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Should I do MBA and other management programme through UTS / Jaipur National University distance education degree racket


Many time people ask question to me about this. Unfortunately I have been very busy to answer in detail about the query.
Today, In India many degree mills with government support have emerged. Where a state government is allowing private universities to be established without basic infrastructure and particularly very undeveloped states where even central universities could not do a lot to develop education. In other hand, the regulating body UGC strictly disallowed the private universities to offer degree course outside the city where they are situated.
These private universities established in Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and north eastern state such as Meghalaya, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland etc.

Actually, these private universities are selling degrees, nothing else and these degrees do not have any validity. I am explaining here why by focussing specially on UTS.

What is UTS
UTS is nothing more than a marketing company. It is not offering any degree. It is acting as an agent for few private universities in India.
It works in the same model of Jaro which I have exposed in my previous chat
Please read following link

Then which are the institutes providing degrees through Jaro
1. MIT Pune (it is an institute, not the university)
2. Assam Down Town University (ADTU)
3. Jaipur National University (JNU), Jaipur

But except the first institutes both ADTU and JNU are private university, aren't they? Then my degree automatically stands valid.
Hmm.. this is the whole point.
Let me clarify it. UGC is just a monitoring body. A University has to be established by following way
By passing an Act in the state legislature
By passing an Act in the central parliament
By equivalence status as a deemed university by Ministry of HRD, Government of India.
Once it is done, UGC cannot say it is de-recognizing a university as it is passed by legislature or parliament. It can just control degree awarding way.

ohh, then in this condition what is UGC's role?
UGC defines minimum standard to award a degree like degree should be of minimum 3 years, a PG degree cannot be offered without having a first degree i.e. minimum 3 years bachelors degree.

So what is UGC's directives on private universities
As per UGC's directive,a private universities cannot offer any course from outside the city where they are situated. This condition even apply to distance education. Please refer following blogpost for details:

So are these degrees valid?
No, as said these universities are private universities and cannot offer any courses outside the city where they are situated. About MIT, Pune it is a private institute and it is not equivalent to MBA.
Further, as per UGC directive franchisee (i.e. offering degree courses through any private agency as a study centre, coordinator, online facilitator) is strictly not allowed. UTS is a private body hence it cannot act as an agent for any universities. Hence the degree stands automatically invalid.

I did a chat with UTS people and producing the chat transcript here for your reference which is self explanatory. Please go through it. Shall you have any query, please feel free to ask.

Chat started on 08 Oct 2013, 11:32 AM

(11:32:17) *** Azim joined the chat ***
(11:32:17) *** Visitor 30647635 joined the chat ***
(11:32:20) Azim: Hello..!!
(11:32:25) Azim: May I know which program do you wish to enrol for?
(11:33:11) Visitor 30647635: hi
(11:33:26) Visitor 30647635: first of alltell me from wher are you offering PGDM
(11:34:18) Azim: Your Course will be PGD from MIT(Maharashtra Insti. of Tecnology) Pune & MBA Degree from JNU (Jaipur National University)
(11:34:37) Azim: May I know your academic details?
(11:35:17) Visitor 30647635: BA and working with 7 years experience
(11:35:28) Visitor 30647635: but is it equivalent to MBA
(11:35:54) Azim: as you are are a graduate you can enroll for Mba programme
(11:36:12) Azim: we do provide dual Mba programme
(11:36:31) Azim: Which specialisation in MBA you wish to opt for?
(11:37:05) Visitor 30647635: But is PGDM equivalent to MBA
(11:37:19) Azim: yes 
(11:37:39) Azim: Could you please provide me your name, contact number and email id so that I can provide you the details of the program.
(11:37:50) Visitor 30647635: Equivalent from whom?
(11:38:14) Visitor 30647635: Has AICTE approved it and AIU has given equivalence staus to it
(11:38:14) Azim: Pgdba is equivalent to Mba programme
(11:38:21) Azim: yes
(11:38:30) Azim: MITSDE Recognized by Tripartite Committee (DEC, UGC, AICTE) Govt. of India . Jaipur National University, Recognised by State Govt. of Rajastan,UGC,AICTE,DEC, International Accreditation organization (IAO).
(11:39:33) Visitor 30647635: The DEC you are saying is dissolved now and as per new notification every institute has to take approval from UGC and respective body i.e. AICTE separately
(11:40:09) Visitor 30647635: and also even in the past if it is approved by ripartie committee, it means not that it is equivalent to MBA
(11:40:48) Visitor 30647635: so please help me, is it recognized by AICTE and has AIU granted equivalence status to PGDM/PGDBA of MIT to MBA
(11:41:49) Azim: yes offcourse it is 
(11:41:57) Azim: Could you please provide me your name, contact number and email id so that I can provide you the details of the program.
(11:47:46) Azim: provide me your name, contact number and email id so that I can provide you the details of the program.
(11:49:00) Visitor 30647635: I think you have not understood my mail
(11:49:09) Visitor 30647635: DEC has been dissolved now
(11:49:34) Visitor 30647635: so for any distance courses even if the university is approved by UGC, a separate approval has to be taken
(11:50:12) Visitor 30647635: and a separate approval from AICTE and bodies like NCTE and so on needs to be taken
(11:50:17) Visitor 30647635: So my question is
(11:51:16) Visitor 30647635: are ADTU, JNU and MIt all are approved fresh by UGC, and separately by AICTE to offer management programme in distance mode and only AIU grants MBA equivalence to PGDM so is it approved as equivalent by AIU also 
(11:52:49) Azim: yes it is approved ..
(11:53:14) Azim: provide me your name, contact number and email id so that I can provide you the details of the program.
(11:55:25) Visitor 30647635: Can you please give me reference link of the scanned copy
(11:55:36) Visitor 30647635: and I have few more queries before telling
(11:56:22) Azim: ya sure just a min 
(11:57:17) Azim: http://www.utsglobal.edu.in/uts-Online-Education-Academic-Alliances.aspxall the affiliation docs are there in the website Kindly check 
(11:58:00) Visitor 30647635: The UGC directive on distance education says that private universities (ADTU and JNU Rajasthan) cannot offer any course outside from the city where they are situated and such degree is considered as non recognized. I stay in Pune and the degree I will be getting is violation of territorial jurisdiction. Further UGC also bars offering any university programme through franchisee/ private partnership model it also stands invalid. So how is my degree safe?
(11:58:11) Visitor 30647635: i went thorugh the link but it has same old documents
(11:59:47) Visitor 30647635: it does not have following documents: 1. AIU letter stating MIT PGDM are equivalent to MBA (even on AIU website, MIT name is not there), UGC's fresh approval to MIT, ADTU and JNU granting approval to offer distance edu programme, UGC's letter allowing these universities degree programme outside their teritorial jurisditction. Can you please help me with these documents
(11:59:51) Azim: can i have your contact no and name so that i can explain you in a better way ..
(12:01:11) Visitor 30647635: Cannot be same explained over here :) I am at workplace now and doing other work simultaneously. Before taking a final decision
(12:03:01) *** sumeet joined the chat ***
(12:03:11) sumeet: take ur time
(12:05:18) *** sumeet left the chat ***
(12:05:25) *** Azim left the chat ***
(12:05:27) *** sumeet joined the chat ***
(12:05:28) *** sumeet left the chat ***
(12:06:40) *** Govind left the chat ***



    1. Vinayak Mission University cannot offer any course outside Salem, even in distance mode as per uGC guideline on territorial jurisdiction for distance learning.

  2. Which is good Annamalai or bharathair or bharatdasan university for BBA in distance mode from dubai as all are having the exam center kindly reply

    Good job and take care as people not like honest guy

    1. Hi Sarfaraz,
      I think somebody is fooling you.
      Madras is the best option among the all you have suggested. The total fee for University of Madras BBA course is USD 328 which is equivalent to INR 21320 per year so for all 3 years the cost will not be more than 70000 INR (At the exchange rate of 1 USD = 65 INR) so the total 3 years cost including admission exam fee, registration is not more than 4243 AED
      The address is:

      Phone : 009717 2275194
      Mobile : 0097150 8699390 OR 0097150 7946945
      Fax : 009717 2275195

  3. sir I want to do mba . I am having option like uts and smude . which institute I should join for distance edu in mba . from UTS or Sikkim manipal university distance education . please guide me . is there any difference in study centre learning and online lurning in distance mode .

    1. Please dont opt either of them
      I have a reply from UGC clearly stating online exam system of UTS stands invalid and SMU is already under controversy and in tussle with government approving bodies
      You may opt IGNOU, Pondicherry, Bharti Vidyapeeth, University of Madras and many other good universities.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to do graduation ( B.Com) through distance education from JNU (Jaipur National University) through their Mumbai service provider. JNU is claiming that they are approved by UGC & DEC to conduct distance education programmes. Also on DEC website i have seen their name in approved universities list to conduct distance education programmes.

    My question is...
    1. Does JNU is really approved by UGC & DEC to conduct distance education programmes.
    2. Does degree from JNU is vallid
    3. Can i do MBA from any reputed institute after doing graduation from JNU
    Can i do M.Com from Mumbai university after completing graduation from JNU.

    Request you reply

    1. Dont do
      First of all DEB and UGC approval come with a condition. For private University like Jaipur National, the condition is they cannot offer distance learning programme outside its campus in Jaipur and any such degree stands invalid.
      Avoid it. better opt Mumbai University which has many programmes to offer.

  5. I am planning to do MBA. I have done my bachelors from UK. I am working so, I cant afford going to college any more. I want to go for MBA online or distance learning. Which is a good Option; JNU or CV Raman University?

    1. both are bad option from recognition as well as quality. You have studied from UK then you must be aware about quality of the education. Both of these are private universities and involved in degree selling rackets. You cannot find a single private university in MP and Rajasthan who has prestige and glory.
      You may prefer Pondicherry University. Bharati Vidyapeeth, Madras University etc. I suggest you to prefer a part time/ evening MBA

  6. sir me ba economics karna cahata hu in distance mode,,in my mide two university, one ignou(distance) and two jai narain vyas university jodhpur

    which is better

    1. Opt IGNOU. Being a central university, it has more validity and its course is tough, impart very good knowledge

  7. scope in M.tech 3 year [biotech] after Bsc in rajasthan university jaipur[CCT]

    1. Rajasthan University is a state university and one of the well known university in India. For biotech, it is not that much reputed but you may find good placement in Pharma, Agriculture and food processing companies after M.Tech
      You may opt it

  8. Hi Govind,
    I have dome Mcom and having experience of 2.8 yrs in finance field. I am planning to do MBA from Manipal University or PGDBA from Symbiosis institute. Could you please tell me which will be the best option for me ?

  9. @Aniket both are bad options
    opt any of the following
    Bharati Vidyapeeth
    D Y PAtil University
    Pondicherry University

  10. sir i am planning to do ba from jaipur national university in regular mode. Is university valid in panjab because i want to do ma music from panjab university chandigarh

  11. Sir reply to my query asap it svery urgent

  12. Yes, it is valid if you are doing in regular mode from its campus in Jaipur. However, if you want to do MA Music why don't you do Bachelor of Music?

  13. Vinayak Mission University cannot offer any course outside Salem, even in distance mode as per uGC guideline on territorial jurisdiction for distance learning

  14. Thanks for your guidence sir but there is not any bachelors degree in music we can only keep music as a subject in ba but there is no bachelors degree in music..please tell if it is possible.

  15. sir please tell me if it is possible to do ba in music.

  16. Heloo sir . Is jaipur national university offering online mba in fire and safety management? What about joining this course. Sir I want to do MBA in safety management distance mode; which university will be better . Pls gave me your advice.

  17. IIIASA institutes throughout Jaipur is boosting time frame through time frame your own students have be additional vigilant and also conscious exactly about it is careers and always within seek of any Least difficult ias coaching institute with jaipur Rajasthan.

    ras institute in jaipur

  18. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know the accreditation status of Jaipur National University's MBA course. They offer dual degree as MBA + PDG. Is this course are recognised by UGC. I am planning to do MBA correspondence as I am working outside India. Please suggest best university for MBA correspondence.


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