Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shridhar University is another CMJ University and headed towards bigger scam

Hello Friends,

Today while resting at home, I got a buzz from one of my ex colleague whom I recruited few years back. He asked me about a help and then informed me that he has planned for a degree and an agent is offering through Shridhar University and whether he should opt it or not.  An agent was offering him a BCA degree in two months at Rs. 60000/-

I was not surprised at this revealation. Reader of my blog must have read my earlier blog post about it. I have warned them to be cautious about it. You may read this blog post by clicking following link :

In above blog post , I have clarified that how Shridhar University is involved in degree scam and time to time I got information how the same agent who were selling CMJ degree now selling Shridhar University.

If you think getting degree from university will help you to get good job, you are wrong. Following chat transcript will help you to understand.

You may read it on following

2:08pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Good afternoon Govind
2:08pm, 18 Jan - ABC: ABC from XYZ
2:09pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Need your  help regarding UGC course
2:09pm, 18 Jan - ABC: I saw ur site
2:10pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Thanks, yes tell me how did you recognize it as my site
2:12pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Lot of people taking help from you
2:12pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Actually I want to know how is Shridhar University?
2:17pm, 18 Jan - ABC: R u busy?
2:40pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Its a degree scam avoid it
2:40pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: See, your job promotion and future job depends upon several aspect not only in degree
2:41pm, 18 Jan - ABC: But it showing UGC approved
2:41pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: And degree also should be from a very good university
2:41pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Yes UGC approved but there are 3 types of UGC approved universities - central universities state universities and private universities
2:42pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Central universities are best and UGC allow them to offer course from anywhere
2:42pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Then this will not accepted by HR
2:43pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Please let me know
2:43pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Which UGC is good
2:44pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Examples are IGNOU, Pondicherry, Delhi University etc
2:44pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Second State universities are also equally good
2:44pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Examples are Mumbai University Madras university etc
2:45pm, 18 Jan - ABC: If already spent 1 yrs in Shridhar University
2:49pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Third is private universities these universities are new, not allowed to offer any courses outside its campus they are selling degrees
2:49pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Shridhar university is situated in Pilani
2:49pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Rajasthan it cannot offer any course not even I'm distance mode UGC does not allow it
2:50pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Why did you opt Shridhar ? Mumbai university also offer MCA and M.Sc. IT
2:50pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Which course you did from Shridhar
2:51pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Actully one of my friend doing from shridhar and he wants me to take the same
2:52pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Which course are you planning
2:52pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Govind actullay I have lot of experience but not completed my graduation
2:52pm, 18 Jan - ABC: So not able to get good job
2:53pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: See, if you join smaller companies it may not matter but if you want to join a good company you must do it from known and reputed university
2:54pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Please guide me what to do
2:54pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: I know about that then why did not you join B.Sc. IT from Mumbai University
2:54pm, 18 Jan - ABC: I want to do BCA
2:55pm, 18 Jan - ABC: But it will take too much time na
2:55pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Its same whether B.Sc. IT B.Sc. Computer Science
2:55pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: A degree must be of 3 years none of the university can offer it in less than 3. Years
2:56pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: That's why Shridhar offers easy degree and Mumbai Madras Annamalai and others do not
2:56pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: From Shridhar you are buying s degree not earning it
2:57pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Mumbai University admission starts in July
2:58pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Ok I will go for mumbai university
2:59pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: If you want to save years and wants a valid degree you may opt Annamalai University it has exam centre in Mumbai
2:59pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: If you enroll now first year exam will happen in may this year
3:00pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: So you can complete degree in 2 years
3:01pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Ok Thanks a lot Govind
3:02pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: See, a friendly advice buying degree does not help for long run
3:03pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: At what cost Shridhar university is offering degree for sale to you
3:04pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Acutally I get call from agent
3:04pm, 18 Jan - ABC: He told me that you can get degree directly
3:05pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Within 2 month
3:05pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: And at what cost ?
3:05pm, 18 Jan - ABC: 7
3:05pm, 18 Jan - ABC: 60k
3:06pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: 60000 for a degree wow
3:08pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: See, such degree scam is happening with the approval of universities and you know that, when controversy happens and during verification they self say that the degree is fake
3:10pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Still its your choice
3:12pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: When company and will send degree for verification they will refuse
3:12pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Ok
3:15pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: As per the UGC Act, any university cannot offer a course in less than 3 years duration it is violation of Supreme Court Judgment and UGC regulations and Shridhar is a very new university. Every university certificate has a serial no and now just think how they can give a backdated certificate to you ? It will be easily caught
3:15pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: So be careful
3:16pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: After 12th did you study further ?
3:17pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Did diploma in Electronics
3:17pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: 3 years ?
3:18pm, 18 Jan - ABC: 3 yrs
3:18pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Then you can get admission to second year directly
3:19pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: So you can complete degree early
3:19pm, 18 Jan - ABC: But I want to do in BCA
3:19pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Yes BCA only
3:29pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Madurai kamraj offers lateral entry into 2nd year of BCA for Diploma engineers
3:30pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: They too have exam centers in mumbai
3:31pm, 18 Jan - ABC: ok I will take admission in 2nd yrs
3:31pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Yes and then you may be able to give 2nd year exam in May and 3rd year next may so you can complete degree in a year
3:37pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Annamalai university offers it
3:38pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Application Form
Instructions for Filling in the Application Form
Procedure for Admission
Procedure for Lateral Entry Admission
Procedure for Direct Admission
Mode of Payment
Enrolment Number & Identity Card
Despatch of Lessons
Personal Contact Programme (PCP)
Change of Address & Name
Change of Programme/ Medium/ Optional Subjects
Transfer/ Migration Certificate
Bonafide Certificate
Scholarship to SC/ST Students
Study Centres & Information Centres
Grievance Redressal Cell
Enquiries and Correspondence
University Examinations
Jurisdiction & Caution
General Instructions
Other Facilities
Miscellaneous Fees, Last date for Payment of Tuition Fee
B.C.A. (Lateral Entry II Year)

Programme code: 172
Duration: Two Years
Eligibility:The candidates seeking admission to the II year of the above programme should have successfully completed the I year of study from any recognized University in the same discipline with at least 75% of syllabi common to this University or The candidates who have completed 3 year Diploma after 10th Standard.

B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. ((Information Technology), B.Sc. (Visual Communication), B.C.A., D.C.A. and Lateral Entry Programmes :

Requirement of Attendance: A candidate is eligible to appear for the examination only if he/she has a minimum attendance of 10 days out of 12 days (80%) per year of Personal Contact Programme.

Students who fail to attend the compulsory PCP in a particular year, will be permitted to attend the same in the subsequent years, on requisition, along with a fee of 500.
Second Year
01Operating Systems.
02Business and Accounting
03Data Structures and Algorithm
04Relational Database Management Systems
05Visual Basic
06Computer Networks
07Programming Lab - III (Visual Basic)
08Programming Lab - IV (Oracle Forms and Reports)
Third Year
01Client / Server Technology
02Internet and Java Programming
04Software Engineering
06Programming Lab - V (JAVA)
07Programming Lab - VI (Multimedia)
08Project and Viva Voce
Project work:
The Students are expected to do a project work, in an assigned topic under the supervision of an approved guide individually during the final year.
Fee : approx 20000 for entire course
3:42pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Contact them at


6:21pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Thanks a lot for your help
6:26pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Always welcome call them and talk to them about it
6:26pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: Thats about admission
6:27pm, 18 Jan - Govind Sharma: You have waited so long so wait for one more year
6:34pm, 18 Jan - ABC: Thanks Govind

I HOPE this is enough to open your eyes.



  1. Sir,
    I was passed my 12th from the Delhi board of senior secondary Education because I studied two years in school for 12th under my state board but when I got my admit card , It was shocking for me….. The subject Mathematics was cancelled by the Board (reason: marks of mathematics in 10th result 33%, >34%), But the prob. Was my interest in Engg

    After getting My 12th M. Sheet from DBSSE I was taking admission on B. Tech in a reputed Private University (AMITY), But after one year of study they said to me the 12th board is Unrecognized and they terminated my Admission. Next, I took admission on 3years Diploma in Mechanical (private Univ.) through a Distance L Cent. And clear within one sitting exam system but the interesting chapter is they not mention in distance mode on Diploma Certificate. I respect the real value of education but after facing so many year losses I don’t want to do no more 12th course no more regular Diploma. A few days ago I noticed your blog and after following your blog few Questions is growing on my mind………..

    After all of this, Once I successfully complete three years B. Tech (Lateral Entry for Diploma) & M. Tech respectively from a reputed Private University (AMITY) as an on campus regular student……………..
    1) Can I eligible for applying any govt. job?
    2) Can I apply for an overseas job and apply for visa ?
    3) Can I apply for private sector jobs?
    4) Can I work as a lecturer?
    5) Can I also entry my 12th qualification on my CV?

    I read your blog regularly now, I think you are doing a good job for student awareness.

  2. @Anynymous
    No you will not be eligible as the degree is not recognized by AICTE
    No you cannot apply for overseas job either
    IT depends on private sector employer
    No you cannot to work as a lecturer your degree must be approved by AICTE
    You may use 12th qualification

  3. Dear sir
    I am diploma civil engineering passed out from Board of technical education uttar pradesh (BTEUP)

    Now I planning for further study Btech from Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) kindly advice me that is KSOU is affiliated or permitted from AICTE for any technical educaion.?

    I am waiting for you valuable advice.


  4. Hi Govind ,as i see you mentioning Shridhar university as fake ,one of the agent approached me and offered a BBA degree regular from shridhar university for 50k and he also gave me admission into my regular MBA(where i need to study ,sit and write the exams) from a reputed university OU,when i spoke to him he said no reputed university will give admission if your degree is fake,and the degree is genuine.He also said that it shows that i spent three years in the college studying,can u pls enlighten me on this as im confused and have no other option as i discontinued my studies long back.

    1. Very few universities actually verify the degrees while granting admission and students suffer a lot later.
      Shridhar University is not fake but the degrees offered to you is fake and that is happening with the consent of shridhar University. Insist the agent that you will pay the fee by DD only and thats too in favour of Shridhar University, Rajasthan and also insist that you will appear for exams at its main campus in Pilani. Shridhar is a private university and in no way it can offer courses outside its campus. I am sure your agent will refuse in two condition.
      You did not do something for years and instead of doing it in right way, you want to do it by buying it? so what message you are giving to the society? so do we want to create a society with chalta hai attitude?
      Anyway, sorry if my tone is harsh that is not my business. Whatever justification your agent or you will give, the degree remains fake. You must be aware what happened to CMJ and EIILM, both are shut down now and students future is in dark. Same is happening with MGU Shillong and also to KSOU Mysore.
      A friendly advice, avoid Shridhar University and avoid short cut. It is better to spend few extra years and live safely with pride. Agent is not your friend, he just need your money. Now, students have started reporting that when they attempted to verify the degree, Shridhar University denied that it is their degree. Same is happening with Techno Global University. Beware. Still if you want to go ahead, its your choice


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