Thursday, February 13, 2014

MTHR annual event at Wadala, Mumbai for HR and business networking and learning

Dear Friends,

12th year in a row, it was 2002 when *More Than HR Global (MTHR Global)*was born to make difference for all HR and non-HR fraternity and. It is
anniversary and celebration time and on this occasion, something different  and special is stored for all of you. It is going to be another exciting & path-breaking learning activities day through super sport day begin at 6.30am.

This is in association with The Sports Gurukul ( ).
We are very much thankful to The Sport Gurukul. Special thanks to all HR Professionals, on-line groups moderators, HR Association, SM tools & our regular member's for being so supportive for all our MTHR Global conf/events/get together till now. This is our 76th network & learning gatherings since inception i.e. 2002.

What is MTHR Global?
About MTHR Global:
 The Group:
"More Than HR Global" community was formed 6 years back and has since then evolved into a New Age Knowledge Community which every HR professional can benefit from
The Community is unique in its culture: There are no defined rules and there are no Fees of any kind! It is an excellent platform where HR (and beyond) fraternity at any level can mingle and learn from each other. There is an opportunity to learn from the masters ( but not necessarily celebrated) in their respective domains like never before; then apply the learnings to their own professions. The Speakers and participants are informal, open and enthusiastic.
There is an e-group (on yahoogroups) but the Meets are the real thing to know MTHRG-The most exciting part for any corporate professional.

The Key beliefs are:
The Key beliefs are: "Knowledge is for Sharing"; "There is a need to know more about everything"; “Learning through Fun"; "Network to grow"; " Progress happens through learning beyond our Boundaries"
The Participants need not be HR professionals or Corporate executives, to be hungry for Learning is enough to be a member! MTHRG offers resources to assist HR professionals in Networking and knowledge-sharing that helps raise their own levels.

MTHR Global Anniversary cum Super Sport Day

Day: Sat - 1st March 2014

Timing: Begin at 6.30am and continued till afternoon

Theme: "Nurturing Geniuses": Fitness to Wellness - Super Sport Day

Venue: Ajmera i-land Sports Academy, Bhakti Park, Wadala, Mumbai

The Super Sport Day is supported by The Sports Gurukul –

 Participation Fee: As always, no charges / no fees but pre event

Registration is compulsory and Pl fill up the registration form to carry on sport day. It is mandatory requirement. Download form here

 Program Entry: E-mail confirmation from MTHR Global or The Sport Gurukul


Coming up MTHR Global Conf. - much more attraction in 2014

Registration Process:
As usual, this is *MTHR Global* Conf so it comes to
you at NO cost but registrations compulsory so send details at

Current Designation
Current Organization
 Total Exp

Office Tel No
Residence Tel No
Cell Phone
Personal Mail ID
Official Mail ID

Compulsory - Pl fill up the registration form to carry on sport day. It

is mandatory requirement. Download form here -


This super sport day NOT to be missed!!! So, block the dates on your calendar and send your confirmation at the earliest. Do share the information with your HR friends. Look forward to seeing you there with
your friends & team members!!


Know more about MTHR Global - Become a member on our virtual networking


Thanks you once again being so supportive & looking forward to see you on Saturday.

Benefits of attending MTHRG event based on my experience
1.      Excellent platform to meet people from various industry including Human Resources professionals and CxOs
2.      It expand knowledge horizon
3.      Excellent event for networking, collaborating and learning
4.      A place for corporate hangout
5.      A refresher for what is happening in the industry
6.      A lot of learning opportunity

Mumbai, February 13, 2014

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