Thursday, March 20, 2014

21 qualities of professionals

Hello friends,

Without going too much into the theory of the topic, please allow me to share my views based on my experiences  here.

We hear the term often like I am an HR professional, I am an IT professional, I am a finance professional and so on. So is everyone working a professional? Well, not completely.
A professional is a person who has extensive experience in the given domain and has from basic to the expertise level knowledge of the job role. We often listen the sentence or advisory like "behave professionally". So what is this? How one can be a true professional? How to signify that? Here are those qualities:

1. Professionals set examples: A true professional and a leader is a person who set example by himself before expecting others to do it. In my career span, I have come across many such people. I can cite two examples from that :

A candidate : It was my initial career span and I was hiring a training manager for Aramex, I did initial screening of the candidates and found few suitable  and I forwarded those profiles to Aramex HR for further screening and shortlisting. One of the candidate was very good. I forgot his name. By the time I contacted him back for further rounds of interview, he had already accepted offer from somewhere and he politely said that he cannot change his mind although Aramex was paying better salary and was a better brand. How many of us are away from such temptations? How many of us show such maturity and exemplify?

A boss: I am blessed to have leadership of two top management who exactly fit into this term. They follow every policy human resources department set for organization. While asking people to optimize the  cost they exactly do it. They treat resources of organization as not of theirs and despite of being in top management position, they ensure that in day to day life they keep it separate .

2. Professionals are ethical: A professional should be ethical. It does not matter how much financially they are successful. However this is sure that they act in such a way that which does not harm anybody. I have a friend who happens to be a ayurvedic medicine graduate. I have never seen him advising patient wrongly and scaring them to extract money. Whereas I see that almost every doctor is greedy for money and they harm patients at any extent including over prescribing medicine for commission and gifts, forcing patients to do unnecessary tests. They are not ethicals and they are not professionals.

3. They never loose touch base of essential: They do not loose the basic skills required to do their task even when they move upwards in their career. For instances, even after being an HR head, an individual never loose the basic skills like how to recruit people, how to work on excel and presentation.

4. They never over commit: A true professional never over commit anything. They promise and they deliver.

5. They are punctual: a true professional is punctual to the time. If they have promised for a meeting, a telecom to send something by specific deadline, they stick to it. Lapse poorly reflects one's personality and may harm business relationship too.

6. They possess required skills : A professional always upgrade himself / herself on required skills. With the time, the old way of working becomes obsolete and it is necessary to upgrade on the skills.

7. They have integrity : They have integrity and they never misuse the resources for their own benefit.

8. They show courtesy : They show courtesy to everyone even the smallest person in the hierarchy or  smallest help rendered to them.

9. They respect every single human creature : They are far from the ego and respect people irrespective of their status and position.

10. They are truthful : They follow the truth and maintain a similar attitude and action for everything they do.

12. They are free from bias: A professional is free from any kind of bias. I have come across an HR head who joined a new organization and wanted to fire the entire human resources team and hire people from his region. Needless to say, he miserably failed in his career. 

13. They are self disciplined : a professional is self disciplined and he need not to be reminded by others to maintain discipline.

14. They take responsibility : far from the ego, they take responsibility for their act rather than finding a scapegoat or who is in fault.

15. They work as a team : Instead of swaying mr, I, my they show solidarity and show every work as a team and acknowledge contribution of every single member who has helped directly or indirectly.

16. They do not work for money : Money is essential buy they do not work for money. They work for their passion and their recognition.

17. They have ability to work independently : They do not need supervision. They are so perfect in their work and do it from heart that people have faith on them that they can work by their own.

18. They never work by their JD: Professionals never say that something is not part of their JD, Contract or scope of work. They go beyond this to support the business/ client. I have come across many such people and one of this is Arjun Setty who is a property advisor in Khar, Bandra area of Mumbai. Normally, like any property advisor in the market his scope of work includes only to show the property however he goes beyond that and helps client to tell the truth about legal validity of the property and advising what is wrong and what is right.

19. Their relationship is beyond a specific purpose : They do not maintain relationship just for getting work done, They truly maintain it and due to this, they automatically gets help.

20. They are authentic : They never try to show and be something what they are not. They treat all equally, they speak from their heart and they always provide honest feedback.

21. They are responsive and not reactive : For every adverse situation, they respond it in better and mature way rather than reacting to it.

That's all for today 
Mumbai, 17th April 2014

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