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Poor quality of education lead to UAE and Iran banning Osmania University degree

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Osmania is one of the well known university in Andhra Pradesh and reputed. Even from UGC - NAAC it has 5 star status. However, it has history of loosing credibility due to poor quality of education in distance learning including offering one sitting degree in the past which is banned by UGC since 1996 and now banning of its degree by UAE and Iran. Osmania is not alone, there are other state universities like Magadh, KSOU, PTU, Madurai Kamraj to name few but major hit has come to Osmania. 
Students buying easy degree from various private and deemed universities including Shobhit, Manav Bharti, EIILM,nJaipur National, Jodhpur National, C V Raman, Techno Global, CMJ, MGU, Shridhar, Swami Vivekanad and many more. 
Don't think that you can fool organizations. Its not that easy. Slowly, organization and embassies abroad have started realizing these frauds and it may impact your career negatively. Put efforts, choose right university and earn your degree honestly with hard work. My various  blog posts provide vital information about it.

Clarification: Osmania distance education degree still stands valid for higher education and for public sector job in India and for private sector, it depends on the respective organisation. 

Now, here is the article related to Osmania University

Iran, UAE blacklist Osmania University degrees
Nikhila Henry,TNN | May 9, 2014, 02.58AM IST

HYDERABAD: If you have graduated from Osmania University through distance education and looking for a job in West Asia, you may be in for a rude shock.
Several countries in the region have blacklisted OU and therefore do not recognise the certificates issued by it to students of both distance education and regular stream.
Scores of OU students, including foreigners have been refused jobs in the United Arab Emirates and Iran. "OU is blacklisted because those who completed the distance education course pass themselves off as regular day scholars of the varsity. These students do not have the basic standards required to perform well in a job," a manager in a Dubai-based recruitment agency said.
Gems Education, which recruits young job aspirants said OU is blacklisted in UAE as the distance education and regular courses offered by the university is not recognised on technical grounds.
"Even students who had obtained degree from regular classes face huge problems. We were told by our team in UAE that OU is blacklisted," said Deepika, an HR person from Gems Education, which has a branch in Bangalore.
Students with bachelor of communication and journalism degrees as well as masters in communication and journalism degrees have also been facing problems with Iranian authorities, as the country does not recognise the degrees.
Many students who obtain their post graduate degrees from OU, apply for jobs in Dubai and Iran. Similarly, students from Dubai and Iran enroll themselves for a post graduate degree in Osmania University.
Recently, three students from OU who had applied for the UAE-based Gems Education, were rejected by the management saying their degrees are not recognised.
"I had cleared two rounds of interview. In the final round, they scanned through my OU certificates and told me that they cannot recruit me. I was shocked," said K Ramesh Babu, an M Sc in Chemistry from OU (2009). Besides Babu, three other students of the varsity were also rejected in the final round of interviews.
Students say their fate is sealed due to the same certificates issued for both distance and regular courses.
OU authorities, however, said they were not aware of the blacklisting by UAE. "The country has not intimated us. I will verify the matter, write to the academic council of the varsity and resolve the issue once it is out in the open. If the countries want us to distinguish between the regular and distance mode courses in the certificates issued, we could consider that for the benefit of students," Bhikshamaiah, controller of examinations, Osmania University said. Countries and job recruitment agencies should have written to him for clarification on the issue, he added.

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  1. Does Madurai Kamraj University distance education degree stands valid for higher education and for public sector job in India and for private sector


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