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IIT Delhi Ph.D admission announced

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Before reading this article, I request you to read my previous article which helps you to understand from where you should pursue your Ph.D degree and from where you should not pursue your Ph.D degree.

Well, the above post clarifies that why we should put little eforts, do hard work and earn a real Ph.D from good institutes. No doubt, IIT is amongst best of them. Definitely IIT is not for the degree buyers but having a Ph.D in your resume from IIT means a lot due to

1. It is one of the most reputed institute in India as well as Asia
2. It enhance knowledge, creativity and most important analytical skills
3. For teaching post or consulting, if you have Ph.D from IIT, you are seen as respectable person.

Important dates:

Submission of online application commences on October 4, 2013
Last date for submission of online application October 25, 2013 up to 13:00 Hrs
Last date for payment of fee to SBI branches through challan October 29, 2013
Range of dates for Tests / Interviews December 02- December 20,2013
Date for reporting at IIT Delhi for Orientation / Registration January 1, 2014

Is part time/ external Ph.D available at IIT Delhi?
Yes, it is available. However, those who are residing outside of Delhi has to spend at least 6 months in the campus. Rest of the course they can complete from their working location. However, they need to visit campus regularly.

Duration: minimum 2 years, maximum 7 years

Admission to the PhD Programmes: Admission to the Ph.D. programmes is normally made on the basis of an interview conducted by the Department/Centre concerned through its Department Research Committee (DRC) / Centre Research Committee (CRC). DRC/CRC may decide to conduct a written test as well to screen the candidates.
Applications are invited from candidates by advertising the programmes in Employment News/leading newspapers in March for the first semester and in October for the second semester every year.

Who are eligible to apply for part time Ph.D?
Please note that everybody is not eligible to apply for part time Ph.D. There are certain restrictions.
Only following category of employees are eligible to apply for part time Ph.D

1. Only employees of Public Sector Undertakings or Government Departments or Research and Development
Organizations or Private Industries (approved by Faculty Boards) are eligible for admission to these programmes.
2. All candidates should have a minimum experience of two years as on 1st August, 2013 for admission in July 2013.
3. Minimum qualification for these candidates is the same as for full-time candidates except that the requirement of
qualifying in a national examination (column 3 in Table 1) is waived off.
4. For part-time candidates from outside NCR (or at a radial distance of more than 50 KMs from IIT Delhi), there is
a minimum residency requirement of 6 months. DRC/ CRC may specify a higher residency requirement based on
the courses recommended as well as the background.
Part-time candidates are required to submit a “No Objection Certificate” on a proper letterhead from the
appropriate authority in the organization clearly stating the following:
- The candidate is permitted to pursue studies on a part-time basis
- That his/her official duties permit him/her to devote sufficient time for research.
- Facilities for research in the candidate’s field of research are available at the candidate’s place of work; and
- he/she will be fully relieved from duty and permitted to reside at the Institute for the period required
residency (This is not a requirement for candidates who are working in NCR or in organizations located within a
distance of 50 KMs from the Institute).

Minimum eligibility criteria
BE/B.Tech/ B.Pahrm/ 4 years and above degree, MA, M.Sc.,, M.E., M.Tech, MBA etc.

M.Tech./M.E./M.D.or equivalent - 60% marks or 6.75 CGPA on a 10-point scale

M.Sc./MBA/M.A./MBBS or equivalent (BAMS, BHMS, BUMY. BNYS, BDS, BPT etc,)--60% marks or 6.75 CGPA on a 10-point scale

GATE score >= 300 or qualifying or equivalent score whichever is higher CSIR/UGC  NET/ICAR/ICMR/DST  INSPIRE fellowship

B.E./B.Tech or equivalent- 70% marks or 7.5 CGPA on a 10-point scale Qualified GATE/CSIR/UGC NET/ICAR/DST INSPIRE fellowship

Candidates with MA in English can get 5% relaxation for Ph.D in humanities and social science subjects and candidate with an MBA can apply to Ph.D in management irrespective of percentage

Does IIT offers Ph.D in engineering only?
No, it offers Ph.D in engineering and technology, science, humanities and social sciences and management. However, the degree should be first class. One can pursue Ph.D in any of the following stream

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology
  • Bioseparation and down stream processing
  • Animal and plant cell culture
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  •  Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering 
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Communication Engineering
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Control Engineering
  • Humanities & Social Sciences-area of research is as follows:

Development Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Endogenous growth, Labour economics,
Trade Policy, Discrimination, Health and Nutrition, Empirical Economics, Health Economics,
Economics of Education, Demography & Population Economics, Issues of Labour, Industrial
Development, Regional Development, Indian Economics Macro and International Development,
Sociology of Culture and Knowledge, Sociology of Development, Environmental Sociology, Sociology
of Social Movements, Social Anthropology of Medicine, Globalization and Transnationalism, Civil
Society and Democratizations Sociology of Religion and Violence, Sociology of Agriculture Technology
and Rural Development Policy, Sociology of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for
Development, Visual Anthropology/Sociology, Economic Sociology, Technology, Work and Society,
Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, New Media Studies, Science and Technology
Policy, Energy and Environmental Policy, Law, Technology, Society, Socio-Legal Studies, Regulation
of Technology, Environmental Law + Policy, Climate Policy, Disaster Management and Risk Reduction,
Modernist and Postmodernist Literature, Indian English Theatre, Indian Writing in English,

  • Management

The fee is nominal.  It is Rs.  12685 per year for both full time and part time. Apart from this, the students have to pay for mess, hostel and other charges (for full time), Students pursuing Ph.D full time also gets monthly stipend of around 18000 enough to cover their day to day expenses.

Seats: No. of seats available not declared however, I do not think more they admit more than 10 students for each subject.

For detaied prospectus, please visit following link

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