Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best institute to pursue MBA in distance mode

Dear Friends,

Various readers have asked me my feedback and suggestion on distance learning institutes for MBA and time to time I recommended them Pondicherry mostly. I do not have any special attachment about Pondicherry university but I must explain all of you why have I recommended it.
1.       Why I recommend Pondicherry University over most of the distance learning universities in India?
By now, the regular readers of my blog must have understood about distance education, process and validity. Those who are not aware may read my following articles. 

So the thing is that
Central university has jurisdiction all over India to offer education in distance mode hence its degree becomes valid.
There is a least chance that degree of a central university will not be recognized by UGC or DEB as central universities are established by Ministry of HRD, government of India and always are high in quality, also these universities are 100% funded by Government.

2.       Pondicherry University
a.       It is a central university.
b.      It is among top 10 universities in India
c.       It is highly reputed
d.      It is not involved in commercialization of education
e.      It has compulsory PCP (classes on weekends) and 75% attendance is mandatory for III and IV semester i.e. specialization semester
f.        You may start with PG diploma of 1 year and then you may get lateral entry into MBA second year. This flexibility is very good who are not able to decide whether to go for MBA or not.
g.       Its almost 60-70% faculties are with corporate experience so chances of getting practical knowledge is more
h.      Its exam pattern is 80% theory and 20% compulsory case study which is better than many university’s evaluation pattern.
i.        It has exam centre in almost all cities
j.        It has distance as well as twinning programme. In distance, you need to attend around 8-10 weeks of PCP whereas twinning is part time where you need to attend class every weekend.
k.       It is very economical. Since it is fully funded by central government, the total cost for MBA comes to around 35-40,000 which is very low.
l.        Good in student support
m.    Valid for higher education in India and abroad
n.      A grade by NAAC (an independent assessment body of UGC)
o.      Valid for attestation by Ministry of HRD
p.      A MBA not a diploma, so adds better advantage
q.      Many people in corporate are from Pondicherry so it has its own brand value (definitely not a top B school but a good university)
r.        Valid for UGC Net/ Ph.D and other programmes
s.       Irrespective of the your address, you can appear for exam from any centre so great flexibility in case you change your job to other cities/ gets transferred
t.        Fee of Rs. 4925 only for the entire programme (except exam fee) for physically challenged
u.      50% tuition fee discount (i.e. fee other than study materials, centre, exam etc) for prisoner, women, transgender, widows, defence personnel so making it cheaper than an ordinary courses, so almost discount of Rs. 10,000
v.       You may appear for all 4 semester exam together at the end of the 2 year or whenever you decide, so if you miss anything, you do not waste your year
w.     You may attend classes anywhere in India, no restriction

3.       Disadvantages
a.       Study materials may not be of very high quality
b.      Passing exam is not very easy. 50% people drop after completing 1st year due to non commitment
c.       No mass copy/ malpractices reported so far
d.      Few faculties may be too theoretical, few centres may not be that much good
e.      Centres not available outside India
f.        Poor network in northern India
g.       Courses offered to fresher also which is bad. MBA should be offered to people with experience only and distance courses should be offered only those with minimum 3 years corporate experience.
h.      Not good for freshers as this degree may not help them to fetch them a job.

Exam centres:
1.       Puducherry
2.       Chennai
3.       New Delhi
4.       Madurai
5.       Bangalore/ Bengaluru
6.       Kochi
7.       Hyderabad
8.       Bhubaneshwar
9.       Lucknow
10.   Guwahati
11.   Jammu
12.   Port Blair
13.   Coimbatore
14.   Trivandrum
15.   Vishakhapatnam
16.   Vadodara (Baroda)
17.   Mumbai
18.   Indore
19.   Chandigarh
20.   Guntur
21.   Mahe
22.   Karaikal
23.   Tirupati
24.   Yanam
25.   Kolkata
26.   Jaipur
27.   Sikkim
28.   Vijaywada

Courses offered:
MBA in marketing
MBA in Finance
MBA in international business
MBA general management (so specific specialization)
MBA Retail Management
MBA Tourism Management
MBA Operation and Supply Chain Management
MBA Insurance Management
MBA Hospital Management
PG Diploma (duration: 2 Semester)
PG Diploma in marketing management
PG Diploma in Human Resources Management
PG diploma in Financial Management
PG Diploma in Business Administration

After completing the PG Diploma, you may get lateral entry into 2nd year of MBA

Duration: 2 years i.e. 4 semester
For MBA hospital Management:
Bachelor of Pharmacy or BAMS, MBBS and any other field related to pharmacy, paramedical, medical, life sciences or any graduate with 2 years experience in hospital

For other specialization: Any graduate

Fee: 25000 for entire 2 years MBA except exam fee and around 55000 for MBA in hospital management
What do you want now?
Do you want to pay 60000 to 1.5 lakhs to unrecognized low grade ICFAI, Sikkim Manipal and such other degree universities when you are getting much superior MBA at 1/4th of the cost?

Deadline: Please apply by 14th February 2014 (They may extend the date) admission opens twice a year, next will be between June to September.

How to apply:
Please apply online at The university does not have any admission centre,  any study centre, franchisee who sells the degree. This is the difference.

All questions and comments are welcome
Mumbai, February 5, 2014

Special Thanks to Prakash Devendiran for reminding me to post an article about this. 


  1. Great ideas has been provided to achieve MBA from a distance place!! Truly enjoyed learning meaningful thoughts of this blog post and I think above provided info will help people learning professional information nicely. Thanks.

  2. what about mba from IGNOU ?
    if given a choice between University of Pondicherry & IGNOU ?

    1. Hi,

      Both are central universities so no harm if you choose any however
      IGNOU is lengthy and tougher compared to Pondicherry and quality wise better too however the course is extensive. IGNO takes 2.5 to 3 years whereas Pondicherry takes 2 years. For public sector job and higher education, both universities are acceptable however for private sector job Pondicherry will get more preference and acceptance to decide accordingly.

    2. Thanks a lot for clarifying the about confusion.
      Well i came across Executive Education offered by IIM-C, surfing more i got to know that enrollments for Executive Program for Young Managers is open conducted by Hughes Global Education.
      Wanted to ask as to what is your take on executive programs like this, should i opt for this ?

    3. Hi,
      first of all its a very costly programme. It costs around 4.5 lakhs Rs
      For career promotion and for a job, it does not add any value however for knowledge, it may be good. But only question is do you want to invest 4.5 lakhs for knowledge enhancement certification course(It is neither MBA nor equivalent to MBA)

  3. Sir,
    What about B.Tech. evening program from JECRC, University?

    1. First of all, this is a new institute and I seriously doubt about the quality of education they'll impart over there. Rajasthan is backward in education.
      Further, so far it is not approved by ACTE

  4. sir, as per the DEB (UGC), the programme offered by Pondicherry University is valid till 2013-14. So far, the recognisation for further academic year i.e. 2014-15 is not reflecting on the UGC web site for pondicherry university. So, whether taking admission in PG DIploma or MBA of Pondicherry University in the current year 2014-15 is having any risk?

    1. I don't think so

      Being a central university they will not face any issue in getting DEB approval

  5. sir i am doing pgdca from CAL-C (punjab infotech) from study center situated in hoshiarpur . is it good to do pgdca from study center because in one artical u say that no universities provide education through study center.
    so sir but i do i am very tensed after this am i eligible for government job and how is cal-c.

    1. You should do it directly from the University
      You need not to be take stress, just apply for government job if you have completed

  6. Hello Sir,

    I'm planning to pursue distance MBA from Pondicherry University. could you please help me in understanding the quality and recognition of the course.

    And also i saw few complaints regarding delay in certification after completing the course and as per UGC the certification should not include the mode of education ( distance or full time ) but i heard PU Certificate includes the same, so what is the effect of it in my career , will it be considered for interviews and PhD.

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hi,
      Quality is better than many other universities but I will not say it as excellent
      You will face such issue about any Indian universities so you need not to worry. Usually you get marksheet and certificates in 3-4 months time

      Yes, they mention Directorate of Distance Education in marksheet but not in the convocation certificate
      That should not be in issue for Phd or interviews

    2. Hello Sir,

      per the link below, territorial jurisdiction is mandatory from 2014 for providing Distance Education.

      So, just wanted to know whether Pondicherry University Degree is valid outside of Pondicherry.

      Lohith B L

    3. Hi
      Pondicherry is a central university hence all the central universities have territorial jurisdiction all over India
      You may read my related blog post on the same

  7. Hello Sir,

    I want to do MBA distance learning, I am and have 6yrs work experience, pls guide me Executive MBA is better option than MBA or have to go for MBA. How is Karnataka Open University for distance learning or pls suggest any from pune

    waiting for reply

    1. Please do not opt KSOU
      You may opt Executive MBA from FMS Delhi (Part time)
      Part time 3 years Master programme (MMM, MFM, MHRM, MIM) from institutes like JBIMS, ADMI, K J somaiya, Welingkar, N L Dalmia or NMIMS
      If you are looking distance executive MBA you may opt Pondicherry University who has exam centre all over India, you may opt University of Madras too

  8. Hello Sir, I read your blog and it is very informative. Me and my friends are planing to do MBA in distance. Can you suggest a good university for us to do MBA? We are from Kerala. We completed B.E Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University and have 3 years of work experience in an MNC. I read the whole blog and saw you suggesting Pondicherry or Madras universities are the best choice. And we are interested in those too. But when enquired, they are asking us to send original certificates through courier. Won't that be risky? I am afraid of losing the certificates.

    1. No, it is not risky. They verify the original and always send back by registered speed post.
      See, this is the difference between a degee selling university and the university really want to provide education. Institute like Sikkim Manipal who are not recognized grant you admission on photocopy of marksheet too
      Don't worry, go ahead
      Apart from this, you may also opt Anna University if you are from Chennai or nearby area
      Kerala University also can be an option but still stick to Madras, Pondicherry or Anna

  9. Good analysis & insights.

    Happy to note your enthusiasm in spreading knowledge. Great job.

    Take care.


    1. Thank you sir. This is all due to your blessing and teaching. You taught us values during our MBA class and now I am doing little to help others by guiding about career

  10. Respected Sir
    i have recently completed my graduation( BA Hons Pol Science) from IGNOU.( though i believe now i should have opted for bcom). getting a decent job is my priority right now as i had to drop out first from bba ip university(due to their huge fees) and then from bbs (from sscbs, delhi university due to financial crunch). i gained an year of experience working in national and international bpos in between. i dont wish to get stereotyped in bpo role and trying to get a job as an analyst/associate. i have chosen IMT's 1 year PGDBA to get a foothold in management sector because the course curricula seemed better to me. i have planned to gain experience of about 2 years before i go on pursuing full time mba in future. kindly advice sir if am thinking in the right direction.

    1. Hi
      You are planning well but I do not think you need to pursue a 1 year distance PGDBA from IMT as it will not help you for your future education. Better you should opt executive MBA from FMS, Delhi. That is more valuable and may help in your corporate career aspiration.
      However, from knowledge point of view IMT PGDBA is good.

  11. Hello Sir,

    This blog is very helpful.I have one query I would really appreciate if you could reply to it.I have completed my B.Tech(CSE) from UPTU, lucknow and then did my PGDIT(2 years) from SCDL, pune. I also possess 4 years of Experience in IT MNC.But now I want to opt for UGC NET exam and I found that the PGDIT is not recognised by UGC.could you please let me know if I take admission in Sikkim Manipal University MBA(lateral entry) distance mode, will it be considered as eligible to give NET? Or, I will have to pursue a new post graduate course? If I have to pursue new course then can I do it from distance mode or should it be in regular mode?

    1. Thanks
      Please do not do it as Sikkim Manipal University's MBA is not approved by UGC DEB as well as it is under lot of controversy
      You can do a distance MBA from a university which has UGC DEB approval, AICTE approval as well as operating within territorial jurisdiction.
      You may choose
      Pondicherry University
      Bharati Vidyapeeth
      These are the safest options available so far, till date

  12. I have 1.5 years of corporate experience after completion of pgdba from scdl.
    I want to make my career in teaching so I need an MBA degree, along PhD, please suggest me distance MBA for higher studies. May I take admission in MA in economics from galgotia and a PhD in management from a good college. I have 1.7 years of teaching experience at the college level. What should I do distance MBA or MA? I cannot do a full time MBA but I have to write ugc-net.

    1. I suggest go for an MBA as that will get more weightage. If full time is possible for you opt it or else opt MBA in distance mode from universities like IGNOU, Pondicherry University, Bharati Vidyapeeth, D Y Patil

  13. Hi sir, I appreciate your work which is saving lot of students money and time. These cheating institutions must be banned by government.

  14. Sir I am an electronics and communication engineering graduate now am staying at dubai. Infact i want to do MBA by distance . Will u pls tell me which university i should chooose and also.among the various streams available which one I should select for a goood job opportunity.. am confused and hope for your reply

  15. Hi Govind,

    I am holding a BBA correspondence from IMTS Delhi (Institute of Management & Technical Studies). Since I started working after my Pre Degree I had to choose my graduation on correspondence basis. Later after receiving the certificate I came to know its Autonomous university and no connection with Delhi university which was earlier been misguided by marketing person. Now after completing 11 years of my service in IT industry as HR, I am thinking to go for an MBA of course I can't go for Full Time but may be part time or Distance. I wanted to ask you whether ICFAI or Pondicherry University would be good. As far I know getting an ICFAI MBA is easy since its multiple choice questions in examinations which becomes easy to pass is it the same with PU. Also is there any valid fast track MBA with multiple choice examinations in Bangalore. I wanted to have MBA is to just clear the criteria for being eligible as currently I work as Director and n my experience with corporate's after 12 years if experience what matters is the practical experience than the bookish ones but still to clear interview criteria they prefer post graduation. Please suggest your views?

  16. I am having 14+ years of experience in IT industry, I like to take MBA course to improve my carrier in management. I need your suggestion on the following distance programs.

    1) Pondicherry University - MBA
    2) Bharthi Vidyapeet University - Executive MBA - It include Online courses and

    I also find few more courses which looks good.

    1) XLRI - virtual interactive learning - PGCBM
    2) ITM - Partime Executive MBA(Weekend courses)

    I currently staying in Mumbai.

  17. I am having 14+ years of experience in IT industry, I like to take MBA course to improve my carrier in management. I need your suggestion on the following distance programs.

    1) Pondicherry University - MBA
    2) Bharthi Vidyapeet University - Executive MBA - It include Online courses and

    I also find few more courses which looks good.

    1) XLRI - virtual interactive learning - PGCBM
    2) ITM - Partime Executive MBA(Weekend courses)

    I currently staying in Mumbai.


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