Amity University's fake ranking and a criminal history of its founders

Commercialisation of education and Amity is selling the degree IIPM way.
Hello Friends,
Once, I was a believer that Amity is a good private university and it is not involved in any kind of money making game by violating UGC norms, however, one after another I started getting queries about it. Then I thought I must write about it with a proper investigation.

Few of the prominent questions are:
1.       Is Amity University’s degree really valuable and worth as they advertise?
2.       Does its distance learning degree has recognition?
3.       Is Amity authorized to offer distance and online courses in India and abroad?
4.       Amity is offering me online MBA is south Africa, USa and many other country, it is cheaper than education on those countries, so should I opt it?
5.       I want to do BBA/ MBA from other campuses of Amity University like Mumbai and other location, is it valid?

We’ll see all the details here:

Background of Amity University
Amity is a private university in India. It is ranked as a top private university in India by India today. NAAC, an independent body of UGC has granted it’s “A” grade status which is highest. It claims that its faculty and students have filed more than 150 patents. India Today also ranked its BBA as no. 2 in India and The School of Communication ranked among the top 5 in India. Economic Times ranked its as a 14th best B school in 2011 (Only Noida), in 2011 only Business today ranked it as 41st place and 21st by Zee business.
So in totality it seems to be a good private university.

The other side of Amity
While scanning through web, I came across various discrepancies and negative feedback about Amity. If we see above ranking too, we find a lot of gap in the ranking between two different agencies. Let us go through all of them one by one:
1.       Background of founder of Amity: Ashok Chauhan is the founder of Amity University and the whole Amity group of institute. Now, his family runs the whole education business of Amity. He moved to Germany in 1970. In around 1990 he founded Amity foundation and Amity University in 2005. His other partner is his brother Arun Kumar Chauhan. If we have to rely on various online sources including a judgment of Delhi high court, both of them were fugitive in the financial fraud in Germany and other countries. Amity’s society also lodged a defamation suit against one  Mr. Alok Kumar which they lost. However, when I searched on INTERPOL website, I could not find both the borther’s name in the list for reason best known to INTERPOL and them. However, going through government’s RTI portal and a prolonged denied and allowed RTI Application confirmed that INTERPOL had indeed issued a red corner notice against both the brother, the founder of Amity

So, finally our education systems are run by criminals.

2.       UGC has not approved all campus of Amity
I went through length of UGC committee report and found the following:
A 11 members UGC committee visited Amity campus between 15th to 18th July 2009 and they have made following shocking revelation:
The Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, vide its letter dated 25th September, 2007 informed the UGC raising certain issues regarding the information sought for the purpose of inspection. The University also questioned the legality of constituting the above Expert Committee. In the circumstances, the UGC vide its letter dated 5th December, 2007 informed the Registrar, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh clarifying the various issues raised by it. Subsequently, the Registrar, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh vide his letter dated 15th January, 2008 informed the UGC regarding their stand and response to the clarification given by UGC in its earlier letter, indicating that it is not obliged to send all the information. Subsequently, the UGC vide its letter dated 5th August, 2008 informed the Registrar, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh that the proforma was in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 of the UGC Act, 1956 read with the UGC (Return of Information by Universities) Rules 1979, while keeping in view the principles laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India “in the matter of Prof. Yash Pal”. Further reminders were also sent by the UGC to the Registrar, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, on 22nd October, 2008 and 13th January, 2009 to furnish the required information immediately. Further, reluctantly, it accepted the visit but delayed the confirmation one after another.
The question is :  Why?

The major findings are as follows:
1.       Territorial jurisdiction: The UGC has approved its campus at Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar only. So whether it is full time, part time, evening, industry integrated, distance education or online programme, it has to offer courses through its Noida campus only. UGC has recognized its Noida campus only.
UGC asked whether Amity has any off campus of Amity.
Amity University replied in no. However the committee found that it has campuses in Lucknow, Jaipur (which they established as a separate private university later), Madras, Mumbai, Bangalore, UK, USA and Singapore etc. This is violation of UGC’s regulation for private universities 2003.

2.       Approval from the statutory bodies like AICTE, PCI, NCI, MCI, NCTE and so on: UGC has found that none of Amity’s courses are approved by respective council. So its engineering, MBA programmes are not approved by AICTE.

3. It is offering various online courses all over the world, they are not recognized, its distance education programme except those offered at Noida campus is also not recognized and MBA distance are not recognized at all so avoid.

Complain from students
I relied on student’s complaint from which says:
1.       Like IIPM, they are enrolling too much students and showing fake placements.
2.       The quality is extremely poor and highly advertised as IIPM
3.       They are paying students money to bring students under ASAP scheme
4.       One of the past students even say that like IIPM where rich boys go just to take a namesake MBA, one should opt Amity otherwise no.
5.       Like faking of IIPM, the placement is mostly in insurance companies where nobody wants to work selling insurance policies
Implication on students:
1.       Since except its Noida campus, none of the other campuses are approved by UGC so the qualifications are not eligible for higher education in India and abroad. It does not qualify for public sector job too.
2.       Its engineering and management programmes are not approved by AICTE so student’s future is again in dark.
3.       Only its Noida campus MBA figures in B school ranking however like IIPM they want to encash on that. Not only this, the ranking itself is in dispute.
4.       Students have sharply reacted on Amity’s ranking too on Economic times
Dr. Nutan Thakur and Amitabh Thakur (an IPS officer and a social worker from Lucknow, UP) lauched attack on Amity recently. I thought they are doing it without complete knowledge but I realized now that they were correct.

This is enough to open your eyes so please be careful.




  2. commenting should be reasonable with decent language , Always!!! shows were we come from.

  3. Is amity Mumbai good?

    1. No, avoid it don't go by its misleading advertisement

  4. Is amity Mumbai good for doing in Biotech?

    1. No, I do not think you should ask this question if you have studied this article

  5. on amity website the fee for 1 yr bba is 1,45,000. I spoke to a councellor on d phone and was guided according to the website.
    today I went to amity Noida for my daughters admission in bba and I was told by the councellors which are sitting there that I have to pay 1,45,000 for one semester and 20,000 security fee. that makes 1,65,000 for one semester.
    they r really cheaters.
    I agree completely with you and thanks for ur post. it is very informative.

    1. A for profit college in Mumbai, even the most reputed charges around 20000 per year for a BBA (BMS) course and thats too by making profit. Then a institute like Amity charging around 2.5 lakhs per year, how can claim that they are India's not for profit university?

      Frankly speaking, fee for a BBA/ BMS programme cannot be more than 25-30K per annum

  6. Is Amity Noida good for BCA? Plz reply soon.

    1. Please check their infrastructure and past placement records

  7. I am planning to enroll in BScIT course online degree in Pune. is it fake?

  8. is amity Dubai good ? and is it accredited? please tell me as soon as possible

    1. I doubt its quality. Do your own due diligence

  9. Ive taken admission in Amity University Dubai for the B. Arch. course which apparently is recognized by the Council of Architecture.. Ive visited the place a few times and I honestly liked it there. But now after seeeing this, Im confused. Please advice

    1. If you have liked, continue
      recognition wise, UGC has not approved its Dubai campus
      I doubt their content, quality and placement
      If you are planning to start your own practice and happy with their infrastructure and quality, why do you need to worry

  10. Is amity school of fashion technology in noida good ?
    I'm really very confused rn. Please reply asap

    1. I do not recommend Amity to anyone, still you may do your own due diligence and then decide

  11. I believe that UGC is not doing its work correctly. Dont tell me they don't check the internet. seeing other campuses, they should have warned the institution.
    Other things are that, why UGC does not accredit the other institutions as they have the necessary logistics and highclass professors i must say, really, these guys are TRex in the education sector and they ar working in Amity.
    I must say, to avoid these misunderstanding, the UGC should act fast. They are so lazy that they will wait for the situation to be alarming then they will take action.
    Well, for me, amity is a world class university, except they should stop doing false advertising but instead concentrate on what they have and provide to students.
    Personally, if someone wants a job after degree, opt for Amity, but the Noida one or others which have been accredited by the UGC, because companies know the type of discipline and education given in Amity.
    Trust me, i took a loan, apply for my MBA, worked part time, but got some rich friends to spend on me, well now im earning much to be able to clear my education loan in 3 years time :D
    Also check UGC websites to verify for fake universities.

    1. nice comments, fake university list of UGC is incomplete and has not changed for more than a decade
      Amity has its own history which I have cleared above

  12. Is amity Dubai good

  13. Is amity Dubai good

  14. Mr. Sharma
    Please provide a true picture of B. Com LLB from Amity Noida Campus.
    Is the course approved by Bar Council of India and whether the universities in USA approve it for higher courses.
    Please help.

  15. I am trying to do optometry course in Amity University, Gurgaon. Please give me some Sugestions. Is Sharda University, Noida better than this for this course or not?

  16. What your article says is so true.I just finished my MBA from Amity Mumbai (If you can call it an MBA!) and i absolutely regret it.I fell for their advertisements and their fake rankings and took admission immediately without applying to other B-schools,inspite of having scored well in CAT.i should have known something was fishy when they didn't ask for my CAT marksheet.Their "entrance test" consists of writing an essay on a general knowledge topic and a personal interview which is a complete joke as i realised on the first day of college when i found that 90% of the class had very poor English speaking and writing skills.They tend to focus on superficial things such as being suited and booted all the time but completely overlook the fact that the students have awful communication skills.The faculty,particularly the in-house one, is largely odious and incompetent.I can only remember 2 guest lecturers who were ok teachers.I must warn people that they resort to threats, bullying tactics and mind games to force students to go for interviews and take up shitty jobs in shitty companies.If you refuse, they force you sign a NOC and get a fake offer letter which is what i had to do.The director also forces you to mention fake/high salary figures on the offer letter and you are supposed to fill some fake early- joining form as well.Basically you are out of college by the beginning of the Sem 3 when most of the crucial subjects are taught, even if you want to stay till the end of sem.On the subject of specializations, they do not give you any prior counselling or guidance.They basically just slapped a form on our desks in the middle of the Sem 2 exams and told us to put a tick against the major/minor subjects of our choice.

  17. Sir, Amity has started operating through its new campus in Kolkata? I am considering do pursue an M.A. in English through Amity Kolkata? Could you please enlighten me about their status of recognition? I will be extremely grateful Sir!

  18. Sir, please respond to my query. I have tried searching myself but didn't get any information about Amity's Kolkata campus, from any other source than there website. So I turned to you.

  19. Govind Sir, please respond to my query. I am asking because I didn't find any discussion regarding this particular campus (Kolkata) of Amity. A lot is depending upon your answer Sir. I am eagerly waiting for your response.

  20. Is amity university indian degree valued in dubai and in every country
    plzz do reply its urgent

    1. Hello,

      I am myself an alumini of Amity Business School, Noida. I was fortunate, like the rest of my batch to get a decent placement. Yes several facts mentioned in the article is correct. But the placement part especially on my campus they got it wrong, when they said only insurance companies visit. In fact a whole range of companeis do visit- including Oracle and Dellouttee.

      Now coming to the validity of Amity University in Dubai- I am presently employed in Dubai only. Any Indian degree issued from an approved university is valid globally. Yes in UAE, you will have to get your degrees attested either from the Indian High Commision here, or back in India. It will cost you around 8k Indian rupees.
      Hope this will clarify your doubt

  21. I want to take admission at Amity university Mumbai in 3 year LLB course, is it make some seance ? Is it good ,is it valuable ??
    And in future after one year if i want to change and want to move some where else like ..Mumbai university so is Amity University give me transfer without any issue ??
    And i want to take admission on education loan for Amity Mumbai 3 year LLB it good idea..please replay me soon ..

  22. sir, i am +2 medical student. i decided to do Bachelor in Physiotherapy from AMITY, Noida. now i am confused. i want to settle in abroad. what university or college u suggest for me.


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  24. Sir,
    I would like to study the Diploma in Business administration or Business Management as distance. which is the best university for it.. if study material getting by onlie, it is more better. please advise me... my email is :

  25. I found this blog during my internet browsing, let me tell you i am alumni of Amity and i feel sorry about Govind Sharma as he is spreading the false news about Amity whatever the reason may be.

  26. Sir,
    Can i get internship in dubai if i have studied bba 2nd year in india in amity mumbai??. And if yes then where getting an internship in dubai is good??

  27. I am an Indian working in Saudi Arabia. I want to do graduation which university is good for online studies?

  28. Sir,
    I am an Indian working in Saudi Arabia want to do graduation. Please can somone guide me which university is good for online studies?

  29. I am an Indian working in Saudi Arabia. I want to do graduation which university is good for online studies?

  30. Dear Sharma,

    I am planning to go for a online study with amity for diploma in logistics and supply chain. Please advise me. Is this better to choose amity?

  31. Ohh God! I was thinking of mtech in nanotechnology! But ehen i heard of such comments and story of lecturers not knowing their subject...i stopped thinking of amity for nanotech...Mr. Govind Sharma! Any suggestion

  32. Sir! thanks for the great info. I'm from Afghanistan and want to do Masters in Computer Science (Online). which school do you suggest me? Thanks

  33. Everything mentioned in mail in absolutely correct. I did my MBA from Amity Dubai. Placements are namesake and most of the students are given placement in insurance companies. Some students gets placement in good companies also but that is internship and not full time placement which is then shown by placement cell as placed.

  34. Hi gaurav
    I m an ex student of amity noida. They have not given me the degree of mba yet i completed in 2011-2013. If u can help in the same. I lost my job due to this. Amity cheated in us.

  35. I want to know if is under amity umbrella or its a scam, cos have not seen any link on that link to the site, am interested in their online Master in Computer Application, could you please help with info?


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