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Question and answers about validity and quality of Sikkim Manipal University

How Sikkim Manipal University is making fool of everyone?

Hello Friends,
You have read my many previous post and where I exposed Sikkim Manipal University too.
My following blog post clairifies everything:
Unfortunately, due to one very big comment on my blog by one of the reader, I have to rewrite a fresh blog post about it.
Here is the blog post and my reply pointwise

dear govind,
sorry for disturb u, i have some confusion regarding smu declaration what i have found in the official smude website i.e

please go through the link if u having some time

the above link say that

As you are aware, all educational institutes in India offering higher education are governed and approved by various regulatory bodies. SMU had been granted an Approval by the Distance Education Council (DEC) vide letter F.No. DEC/Recog/2009/3947dated 15.10.2009, for its several Programs in different streams. As the Approval was granted for a period of THREE years and would come up for renewal on 15.10.2012, the University applied on 10.7.2012 itself for a renewal of the said Approval. The University is in constant touch with the Authorities to expedite the process of approval, which is expected to take place in due course, with the visit of an Expert Committee to the University before grant of renewal.

Our University has always stood for the highest level of Governance and Compliance and it is this aspect, in addition to Quality education, that has made us your preferred University of choice. Students already admitted to the University before 15.10.2012, will continue in their respective Programs including re-registration for progression to further semesters, and completing their Programs successfully for award of Degree. However, in keeping with the spirit of the approval process for renewal of recognition, the University will not admit any new students after 15.10.2012 until further notice.

We understand this would mean an additional waiting time for many students eager to enrol at our University and we regret the same. We are however confident that you will not only appreciate our decision but actively support it as that is the only right way. We will reach out to all as soon as we get the approval so that you can then start your new enrolment process. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Prof. Ramesh Murthy
Director - Directorate of Distance Education
Sikkim Manipal University

For more information please visit

the Prof. Ramesh Murthy
Director - Directorate of Distance Education is clearly mention that before 15.10.2012, will continue in their respective Programs including re-registration for progression to further semesters, and completing their Programs successfully for award of Degree. 

and territorial jurisdiction are effected with the new UGC guideline it meet those student not come under territorial jurisdiction law who taken admission before 2013 

and these all things are in written form not by word or express by someone 

and i also download a copy of dec appoval list in PDF from ugc Distance Education Bureau (DEB) the link as follow

2011-12 Programme-wise Recognition Matter for further 
recognition is subjudice as per the Writ Petition 
No. 4 of 2013 titled as “Sikkim Manipal University v/s IGNOU at the Honourable High Court of Sikkim”

sl no.136. Sikkim Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok so as for above all declarations will i assume that my degree is valid one 

My reply:
The big lie of Sikkim Manipal University
Yes, it is true that Sikkim Manipal University is a UGC approved university and was also approved by DEC for distance education Council of India which was an independent body under IGNOU till it got dissolved last year. However, while offering programmes under distance education as well as under any other mode.

Few of these are:
Under the above mentioned regulations, a private university cannot offer any course in any mode including distance education mode outside its approved campus.
The UGC committee visited its campus between 28th to 30th January 2010 and the major highlight of the same is:
1.       Forget about the distance education, it even did not have proper infrastructure to cater regular students at its campus in 2010.  Few of the reports are as follows:
i.                     laboratories and engineering workshops are generally under equipped
ii.                   Staff quarters appear to be Inadequate.
iii.                  SMIT library requires more of text and reference books. Students’ accessibility to books should be more in terms of the number of titles, multiples of copies of text books in particular.
iv.                 The committee did not find any students amenity centers for buying routine stationeries, toiletries, cosmetics etc.
v.                   Faculty retention is not satisfactory although the University tries to arrange for replacement.
vi.                 Although health security of the student has been taken care of, facility for the games and sports is inadequate.
vii.                The old nomenclature of designation is still being followed in the institute and the sixth cpc recommendations are yet to be implemented.
viii.              Biomedical waste disposal is not followed properly by the teaching laboratories and also by the clinical laboratories.
ix.                 There is no computer lab for MPT students.
x.                   Medical record department is stingy and not properly lit.
xi.                 Most of the faculty members of all the departments are dissatisfied with the working conditions, promotional avenues, accommodation, medical benefits and post retirement benefits.
xii.                During interaction with the faculty members, it was also brought to the notice of the committee that the most of the faculty members were appointed in last one year and there is very high rate of faculty exodus.
xiii.              Very inadequate facility for the sports and outdoor activities.
xiv.              Teaching is monotonous.
xv.               Inadequate Community posting/interaction.
xvi.              Designation of some of the faculty in Nursing and Medical is not in conformity with UGC rules.

My simple question is, if a university makes tall claim of quality in distance education, why so much deficiencies were there? If UGC found so much problem, why it did not ask them to complete deficiencies at earliest? If you see point no xii, it is very clear that SMU had appointed faculty just a year back as they wanted to show something to UGC committee visiting the campus.

Now, the big findings of UGC committee on distance education department and why Dec did not extend its recognition.
There was a detailed discussion with the University authorities on the distance education programmes being run by the University particularly because the Committee had some serious concern about the functioning of the DDE. The DDE with its head office being located on the SMIT campus of the University is running its programmes through 845 Study Centers spread throughout the
country. The strategy of functioning of the DDE is not in line with the UGC guidelines in this regard as the study centers are located outside the territorial jurisdiction of the University and without the approval of the UGC as required under UGC Regulations 2003, and also without the approval of UGC-DEC-AICTE joint comittee (Now, one has to take separate approval of DEB, AICTE and other bodies as joint committee no more exists) Although, this was made amply clear to the University Authorities during the meeting, the University Authorities did not appear to be comfortable in accepting the UGC mandate in this regard. The committee was also not very sure about the standards being maintained at all these study centers
So following statement is a complete lie
“Our University has always stood for the highest level of Governance and Compliance and it is this aspect, in addition to Quality education, that has made us your preferred University of choice. Students already admitted to the University before 15.10.2012, will continue in their respective Programs including re-registration for progression to further semesters, and completing their Programs successfully for award of Degree”

Sikkim Manipal University not only made students fool but also UGC
Please see the following observation of UGC
Yes, the Committee was informed that the University had applied to the Distance Education Council (DEC) for approval of 568 Study Centers vide their letter number SMU-DDE/DEC(Proposal)/08 dated 8th May 2008 Annexure- 6 of the Report. However, the University could not produce any letter from DEC conveying approval of these Study Centers. The University as on date, is running 845 Study Centers throughout the country. Annexure- 6 of the Report
The full UGC report can be accessed from:

So, without any approval they started to sell the degree.

Time to time, UGC has strictly said that even a central university or a state university cannot offer any degree in franchisee mode. Sikkim Manipal invited any private individual to open its shop. I remember, it was the year 2007 when one of my colleague pursuing B.Sc. IT from Karrox Mumbai complained me that the institute affiliated to SMU is not taking class regularly and not following any standard policy. Then we complained about it (and the matter of territorial jurisdiction was not picture at that time) so imagine, these private institutes offering SMU degree in such a poor manner, what quality had been they providing?

The misleading matter of Sikkim Manipal University V/s IGNOU and an error in judgment
2011-12 Programme-wise Recognition Matter for further recognition is subjudice as per the Writ Petition 
No. 4 of 2013 titled as “Sikkim Manipal University v/s IGNOU at 
the Honourable High Court of Sikkim” 
Few facts:
1.     In this case, the supreme court should have made UGC and DEC as a party and not the IGNOU as IGNOU is a central university like any other university. I have gone through the judgment and it is an ex-parte judgment (i.e. in absence of regional director of IGNOU). It may be treated as a contempt of the court (and I do not intend to do so, I apologize if it gives such message) but I must say the truth that either the judge is not aware about the whole system or have not been provided clear information in this issue. The Sikkim Manipal University also misled the judiciary with misleading information.
2.     Instead of this, Why Sikkim Manipal university did not tell the court that it started study centre without prior UGC approval?

The fake Vidyadeep scholarship of Sikkim Manipal University
Well, recently they came with the huge TV commercials, web advertisement about upto 100% scholarship. I was pretty sure that this is again something misleading advertisement so still I filled the form and I got a call. When I asked about scholarship, they told that the maximum amount will be Rs. 1000 per semester and total 5000 for the entire course fee of approx 55,000/-
Can anything be more misleading that this.

Complaint against Sikkim Manipal University
I scanned through the web and come across a reputed consumer feedback/ review site except few fake profiles, everyone seems to be complaining about its quality and commercialization.
Few of the reviews:

Now let me conclude this long post:

Why you should open Sikkim Manipal University?
1.      You are afraid of learning, you are not interested for learning, you just need a degree, a marksheet and certificate from an approved but unrecognized kind of.
2.      You want to easily pass the degree just tick the answers and pass, that’s it. You do not want to do hard work.
3.      You do not have previous qualifications but you can produce a fake marksheet and you want that the university should not verify it then SMU is your choice (please read my above mentioned post on Dharini Devi and the RTI case)

Why you should not opt Sikkim Manipal University
1.      The matter is subjudice and if the government, UGC and DEC took the matter seriously and fought for interest of education, SMU will easily loose the ongoing court case and then your degree may stand invalid.
2.      Sikkim Manipal is a private university hence it cannot offer any course even a distance course outside its campus in Sikkim hence its all other degrees are invalid for higher education and public sector job.
3.      Its MBAs (distance learning) are also not approved by AICTE so its qualifications may not stands valid for jobs abroad and also for higher education.
4.      Territorial jurisdiction of private universities were in existence for a long time so SMU is a liar.

Somebody asked my credentials on my blog (and I disapproved such sarcasm comment) as he feels that I have some grudge against private universities. I wish he should have read my entire blog and then he should have commented. I am in favour of real, truthful private universities like Azim Premji and Shiv Nadar not one who sells degree by playing future of the students. After giving so much evidence above, do you still want me to recommend private universities like Sikkim Manipal, CV Raman, EIILM, Techno Global and so on?
UGC is also checking compliance by Sikkim Manipal University and I see a big battle and only one as a looser here- those innocent students who took admission in the courses without any knowledge.

All logical comments and constructive criticism are welcome and beware. You are onl your savior.

Mumbai, February 24, 2014


  1. I have joined Bba in smu on may 201at that time it has ugc and dec approval but after 15 Oct 2012 it has lost it's ugc approval...I m final year now. Is my degree considered valid for taking admission in mba from other colleges

    1. Only if you have completed the degree by 2015 till the supreme court judgment, your degree is valid else not valid

    2. Only if you have completed the degree by 2015 till the supreme court judgment, your degree is valid else not valid

  2. Dear Govind Sir,

    Greetings of the day to you !

    Sir, please share your views on Manipal Academy of Higher Education Distance Education Programs offered through study centers in all over India.

    Thanking you sir.

    1. It cannot offer any course outside it's campus

    2. It cannot offer any course outside it's campus

  3. Hi Govind Sir,

    I have done MBA(Information Technology) in 2008. Is it approved from UGC and is fine for immigration purpose.


  4. i have completed bsc it (2010-2014) degree from indore smude center . does it valid for govt job as per court decision or private job?


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