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Why Aditya University & IET India are fake institute?

Hello Friends,

You must have read my previous post where I mentioned about these 2 institutes. Well, Mr. Dey who loved to attack me without going through any details and without taking any pain to know more about me lowered his attack on me and asked to write in detail about these two institutes.

I agree to his point of view however, I have already written many blog posts on mentioning these facts. Let me summarise all the points here so you will get idea.

To start education institute even a college there are various process and different agencies involve to grant accreditation.

As I stated earlier, only central universities can offer courses anywhere in India. State Universities have to offer full time courses within their jurisdiction and for distance learning they have to strictly follow jurisdiction mentioned in their Act but they must not cross the state where they are established.

A deemed and private university cannot offer the course outside the building location where they are situated.

Every institute whether it is a state university, central university or a private or deemed university cannot offer courses by appointing agents, through franchisee. They have to establish their own regional centre (see example of IGNOU, YCMOU NSWBOU etc.) with own staff.

Only being a university, one cannot offer any course. Other guidelines including the minimum specification nomenclature of the degree has to be followed up.

For distance learning specialised courses, approval from respective body is mandatory like AICTE for MBA, MCA and engineering diploma, degree.
As a matter of policy, AICTE has put blanket ban on offering engineering courses through December 2010 onwards due to quality issue.
There is a rumours that as per supreme court judgment in Bharathidasan University case, it is decided that AICTE has no right on recognising universities.

This is false. Whatever you say, whatever you may interpret, the AICTE things never going to end.
First, the judgment came for university, it said university need not but the constituent college/ departments have to ensure the AICTE recognition. Distance education wing of a university is a department.
Further, government has already planned for a ordinance to give AICTE full power.

To summarise:
1. To offer any degree and post graduate course, the institute must be a state, central or deemed/ private university.
2. They have to offer degree course as per UGC specification i.e. a bachelors degree cannot be less than 3 years, a masters cannot be less than 2 years.
3. A research degree cannot be offered unless the UGC specification is followed.
4.  Territorial jurisdiction must be followed strictly.
5. A university can be established only by passing an Act in the state legislature or in parliament. In case of deemed university, ministry of HRD should issue such notification.

Now let us examine these two institutes.

Aditya University, a cheater
Aditya University is selling degrees through various agents and by appointing franchisee. In its website, it states that it is an approved deemed university. However, neither on its website it has provided any such letter from ministry of HRD nor it appears in the UGC's list of deemed university. You may read the list of deemed universities from following link:

On its website its states the following:
"The Aditya University established on 27/01/2001 vides Govt. Notification no. IV 00043 dated 27 th January 2001, Act 1882 is considered to a reputed Deemed University amongst the Face to Face learning Institutions in the country, keeping in view the educational needs of our country in general and state in particular the policies and programmes have been geared to cater to the need."

Let me clarify.
There is no such notification like Notification no. IV 00043 dated 27th January 2001

The website says Act 1882, Please note that if a university has to establish, it should be clearly The Aditya University Act of 1991. The said Act is about forming a trust. So forming a trust does not allow you to sell the degrees. Well, the trust is foundation of an NGO, a social service organisation. Basically, to start a school or college, you must first form the trust but for university, No. for university, you have to get pass the Act from state legislature.

But I need an engineering degree for my job, I don't care
You have to. First of all, all reputed organisations have well planned screening of the background and education in the place. They accept a non UGC recognized non AICTE approved institutes only if they are very reputed. In India, unfortunately such institute specially for engineering does not exist. For MBA, there is only one such institute i.e. Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. 
For smaller companies, it may or may not matter but then growth, you are never going to get.

For government job and higher studies
For Government job as well as for higher studies, a degree must be approved from distance education board, the degree should be of minimum specified duration, the degree must be approved from other bodies like AICTE, NCTE and so on. So this will be your wastage of time and money only.

For job and education abroad
These degrees (degree from Aditya and all such other "universities") are not acceptable. First of all, for education abroad, you have to have a degree from a UGC approved university. The documents need to send to the respective state government's ministry of HRD, Department of education and every state has their own procedures. The certificate need to be notarised first and then need to send only. Then the state government verify its authenticity. In such case, the degree from Aditya "university" will be rejected in first phase only by the Maharashtra state government. 

Address of Aditya University is fake
In Maharashtra, city name with Agashi does not exist. Agashi is a area in Virar, a satellite town of Mumbai. Here, it is the lie of this university (fake institute).

Another lie
It says, it is approved by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) and West Bengal Board of Technical education. 
First of all, MSBTE recognize just diploma, with prior approval from AICTE. Such institute does not appear on MSBTE website.

I hope these informations are enough to open your eyes. Now let us see about IET India.

IET India
Selling engineering, MBA, MCA, B.ed and such professional degree is very easy as they are in high demand therefore such fake institute exist.
IET India is actually tried to copy name of Institute of engineers which offers chartered engineering courses with the name AMIE (Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers) and IETE (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering) which offer diploma IETE and AMIETE which are equivalent to Diploma and degree in engineering but they are very reputed and toughest exam to crack like CA.
Any institute cannot offer such courses and they must take prior approval from ministry of HRD and AICTE.
For details you may visit 

But the institute says "an autonomous body as per present AICTE policy"?
Have they kept copy of such policy duly certified by AICTE? No. AICTE has not issued any such policy. The fact is since 2010, AICTE has put ban on all distance engineering programmes. 

But their website has letter of Shashi Tharoor
This is the trap. The logic is very simple. They keep a programme and send an invitation to ministers. Usually, ministers do not attend a low profile invitation and as a good gesture, they write back, Their PAs without realising it will be misused, copy paste content of the invitation letter. Later, these culprits use it to lure people. Even a minister;s approval does not work. 

Now, since it is clear about both the institutes, saving your future is in your hand. Do not get admission to any of these institutes.
For previous and more details, you may visit

Shall you have any questions, please ask.



  1. Dear Sir,

    Please guide me about chattisghar University. Is it genuine.

  2. Hi Govind,
    thanks alot for providing this blogs as these are very informative and life saver for us.
    i am looking for AICTE approved inst. in delhi from where i can do my diploma in CS or in IT (3 yr after matric).Kindly suggest the same as i tried to through with AICTE approved list of inst but i felt somewhere it does not have proper details like their websites and contact details (one of them i found thru net Aditya Inst.) but not sure which inst is referred by AICTE so pls help me in this regard.Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,
      In Delhi institutes must be approved from Directorate Technical Education and Training as well as AICTE
      You may see the entire approved institute's list by clicking following link

  3. How dare you Govind Sharma to say that IET(I) is a fake institute. It has been running since 2008 and since many many students have passed from this organisation and have received AMIET and DIPIET diploma and certificate from this professional society. Over 500 students have given exam twice a year and is still giving exams. Do you have any prove? So please do not comment without any knowledge. It is endorsed by A.I.C.T.E. and the letter given by them to us is published in the website.

  4. @anonymous from IET India
    First reveal your name
    mail me the AICTE approval letter as you are claiming then I will post it in my blog rectifying your institute


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