assam Don Bosco University was DEC recognized
Now since it has dissolved.
UGC will start making new guidelines soon
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:48:53 am
I have mentioned above that DEC is dissolved now and Ministry of HRD has issued a fresh circular that now every institute has to take approval from UGC as well as AICTE as DEC does not exist now
guideline from ministry of hRD is already there
even UGC has put a fresh guideline based on 2009 guideline of DEC on its website
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:50:24 am
You will not find any distance learning programs AICTE approved
Also do you know any university offering distance learning courses approved by AICTE
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:51:33 am
yes, IGNOU, please check a letter clearly stated by AICTE that its MCA and MBA programme are approved by AICTE even YCMOU
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:53:36 am
Also I cannot provide you with separte letters from UGC from the online examination. And till now we have not faced any such challenges
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:54:40 am
:) not facing challenges do not validate the degree, I hope you agree.
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:54:44 am
Can I help you with anything else?
GovindMon, 10/14/2013 03:55:08 am
no thats all thanks.
Kandra AhirMon, 10/14/2013 03:55:23 am
Thank you for your time
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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hello Govind ,
    I just took BCA through distance mode from Dr. CV raman university , please confirm is the course and the university genuine and if yes how can i double clarify my documents .

    1. If you have appeared for exam at its main campus and can produce a letter from university stating so, then it is valid otherwise no

    2. Please I am a Nigerian and about enrolling for an MBA Course in Assamuide me Don Bosco University pls guide properly my email is

    3. please do not take admission such degrees are not valid

    4. What about this

    5. private universities, even approved by DEB has to follow condition i.e. they have to conduct exam in their campus only. Otherwise degree is not valid

  3. Thank you so mmuch I am in Tanzania and was about to enroll a MBA online Gosh

  4. hi,
    i enroll for MBA in technology management. and my syster for BBA please what do i do. i am afred after reading all this. i have paid a lot of money already. please what do i do? this is my Email.

  5. thanks for this info. almost got scammed, its a life saver!

  6. Could you please give me pointers of credible online or distance learning mba or mcom offering universities?

    1. Please refer

    2. Hi Govind Sharma,

      I Want to know the current status of Assam Don Bosco University. I have already enrolled in their BCA degree program before chancing on your blog. I have already made first payment.

      What should I do.

  7. I am yet to understand your position.I am currently an MBA student of Assam Don Bosco attending from Nigeria. What can you make of this

    You mentioned U18 but my understanding is that U18 is offering the technical/IT support and not the Educational content itselt. Also Term Examinations are conducted through web proctored technology which means we are been thoroughly supervised.

    What I am still opened to your reservations.

    Is it possible for students around the world to come to Indian to write term exams?

    I guess you need to read the guidelines for approval properly before discrediting an institution

    Pleae if I am on the wrong path, let me know

  8. my dear friend @Taiwoo
    UGC is very clear on the guideline. Even for a distance learning programme, a private university cannot offer any course outside its campus. It may admit students from anywhere but it has to assess the candidate even on computer, such computer system should be within the campus of the university

    If any Indian University want to offer course outside India, first they have to take permission from UGC
    I am very much clear on territorial jurisdiction. Due to the same issue, a state university KSOU faced problem and finally they accepted that they violated their norm. Assam own Town is making fool to thousand students.

    UGC has confirmed to me that UGC has not allowed such proctored online exam of Assam Don Bosco and they are soon taking action

    From India, only IGNOU is allowed to offer courses in African countries as IGNOU is a central university under government of India

  9. Thank you for the insights Govind.
    Do you think my tuition paid can be refunded if I let the University know that I am withdrawing from the MBA due to this development? If yes, do you have an idea of a possible modality?

    Does IGNOU have a well accredited MBA?

    Thank you on this

  10. @Taiwoo
    they will not refund that way. You should write a mail to them asking a letter clearly specifying that UGC DEB and AICTE have allowed them to offer online course, proctor based exam on personal computer outside India or else refund money.

    Also send an email complaining about the university and asking confirmation to

  11. Thank you Govind,
    I'm doing that right away. I'll keep you posted. I'm happy stumbling on your blog

  12. Hello Govind. I emaild Don Bosco as adviced and here is what I got. What can you make of it. Can you say that the Web proctored Exam is genuine as per the territorial jurisdiction? Please let me have your thoughts.

    Dear Taiwo,

    Thank you for your email.

    I'd like to clarify that the body responsible for the regulation of courses run in Distance mode, in whichever manner possible, i.e. Correspondence or Online, is the Distance Education Bureau, as of the 16th of May ,2013, prior to which it was the Distance Education Council, under IGNOU.

    As per this notification - ( ), the DEB , till such time as it could frame new notifications for Distance Education, has adopted the erstwhile DEC's guidelines.

    You may refer to these adopted and continued guidelines at - ( ) .

    I'd like to draw your attention in particular to this para in page 14 -

    The institution should have its own dedicated website for ODL system and
    help desk services 24 x 7. It should also gradually introduce the system of
    online admission, delivery of programme, online counselling, video on
    demand (Lectures), online evaluation etc.
     The institution should regularly update its technology as well as introduce new
    technological innovations in order to provide quality education.

    As you can see, the guidelines are specifically mentioning online evaluations as a desired system. Also, the other instructions on evaluations, on Page 12, as listed in the following para, leave it to the University to decide on the evaluation system -

    The parent institution should clearly spell out the evaluation mechanism and
    procedure duly approved by the statutory bodies of the universities and make
    available qualified staff for the purpose. .

    I would also take this opportunity to draw your attention to the " Report of the Committee to Suggest Measures to Regulate the Standards of Education Being Imparted through Distance Mode (Prof. Madhava Menon Committee Report) " on available at

    It was on the basis of this reports recommendations did the Government of India dissolve Distance Education Council and hand over the regulatory powers it held to UGC under the DEB, and intends to frame the policy to be followed henceforth.

    I'd like to draw your attention to specific paras on Page 66 in this report, as under

    On-line ODL

    6.17 With the advancement of technology, the concept of territorial jurisdiction
    of the institution offering higher education through ODL system has become
    irrelevant, but the Committee is also conscious of the fact that in past, several
    institutions have franchised the delivery of programmes to many undeserving
    individuals / organizations, such practice with commercial motives has
    degenerated the teaching learning process to mere degree dispensing exercise.
    Therefore, the Committee recommends that if all the components, viz. admission,
    Learning Management System (LMS), counseling, submission of assignment and
    evaluation and final examination of the ODL programme are offered completely
    online, then there will be no restriction on territorial limits. For offering such
    online programmes, however, the universities including institutions deemed to be
    universities and other institutions will have to obtain prior approval of the DECI.

    While the Madhava Menon Committee Report is yet to be implemented fully, it does bear witness to the fact that it is the continued policy of the government to encourage online programs, and examinations. Also, the DECI as mentioned in this report is yet to be formed, as well as regulations for the same yet to be notified.

  13. Continuation
    Also, I'd like to remind you that the UGC / DEB has recently renewed our approval for courses in May 2014, vide this letter -

    I'd like to clarify finally on the question you asked, by confirming, that the current as well as proposed policy of the Government actively encourages online evaluation, in fact recommending it in the Madhava Menon Committee Report.

    The current policy (DEC) also explicitly allows the University to set its evaluation delivery systems.

    In light of the above, we're proud of being at the forefront of this area, in leveraging technology to aid our students, without diluting the quality of the delivery systems.

  14. DEar Taiwoo, the whole reply is misleading. Post your reply, I sent an email to them asking to produce letter/ approval from UGC and DEB confirming the same marking CC to UGC as well as DEB official. They have not replied it so far and I am sure they won't either.
    Yes, use of ICT must be in education but that means not that somebody should violate existing rules and regulations of the UGC. Use of ICT does not mean that someone opts a way of evaluation non-existing in the world.
    Insist them to show approval. I can forward you the mail sent to them as well as to UGC

  15. I am a student at this Don Bosco thing and the whole thing really points to a scam. The courses are not cohesive at all. The first few courses appear reasonable but as you progress you will see how worthless this process is... To all prospective students i VOTE a BIG NO.

    1. Thanks. Such information put validation of the facts.

  16. There has been no comments on this subject of accreditation and no accreditation of DBU since august 2014.

    Can someone confirm what's happening?

    Is this still a scam?

    If yes, what's the Indian govt doing about this as an international crime?

    1. The information is already in the article. Its MCA and MBA programmes are approved by UGC DEB but not by AICTE hence the degree is invalid. Further, the degree must be offered in its campus only. Any degree offered outside the campus is invalid. They are violating the norms under which it is allowed to offer courses and selling it as a hot cake.

  17. Was about to enroll into an online MBA course with them.Please someone out there,advise if the university is internationally accredited or not?Is this still a scam?Help out please.

    1. Please do not enroll. Assam Don Bosco is not authorised to offer any course outside its campus as it is a private university. It is not reputed either for which you could take risk

  18. Hi Govind, I understand your point but how about that I completed my BCA from dbuglobal online and now got admission in spanish university in spain and they did recognized my university credits and degree for masters.

  19. Dear Govind, thanks for your valuable guide line for all students globally.

    Please give a clear findings on Brian Matheson's degree and his aadmission in a Spanish university.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. I have no clue on your query. Please provide more details

  20. Dear Govind, thanks so much for this information.

    Please i'll like to know about National Institute Business Management (NIBM) online MBA in India, can I apply for my MBA in this school? Please I need your help. Thank you so much.


    1. NIBM is a fake institute. Do not waste your money, time and career. Avoid. If you are looking for a genuine and right distance MBA from India, please read my following article

    2. Govind Sharma, your points are well comprehended. The issue is not about the legitimacy of Assam Don Bosco, but about the online programs it offers outside india. Like someone righty pointed out, what is the Government doing about this. One thing is sure, if the university is approved and recognized the certificates it issue in its name will also be recognized. Therefore, to avert this misuse of authority the Government must come out to prevail on the university not to run an online program for the good of the Society. Beside this issue, I stand to attest the standardization of the online programs. The contents can stand the test of time anywhere. Thanks

    3. Govind, Tell me, is Assam Don Bosco an approved university? What happens if such online acquired certificates are issued without differentiation? I know a couple of graduates from the University who are either working in well recognized international companies or pursuing higher degrees in well recognized universities. Please let us get it clear, is ADBU not approved?

  21. ADBU does not have mandatory approval and even the course, even if it is distance or online
    I do not know which companies you are talking about, I am sure nobody has got placement on the basis of degree of this university and if one has got the job, it is based on their own capabilities

  22. ADBU is UGC and AIU recognized and also has the approval of AICTE for its technical programs. Kindly transfer the matter of certificate scam to these bodies to make declarative statement. They are the authorized bodies in India. ADBU students all over the world, those on regular programs in India and those on distance programs are waiting for these bodies comments.

  23. Let the various education governing bodies in India publish ADBU as a fake Institution. Otherwise Govind please leave this for good. The reason is that no authorized body representing the government of India has spoken since you started this matter. Who are we to believe. The individual without an authority to speak on behalf of India or an established body? Please refer the matter to UGC,AIT or AICTE and let them speak and if found guilty close ADBU.

    1. If they would have done their work honestly, these degree sellers would not have been existed and I needed not to write this article. I had exposed CMJ, which is shut down, I had exposed EIILM that also shut down now, I also exposed KSOU which is facing derecogned now

  24. I think Govind should provide more detailed and credible details of the issues regarding the university.

    1. all information provided in relevant articles, please search my blog. No point on repeating same matters again

  25. You said Don Bosco university online courses is a scam and yet when you check UGC websites for approved private universities, they are at the top. Infact, they at the top every government approved universities. Its only your blog site that's tarnishing the corporate image of such a renowned higher institution of higher learning. Please stop weakening the heart of people who already got their degree and MBA there. Am planning do my MBA with them in the near future and nobody can tell me that what i saw in the indian government education sites are fake, because as a web developer i know suspicious URLs. Thanks

    1. What tarnishing images? All the facts mentioned above and it is definitely not recognized but not so reputed university.

  26. please how can i proceed to suing adbu i am a student of adbu i am doing bba, please talk to me how can i be saved

    1. You first file a complaint to consumer forum of your district

  27. i have got letter of admission fro Assam Don Bosco University,with out sending my educational and work experience documents.They insist me to send them the tution fee.then later I can fill the online appliocation or as per the say from the Councillor(Mohd )he will help me in handling the fiiling of online from Africa planning to study MBA.CAN YOU ADVICE ME WHAT AM GOING TO DO

    1. never do that, you will lose your money. This university is not allowed to offer any course outside their campus in any mode

  28. Hi Mr. Govinda Sharma,
    Thanks for your article. I was to take admission to DonBosko University ( Online program) for MBA ( Technology Management ) Course.
    Could you plz mention whether the university is still fake or the way they are delivering the course MBA (TS) is approved.
    Furthermore, I am from Bangladesh and chances of moving to EU and as I am doing a full time job only online based degree is the solution for me to pursue higher education so plz mention any other university offering online based MBA.
    Your reply will highly be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Please do not opt. This is not a fake university. If you can and come down to Assam to write exam, then only take. Further, if EU countries ask for AICTE approval, please note that AICTE does not approve any distance learning or online MBA and Assam Don Bosco is making fool.

  29. Is the university still not recognized or approved by the government?

    1. it is recognized but only for full time on campus programme

  30. Dear sir,
    i had applied for BCA programs in Assam dbu this july and i was everything working well but when i read ur blog i smell a rat.But i'm unclear about that UGC & AICTE thing cos they have kept the credentials in their website issuing a letter from UGC issued an approval for 2015/16. what is that? Should i continue with them?
    Does their degrees are invalid outside India as i'm nepalese nationality.Please suggest...m in dire straits!!!

    1. first of all, for BCA programme, AICTE approval is not mandatory.
      If it is full time on campus programme, continue.

  31. Hello Govinda,

    Will ask one question did degree show that it is online ? Per my understanding Degree is Degree and it does not show whether this is online or else it shows the name of uni and ADBU is accredited to UGC now i have done my BBA online from ADBU, which body from India will attest my degree?. Can you please advise.

  32. Govind Sharma,

    What is the status on the MCA Online program at Don Bosco University and the MCA/Information technology at AMITY UNIVERSITY?

  33. I have read your insightful comment here and wish to make enquiry on a different institution.

    Can you please tell me the credibility and recognition status of Institute of Management and Technical study (IMTS),Noida?

    Their programmes are runned online/distance learning.

    I have earlier applied to enrol for a program with them but I decided to carry out further investigation.

    I also wish to state that there seem to be a lot of scam in the name of schools ,in India.

    Thank you.

  34. What is the current status of Assam Don Bosco University.
    I have already enrolled in their BCA Degree program and have made the first payment and yet to receive my books.

    Your counsel would be appreciated.


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