Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lesson from the life of Milkha Singh- from his autobiography The Race of My Life

Whenever we read something, it never goes waste. There is learning opportunities everywhere if we really want to.

I firmly believe that one should spend at least 2 hours in reading anything they like.

Reading always open our mind, brings creativity and generate ideas. It is not necessary that you should read only related to your job or business. You should read anything you like. Then you can think, how it is related to your life.

Before writing this article, I learned while listening (yes, you read right, listening) I would like to thank Aneeket Barua to whom I know since Shiksha.com days where I am in the panel of expert and one of the chief advisor. Aneeket joined reado.com and offered me few audio books. Yes, I used to use audio book but they were not at that much extent. However, I listened the oath of Vayuputra (will write about that later) , The race of my life and downloaded few more. Its really useful for a Mumbaikar who spends almost 4 hours in traveling everyday.

I was always fascinated and has great respect for Milkha Singhji and his life. He reminds us that anything is possible in our life and one can rise from the rags to riches. A displaced migrant who lost everything, reached undivided India to divided India in the name of independence how he shows dedication and rise as a national icon and as a hero who has unforgettable image in our mind. The credit also goes to Rakesh Omprakash Mehra for creating a biopic in the name b Bhaag Milkha Bhaag b

When I listened his autobiography The Race of my Life, every word inspired me to listen more and then I finally decided to write a post about it. I observed following key points:

1. Everybody faces hardship in the life. Everybody face challenges. It depends how you take your life. Never give up.

2. Every second of your life matters. You need to utilise it. If you miss a second, you miss important time of your life. You loose your life, your dream gets shattered.

3. You need to know strength and weakness of your opponents and you need to turn their strength into their weaknesses. Sometime you need to laid fair trap for them aggressively.

4. When you head for success, it is imminent that people will be jealous towards you. You simply need to accept it and focus on your own target not on them.

5. You are not successful unless you perform better than your past record. Do not be content with your own achievement. Do not stop when you get rewarded for your first success, put your all energy to achieve your next records.

6. Always we grateful towards people, avoid criticizing people. You must learn to be grateful.

7. When you become grateful, open and clean hearted, you can turn your biggest enemy also into friend. (He got flying Sikh title from Pakistan).

8. Sometime, you need to come out of your comfort zone to take bigger risk to be successful. Milkha Singh was about to get promoted as a lieutenant when he left the job and accepted unsecured civilian dy Director job with Punjab state government.

9. You only set limit for yourself. Milkha singh did not have modern training and physique as his other foreign counterpart but he was so determined that after defeat in Australia, he put all efforts and exercised till he vomited blood and bucket full of his sweat. This makes him still memorable. Whether it is a business or a job, we have to have similar attitude.

10. Do not focus on distractions on your ambition. Know your goal. When Milkha Singh ji reached Japan, people were in huge crowd to take his autograph. If he could focus on all those things, he might have lost from his main target. He took all those book and autographed later. First priority was to focus on training and the race.

11. You really need to work and exercise hard to get success. Learning never stops.

That's all. Thanks for reading. I hope you'll like this article too.


  1. dear govind sir

    please suggest whether i ll pursue msc(economics) from distance mode cuz i am a working man & its not possible to do it from regular

    1. Yes sure, you should
      You may opt it from various universities including University of Madras, University of Mumbai, Annamalai University, IGNOU and various other universities

  2. dear govind sir

    please suggest whether i ll pursue msc(economics) from distance mode cuz i am a working man & its not possible to do it from regular

  3. You blog is very much informative. Thank you for the constant effort.

    I have a B.Com degree from Manav Bharti University. As I saw ur post somewhere that u r not recommending this university to study, pls let me know if I can apply for Australia with this degree? Is it embassy approved?

  4. The best way is to apply and check. The embassy basically check with UGC and follow their advice. UGC send list of universities under scanner time to time.
    Normally, a university following norms of UGC and AICTE and other approving body gets approval

  5. I would like to do my PhD in chemistry from Atlantic International University,USA by distance education(http://www.aiu.edu).Kindly let me know whether the doctorate granted by this university will be recognised and approved by UGC (http://www.aiu.edu/Accreditation.html). I would be appreciated if you could send the reply to my email ID: josephkj@rediffmail.com

    1. No
      AIU does not approve distance learning degree of a foreign university


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