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Deemed and private universities are offering fake engineering degrees in India- Beware

Hello Friends,

I have written about the topic several times. Its not just about degree, rather it is about a valid degree.
I get query about the credit transfer from Manav Bharti, awarding degree and statement from these degree sellers universities that now AICTE approval is not mandatory etc.
These all are farce and misleading statements. 
Following universities are selling engineering degrees
1. Manav Bharti
2. CMJ
4. JNR University Rajasthan @ Rajasthan Vidyapeeth
5. IASE Gandhi Vidya Mandir or IASE deemed University
6. Allahabad Agricultural Institute (now name changed to Sam Higginbottom Institute)
7. Shridhar University, rajasthan
8. Monad University
9. Swami Vivekanand University, Sagor MP

There are many other universities involved.

I clarified about distance education in engineering through a blog post. You may read it at:

please read the following
"In 2005, UGC mentioned clearly that study centres of deemed universities, including JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth; IASE Gandhi Vidyamandir, Rajashthan and Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad are not recognised. The three universities have not been permitted to affiliate any college or institute. Also, these institutions are not allowed to conduct any course through distance education study centres ao far, by the Distance Education Council, UGC. In another case, UGC rule says that universities, including those established by the state legislature imparting 'technical education' are required to comply with the norms and standards prescribed by the AICTE from time to time."

Perhaps following article may open your eye
LUCKNOW: Overlooking rules and regulations, UP's Rural Engineering Services (RES) has recommended promotion of those of its employees who have acquired B Tech degrees through distance education from institutions like JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth and IASE Deemed University, Rajasthan, which are not even recognized by the All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) to run such programmes.

In fact, former principal secretary, RES, late Ashok Kumar had even issued a letter to UP Public Service Commission ( UPPCS), Allahabad taking note of departmental promotion committee for eight such fake degree holders.

The matter came to light after an employee of the same department, Wajahuddin, moved an application under RTI Act to the University Grants Commission (UGC) seeking information whether study centres (in UP) opened by deemed universities (the two mentioned above) were recognised by UGC and UP government and whether the degrees awarded through this mode were lawfully recognised?

Documents available with TOI states that UGC has, in its reply, said they have not given permission to any recognised university to open their study centres and that degrees awarded from these institutions are not valid. Wajahuddin in his application has mentioned three study centres, Allahabad Engineering College, Allahabad; Bramhanand Institute of Research Technology and Management, Bulandshahr and Vibgyor Institute of Engineering and Technology, Muzzafarnagar, run by the above mentioned deemed universities.

In 2005, UGC mentioned clearly that study centres of deemed universities, including JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth; IASE Gandhi Vidyamandir, Rajashthan and Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad are not recognised. The three universities have not been permitted to affiliate any college or institute. Also, these institutions are not allowed to conduct any course through distance education study centres ao far, by the Distance Education Council, UGC. In another case, UGC rule says that universities, including those established by the state legislature imparting 'technical education' are required to comply with the norms and standards prescribed by theAICTE from time to time.

Subsequently, the then special secretary, higher education, V K Gupta has issued an order directing all district magistrates to put a check on the unauthorised study centres of other state universities. In his letter, Gupta had even sought details of unrecognised institutions being run in each district.

Former principal secretary, RES, late Ashok Kumar, however, had overviewed all documents (UGC circulars, high court orders and AICTE norms) and issued an order in March, saying that degree holders of the JRN and IASE will get benefit in the service matter. Kumar contended that these two universities should not take AICTE approval for running any new courses and hence degrees awarded by these institutions will be considered as legal. The order clearly acknowledged the qualification of graduation received through distance education for appointment on the post of junior and assistant engineer.

In June, even the high court had dismissed a writ petition filed by a distance education degree holder who had challenged the advertisement of a government department for appointment of engineers.

RES principal secretary Rahul Bhatnagar was unavailable for comments.

As per the UGC norms, deemed universities are world class institution meant to make distinct contribution in their area of specialisation and research. These institutions should not focus on expansion of the activities ignoring the quality of education, norms and standards laid down in UGC guidelines.

I hope this enough to open your eyes.

The recruiters / Human Resources professionals and organisations also need to open their eyes and ban these universities. A candidate who is simply buying the degree because he does not have time to spend 3 -4 years in degree is lack of ethical sense, a person who choose short cut for getting what they want and such people can not be an assets, rather liability for the organisation.

You may ask your query



  1. dear govind,

    i appreciate your hard work for people who generally not aware of all this are doing a great job thanks for that..

    i am v.confuse please suggest me some following point.

    i also trap in a university know as smu de ...i ws taken admission in year 2011 june and on that time i just watch that all approvals are valid and cuz of this i take the admission but i made mistake and not checking the DEC validity whatsoever ...myn MBA ws completed in dec 2013 and the DEC approval ws expire on 2012 oct , further i read in internet that Matter for further recognition is subjudice as per the Writ Petition No. 4 of 2013 titled as “Sikkim Manipal University v/s IGNOU at the Honourable High Court of Sikkim” the court stay the old validity of smude and case is pending

    so what should i do to avoid these controversy in corporate interview

    i have completed matriculation 60% intermediate in science 62% BBA full time from W.B.U.T cgpa 9.0 on 10 point scale basis ...and now i am working in a v.reputed MNC FMCG company
    in sales and marketing further i score on exam GMAT 720 working experience is about 7 yrs

    i have following confusion.

    1. before i was thinking that after completing my mba i take admission in part time PHD and it completed may be after 3 years..After 6 years if i will get opportunity as above discuzz my GMAT score is good i ll take admission in iims iift mdi fms for full time 1 years executive diplomas.
    so will i carry on this?

    2.or i simply flash out myn mba degree in toilet and after 5 years i simply do 1 yrs executive course

    3.if i ll go for part time phd right now with this degree i ll get admitted in college, but this ll be valid ?there is a big confusion in my mind

    what to do plz suggest and also suggest some other course ll i do in future which is help full for my carrier

    thanks a lot



    1. Hi,
      First of all never feel low, there is no reason.
      Your BBA is a full time one, you have experience, you have a very good job in an FMCG MNC then why do you need to worry?
      As far as matter of Ph.D concern, Symbiosis offers PH.D to non masters with work experience, you may opt it.
      FMS, being a central government university college, may not accept SMU as it has violated territorial jurisdiction and tussle with AICTE
      SMU instead of doing misleading advertisement, should have discussed with the government and should have settle the issue.

      Do not flush your degree, it is not your mistake, it is of SMU better you should apply to FMS and if FMS refuse to accept sue SMU as well as UGC for their lacks. 1 year PG diploma is not useful so do not waste your money

      Just for the sake of Ph.D admission, you may talk to IGNOU and check whether they will accept SMU degree for the credit transfer of the passed course and whether you can apply for remaining papers to get an IGNOU MBA
      Other alternate is, just carry your first year marksheet and check with University of Madras if they allow you to lateral entry into second year of MBA

    2. hi govind can u tell me abt jodhpur natinol univercity i wnt to do civil engineering diploma i am working in construction feild pls reply me as soon as

  2. dear govind,

    thanks for your valuable suggestion u suggest me for madras university and ignou i talk with them and i conclude that i am not going for an distance MBA from any where and i have decided to take admission in Part time MBA from an affiliated college from where i did my BBA earlier.

    this college is affiliated with WBUT and also reco with AICTE, The link is below

    and its a 3 years MBA ,

    but my worry is that, if i got a job in abroad than how i ll carry on my studies


    1. Hi,
      If you are not sure about completing 3 years and spending time, there is no point on paying so much fee knowing the institute is not very reputed (may be good)
      you may read following post

    2. hi govind
      i read your blog of pondicherry and decided to take admission in MBA .. further i also decided to sue a writ petition on high court against smude and that franchisee and asking for my refunds and also compensation against my time losses

      it more strange that instead of all that ,these degree sellers are admitting student very frequently and they advertisement more and more.,,so sham-full

      if they need money so much than why they not asking ...we will donate them direct for there personal use ,,why they asking against a degree

      only honest people cheated in this type of scam


    3. see, here is the problem. They need money even if a student suffer, they don't care. They charge almost 60,000 for MBA and spend much money in advertisement and finally students suffer

    4. no, Govind u are wrong here they charge more than 60,000 k ... first there tuition fees is 13500 each semester and the franchisee charge 4500 (it on negotiation) on the name of tuition fees and than university fails u 3 to 2 subject in each semester and charge extra 350 rs each paper
      people generally pay 5k to 6k extra for resitting

      so total will be 80 to 85k

      there evaluation system is a big fraud i don't think they ever check the paper....

  3. Respected Sir,
    I want to do Bachelor of library and information science in Manav Bharti University as regular course,if it is right or wrong decision.

  4. This may not be a wrong decision as you are attending a full time course.
    However, avoid Manav Bharti University

  5. Hello sir, my name is sumit pandey, i've completed my "diploma"(mechanical engg.) from IASE and this was biggest mistake of my life, it ruined my whole life i can't get job in any compny or industry. Sir i've decided to do from "Shri ganpati institute of technology" through letral entry here is its website Sir please show me right path, i really need your help please consult me. And is it okay to do btech after completeing diploma engg. from deemed universy. Please do replay i need your help. im sorry if ive posted my comment many time.. i'm on mobile

    1. SGIT has AICTE approval so you may go ahead
      There is no harm to do from deemed universities if they have AICTE approval but prefer a central or a state university. Avoid private and deemed universities

  6. sir,

    is regular phd in engineering valid from monad university.pz reply soon....

    1. If it is awarded as per the PHD regulation of UGC 2009 and on campus then only it is valid

  7. Thanks for posting such a nice one, It is informative and very useful for me

  8. Sir I am b.a. 2nd year student of manav bharti...I am much annoyed with my decision...sir please tell me if it is valid for central govt. Jobs...sir plz reply asap...I am very much anxios....waiting for your positive reply

    1. If it is a full time on campus degree, it is valid else no

  9. Sir I have completed B.Sc in 2013,and after that I completed networking course. right now I am doing job, I have experience. but I hadn't take sub mathematics in 10+2.
    I want to go for MCA, but I am confused Please tell me, what should I do. Many people suggest me for regular MBA IT
    First of all please tell me which course is best for me and after that tell me if MCA is a good option then tell me which distance university is best for MCA Course please sir

    1. If you are looking for a technical job then do MCA. MBA IT is also an option of you are notnlooking for technical job such as team leader or project manager. If you have studied mathematics at graduation level as one subject you are eligible for mca

  10. Sir is this blog still working I've some queries

  11. Sir i want know that m student of manav bharti university ftom solan is m getting difficulty to find a job or companies blacklisted this university or m regular student of this university

  12. Sir

    I wanted to complete my graduation but cudnt complete ... But Thn an agent offered me to provide clarox unvi certificate I just HV to provide DD of college fees & I HV to attend in examination hall in last sem for exam.. So is it vaild ?

    1. Deal with university directly and get your fee receipt from the university directly

  13. Dear a graduate from manav bharathi university.kindly let me know is am eligible for trying ibps exam.

  14. Dear Mr Govind
    Kindly Clarify my dought i wish to do my B Tech Civil Engineering Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University so i checked UGC Approved List not found, very Confusing how to know this university is Approved by UGC or Fake.

    Please Give your Advice in this matter.

    Thanks & REGARDS


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