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Question and answer on distance PG diploma of NMIMS

One of the reader of my blog sent me an email with 100+ points/ questions to me and I replied him too. I do not know whether he likes if I mention his name or not, so purposely I have removed his name.
I must accept that he is not a degree / diploma buyer. He is clever, knowledgeable and have done in depth research before writing to me. I could not understand whether he is seeking clarification from me or defending NMIMS PG Diploma. Whatever it is, it was a great learning experience for me too. 

Let me clarify few points in summary of this blogpost:

1.       The distance education PG Diploma of NMIMS is not equivalent to MBA
2.       NMIMS does not allow a distance learner including its PG Diploma holders to pursue Ph.D
3.       Since it is not equivalent to MBA, the diploma holders are not allowed to pursue higher education like M.Phil and Ph.D in other universities in India and abroad. Similarly, the Diploma holders cannot apply to public sector job where MBA or post graduate in management or equivalent is prerequisite.
4.       At the much lower cost of the NMIMS PG Diploma in management, one can get MBA from a good/ reputed state and central universities and these MBAs gets more weightage than NMIMS PG Diplomas.
5.       Corporate do not give value to distance PG Diploma of NMIMS. The job seeker gets job and promotion purely on the basis of on its own merit and not on the basis of these PG Diplomas
6.       NMIMS nowhere in its website mentioned this fact that their PG Diplomas are not equivalent to MBAs
7. It is better than SCDL as NMIMS dared to give its university's name to the programme unlike SCDL who has kept it completely separate.
8. NMIMS PG Diploma is not suitable for those who wants to do a masters for higher studies, research, public sector job and job abroad. 
9. There are much better options are available.

Now, please go through the long question and answers. Thanks to him.

Hey Mr. Sharma

I would like to bring to your notice some few important points which you have mixed up about Distance Education  and because of which you are causing confusion to others also
1.       In case of NMIMS - this is a deemed University
No doubt it is a deemed university.
2.       Others like Welingkar and Symbiosis offer distance learning program as an institute
3.       NMIMS Global Access- School for Continuing Distance Education is an arm of NMIMS i.e. the Deemed university and not as an institute
This is also correct
4.       So NMIMS  Distance is different from Symbiosis or Welingkar.
This is also correct, however NMIMS does not offer MBA or equivalent management programme in distance mode.
5.       How that is, because  Symbiosis Centre for distance learning is different from Symbiosis International University and therefore not a part of it and Welingkar is nowhere a university neither deemed nor private
You have rightly observed it. I have mentioned same point on my previous blog psot too. So there is no ambiguity in whatever I have said.
6.       In case of NMIMS it’s a Deemed university and at the same time its distance Education Department is a part of the University
It is repetition of the same point.
7.       Now if you doubt NMIMS  University itself as fake then that’s  a different story
I think you need to go through my blog carefully. I never said that it is fake. NMIMS’s full time MBA are amongst top class, tier 1 management programme in India and holds lot of respect. However, the distance programme is quite different.
1.       The distance education PG Diploma of NMIMS is not equivalent to MBA
2.       NMIMS does not allow a distance learner including its PG Diploma holders to pursue Ph.D
3.       Since it is not equivalent to MBA, the diploma holders are not allowed to pursue higher education like M.Phil and Ph.D in other universities in India and abroad. Similarly, the Diploma holders cannot apply to public sector job where MBA or post graduate in management or equivalent is prerequisite.
4.       At the much lower cost of the NMIMS PG Diploma in management, one can get MBA from a good/ reputed state and central universities and these MBAs gets more weightage than NMIMS PG Diplomas.
5.       Corporate do not give value to distance PG Diploma of NMIMS. The job seeker gets job and promotion purely on the basis of on its own merit and not on the basis of these PG Diplomas
6.       NMIMS nowhere in its website mentioned this fact that their PG Diplomas are not equivalent to MBAs
7.       For distance Education the rules and recognition/equivalence etc  is fully under the control of the  erstwhile DEC and Distance Education Bureau of UGC.
No. Now the recognition is handled by DEB of UGC and a separate approval from AICTE is mandatory to run distance education management  and IT (MCA) programme. Alone DEB’s recognition is not sufficient. Further, as per the UGC directive on deemed and private universities, they cannot offer distance education courses outside their campus. They have to conduct exam within their campus only. Unfortunately NMIMS used distance learning programme as an instrument to earn money.

Now the Question comes of AICTE approval
10. AICTE is the body or Council providing approval for all technical and Management programs
11. But when the question comes of Distance Education and on the website of AICTE  Its mentioned that  AICTE is in the process of Framing guidelines and at the same
“AICTE is currently in the process of defining the procedures and regulations for the conduct of Technical Education through Distance learning mode and will be available in the public domain soon.”
Please read it carefully. AICTE is defining procedures for technical education in distance mode not the management programme. There is a clearly laid guideline for management programmes. Due to the above statement only AICTE has disallowed all engineering courses in distance mode.

So when AICTE is itself not clear about  distance Education policy why are you creating confusion in everyone’ mind
Please read comment above (point no. 10)

12. In the aforesaid circumstances it was resolved by the Ministry of HRD that it will be the erstwhile DEC that will be regulating policies regarding Distance Education
Please read comments on point no 7 and 10

13. After the dissolution of DEC the regulation of distance Education now totally relies with Distance education Bureau [DEB] of UGC.
Correct as due to inefficiency of DEC it has been dissolved
14. Now DEB OF UGC for the year  2013-14 on its website issued  a complete list of university/ institute  that too course wise for which recognition is given and also what type of recognition and till what period
Please read comments on point no 7 and 10

15. Its mentioned on that list that for courses for which Approval from AICTE is required it is the responsibility of that institute to get it
Please read comments on point no 7 and 10

16. Now the question comes  that AICTE does not a have a policy on Distance education
Please read comments on point no 7 and 10

17. Here is your Misinterpretation of Law. How?   I will explain below:
18. prior to its dissolution DEC was the sole Body regulating distance Education
19. During DECs functioning it was decided during a joint meet of  UGC-AICTE-DEC to form a joint committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC  to give approvals to all technical and management  programs offered via distance mode wherever required
Please read comments on point no 7 and 10 and also there were certain conditions for management programme. Please refer my blog for details. The duration of the programme should have been 2 ½ years, lectures were compulsory; faculty student ration should have been there.

20. So then, a Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC was formed specially to give approvals for distance education programs
Please see reply above
21. Post the Dissolution of DEC the Control went in the Hands of DEB of UGC.
I have already clarified it and you have also.
22. But since the DEB of UGC is a new body it is still in the process of framing new guidelines. So it clearly mentions on its website that till the time the new rules are framed old rules and policies of the erstwhile DEC are to be continued including that of the approvals given by joint committee of AICTE- UGC –DEC.
Sorry, I differ from your opinion here.  DEB is following guideline of DEC 2009  about how to offer and accredite the distance education institute. However,  the guideline on private and deemed university remained unchanged.

23. Only those institutes which didn’t have prior approvals of the joint committee of AICTE –UGC-DEC and are offering Management programs must now additionally get approval from AICTE.
No, please refer the DEC circular and ministry of HRD circular. Once DEC dissolve, all the institute have to take fresh evaluation and recognition from UGC as well as AICTE.

24. This problem occurs because of two reasons
    I] The Corrupt former VC of IGNOU and Chairman of DEC  Mr. Pillay  had given approvals to some institutes directly without the Approval of Joint Committee of AICTE –UGC-DEC.
Fully agree, I salute your knowledge and wish all should follow your path strongly. Pillai was chairman of DEC (ex-officio) but see, what is happening, he has done multi thousand crore scam still out of the net and enjoying his life. Not only he, officials from UGC, AICTE, DEC are also corrupt.
   2] IT was also somehow surprisingly decided  in the same meeting that direct approval given by  chairman of DEC would also be sufficient [ Corruption of the Mr. Pillay]
Already replied above
25. Now with that VC  suspended and under investigations all approvals given by him are under scanner and therefore DEB of UGC requires such institutes to get reapproval from AICTE and not those whose program have already approved by the Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC for their approval still holds value till the time the DEB of UGC frames new guidelines because of the reason I mentioned in point no.22.
He has got honourable retirement not the suspension and now out on bail. This scam – a very big scam will never be unearthed as education attracts little attention of the media.  I filed RTI applications long back to DEC and asked who are the members of AICTE-DEC-UGC committee and on what capacity they gave approval to a non-university institute? They gave vague answers.
Indeed, as per the new guideline and UGC circulars they have asked all institute to stop enrolling new centres till notification comes however the ministry of HRD circular says they have to take approvals from UGC and AICTE separately. No deadline, nothing. God only knows when they will frame the new standard and God only knows how strictly they will monitored. Chairman of UGC and its members are appointed in political will (not on the merit- as they appoint president of India and Governors of the states)
26. A joint committee of AICTE-UGC and DEC has given approval to NMIMS in 2010 & 2012, a letter of which exists with NMIMS university, and for 2013-14 DEB of UGC  has provided programme wise recognition apart from it possessing the earlier approval of Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC which remains active till the time DEB-UGC frames new Guidelines. And its more than sufficient for Distance Education. Because Distance Education is governed by the Laws of Distance education and not by your opinions and whimsical interpretation
I have clarified above. I did not say that it does not have DEB/ DEC approval. The question is
1.       When NMIMS self offering the course, then why is not it nomenclature as an MBA/ MMM/ MFM/ MHRDM?
2.       Why the distance learning PGDBA/ PG Diploma holders are allowed to apply for its Ph.D programme?
3.       Does this mean that the NMIMS consider its own students completing management diplomas through distance education mode are inferiors? If not then what is the reason?
4.       Why examination and evaluation pattern of full time MBA of NMIMS and Distance learning diploma holders of NMIMS are same? Take example of JBIMS full time MMS and part time MMM, you will not find such differences in evaluation.
5.       If NMIMS feels that the distance learning programmes are inferior, then why does it offer such inferior diploma?
6.       The programme fee of Diploma is 34000 for 1st year and 33000 for second year. Is it really worth when corporate does not give any value, it is not equivalent to MBA so not eligible for higher education? For what are they charging just for the brand NMIMS? Could not they make it stringent and do the justice with the students? Students just see the NMIMS and “management” and take admission. What after that?
27. Now  I wish the Question of approval and recognition must have been answered.
Kindly see reply above.
 So lets talk about  equivalence.
29. You have placed the entire chunk of your argument on AIU providing equivalence.
30. Well I checked that list only about a 60 of PGDM programs  offered by  Institutes are considered equivalent
31. So does that mean PGDM from other  institutes is worthless???
32. In that list
        I]  SP Jain  PGPM program is not mentioned- SP jain does not offer distance PGDM, it is full time PGDM. For rest of the illogical questions raised, please refer answer above.  You must not compare PG Management programme of ISB Hyderabad and SP Jain with the distance PGDBA of NMIMS. Please note, I have not raised question about full time MBA of NMIMS. They are of high value, worth and stands with a respect.
        2] KJ Somaiyya Exec PGDM and some specialization is not mentioned
KJ Somaiya’s MMS holds market value not the PGDM. Please refer following
NMIMS, gets 7th place in my this blogpost.

        3] Syndenham {this is a very prestigious Autonomous Govt. College ] PGDM is not mention
         4] There are many more
33. So you mean to say that these institutes PGDM are useless
You are doing wrong comparison.  Please see answers above.
34. To get Admission in any of these is a mammoth task and at the end of it you and AIU call it non equivalent  then you need help buddy.
You are doing wrong comparison.  Please see answers above.

35. My simple question is who is AIU???
36. Who is AIU???
37. Association of Indian unviersities. Any 10  people or organisations can get together and form an association. It is neither a statutory body, nor a part of the government. It is in fact a society registered under the societies act.
No, you are wrong in this case. First of all, AIU does not grant equivalence to any distance learning PG Diploma in management. By that virtue, none of the institutes offering distance learning PG Diploma has got equivalence of MBA. Only full time PGDM has got equivalence to MBA. Love or hate AIU, they are vested with power to grant equivalence, without this your life is miserable. Only exceptions are very few (5-6 out of thousands degree mills in India) like ISB, SP Jain and few institutes. NMIMS already offers full time MBA and it is reputed so no need to mention it. Understand the difference between these two to understand the whole system properly. To say again, you are doing wrong comparison.  Please see answers above.

38. So who gave AIU the Authority to equate a particular PG to MBA
Please see answers above.
38. Now for equivalence of PGDM through Distance mode
39. UGC via its Circular on 14/10/2013  has issued direction & given equivalence to all diplomas/degree/certificate to that of traditional universities. That Circular from UGC was copied {to the secretary of AICTE and AIU}
You have interpreted it wrongly. UGC has said the degree offered ny a university in distance and open mode (The university established through an Act of Parliament or the Act of State Legislature with the condition that the degree awarding methodology should be same of the corresponding university).
IT has not given the blanket approval. To remind you again, forget about the distance education graduation from Mumbai University, NMIMS does not accept its own distance education product for Ph.D.
You are mixing full time programme with distance education programme and strongly advocating NMIMS.
I have published the blog after collecting data about feedback from corporate managers (and I am one of them). It is not my biased opinion. Here, the dispute is not the brand NMIMS, the dispute is using this brand to sell something and not accepting the same again.
Another example to clarify your point above is post graduation degree under Open University System. Annamalai, KSOU, Madurai Kamraj etc universities were offering PG degree to those who are above 21 years of age and who did not have graduation.
One of such person applied for LLB at University of Mumbai. University of Mumbai rejected his application because the minimum qualification for LLB is graduation and he did not have the graduation. Finally the matter went to HC then SC and SC gave the judgment that a PG degree obtained without graduation stands invalid. So UGC also had to specify the conditions for awarding degree.  So your statement has issued direction & given equivalence to all diplomas/degree/certificate to that of traditional universities. That Circular from UGC was copied {to the secretary of AICTE and AIU} is incomplete of the knowledge and misrepresent the fact.

40. And also mind You that UGC is not an Association but a Government nominated body/commission.
Not nominated, statutory body under UGC Act. Read rest of the reply above.
41. So in that case its better to PGDM through distance than from Regular full time PGDM not approved by AIU because that Distance PGDM is atleast considered Equivalent by the boss of bodies i.e. UGC.
UGC has no authority to grant equivalence. Understand the different roles of different bodies:
UGC: Can laid down minimum standard for awarding a degree, can specify minimum qualification for appointment in universities and colleges. UGC self cannot recognize or de-recognize a university. It has to recognize all the Universities established by the parliament, established by the state legislature, recognized as a deemed university of Ministry of HRD. So it basically formulates rules and regulations for maintaining standard and specifying norms for awarding degrees.
AIU:  A university (as mentioned above) automatically gets member of AIU and it has been given authority to provide equivalence of PGDM as well as foreign degrees. You are free to challenge its legal validity in the court of law.
AICTE/ NCTE and such other bodies: To regulate professional education, through the statutory process, different bodies are formed. They only have right to provide recognition of institute. Even if UGC has approved the university, they have to seek different approvals. For example, even  if Mumbai university offers B.Ed in distance mode (it does not offer, I am just giving example) it has to take approval from NCTE and need to follow its guideline). Similarly, MCI, department of AYUSH do not allow to offer medical degrees in distance mode. In that case, even if it is  a UGC approved university, a MCI approved university, it’s distance learning degree does not get approval.
42. I agree that with the advent of this ease of Distance learning many universities/institutes  being Hand in glove with DEC-IGNOU-AICTE-UGC  opened franchise and established a Bulk Degree Selling & Profiteering Business.
Good, you agreed on something.
 But Things are being changed around and the system is being hauled up
44. But you cant defame reputed universities like NMIMS.
When Lalu was sentenced by the court in the scam, he told the judge that he did good things at Railway. Judge said, agreed but this does not decrease your crime and does not let you go free hand for wrong deeds. Rest, I have clarified above. I am not against NMIMS, I am against its own practices about distance learning. Let the corporate accept it diplomas (distance learning), I will write a blog post on its praise, let it rename PGDBA as an MBA and take AICTE approval, I will write it on my blog.
45. NMIMS is not the business of  bulk degree selling.
Indeed, unfortunately it is.  Yes, for full time programme it is not.
46.  It  is not even offering Dual Specialization whereas others like Welingkar and Symbiosis are doing it
It does not matter, for rest, see my comments and replies above.
47. It is having a dedicated 30 hour per course module in the personal contact mode.
It is not mandatory
48. It Term End Examination is Written - Subjective and not Online-Objective  like Welingkar or Symbiosis
49. There is Project Work in the end, failing to submit it on time leads to failure in semester.
50. Its more of a Part-time MBA.
It is not. Let them accept its distance learning PG Diploma holders for Ph.D, I will be happy to praise them.
51. Better than Welingkars and Symbiosis.
I fully agree to you on this.
52. Defiency which you pointed out in all other PGDM/MBA may be correct but I Feel that’s not true for NMIMS.
Already answered through various replies above.
53. I have Carefully Evaluated every PGDM and Partime MBA available [ and you might feel that with the amount of knowledge I have on the subject matter] after  IGNOU only NMIMS is credible option for those staying in Mumbai. Its best Option in the Country And luckily for me  as I stay Mumbai.
No, NMIMS is not credible for its distance programme. People have options like Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pondicherry University, University of Madras and they also have options like executive MBA from NMIMS, part time management programme (3 years- MMM, MFM, MHRDM) from Welingkar, N L Dalmia, ADMI and JBIMS.
Yes, your knowledge is much better compared to others, just need to add some more thing and you need to understand that I am not against NMIMS, I am against its practice. It is exactly like British ruling India but refuse to grant them status of equal elite British citizen so forced to travel in third class compartment.
54. And if Hypothetically if I think also then Which MBA/PGDM is good/ Better than NMIMS ???
Already replied above.  Pondicherry and University of Madras have similar mode of evaluation and awarding MBA and it comes much cheaper compared to NMIMS distance MBA.
55. You tel me
56. Even IGNOUs PGDM’s are not  recognised by AICTE only its MBA/MCA are recognized
IGNOU already offers MBA in distance mode, in multi specialisation. Corporate may or may not accept it but all the universities have to accept it as it is recognized by AICTE. It is very stringent and much better than 95% full time MBA colleges in India.
57. IGNOUs PGDM’s are 1 year only whereas NMIMS PGDM’s are 2 years.
Please see reply above.
58. Atleast NMIMS PGDM is Approved by Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC. and approval is valid till the time DEB-UGC frames new Guidelines and it is Also equivalent to PGDM’s offered by other Universities as per UGC Cirular of 14/10/2013.
No. , please refer it carefully
It states, equivalence to degree/ diplomas etc this means it will be equivalent to Diploma of IGNOU of Mumbai University, not the equivalent to MBA. The circular is about recognition of distance education programme. I have clarified the point above.
59. NMIMS PGDM is better than Welingkar  and Symbiosis because
True, agree. Where MBA or Post graduate degree is not required, it will be acceptable there.
     1] Welingkars/Symbiosis approval was by DEC not by Joint Committee of AICTE so in view of DEC being scrapped they need to get fresh approvals from AICTE
Approval of DEC means approval of joint committee. DEC has clarified in the past however it does not grant equivalence.

     2] NMIMS distance program is under the under the university as the name and logo of NMIMS deemed university is there. Its an arm of the NMIMS Deemed University not a separate institute as in case of Symbiosis.
Yes, correct
Because in case of  Symbiosis Symbiosis International Unviersity [ which is deemed University] and Symbiosis Centre for Distance learning [SCDL] are different.
SCDL is therefore a separate institute. Whereas NMIMS Global Access is included in the Deemed University.
Therefore NMIMS Distance PGDM is the only Program offered by a NAAC Accredited University.
3] Welingkar is no where near as it is not any kind of deemed university
4] NMIMS is not bulk degree Selling not offering Dual Specialization like Welingkar/SCDL
I disagree. Reason specified in various occasion above.
5] NMIMS does not offer PGDM to Undergrads like Welingkar/SCDL
Agree but it hardly matters. I have raised question about different issue. Please read above.
6]NMIMS term end Examination in Written- subjective and not Online-objective as in Wleingkar/SCDL
No comments, points repeated.
7]NMIMS Personal contact programme are in the university campus itself.
     Good, but the point is different. Yes, I will do certain amendment in my previous blogpost on the basis of your information, subject to verification.

60. NMIMS being a deemed Universtiy has the right to establish its policies and guidelines and quality standards to be maintained.
Agree but this is not the point of discussion here. They have to follow all the statutory norms.
61. There’s actually a separate procedure  for getting approvals for a university and an Institute.
62. The circular on  UGC-DEB website says that a University must  get necessary approvals from AICTE wherever required and not an institute.
Institute comes from university only.
63. Then in that Same circular of list of approved Universities/Institutes  on the UGC-DEB website NMIMS Distance PGDM are considered to be under NMIMS deemed University and for both Symbiosis’s SCDL  & Welingkar the status is that of a Institute and not that of University.
Please refer the point of mentioning NMIMS distance education as a worthless.
64. So technically as per  UGC guideline Symbiosis ‘SCDL & Welingkar being considered as an Institute and not as a  University they don’t require approval from AICTE.
Even a institute can offer full time PGDM but they have to take AICTE approval. Only AICTE approval is not sufficient, they have to take AIU equivalence (although this is not mandatory but it safeguard a student’s future)
65. Only NMIMS as a deemed University or for that matter even D.Y Patil Deemed University require the approval of AICTE as per this latest UGC-DEB guideline.
Yes and they offer both PG Diploma in management and MBA (refer Bharti Vidyapeeth also)
66. But Since AICTE has not framed any policy governing distance education for the last 7 years with its website always saying
1.    AICTE is currently in the process of defining the procedures and regulations for the conduct of Technical Education through Distance learning mode and will be available in the public domain soon.”
Read it carefully. AICTE has said for technical education not the management education.
67. So then in that case the issue goes to back to the Interim procedure adopted by the erstwhile DEC of granting Approvals either by a Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC or directly by DEC.
No, now it is clear that let UGC approved distance education institute and let respective bodies approve the course falls under their area. Like Nursing Council of India has its own regulation for distance B.Sc. Nursing and it is rigorously followed.
68. The list which I have shows that all Deemed Universities Specially in Maharashtra got Approval from Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC whereas Insitutes  got approval directly from DEC.
Both means same.
69. Accordingly A letter was also issued to such Deemed universities in the year 2012 that mentioned that the “Joint Committee of UGC-DEB-AICTE found your university fit for conducting PGDM course in XYZ specialization”
In 2012, DEB was not in the existence. It was UGC-DEC-AICTE
70. In the absence any new guidelines adopted by AICTE regarding Distance Education and also the Policy of the UGC-DEB that till the time new guideline are framed old ones are valid it is to be taken that any Deemed university that had that approval of joint committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC is still valid
If the nomenclature is MBA, Students may not face the problem but when the nomenclature is PGDBA/ PG diploma the seeking equivalence is mandatory. Further, to repeat again why NMIMS does not accept its own distance learners?
71. Now the Corruption took place when some Deemed/Private Universities directly took the approval from  DEC Chairman [The VC of IGNOU] that Mr. Pillay [Under CBI investigation] thereby   BY PASSING  THE JOINT COMMITTEE OF UGC-AICTE-DEC.
73. Examples of these Universities are :
                      A] ICFAI University Dehradun
                      B] Amity University Noida
                      C] ICFAI University Agartala
                       D] Madurai Kamraj University
                        E] Sikkim Manipal University
                        F] Lovely Professional University
                        G] There are many More Private/Deemed universities.
Fully agree and I have written about them in blog.
73. This Bypassing cannot be and should not have been done by these deemed/private universities. Only those Considered as Institutes could have sought direct approval from DEC chairman for all other  Deemed/Private Universities it is was mandatory to get approval from  Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC and is still mandatory as per new guideline of UGC-DEB
74. But in the absence policy for distance Education by AICTE the earlier approvals sought is taken to be continued till the time UGC-DEB or AICTE forms new guidelines.
Policy was there but broken/ modified for thousands crores of education scam. (NMIMS most possiblt not part of the scam)
75.  Now a an important observation here is in Points No 63 to 74 deals only with approvals of Deemed and Private universities only. It does not include State Universities. That is Point no.63 to 74 is only applicable to Deemed  & Private Universities only.  State Universities have a different set of approvals.
There is regulation for everything. Please refer UGC circular and also UGC regulations on awarding degrees.
76. State University are Universities Established by the State legislature
77. State Universities are of three types
                A] State Open Universities [ Offering all programs through distance mode]
               Example of State Open University will be Karnataka State Open University and Yashwant Chawan  Maharashtra Open University
                 B] State Conventional University [ No Distance learning or ODL program offered- In correct, they are free to offer. University of Pune offers external programmes = distance education without study materials]
Example of State Conventional University is   University of Pune
                 C] State Dual Mode University [Offering both distance  as well as Regular Programs]
Example of State Dual mode university will be University of Mumbai and Uinversity of Jammu and Banglore University.- correct

78. Since we are only dealing with Distance Education we will not be discussing about State Conventional Universities any further as they don’t offer any program through distance mode.
79. For all State Open Universities the Approval in that Same list was given by the Chairman of DEC and not by the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC
80. For all State Dual mode University the Approval  was given by the Joint Committee of AICTE-DEC-UGC
81. Now here is the Second Corruption. It is only some these State Open Universities which having being approved by that Corrupt Chairman of DEC opened Study Centres Outside their Territorial Jurisdiction.- Not only open universities (only KSOU tops in the list), state conventional universities, private and deemed universities. You may refer my blog post on those points. Its not only about territorial jurisdiction violation (i believe there should not be territorial jurisidiction for state universities whether open or dual mode offering distance education but they must have their own employee, own study centre which has specified by UGC)
82. So technically only Those universities be it Private/Deemed/ State Open which were approved by that Rascal Chairman of DEC thereby BYPASSING the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC have been found indulging in gross violations of law and sub-standard education and all the dirt and mess existing in the Distance education sector of India.
Even the private and deemed universities approved by joint committee were violating- ADTU, Assam Don Bosco, EIILM, CMJ and many more are there
83. I don’t think any  Private/State/Deemed University, which as per General law and Interim practice being  approved by the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC ,have indulged in such Gross Violations and Sub standard  Education.
They are indeed
84. Point No.83 does not include Private Institutes like Synbiosis’s SCDL or Welingkar , IMT because they are governed by  the  Interim  Laws applicable for Institutes and not universities.
They should not be allowed to offer distance education programme.
85. So I hope you have gone through the entire POINTS  and I hope that the matter that I wanted  to explain is understood by you as I wanted you to undersdtand.
You may read my all answers above.
86. So in the Given frame of laws Analyze NMIMS Distance PGDM program and let me how it is Bogus.
87. When the Govt /AICTE/UGC etc…. itself are confused about the laws then what are accredited and renowned Deemed University like NMIMS should do????
They are making us confuse and certainly NMIMS is making two standards and demoralising its own distance learning students.
88. Do You want Abolish Distance Education Completely???
No, but we have good enough central, state universities and very few (hardly 10)- deemed private universities. I strongly believe that distance education is need of the hour. But we need quality, wholly acceptable distance education. All citizens are not knowledgeable enough to understand this- you are one of the rare species. Hence, government should not allow non universities to offer distance education. However they may allow only NAAC accredited 5 star / A grade universities to have a collaboration with such private institute and deemed universities to offer specialised programme. We have enough universities capable to deliver the programme. Instead of new permission, they should strengthen them.
89. Or do you feel a Deemed and a Renowned Institute like NMIMS is wilfully trying to BY-Pass/Manipulate Laws to Sell its distance PGDM program.
Yes, it’s lucrative to make money, low investment, high earning and no obligation.
90. If that’s so the Case which existing and/or interim Law governing Distance Education [as of today] NMIMS has not followed????   Please Elaborate
NMIMS have not emerged as a degree seller and it is wrong to say so. However for rest of the points, I have clarified above. Other points, being a deemed university, it cannot conduct exam outside it campus and it has territorial jurisdiction only Mumbai- Its campus at Vile Parle.
91. Well there are other good Deemed Universities also which I think are following as possible laws applicable currently and giving good Distance Education in the current frame of Laws, like DY Patil deemed University.
Yes, you may consider Bharti Vidyapeeth, Indian Institute of Population Studies (IIPS), Mumbai, Jamia Milia Islamia, Jamia Hamdard etc but most of the private and deemed universities are degree scamster.
92. But I Choose NMIMS over DY Patil is because DY Patil Deemed University is not a specialized University for Management/MBA studies, its more diverse with Engineering , Medical,Dental, Pharmacy etc.
They offer MBA Hospital management, Bharti Vidyapeeth is there. You may look for Pondicherry University as well as University of Madras too (Madras- if you are not looking for public sector job)
93. Whereas incase of  NMIMS, Management/MBA/PGDM these courses are its forte. Even the Deemed University is named as Narsee Monjee Institute of “ MANAGEMENT STUDIES”
Agree but full time. You may consider its executive MBA which is much costlier. I feel JBIMS’s 32 years part time MBA is much better. Please refer

94. Now the question comes is if NMIMS is a Deemed University It has a right to Masters or MBA then why doesn’t  it  call its Distance programs Master Degree or MBA.
Well question raised. See my reply above. Its like British ruling India but considering Indian citizen are slave, useless, tertiary and considering its own British citizen as elite.
95.Let us go into the practice or trend of MBA and PGDM.
96. Ideally a Good Management Institute would be affiliated to some University. In that case there would MBA/MMS from that  Institute offered by the affiliated University. And as autonomus institute being approved from AICTE  the Program offered by the Institute came to be called as PGDM. This PGDM cannot be called as Masters or MBA as the Institutes Which gives this is not a University of any type[Deemed/Private..etc].
See, nomenclature is not important, important is its prestige and who is awarding it. For example, IIM offers PGPM but it has so much value. See my blog about myth and facts about MBA, it clarifies your question.
97. NMIMS was following this practice before it became a Deemed University.
98. Now Even after NMIMS became a Deemed University which gave it the power to give Masters degree and MBAs to all Management Programs  didn’t stop its traditional PGDM program.
It has stopped. It offers PG Diploma only in distance mode and which is not treated as equal to MBA.
99. That PGDM program in NMIMS is still running, even though it should have converted its PGDM into MBA or Master Degree when it had the Powers to do so When it Became a Deemed University.
Already replied above
100. But as a Deemed University as I have mentioned in Point No.60 “ NMIMS being a deemed Universtiy has the right to establish its policies and guidelines and quality standards to be maintained.”
101. NMIMS as a Deemed University  has the freedom to what names it wants to give to its Courses , What will be the Curriculum, Etc.
102. So in that case NMIMS distance PGDM and Regular PGDM are Names given by the NMIMS Deemed University  to its Program according to the powers conferred on it.
103. And in that case the Value of the Deemed University from where the PGDM is secured is to be considered important
No, I have clarified this point also. NMIMS offers full time as MBA and distance as PG diploma. If it offers both programme as MBA and with minimum duration of 2 years then of course by the name and recognition for higher education as well as for public sector job, it gets equivalence and even for the corporate job.
104. And for  Equivalence as I Mentioned in Point No.39 UGC via its Circular on 14/10/2013  has issued direction & given equivalence to all diplomas/degree/certificate to that of traditional universities. That Circular from UGC was copied {to the secretary of AICTE and AIU}
I have already clarified. You have misunderstood or misinterpreted the circular. Circular is about acceptance of distance degree (asking universities not to reject it)
105. One Very important Observation I would like over here is that our most beloved and most respected University Of Mumbai is offering in Distance Mode PGDORM and PGDFM and these courses are not approved by even the newly constituted UGC-DEB, Forgot about any Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC approval to these courses.
University of Mumbai was recognized by DEC. They never claimed PGDFM and PGDORM as equivalent to MBA. Further, PGDORM is something which does not have corporate demand and there is no special treatment to PGDFM. It is as good as PG Diploma of any other universities including NMIMS. University of Mumbai indeed offers 3 years part time management programme which are equivalent to MBA. Please refer answers above.
106. Atleast NMIMS Distance PGDM programs are Approved by the Newly Constituted UGC-DEB and was approved by the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC, and in the absence of new set of guidelines by UGC-DEB or AICTE the earlier approval is to be considered applicable till the time new rules an d regulations are framed.
No comments, already replied.
107. I can tell so much about NMIMS program is because I have very carefully Shortlisted this NMIMS distance PGDM program after due evaluation and research.
Your research is not wrong, understanding is.
108. I visited the NMIMS campus they Showed me the Approval Letter of Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC  and I also searched other relevant material online on AICTE, UGC and DECs website and also on all your Blogs.
Thanks. Reply is there (already replied)
109. Your Opinions about other Distance Programs like that of Symbiosis's SCDL, Welingkars, Etc may be correct but When you are clubbing and bringing NMIMS in that league is where I found that you are making a mistake 
No, I have stated reason for criticising NMIMS when the matter comes to its distance education.

110. For you should have Studied the NMIMS Distance Program in the Light of the Laws and Guidelines governing distance Education as of today.
Already replied.

111. And you should not have included NMIMS in that General list of Violators.
Already replied
112. If you have Conflicting views about any or all of my points  especially about NMIMS then please let me know. As I want to Enrich My Knowledge more before I take a final decision on forming a Viewpoint.

 Summarizing,  Mr. Sharma I know the rules are vague with masses being confused. The Govt of India and Ministry of HRD is sleeping all this time.
But in the Given frame of Laws NMIMS PGDM is only Better bet  for students of Maharashtra and Mumbai Especially after IGNOU MBA.
Already replied, there are much better options. Definitely, for knowledge seeking your decision is not wrong and yes, NMIMS are much better compared to SCDL and Welingkar. However, for the reason I have criticised, you may refer all the answers and justification carefully.
Please revert 

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  1. I am IT professional working in Bangalore with over 12yrs of experience. I would like to do part time MBA (executive MBA). I have shortlisted SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management) & NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute). Am confused after reading this post, which one to pick from these two or do I've any better option available? I am looking for accredited college and good curriculum. Please advise


Thanks for your comment on Please search for required information through tags, keywords on this blog as I have already added lot of required information. If you still do not find it, I'll revert you shortly.

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