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Why ISBM's MBA degree is a fake and useless MBA

Hello friends,
MBA is a hot cake. People whenever apply for the job get disappointed that MBA is a must qualification for most of the position. As a human resources professional I too face this challenge while shortlisting a candidate. There are good candidates too without an MBA degree but sometime we cannot take them for simply following reason:
1. Organisation has set policy for minimum qualification required.
2. A reporting head should not have lesser qualified than his team members.

In my previous blog, I have written with real example why one need to upgrade their qualification.

You may read it from

Well, as I stated above, there are many people who are without MBA and still they are exceptionally well. This is incorrect to say that only MBA makes you a successful leader or a better manager. It may or may not help and it is a matter of debate.

However, due to the market demand, now people are on mad rush to get complete their MBA anyhow. There are different categories of the people who are pursuing MBA after few successful year of career. They are as follows:

1. Knowledge seeker : A small percentage of people fall into this category. These are the people contended with the career and want to pursue MBA for knowledge. They want to understand the latest management tools and techniques and how is it going to help them in their career.
2. Desperate to do MBA for a better job: In this category, major number of people fall. They want to do MBA as they are not getting growth in their career. They fall in the trap laid by fake MBA institutes, diploma mills and many such institutes who do not have the value at all. In such cases, only one is the ultimate winner i.e. the Diploma mills.

Before commenting on ISBM let me clarify few facts

1. Yes, MBA is a prerequisite for many jobs especially when you are reaching in mid level career. This applies for people in the role of Human Resources, Marketing, Administration, Logistic, Supply Chain, operations, sales, retail management etc. are few examples. 
2. But, all MBAs are not accepted by the companies. Companies prefer MBA from premier institutes only. Even for the distance MBA the rule applies. 

3. Preference for MBA goes as first full time MBA from top institutes, second, part time MBA from reputed institutes, third, distance MBA from well known and reputed institutes only. So please note that distance MBAs are considered as tertiary option.

4. This is a wrong understanding that distance MBA is a distance MBA, it does not matter from where you do it. It of course matters. Always choose a  well known universities only. Do not opt from any institute. Recruiters are well aware about this facts.

5. Do not opt PGDBA/ PG Diplomas in distance mode. They are not equivalent to MBA.

6. Please note that for MBA two kind of approval is necessary- First, the universities must be approved by UGC, second the MBA programme as well as institute must be approved by AICTE. Even for distance learning MBA, AICTE approval is mandatory.

7. People applying for public sector i.e. Government job ensure that their distance learning degrees are approved by DEC earlier (till March 2013) and after that by Distance Education Bureau of UGC and by AICTE also. They may opt open universities too however, people on private job must opt a conventional university as people do not have knowledge about open universities and it is wrongly assumed that they are poor in quality.It is not the truth. MBA from IGNOU is much rigorous and much better than any other Indian universities (even much better than many full time MBA programme). 

8.  The minimum duration of MBA should be two years. Except full time LLM UGC has not allowed any other post graduate programmes to be offered in less than 2 years duration. Any such qualification is invalid. Even 1 year executive MBA from UGC approved university is invalid. However, those who are not bothered about quality, reputation of the institute may go ahead. They need to understand that such qualifications do not have acceptance and if they get job or promotion, it is due to their quality and not due to the qualification. Similarly, if any institute claims that so and so manager from so and so company is a MBA holder from such institute, please note that they have not got the position due to the MBA, this is because they were already working there and completed their qualification from such institute. 

Now let me clarify the reason why ISBM is a fake institute and why I say that its MBA does not have any value.

1. This is a small shop opened all over the nation.
2. It is not approved by AICTE or any government agency.
3. This is offering its own "MBA" which is simply, pay money, get book, whatever you write in the assignment they send to you, you will be declared as passed the degree. 
4. They are offering 2 years MBA from MGU shillong and this university's existence itself in danger due to various violations and selling degrees.
5. It offers 6 months MBA and please note that duration of MBA cannot be less than 2 years.
6. It has no corporate acceptance.
7. Only a universities established by passing an Act (law) of such effect either in the state legislature or in Parliament can offer or confer degree. ISBM does not fall into this category so how is it offering an MBA degree?
8. If an MBA is not approved by AICTE and is not from a UGC approved university, you cannot pursue higher studies in India and abroad and you also do not get job abroad as ministry of HRD will not attest it. 

As usual, I talk with the evidence. I take evidence from such degree sellers directly. Below is the chat transcript with the ISBM people, They could not answer me and left the chat.

Chat started on 17 Oct 2013, 11:46 AM

(11:46:11) *** ISBM Education Support joined the chat ***
(11:46:11) *** Visitor 73200012 joined the chat ***
(11:46:14) ISBM Education Support: Hi, how can we help you today?
(12:04:20) Visitor 73200012: hi
(12:04:32) ISBM Education Support: May I know your name and location?
(12:04:33) Visitor 73200012: Want to understand something about ISBM's courses
(12:04:38) Visitor 73200012: Govind
(12:04:40) Visitor 73200012: Mumbai
(12:04:43) ISBM Education Support: which course are you looking for?
(12:05:17) Visitor 73200012: MBA or Ph.D
(12:05:28) ISBM Education Support: May I know your last qualification?
(12:06:01) Visitor 73200012: MA
(12:06:12) ISBM Education Support: Can I have your contact number and email ID so that I can arrange a call back for you if necessary?
(12:06:32) Visitor 73200012: contact no I will share later mail id is
(12:06:53) ISBM Education Support: MBA--Rs38900 Course Duration- 6 months minimum 2 year maximum
(12:07:08) Visitor 73200012: How are ISBM courses going to help me in my career- both MBA and DMS
(12:08:01) ISBM Education Support: MBA :This course is designed in such a way that it provides complete and efficient management practice and skills to the students. This course offers a complete wide based knowledge of many managerial functions. This course provides good training for other subjects too. The student can select from a wide range of specialization subjects offered by the institute. The study material will be provided by the institute.
(12:08:28) ISBM Education Support: DMS :It aims to develop individuals into distinguished consultants and managers in the field of management. The mission of the program is to provide in-depth knowledge and proficiency to students so that they can become distinguished, pioneering and innovative teachers, trainers, consultants and researchers in the field of management. The Institute seeks to ensure that DMS students are among the best equipped to meet the needs of high quality management education in the country. DMS seeks candidates of the highest caliber with strong academic background, professional experience, intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to make a major commitment to attain scholarly status. With Globalization and influx of MNCs and Corporate the need for top class managerial positions are increasing day by day which require highly qualified professionals To all such aspiring candidates, ISBM offers an exceptional opportunity through Distance Learning and Examination consisting of written papers and project work. DMS introduces students to major functional and general management areas and develops in them a thorough understanding of the concepts and theories underlying management practices.
(12:30:16) Visitor 73200012: thats fine
(12:30:27) Visitor 73200012: but what is about approval
(12:30:54) Visitor 73200012: are these degree from a UGC recognized university and has AICTE approved these degrees?
(12:31:18) ISBM Education Support: Yes
(12:31:58) ISBM Education Support: We provide MBA from MGU university and MGU is UGC , DEC ,AICTE approved
(12:32:28) ISBM Education Support: But DMS is Autonomous course provided by isbm only
(12:33:28) Visitor 73200012: I am talking about 6 months fast track MBA
(12:33:46) Visitor 73200012: and also MGU is under scanner and court case is going against it.
(12:34:55) ISBM Education Support: see fast track MBA is provide by isbm and we have our own accreditation's and recognitions you can see that in this link
(12:35:24) Visitor 73200012: MGU shillong is a private university and as per the UGC guideline, it was not allowed to offer distance learning courses outside Meghalaya
(12:35:59) Visitor 73200012: but in India even a distance learning MBA needs to be approved by AICTE, isn't it?
(12:38:24) ISBM Education Support: MGU is in Meghalaya and it is govt. of India approved
(12:39:28) Visitor 73200012: I know but the case court is going against this university for violating UGC norm. It is a private university and if it offers any course outside the campus, then the degree is invalid
(12:40:05) Visitor 73200012: please see what UGC says
(12:40:07) Visitor 73200012: It has come to the notice of the University Grants Commission that some of the State Private Universities have affiliated colleges and started off-campus centre(s) in violation of the UGC (Establishment of and Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulation, 2003 and against the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court in case of Prof. Yash Pal & Others vs. State of Chhattisgarh & Others. Some of these Universities are running these Centres on franchising basis also which is not allowed.
(12:40:11) ISBM Education Support: No sir its fake
(12:40:15) Visitor 73200012:
(12:40:35) Visitor 73200012: see above link, UGC has clearly specified, see UGC notice cannot be fake
(12:41:25) ISBM Education Support: Sir this link is not updated since 2003
(12:41:30) Visitor 73200012: Further, I need a MBA degree for promotion in my job and also to pursue higher education like Ph.D from a UGC approved and AICTE approved reputed university like Mumbai University or IIM or a state university
(12:41:40) Visitor 73200012: no, this link is latest one
(12:43:19) Visitor 73200012: please see following circular also
(12:43:21) Visitor 73200012:
(12:43:27) Visitor 73200012: My question is:
(12:43:49) Visitor 73200012: 1. Are all programme including short terms MBA of ISBM is approved by AICTE and UGC
(12:44:06) Visitor 73200012: 2. Do you provide placement to students completing degree from ISBM
(12:44:56) Visitor 73200012: 3. Can you provide me few contacts of students who were not getting promotion due to not having MBA but after completing MBA from ISBM, they got promotion
(12:45:33) Visitor 73200012: 4. To offer any degree, the institute must be a university (private, central, state or deemed) so does ISBM falls under any of the category
(12:46:06) Visitor 73200012: 5. If I do not get promotion or career opportunities on the basis of ISBM qualification, will ISBM refund my fee?
(12:46:50) Visitor 73200012: 6. Does any corporate company accept ISBM qualifications? IF yes can you please give me link of such letter issued from HR department of companies or scanned copy at least
(12:47:23) Visitor 73200012: See, I need an MBA as soon as possible for my career growth as despite of knowledge due to not having MBA I am lagging behind
(12:56:21) Visitor 73200012: Please reply, i need your help
(12:58:55) *** ISBM Education Support left the chat ***
(01:20:54) *** Govind left the chat ***

Shall you have any question related to your career, please write write it on comment section. 

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