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Clarification on whether a University need approval from AICTE for engineering, technology and management programme

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First of all, thanks a lot to all of you for your invaluable support. When I started writing this blog, I never imagined that it will cross 1 million view. I started it just to share my knowledgebase in my work domain i.e. Human Resources. However due to terrific support and help from all of you, I inclined more and more about education and career again a part of Human Resources only but not the only job I am doing (Yes, verifying an institute and degree’s credibility is part of recruitment and selection process but this is not the sole responsibility of HR).
Yesterday, our blog (yes, it is made by all the readers, friends, and I, everybody has contribution) crossed 10,00,0000 + viewership and I am extremely happy. I do not want to stop here. My vision is to make it an independent career forum providing people correct information. My vision is to make it one stop place where people can rely for the quality of the information and people can find solutions related to their career.  I want a million view everyday worldwide. I am sure with all your low and support, it will be possible.  Please read and share every post you feel worth and if you feel I have committed mistakes or the information are not factual and correct, please bring it to my notice. Criticism is welcome but with factual data only.

Last week, I had been answering to query posted on about validity of UPES for B.Tech Aerospace engineering etc. and at the same time, a counter question came and somebody insisted that UPES is the best institute. I refused to accept this and offered my reason for the same. One of the reason is it does not have AICTE approval.
I thought to write a blog post on this particular aspect of importance of AICTE approval for engineering and management programme. (BE/ B.Sc. Engineering/ B.Tech./ M.Tech/ M.Design etc. ).
Readers of my blog must be aware about an article I had posted long back.  You may read it again
had written this on April 30, 2013 and I had predicted that there will be a law change or a ruling change in the favour of AICTE. Now, exactly after almost a year, it has happened. Those who have followed this advise have saved their career, life and precious year but those who decided to go easy way have a dark future.
Let me present it in the question and answer format.

1.       Is it mandatory for an engineering course / management course/ an engineering institute / a management institute to have approval from AICTE?
Yes, all the engineering courses including Diploma in engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Design, Masters of engineering, master of technology must have approval from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). In India, every professional qualification has to be approved by a specific professional council. Alone UGC is not capable enough (this is the excuses from Government), there should be body to look into professional courses. Hence, these approvals are mandatory.

For detail specification on degree and their approving body, please visit following article

2.      But I heard that in the case of Bhartidasan University V/s AICTE, honourable Supreme Court of India said that now university does not need to take approval from AICTE?
First of all, yes, the honourable Supreme Court of India had said it. However, they gave this direction as AICTE Act on the basis of which AICTE was formed did not have a specific clause for AICTE approval.
Further, a University as an unitary body, AICTE approval was not required, however approval for every courses being offered with intake capacity and constituent college was required.
A University awards the degree but programme is always offered through a centre and a college, For example, department of computer science, department of biotechnology and so on. So technically, these departments also need to take approval.
            Unfortunately few universities in money making game flouted this norm and used this decision. Finally students only suffered.

3.      Then what is the current status? AICTE approval required or not required?
A good question. On 9th May 2014, honourable Supreme Court of India, Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s).7277/2014 (From the judgement and order dated 18/12/2013 in WP No.27639/2013 of The HIGH COURT OF ORISSA AT CUTTACK) of ORISSA TECHNICAL COLLEGES Association Petitioner(s)VERSUS AICTE & others has restored the power of AICTE. Hence all institutes need to take compulsory approval from AICTE.
Please refer:

4.      If my degree is not approved by AICTE, how will it affect my career?
Well, in following ways
1.      The institute you have chosen may not be good or good ranking (any good institutes never want to fight with AICTE a the stake of their own reputation so they simply comply).
2.      You will not be eligible for any higher studies like M.Tech., MBA, PhD etc.
3.      You will not be eligible to apply for any public sector (government) job.
4.      You will not be able to study abroad as any reputed and good university may ask for an AICTE approved degree.

5.      I do not want a government job, I am interested for only private sector job then why should I bother about AICTE approval? Many institutes who are well known offering courses without AICTE approval.

Well, what is the definition of well known/ reputed universities?
For me, the understanding is:
1.      It has good ranks in multiple, reputed surveys
2.      It has impeccable placement track with 100% placements, alumnus in important position worldwide
3.      Research driven and the researched product noticed by the world
4.      Return on investment within 1-2 years
5.      High demand in industry for such institute’s graduates

So please check these factors of so called reputed institutes and then decide.

6.      But following are the well reputed universities and they are not approved from AICTE. Isn’t my career safe with them?
1.      University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
2.      Amity University, Noida
3.      SRM University. Sonepat
4.      SRM University, Haryana
Now let me start with SRM University which has many thing to boast. I am not talking about SRM Sonepat, let us start with SRM Chennai.
They have not disclosed anything on website and on AICTE Mandatory disclosure on its website for BE/ B.Tech.., please refer
(It asks to refer annexure 18 which is not accessible to general public)
 However, I could fetch information about its MCA programme. Please refer

Total available seats: 360
Fee: Rs. 1 lakh per year i.e. 3 lakhs for the course
Total students placed through campus placement
99 in 2006-07
43 in 2007-08
36 in 2008-09
No data after that.
Student’s placement ratio: 10% to 30%
So does this really tell about a good institute?

Amity University

Now let us see about UPES
Following is query posted on
How is upes dehradun for aerospace?
My responses clarifies it well
It is newly founded private university and may not be good for aerospace engineering 
Please ask them for AICTE mandatory disclosure where detailed about approval past placement minimum maximum and average salary has to be mentioned 
Then only take decision
Hi Govind, check out the 4th point on this link for the AICTE confusion. Where as aerospace is concerned, UPES is one of the most reputed institutions providing this course. They have great teaching methodologies there & world class staff. 

My response: I disagree . after supreme court ruling, AICTEhas clarified that AICTE approval is mandatory. Further, most of the job related to aerospace is available with ISRO and govt bodies and any govt body will not accept a non AICTE approved degree. Now let us talk about UPES. It is a private universities and as name suggest it should have been focussing on petroleum and energy studies. Further, in its website it HSS not fully disclosed the placement track and also mandatory AICTE disclosure is not there. Yes, till now there is no controversy about this university but saying it as a best institute for aerospace engineering is wrong.
I prefer to recommend Indian Institute of space science and technology founded by department if space, govt of India
Students may also see IITs (if any offering
Query: Govind sir if IITS iist or any other govn inst. were in my reach then why would i consider upes as an option.and abt aicte evn srm and many private univ. are not approved by aicte. I just want to kn ow whether it would be a wise decision to join this college when am not getting any govrnment college.
Dear Anmol
As i have stated, see doing an engineering in the subject where career opportunities available mostly with the government agency/ department, then doing a degree from a non AICTE approved university is not valid.
If you read today;s times of India Mumbai edition, DTE of Maharsshtra government issued a notice stating if the degree is not approved by AICTE, such students should not be admitted to higher studies. Same happens at the time of job.
Now let me you few job insight available on for aerospace engieerning
1. Assistant Professors in IIT
Requirement: Ph.D in aerospace engineering.with masters in the ame filed approved by AICTE
Except these, I hardly found job in private sector (whatever available, was for experienced only)
Let assume that private companies are least bothered about AICTE approval but the fact is they are bothered about reputation of institutes so definitely if not IITS, they will think about IITs or IIScs.
To reiterate again, UPES has not provided data on total placement of UPES for aerospace engineering. Again, this is a private and recently started university.
I suggest, better wait, prepare better and opt IITs, IISc or IITS.
If you still want to go for UPES, assume the risk involved, you must check the total fee and other cost V/s placement and minimum, average and maximum cTC offered to its students, kind of job offered, recruiting companies and also asume that you will not be able to do higher studies in reputed institute in India and abroad and you may have to go back to UPES only or sRM or Amity.
Choice is yours

I hope above conversation clear your doubts.

7.      It seems you are maniac and very much pro about government universities and against private universities. Aren’t they doing good job by providing so many courses?
I apologize if I am giving these kind of messages. I am just trying to present factual data. I am not against private universities. I still recommend various private universities like TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), BIT Mesra Ranchi only, BITS Pilani Only, Symbiosis International University, Pune only (full time programme), NMIMS Mumbai full time pogrammes, Indian Business School (IBS), Hyderabad etc. to name few But, I am against of any kind of malpractices and misleading information and of course commercialization of education.
If you look at world university ranking, you won't find any institute except IISc or IITs and mostly central universities. Why so? Are they also biased against India's private universities? I don't think so.

To summarise this article, I advise students to do due diligence before opting any university and course. Every glittering thing is not gold. You need to find out difference between a real and a fake gold. I hope I have been able to clarify your doubts.

All queries and questions are welcome.

June 19, 2014


  1. Is Shridhar University's BCA+MCA integrated course approved by AICTE or not. Please confirm

  2. No, it does not have AICTE approval also this university is involved in degree scam

  3. then howcome btech graduate from amity university is doing mtech from iit kharagpur?? can u kindly explain?

    1. The best way to answer this question is to ask IIT Kharagpur. Institute sometimes get confused and do mistake but I am sure by the end of the course of the student, they realise it and ask students to leave the course. As it has happened many times in the past

  4. is galgotia university approoved by ugc

    1. Yes, it is approved by UGC but based on Bharathidaan University case, it has not sought any AICTE approval. After the above mentioned judgment, it is now mandatory for them to take AICTE approval too.
      The website of Galgotias University claims 100% placement with minimum salary of 1.8 lakhs p.a. and highest salary of 5.9 lakhs p.a. Since it has mentioned name of the institute and students, the data seems to be reliable. However, the same need to be verified

  5. This Supreme court verdict only for 2014-2014. Am I right.

    How it would be possible that one bench of supreme court says that AICTE approval are not required and next few months change their verdict ..
    Now how we can rely on Apex court.. they also changes their verdict frequently ...
    Is all the state open university also required AICTE approvals if they run MCA courses ?

  6. I agree to you Pallavi,
    See, thats why all the central and state universities clearly say that they won't accept a degree not approved by AICTE
    In my earlier blog post, I had cautioned students to be careful and not to choose any institute not approved by AICTE
    State Open Universities like YCMOU, Kota Open University has AICTE approval, IGNOU also has however KSOU does not have

  7. Thanks Govind.

    Can you provide link / documents which showing nthat the following State Open University are AICTE approved. In India 13 State Open Universities, and as per my knowledge only IGNOU having AICTE approval... Please correct me..

  8. Please refer respective state open universities
    Except KSOU and TGOU rest almost all universities have AICTE approval
    You may file an RTI application to AICTE to get the certified copy of the same

  9. Is nmims mukesh patel a good college? It is approved by the ugc but the mumbai campus does not have aicte approval, placements are 100%, what do you think.

    1. if you are least bothered about AICTE approval/ teaching job/ further career in research. You may opt it. NMIMS is a good and reputed institute

  10. Wonderful post and really very informative. It is now quite important that a every students

  11. Hello sir, i want to know that if the university is UGC Approved, then is it necessary for its constituent college to be AICTE approved?

    1. if it is only and the same department of the same university, may not required but if it is a different / affiliated college, required

  12. Sir, women institute of technology (constituent college of u.t.u dehradun) needs AICTE approval? Future of the passing out students is secure or not?




  16. Dear Mr.Govind,
    Kindly advise if a B.Tech graduate from MPSTME,NMIMS(Mumbai Campus)is eligible for M.Tech from IITs/Govt.Jobs/UPSC/IIM/MS in foreign universities.I am unable to find their alumni record to reflect any such placements.An early reply would be highly appreciated.


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