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Question and answers about validity of education through distance mode, universities in India- part 2

Kadri Ziya January 29, 2013 at 8:43 AM
Dear Sir
I am working in Govt of Maharashtra as a sr. faculty member I have heard that CMJ University got AICTE/NCVT/DGET joint award for best training provider for working profession my departmental staff members are pursuing M.Tech by Research from ccii apex Bangalore please give me information about CMJ University CCII M.Tech by Research courses is valid or not

Govind Sharma,  January 29, 2013 at 10:48 PM
VMJ has never got such award. In fact it has not submitted document for UGC's inspection.
Following link will clarify your query

As of now this course is valid as nobody has dragged CMJ to court but it can face de-recognition any time.

Play safe. Easier things are always not good. Hard work is.

Mangalore January 29, 2013 at 11:05 AM
I have done FY BCOM & SY BCOM from mangalore university ( regular) and then I did TY BCOM through KSOU . (2002)
Please advise .
Govind Sharma, January 29, 2013 at 10:47 PM
It is absolutely Fine. Your degree is valid for any higher education and job. KSOU is a state government university and approved. The issue is only about its engineering degrees and franchising study centre

Mangalore January 30, 2013 at 8:48 AM
Thanks for your immediate reply. I would like to take more help from you sir.
Please let me know any recognised , affordable distance learning university to do MBA in HR ( PART TIME ) and which has mangalore as its study centre by which I can attend classes .
Please help me and please guide me as I cannot study on my own at home ; as I have done my BCOM long back I need lectures also .

Could you please email me the same .

Thanks and regards.

Govind Sharma, January 30, 2013 at 5:42 PM
You have following options
1. IGNOU it has study centre and exam centre in Man galore and has excellent support through online class, class through TV channel Gyandarshan
3. Mangalore university.

4. If you can trvalr Saturday Sunday to Bangalore and also for exam then Pondicherry University is also has exam centre cum study centre there


Neel January 29, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Dear Sir,
Thanks for providing with such vital information. I have a Query if you can please help. I have a Cousin who is a Software Engineer with 6 years of experience but he just have completed 10th as Education after that due to some personal reasons he could not continue his studies.Now he wants to complete my education. So Please tell:-

1) How to go about it?From where should he do 12th and then Degree so its a valid one?

2)He is currently on Job so cannot go for any Regular studies so Please suggest accordingly?

3)As you know Companies sometimes sends Abroad for work/Training,Will he be able to Apply for Work Visa after completion from those Institutes?

I will be obliged if you can Help,Thanks in advance

Govind Sharma, January 29, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Hi Neel,
No worries and thanks a lot for you appreciation.

Please find answer

1) How to go about it? From where should he do 12th and then Degree so its a valid one?
Your friend can opt for Sr. Secondary 10+2 from NIOS. It is valid. He can complete it on this October and then he can enroll in B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. IT both full time and distance from any universities including University of Mumbai, University of Madras and so on.
Alternatively, he can do BPP (Bachelor's Preparatory Programme which is meant for those who have completed 18 years but does not have formal background of education, can read and write and want to pursue graduation. Please note that BPP is not a substitute of 10+2 however degree obtained through this system also stands equally valid). He can do it from
IGNOU- however after BPP he can do only BA, B.Com and BTS from there. He cannot do BCA or B.Sc.

2. Tamil Nadu Open University

3. Kakatiya University

All of them have exam centre all over India

I suggest to do 10+2 from NIOS then BCA from IGNOU, Madras, Mumbai, Annamalai and other universities.

2)He is currently on Job so cannot go for any Regular studies so Please suggest accordingly?
Already replied above. He can do it in distance mode

3)As you know Companies sometimes sends Abroad for work/Training, Will he be able to Apply for Work Visa after completion from those Institutes?
Yes, He can as all of the above are government universities and will never face non-recognition. So it is safe

Crazyvishnu January 29, 2013 at 12:40 PM
hai sir,
I am currently doing engineering from shillong, cmj university...but when I saw your messages about this university, i feel that my career will be waste :( i cant stop my education frm there because now i am in 3rd yr ...
sir plz tell me...what will i do...
studying mba/mtec(other universities) after engg frm cmj university will give me a nice career or not ?
whats ur suggestions plz tell me,,...

Govind Sharma, January 29, 2013 at 10:33 PM
Please do not take a lot stress and do not worry.
You choose easier way to get a degree, perhaps afraid to do hard work or you got misguided.

Anyway, as of now this degree stands valid. You have already completed 3 years, complete entire things and get rid off from it. After that enroll yourself in a state/ central or other good universities.

Studying MBA from top institutes and good engineering colleges will definitely help you in your career after your degree from CMJ
So do not worry.

To know truth of CMJ, refer following link

CrazyvishnuJanuary 30, 2013 at 12:47 PM
which universities is good for MBA... ?
can I get admission in MBA after completing CMJ university degree ?
sir, if this university gt derecognised in future what will we do... ?is there any use of studying mba at that time.. ?plz reply..

Govind Sharma, January 30, 2013 at 8:51 PM
Hi Vishnu,

As of it is not de-recognized. SO you need not to worry.
Go ahead and complete the degree as it will be foolishness to start graduation afresh and to take 4 years to complete.
The future depend on various factor so let us not put stress about it. You focus on present and to take corrective measure.

Once you will be get out from this degree selling shop, you will get relief and once you complete MBA from good institute and settle in the job, people will look into your MBA not more into your graduation.

So without worrying for it, complete your graduation first.

Was the reason that you can easily get degree encouraged you to take admission in this university?


Govind Sharma, January 29, 2013 at 10:13 PM
Dear Friends,

I am getting lot of query posted on particularly this blog post only. Unfortunately, when I am trying to reply, I am not finding the query posted here (Although I approved all of them). Now, I am creating a separate post for the same. I request you to post your all query there. I have limited time so in the evening after office hours, I will be able to reply you. I assure you that within a week, I will respond to your query- whatever it is:

For distance learning MBA

For Distance Learning Engineering

About CMJ and such other private universities like EIILM, Jaipur University

For distance learning, Open University, any degree query

Please follow this instruction.

Gopi kumar Tamang, January 29, 2013 at 10:27 PM
I want to do msc maths(distance mode) from sundarlal Sharma,  open university, chhattisgarh as i am living in chhattisgarh. is it good for my teaching career(especially else tell me some more universities from where i can pursue this course without going much far from the state. please guide me

Govind Sharma, January 29, 2013 at 10:30 PM
You can go ahead. It is state University and stands valid and approve.
However, if you are looking for prestigious and quality degree, you may puruse from University of Mumbai (You have to come to Mumbai for exam), University of Madras (You may get exam centre at Raipur)

Ravindra ChowdaryJanuary 31, 2013 at 2:03 AM
sir, i have three questions
1) m frm andhra pradesh pursuing ba(hons) in cmj universitiy. i want 2 know whether this course 4rm cmj is valid(4r govt&bank xams). 2)my friend was 2009 +2 pass out with 93%, bt due to financial issues he discontinued after +2. now he wnts to appear 4r govt xams a institute offered to do degree 4rm cmj in single sitting (through back date) he has to write all 18 subjects if he passed in dat xam he vl b given degree. he want to appear 4r next year ssc cgl xam (m dam sure he vl crack as he is 99% student in maths in +2). he also well prepared in geo,history,polity. so he wants to take degree in dat stream (so that he can answer every question asked in interviw regarding his academics). if he got selected will there b any problem 4r his govt job in certificate verification(they said degree is valid v can also get OD)????(if he got degree 4rm cmj/eiilm) . if there is no prob as of now in joining govt job, bt in future (say 4 years) if university degrees were cancelled bt inbetween he completed his degree (in any other stream) 4rm ignou. is there any risk to loose his job. sir, plz rplyyyy. am awaiting 4r ur rply, 4rgive me if u find any grammatical mistakes ;) p.s : (he is doing this degree only for govt job)


 Govind Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 11:17 PM

Please find my answer as follows
1.As of now, qualification from CMJ University (only full time courses, no distance learning) are valid for government job. They are issuing you full time degree course under name of industry integrated (by making fool to everybody) so it may stand valid for government job. But in future, likely that this institute may face de-recognition.

2. If your friend want to buy degree then fine he can go ahead then asking this question does not arise at all. Buyers like you and your friends are there so sellers of degree like EIILM, ADTU, CMJ, MG University Meghalaya exists. Your friend could start graduation 3 years back too as through various universities in distance mode, it hardly costs 2000 per year including all expenses and I think even for the poorest person it is affordable by doing odd job. These are just excuses.
Genious people do not try to buy education, smart people- of course do.
Sorry, my tone may seem harsher but it is truth.
Risk of loosing job and all depend on various factors.
His IGNOU's degree will remain forever valid but if he do masters degree from IGNOU on the basis of CMJ's degree and if CMJ University faces de-recognition, his masters degree shoould automatically stand as invalid

Sukadeva Das January 31, 2013 at 8:59 AM
Hello Govindji,
I have consulted a coordinator farm at Laxminagar in Delhi, Neptune Institute of Management and Technology (NIMT) also listed in DEC, (
for my M.Sc. Zoology distance education in Karnataka State Open University.Is this farm reliable? Thanks.


Govind Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 11:29 PM
Hi Sukadeva,

These are agents nothing more than that
They will charge you double money than the university's original fee
KSOU Mysore is a state government Open University and good to do degree from there
You may contact them directly

Deputy Librarian, Karnataka State Open University

Mukhtagangotri, Mysore -570 006.

Phone: +91-0821-2510953

Mobile: 9449482006

If you are from MP, I strongly recommend you to join MP Bhoj Open University
It is a state Government Open University
2. It will never face de-recogntion
3. It will be much easier for you to coordinate during your study and after your study

Check following link

You will save your lot of time and money

Crazyvishnu January 31, 2013 at 9:19 AM
Hai sir,
please tell me..which university is best.? no problems ?
punjab technical university/mdu rohtak/iase deemed/ime(board)/vinayaka mission/minakshi university...
plz tell me...

Govind Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 6:16 PM
Read my reply carefully above. I have given few institute's name. None of the university you have mentioned above arereputed. Their MBAs don't get the job and even if they get it is hardly 10000 to 150000 per month

Getting admission to premier B school is not a Cakewalk like buying degree from CMJ. Out of lakhs few hundred get selection and it is toughest

Jakeer hussain Shaik January 31, 2013 at 10:38 PM
CMJ university is recognized one or not. i would like to join in that for pg diploma in industrial safety. I don't know it it is recognized or not. please reply me about CMJ university Meghalaya.

Govind Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 11:10 PM
CMJ is a private university and as of now recognized from UGC however, DEC has not allowed to offer any programme through distance learning mode
It is a degree selling university
You may refer following link

I do not recommend this institute at all if you want a safe career ahead and if you are a true knowledge seeker and want to learn from the graduation/ PG you are pursuing.
If you just want to buy degree then go ahead and buy it


moksh bhatia January 31, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Could you please advice that out of below university which one should I choose to go for MBA IT,

I am expecting promotion or probably look for another job in different IT organization so university recognition is very important. I have been told that would be best and will not make effort on my pocket.

Appreciate if you could shed some light on it and advise to choose which out of three.



Govind Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 11:08 PM
Hi Moksh,

If you just want to buy the degree for namesake, you can buy it from any of these universities. If
You may refer following link

None of these institutes’s MBA will help you for promotion or better job after changing

Why do not you go for MBA in IT/ System from University of Madras or in other specialisation from there or from Pondicherry University?
It will cost you hardly 50,000 all inclusive

If you are from Mumbai, better choose Executive Part time MBA from NMIMS, JBIMS, ADMI etc. This will be costly but will add lot of value

ashu Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Hi sir This is ashu Sharma,  from ahmedabad i want admission in MBA with Hr i don't like this kind of university which is not valid in Corporate so please sir tell me the Best university in ahmedabad for distance education or Weekend please I m working in day shift timeing is 10 to 7 pm Monday to sat.. if is there any university who will be provided weekend classic

Govind Sharma, January 31, 2013 at 11:04 PM
Hi Ashu,
I think I have replied to you already
You can choose
1. University of Madras, Institute of Distance Education
It has classes and exam centre in Ahmedabad

Another option is
2. Pondicherry University, Directorate of Distance Education

Both are prestegious, reputed and cost effective

Anatman February 1, 2013 at 2:40 AM
Hello Govindji.
First of all thanks for the tremendous effort of yours to guide us on the background of
new universities. I am from Bangalore.
I am doing a research for my friend on CMJ university(meghalaya) and EIILM university.
From what I see.. It seems that both the universities are recognized as private under UGC.Am I
These two universities can only offer regular courses to students only from main campus.
Am I correct?
All the offshore campuses existing outside thier respective state are fake.Am I correct?

The distance education of CMJ and EIILM univ are not approved and not valid at all. Am I correct?

My friend got a job in Cognizant, passed through the interview and was asked to submit degree certificate for verification. He submitted B.E degree certificate from some Rajasthan univ (I dont recall the name). On his joining date, Cognizant told him that the university couldn’t be verified and claimed
that it was fake and removed him from training.

All my friend wants is a degree. Probably a I don’t think he cares for knowledge. He only wants
a degree to get a job.

Also, most of these degrees (From private universities, distance edu etc) can only get you a job in small companies. Am I correct?
Is it possible to apply for Government jobs with such degrees?
Thanks for the effort.waiting for reply.


Govind Sharma, February 1, 2013 at 4:17 AM

Good question and point made

From what I see.. It seems that both the universities are recognized as private under UGC.Am I correct?

Yes, you are absolutely correct

These two universities can only offer regular courses to students only from main campus.
Am I correct?

Yes, you are absolutely correct

All the offshore campuses existing outside thier respective state are fake.Am I correct?

Answer: Well, instead of calling it fake, I will use appropriate word, it is not allowed without prior permission from UGC hence UGC has not allowed any of these universities to start off campus hence they are involved in illegal activities.

The distance education of CMJ and EIILM univ are not approved and not valid at all. Am I correct?
Answer:Correct, DEC has not approved any of these institutes to offer distance learning programmes

My friend got a job in Cognizant, passed through the interview and was asked to submit degree certificate for verification. He submitted B.E degree certificate from some Rajasthan univ(I dont recall the name). On his joining date, Cognizant told him that the university couldn,t be verified and claimed
that it was fake and removed him from training.

Answer: Valid point. See, the corporates have list of universities from where they accept the students and when name of such universities are not in their approved institute list, they do not accept such students. This is the whole thing I am trying to explain all degree buyers from such institute. You have explained it well.

Also, most of these degrees (From private universities, distance edu etc) can only get you a job in small companies. Am I correct?
Yes, absolutely correct. Even a professional small companies are now worried about the skill set they are hiring. Such fictitious money making institutes just loot the students nothing else.

Is it possible to apply for Government jobs with such degrees?
See, till they do not face any de-recognition, government will accept the degrees from such private universities but once they are de-recognized, government will not accept those qualification. For distance learner, a first criterion is that such institute must be approved from DEC alongwith the condition that it must be from a UGC recognized institute. See the condition of private universities established through 2004 private universities Act of Chhatisgarh.
Getting degrees from these private universities are like getting easier and cheaper illegal homes which always give you stress that one day government official and these home builder's nexus will end and they will demolish the building. You may save initial cost, time but it is always harmful.

DEBASHIS DASFebruary 2, 2013 at 1:41 AM
Dear Sir,,
I want to know about KSOU (Karnataka State Open University). Do they provide B.Tech education in distance mode??? can you please provide me the actual website address of KSOU ???

Which is better,, (1) KSOU or (2) JRN Rajasthan Vidyapith for distance B.Tech education...

Thanks & regards-
debashis das


Govind Sharma, February 3, 2013 at 9:08 PM
AICTE has banned on offering engineering courses in distance mode so do not do it, whoever offers. KSOU has already got a show cause notice for the same.
As of now, you can do only AMIE and AMIETE in distance which is equivalent to BE/ B.Tech
Wait for sometime as AICTE is planning to issue a guideline on distance learning engineering degree programme, then you will get much better choice

VEER ALAM February 2, 2013 at 6:16 AM
Dear sir..
I am veer alam form Lucknow,U.P.
I interested to do (microbiology) from NCR region Delhi.There are many institutes which offered these course.Some institutes names are as

1-Institute of management studied
( )

2- Adhunik institute of education and research ( )

3- IImt group of college ( )

4- Aim studies of management and technology ( )

5- Institute of applied mediate and research ( )

6- National institute of paramedical and management ( )

7- Ambition institute management of technology ( )

8- Institute of paramedical technology ( )

9- Shakuntla institute of paramedical science ( )

10- Meer devi education society ( )

11- All India institute of paramedical and management technology ( )


13- National Institute Of Paramadical ( )

14- Institute of public health and hygiene ( )

sir,i am confused which institute is better for study.
Please sir , provide your valuable opinion on above institutes. I need your assistance. My email id is


Govind Sharma, February 3, 2013 at 9:06 PM
All of them are nothing more than the agent and money making institute

Better choose B.Sc. from IGNOU and decide combination of your course subjects.


Manoj KallaFebruary 3, 2013 at 9:43 AM
Dear Sir,

I am planning to do BCA/MCA from Jaipur national univeristy from jaipur, study center people are guiding DEC approved even in mumbai.

Any other university which best for distance education.
Please guide me.

Govind Sharma, February 3, 2013 at 9:00 PM
Hi Manoj,

Never do BCA/ MCA from there, you will end up loosing your money only. If you want to buy a degree without consideration from knowledge and value point of view, then it is different.

University of Mumbai, Institute of Distance and Open Learning offers B.Sc. IT and B.Sc. Computer Science in distance mode.
Eligibility is 10+2 with mathematics.

If you do not have mathematics then opt BCA from University of Madras. It has 20 days compulsory training and also has exam centre in Mumbai.

Sanjiv February 3, 2013 at 10:14 AM
Hi Govind,

My wife has done BDS but due to small baby she can't go out for job. She wants to utilize this for doing MBA-Hospital management through distance learning/online mode. We just came across Assam downtown university. Just saw ur comments on this university so want to know whether there is any good insitute/university which provide this course in the similar mode. Appreciaten your quick response...

Thanks in advance

Govind Sharma, February 3, 2013 at 8:57 PM
Hi Sanjiv,
What I feel that your wife does not want to do it just for the namesake and she wants to do it to get knowledge and value addition to her.
Assam Down Town University will easily give you degree but not the quality education. If you just need to get degree go ahead. Further, Assam Down Town is a private university and what is most suspicious that as soon immediately after its foundation it started offering distance learning programme

If you are from Delhi, I strongly recommend MBA HCM (Executive- Evening programme) from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi
It is an excellent programme from knowledge, value, learning and all around prospective
Refer following link:

You may also opt MBA in HCM from IGNOU
MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management (MBAHHM)
Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 3 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 275,000
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


If you are not interested for MBA you can also Opt a PG Diploma from IGNOU
Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)
Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 18,800
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar

Course content
CourseCode Course Name Credits
PGDHHM-001 Introduction to Management-I 3
PGDHHM-002 Introduction to Management-II 3
PGDHHM-003 Organisation and Management of Hospitals 3
PGDHHM-004 Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services 3
PGDHHM-005 Support and Utility Services and Risk 3
PGDHHM-006 Health System Management 3
Project (HM) Project Work

The advantage is, for this course you will find study centre all over India and IGNOU's course contents are regularly updated and best in quality.
It is also supported through tele conference, course on Dnyandarshan/Gyandarshan and so on.

Evaluation pattern

Students will be required to complete seventy-five percent attendance in theory counselling to become eligible for appearing in Term-end Examination. Similarly, they will be required to complete ninety percent attendance in practical contact sessions to become eligible for appearing in practical examination.

Continuous Evaluation of Theory Component


Assignment is a means of continuing assessment of theory and practical. Assignments will help you to recapitulate the theory and go back to the text again in case students are unable to answer a particular question. Thus assignments also help to reinforce learning in distance learning system of education. These assignments consist of a set of questions and activities that you will answer at your own place by referring your blocks. The assignments will cover all types of questions (long answer type, short answer type, objective type, multiple choice questions and case studies). The assignments will carry thirty percent weightage. Students will be required to obtain fifty percent marks as pass percentage in each assignment separately. Each assignment will carry 100 marks. In the final result assignments will carry thirty percent weightage.

Term-end Examination

As stated earlier, term-end examination is the major component of the evaluation system and if carries seventy percent weightage in the Final result. The University conducts term-end examination twice a year i.e., in June and December. They can take the examination only after completion of the course, failing which students can take the same in December or June of subsequent years years within the total span of the programme. In case any student fail to get a pass score in the Tern-end Examination, the person will be eligible to reappear at the next Term-end Examination for that course as and when if is held, within the total span of the Programme.

You may check following link too

Sangeeta February 3, 2013 at 11:27 PM
hi Mr. Govind i wanted to inform that Sikkim manipal's dec approval got over in october 2012 and for which they have applied for the renewal the same month, however, till now there is no response from university side for new admiision as they claim to have been waiting for the approval and also mentioned that they have kept the admissions on hold till they get the approval again(dec approval)...hat to do...i just cant wait anymore . I live in mumbai and want to pursue a distance mba from recognised university. Please suggest. Thanks


Govind Sharma, February 4, 2013 at 12:15 AM
Hi Sangeeta,

Sikkim Manipal University's distance education has been under scanner for bribing Distance Education Council (V. Rajasekharan Pillai who was ex IGNOU VC and IGNOU. DEC is an autonomous body under IGNOU which was meant to maintain standard and quality in education but it turned to be a corrupt body like our other councils like AICTE, PCI, UGC etc. Now CBI is investigating the case and V. Rajashekharan Pillai and DEC, SMU and PTU are other parties in this.

Sikkim Manipal alone has made almost 2000 crore through distance education and there are many such institutes. This is the probable reason that DEC has not given approval to SMU this time. PTU however has won the court battle and allowed to offer (I mean sell) the degrees.

Well, SMU never had been a good option for MBA

For Distance MBA you may opt following institutes:
1. IDE, University of Madras
2. Pondicherry University, DDE

Both have exam centres in Mumbai. Refer their website. Admission will start from May

Manoj Kalla February 4, 2013 at 10:16 AM
kindly help me out on. .
I had seen UGC, DEC site where they had mentioned JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY of jaipur authorised for Distance education.

Otherwise.. . Please provide me list of university which acceptable in corporate.

I want to do MCA.

Thanks alot sir.


Govind Sharma, February 4, 2013 at 9:27 PM

I have well replied to your query above. BCA of Jaipur National University has no such widely acceptance in the corporate world and being a private university, doing degree course from there can be money loosing and riskier thing for you.
What is the problem to do it from University of Mumbai or University of Madras? Is tougher exam and evaluation haunts you and are you in search of an easier and quick degree?

In the corporate full time degrees (specially for IT) is preferred over distance learning.
In this case
University of Mumbai (only few colleges)
University of Pune (Selected colleges)
University of Madras
Anna University
BITS Pilani
BITS Ranchi
are most preferred institutes.
First you need to complete graduation then think about MCA at later stage. Any graduate with mathematics at 10+2 or higher level are eligible for MCA
Admission to full time MCA happens through state level entrance exam

adirudra sarah February 4, 2013 at 12:47 PM
Hi, govind
My daughter has just started studying BA psycology in CMJ university,meghalaya
can u help me by telling if this course is recognised ? and the university is approved for BA in psycology ?
and thirdly , will this college provide later on, ''the trancripts "'?? and will the degree from this university "BA IN PSYCOLOGY" TOTALLY ELEGIBLE FOR GOVT.JOBS OR ARMY WILL CONSIDER IT.
kindly give me a detailed reply.
you are doing a ver good job here

Govind Sharma, February 4, 2013 at 9:56 PM

With due respect, why did you decide to take admission to CMJ University? Has its courses attracted you?
If you have just taken admission, I advise you to immediately get admitted to your daughter in a university which can provide you a quality degree in Psychology.
There are many like JNU, University of Delhi, University of Madras (B.Sc. Counselling Psychology), Annamalai University (B.Sc. Applied Psychology), University of Pune and so on.

If you have already completed a year or more then continue.

To reply your other query

As of now, yes this university is recognized as a private university. UGC does not recognize any institute course wise. It recongize a university and except medical, pharmaceutical, engineering and management and technical education, rest all courses gets automatic recognition. For any courses in distance learning, an institute need to take recognition, approval separately from DEC.

Yes, University is approved as of now.

Any college can provide transcript so no need to worry. Transcript, you will need only for education abroad.

As of now, all full time degree courses of CMJ is approved for Government job including Army.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

Chan February 4, 2013 at 5:37 PM
Hi Govind,

I am working in a tier 1 software company and i have completed my PhD as an external student from CMJ university. I have done 3 journal publications and 3 national conference presentations from the degree. couple of things I want to know

1. will the degree withstand the background check verification process and will it be accepted by my organization.

2. Will it help my growth

3. even in case of a negative decision by university or supreme court later, will it affect my degree. because from what i have heard, even if a course or university is closed, the students are never affected.

Govind Sharma, February 4, 2013 at 9:34 PM
Hi Chan,

Please see my reply

1. If your organisation is selecting you on the basis of Ph.D, then yes. Background check will be done. Acceptance by your organisation depends on the fact that whether your organisation accept CMJ as that organisation's approved institute list (in most of the cases, it will not be)

2. Since you have already published 3 research paper and even attended conference, you are already helping yourself. I do not believe that the CMJ guides have capability to judge a research. You can do it much better than them.

3. Yes, it will affect your degree. Whoever has said that things to you- it is false. Please refer the case of CG Niji Vishwavidyalaya Sthapan Act 2004 which Supreme court termed as illegal so all the universities established also terms illegal. After that none of the institutes accepted the degree for higher programmes. visit and download common prospectus. It also says that students who have passed degrees from those universities are not eligible for IGNOU programmes.

This whole is bloody money making game by selling degrees.

Do not mind, but I feel that you also might not have satisfied with the way degrees awarded at CMJ.

CMJ is not alone. There are almost 140 more such shops are there. 


  1. Hello sir,

    I am about to do BCA from JODHPUR NATIONAL UNIVERCITY...I am from maharashtra so will the degree be applicable in in IT companies in maharastra.. One of institute has suggest me to do this and they said that they will get the BCA degree to me within 6 months..and they have also shown me the Marks sheets of former students who have completed their graduation from JNU and never faced any issue... Please suggest me....With using that BCA degree can I take admission in any reputed university for further education...

    1. Please do not opt.The degree is not valid. Better do B.Sc. CS or IT from University of Mumbai

  2. Sir,

    It was nice to see you that you are helping the students, its an appreciated work.
    My question is I had done by B.COM from CMJ as a external and joined a MNC on the basis of this, later on I have done my MBA programme from KSOU sir I am planning to change my job to a private Bank.Request you to guide me wether my degree valid or not for both CMJ and KSOU as its a matter of my career seeing all the current fact of CMJ.

    Sir please revert as your guidance is most important for me

    Ashok Mehta


Thanks for your comment on Please search for required information through tags, keywords on this blog as I have already added lot of required information. If you still do not find it, I'll revert you shortly.

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