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Resume format and tips for designing good resume for fresher

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This is one of the request pending for a long time and I think it is need of the hour too.

Resume is essential and play crucial role in helping you to get your first dream job. I am sharing one example.

One of my very close friend applied for a job in a leading financial house in Mumbai. Salary was also good, he was very capable too. He applied for a job. He was shortlisted. He appeared for interview which lasted for 15 minutes. At the end, the interviewer asked him "Why have you not written your contact no. in resume and how will I contact in future?" He did not get shortlisted there but later he emerged as a successful entrepreneur. However, everybody cannot emerge as a successful entrepreneur hence they need to be very careful when they write their resume. It can take away the most deserving job from them.

During my initial career in Human Resources, I had been handling requirement for executive assistants for a french MNC who had office in Mumbai. I tele interviewed few best candidates and sent their profile to the client. They never selected them and to understand the reason, I went to meet them. They showed me a very small spelling error. They were clear, if a person cannot write a spelling properly, how can he/ she handle the role. Believe me, those were the best candidates available in the job market however a small mistake kept them away from the job. 

Well, in this post, I am writing few simple tips and a sample resume too. Please have a look. Shall you have any question about it, please feel free to revert.

General tips - Resumes
•             Do not make your resume lengthy unnecessarily. Keep it to maximum two pages (this rule does not apply to experienced candidate)
•             Font style: use Times New Roman or Arial with font size 10 and 12. Do not keep too much variance.
•             Keep margins ¾” to 1”
•             Wherever required, you may underline and bold the text however, use it carefully.
•             Keep proper space between each paragraph. The resume should be readable enough when
                opened, it should not be cluttered.
•             Do not copy paste your friends resume. For every job you are applying, go through the
                organisation’s requirement and accordingly design your resume.   
•             First impression is the last impression. Your resume should not be highly grammatical however,
                it should be simple in language, easily understandable and free from any spelling error or
Please do a proper proof reading before sending.

Formatting your contact details
•             Write your complete mailing address with proper PIN cod. This should be smaller than your
                name. Your name should be always on top of the resume
•             Ensure you have a proper e-mail id. Avoid using your school email id like
                or use email id preferably with your name and surname such as
       and so on. If you do not have, please create a new one. Ensure you give
                email id which you regularly use. Do not give multiple e-mail ids.
•             Use between two and four lines for contact information
•             Your contact details should be in centre most preferably.

•             Do not simply copy paste objective from your resume. Avoid using sentences like “want to grow
                with your organisation”
•             Go through the company’s profile, your own passion, relate the objective to the requirement of
                the job.

Summary/ Skill Summary
•             You should not what you like, what you dislike, what is your family etc. You should mention the
                traits you have which may help you to make successful in your job.

•             Include your degrees, qualifications with year of completion. Keep highest qualification on top
•             Do not show too much qualifications and irreverent qualifications. For example, as a matter of
                interest you might have learnt CorelDraw but the current job where you are applying does not
                require it, so simply omit it. Do not forget to mention name of the university from where you
                have completed your qualifications.

•             If you have worked previously, add those work experience with duration
•             If you have volunteered or participated in a particularly project, please mention it.
•             Please do not mention non-relevant experiences. For instances, you might have worked as a
                part time data entry operator or call centre executive but now you are applying for a sales
                executive job, in such case do not write such previous experiences.

Extracurricular Activities
•             Please mention relevant extracurricular activities only and which more focus on the job you are
•             For instances, if you have participated in selling products made in school for fund raising, you
                may mention it for job related to NGO, fund raising and where communication is required.
•             Do not mention your hobbies, likes and dislikes.

•             IF you have achieved anything or awarded for your contribution, please do mention them.

Professional Memberships
•             If you are member of any professional bodies such as NIPM or NHRDN or SHRM for HR, please
                mention them. Do not write your political affiliation.

•             Please include interest which matches with the job requirement only.

•             Please do not mention name of your friends and family members.
•             You may add people working in the industry and in reputed organizations.
•             You may mention name of the professors from your college who know you very well.
•             Please write referee’s complete details and contact numbers.
•             Please make sure that the referee can recognize you immediately when called for reference

Thats all. Now let us look at a sample resume:

Ajay Prabhudesai
Email: -
M:  +91 9292929292
55/9, Sunder CHS, Nirman Nagari, Andheri (West), Mumbai- 400058
Career Objective
To acquire knowledge on various direct and indirect taxation matters during my study and articleship and providing my expertise knowledge to the organisation.
Academic Background
Year Of Passing
%age Obtained
CA IPCE (Both Groups)
May - 11
March - 11
Mumbai University
Higher Secondary Education
March - 08
Senior Secondary Education
March - 06

Work Exposure
Articleship Training: -
M and B (Specialization in Internal Audit)
(17th August 2012 to Till Date)
Industry Exposure: -
v  Raymond Group
-        Raymond Textiles Limited
-        Raymond Apparels Limited
-        Raymond Zambaity Limited
v  Voltas Limited
v  Polycab Wires Private Limited
v  Health Care Global (HCG) – Hospital
-        Healthcare Multi Specialty – Ahmedabad
-        Healthcare Cancer Centre – Ahmedabad
-        Balabhai Nanavati Hospital – HCG Mumbai
Work Experience: -
During span of articleship period I have gained fundamental understanding of business, internal controls placed to ensure effective and efficient working of the organization.
I have handled various assignments independently as well as in team, Such as: -
-        Procurement Function
-        Sales Order Processing to Cash
-        Credit Control & Receivable Management
-        Outside Processing
-        Customer Service Function
-        Accounts & Finance
-        Revenue Cycle & Operating Procedures
-        Freight & Logistics Functions
-        HR & Payroll
-        SAP Access Control
I.T. skill
-        Completed Compulsory Computer Training Programme as per the regulations of ICAI.
-        Well versed with Ms. Office Package.
-        Knowledge of Accounting Software and/or ERP. Namely SAP, Navision, Tally.
Key Attributes
-        Analytical and Reasoning Capabilities
-        Result Oriented Thought Process
-        Team Leading and coordinating Role
-        Spirit to Learn New Developments in the Work-Field
Other Personal Information
-        Fathers Name               :                        Pradeepkumar Bucha
-        Date Of Birth                 :                        7th March 1990
-        Languages Known      :                         English, Marathi & Hindi
Amit Dumbre
Finance Manager, ABC Pharma Ltd, Mumbai
Contact no.: +91-9252525252
Date: - ……………
Ajay Prabhudesai

You may download it from the following link:

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  1. Making a good appealing resume is the job half done, if you looking for the good job put efforts on your resume , as its the first thing recruiter see regarding to your personality. A good resume is always helps you to stand out from the crowd.


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