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Webinar on using social media for employee engagement on 18th January 2014

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I got this mail from Sukrit Ghosh. Thanks a lot to him. Human Resources is a science as every time , as a human resources professional we have to gain more and more knowledge, need to do scientific research, do experiment continuously. It is beyond the role of a policing and recruiting department. A non engaged employee is wastage of a valuable assets hence I feel everyone must attend this webinar. Sukrit was earlier part of NHRDN and I attended many webinar of NHRDN. I must accept that those webinars were very practical, insightful and immensely enriched with knowledge. Sukrit is no more part of NHRDN but still he is sharing such useful webinars with us. Thanks a lot to him.

Time is Now for the 1st Virtual Learning Zone (VLZ) in 2014 with Mr Anand Pillai (Chief Learning Officer, Reliance Industries Limited) on Leveraging Social  Media for Employee Engagement scheduled on January 18, 2014 at 1100hrs.

Register today for your VLZ. Please reserve your seat on First-cum-First-serve basis (Limited seats)...

Webinar ID: 153-194-035

Key Takeaways:
- As rightly said by Aristotle “The whole is greater than sum of its parts” – Social Media, if leveraged effectively, can prove to be a great tool for employee engagement.
-In-house social platforms can help build new approaches to collaboration, co-creation, and act as a crucial tacit-knowledge attractor & collector.
-Organizations are using the secret sauce called “Social Media” in different ways to influence employee engagement and dramatically accelerate problem solving, productivity, and innovation.
-Businesses bank on “good ideas” and it’s now within every business’s grasp to dramatically accelerate this process using social media. Good ideas will still originate from talented individuals, but now these ideas can be amplified and expanded with remarkable efficiency.
-Social Media should become a part of your “business as usual” – by employees becoming the voice of your brands – and that’s when you will say you have achieved optimum employee engagement! 
Do join us on Saturday, Jan 18, 2014 at 1100hrs.

In case of any query, please feel free to write to me at

Kind regards
Sukrit Ghosh
Lead Communications-CSC &
Volunteer Moderator- Virtual Learning Zone (VLZ)

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