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Is Emcon Business Academy Kolkata a recognized MBA institute?


Somebody asked me this question and I replied in detail about it.
First of all we need to understand that why do we need to do an MBA or a business management degree. 

I am a strong believer of the concept that you cannot learn business management in class room. We learn business based in our own interest and in a real business life scenario. 

One of my HR fellow Vijay Anand from Chennai who is a dedicated human resources professional and who runs hirington academy for recruiter training rightly quoted, "MBA does not teach about the recruitment, it does not have a single subject on recruitment then why MBA is required to hire a recr or recruitment executive even in the corporate HR set up". 

So in short, there are many careers for which an MBA is not required. If purpose of doing is sole money then you must not do it. There are several careers which can be pursued :-) 

I will discuss about them on later post. Let us discuss further about the captioned topic.

When you think about a business degree whether MBA or BBA/BMS etc. Certain things has to be clarified.

1. Its reputation - if you really want to get job easily, a well paid job, in a very good organisation. Unfortunately out of thousands such b schools hardly 50 in India falls into this category. Entry is again strict, rigorous and need to put lot of efforts.

2. Its recognition. - it is required if you want to do higher studies in India and abroad and also a must for public sector job. Approval of AICTE for the college and university as well as from a known university at least who are awarding degree as per the UGC regulations. 

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Now let us see where does the Emercon B school falls. 

1. It is not a B school at all. When a B school is started it has to make all infrastructure including faculty and then they need to approach the university for affiliation and AICTE for recognition and approval. The university must be who has jurisdiction in the area. For example, if somebody want to start a B school in Pune, Ahmadnagar or Nasik district of Maharashtra, they have to take approval from Pune University only. The college cannot offer programme of any other university in full time mode. However, they may start distance education study centre of other state government or central government university. This University says that it is affiliated to MS University, Tamil Nadu. However this university cannot affiliate any college outside its jurisdiction in Tamil Nadu it is a study centre of MS university so you are going to get a distance MBA and not a full time MBA even though you attend a full time lectures in this institute. This institute is not approved by AICTE. 

2. Recognition : This Emcon B school B school is not a regular B school it is not affiliated to any university. As per their website, it is study centre of MS University Tamil Nadu and also mentions name of Annamalai University and Swami Vivekanand Uniesity Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Well, the degree from Annamalai University and MS University is fine as they are state government university but Swami Vivekanad University is a degree scam University, being a private university it cannot affiliate any college, it cannot establish any study centre and a big fraud. Students must check from which university they are getting the degree. 

3. Quality : I must confess that it is a difficult question to be answered. I have never gone to the B school and have never seen this. On its faculty page, it shows few faculty with corporate experience so it is good. A corporate experienced faculty is better than a wool worm copy paste academic Ph.D holder. However, it shows most of the faculty as cost accountant. It does not show faculty having experience in different area/ specialization of management. It also says that the "B school" is founded by a pan India recruitment company. It is again a positive thing but one cannot ignore the fact that it is not a recognized B school and even if we ignore recognition, it is not a ranked B school not even as a C grades B school. 

4. Courses and recognition : Emcon has opened several campuses and are offering BBA, MBA, B.Sc., B.Ed., Diploma in engineering B.Tech., M.Tech. first of all it is not approved by AICTE, NCTE hence its all Diploma engineering, B.Tech., M.Tech., B.ed, D.ed, M.ed are non recognized and invalid. Hence student must avoid it. It has opened several centers which put its intention in doubt. It seems more interested towards making money. One can give excuse that private sector job does not need AICTE approval but we know very well that without this recognitions one close the door for many opportunities. For teaching job,whether private or government an NCTE approved d.ed., B.ed and M.ed are compulsory. ICFAI ran similar degree scams by fooling students earlier but later she down all the course. The loosers were students only. Emcon is heading the same way. It has chosen a short cut way with the degree scamster Swami Vivekanad University and I must say it is playing with the future of students. 

5. Placements : This institute guarantees placement and shows many reputed companies like HSBC, Aditya Birla group on its recruiter list. I must draw all of my beloved readers atentiion towards similar scam by IIPM. Further, this institute has not revealed what kind of job the students are getting after paying almost 3 lakhs for a distance MBA. It may be sales executive or a call entre executive. For this type of job, you need not to be an MBA so please be careful and do a thorough inquiry. Definitely you are not going to get a good job with good position and placement. For a good position,all such good organisations have list of B school and they do not accept other than tier 1 and tier2 B schools.

Whenever you come across offer of any B schools, please look for above criteria. 

All questions are welcome. 

Have a happy and safe career, happy republic day

January 26, 2014

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