Sunday, February 9, 2014

Self Career planning the Pran Sahab way

Good morning Friends,

Most of us are busy in routine task but have we thought about our own career, have we planned it well?

Those who are in public sector I.e. government sector need not to worry as whether they perform or not their job is safe. They are infested on tax payer's money. However, for the people in private sector, whatever is the company, however they are performing, one has to plan their career by themselves.

Let me come to the title of this post. I am sure most of the people are aware with Pran Sahab. He has played various character both positive and negative role and mostly memorable with Amitabh Bachchan. It is jailor of Kalia, the villain of Seeta aur Geeta, Sher Khan of Zanzeer and so on.

Those who are watching Bollywood movie s must have observed that many artists have disappeared from the screen. Few got solace in the film industry of north and south India and many have completely disappeared. Why this has happened? As time changes people's taste and preferences also changes and entertainment industry is no exception of this. It is the survival for the fittest and struggle for existence for everybody. Amitabh Bachchan was also near to extinction after his khuda gawah's super flop show which he announced as his last movie. Then he requested Yash Chopraji to plan for a comeback movie and finally Mohabbatein born, here, the essential part was relationship. Amitabh Bachchan maintained it well so he utilized the relationship. It is very important to maintain relationship.

Now coming back to late Pran Sahab, it is known that Pran Sahab used to develop friendly relationship with his junior technician and assistants. These were the people who were not depend on the acting. He always maintained a very good relationship with them when their worth was not that much, however, as time passed these small time assistant became directors and due to Pran Sahab's own performance and relationship they used to give them the work. Naturally, he was never idle.

Here are the very important lessons
1. Definitely we have to make ourselves eligible to handle a role but are we creating enough brand visibility for ourselves? If not then is not it a road block for ourselves to plan our career ahead? For visibility people should know you. They should know you as an assets, as a human and a person of worth. Pran Sahab exactly did the same.

2. Managing relationships with juniors: Many time I have seen in my career that people try to build in relationship with the people in higher hierarchy expecting they will absorb them into the job. There is nothing wrong in this but another mistake is you are forgetting the junior people also. Today's junior may grow in different field and different roles at later life. Imagine you left your job and started your own independent. Too on, you may not needed them (its not true, you need people from every strata) but when you stat your something own, you need people from every level. Suppose an HR assistant you knew who used to report you. You left the organization and moved ahead in life and after certain amount of time in the industry you started your HR audit or recruitment firm and suddenly you come across this executive who is heading an HR department and you never bothered to maintain relationship and now it is difficult you to get business due to tough competition. Pran Sahab used to make friendship with junior people also and it only helped them yo get lot of work whereas many people who came after him disappeared. You have to strategically plan your career' nobody else will.

Tips for readers

1. Never ignore and neglect any people. Build relationship with them and manage it. If you are not comfortable with few cunning people, this is absolutely fine but maintain relationship with other people whom you like.

2. Maintain good relationship every time and never loose touch base with them. Remember, people observe you carefully. If you remember people only when you have work, least possible that they will accept you. Pran Sahab used to make real bonding, real friendship with them, not for only getting job. It is a kind of give and take relationship. You get what you give so be careful on what you give.

3. Help people yo get help. If you really want to build a permanent and true relationship and to get help, do exactly. Treat others specially your subordinates well and fair manner. If you are partial and not cordial enough to them, least are the chances that they will help you in the future. Fair treatment does not mean to please them. If they are not performing well, you may punish them but if they are performing well reward them.

4. Maintain good peer relationship : Even if you are in a senior position, never treat people from other department rudely and never try to bossing. Who knows in your next organisastion they will be possibly decision making people.

5. Maintain professionalism : always maintain professionalism and improve yourself. Stay always in touch with your colleagues not only for job but also for general discussion, knowledge sharing, seeking help and to help them. All these really matters.

I hope you will love this article too.
Mumbai, February 12, 2014 


  1. very valid point govind, we often neglect our juniors and give more importance to seniors, off course nothing wrong with that but juniors are the one always looking at you and at times give better feedback of you.

    1. Thank you Sunita
      Yes, agree to you. Every human resources is valuable (only few are exceptions) and you have made a valid point.
      Nice to see your comment on my blog. :)

  2. Very good article & well written. Made me think about a line i read somewhere that you should try to talk to one stranger everyday, You never know who opens which door.


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